Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology for Business


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Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology for Business

  1. 1. Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology for Business The business enterprises and big corporate houses which operate from various locations would definitely find it hassle-free to communicate by utilising these innovative and cost-effective solutions. Almost in these innovative and unique business VoIP services, the calls are transmitted over a high-speed broadband internet connection rather then the coaxial wires which are utilised in traditional telephony systems. As a matter of fact, it can be concluded that these innovative services of internet telephony are best for managing the rising rates of communication, largely for the businesses which need to communicate across the local and national boundaries. Moreover, the business users can also avail the facility of several extra benefits of from the long distance and international calls at very affordable rates. •Cost Efficient - Voice over IP is typically less expensive than a conventional land line, especially if you frequently make long distance phone calls. The actual cost will vary between VoIP providers since some allow unlimited long distance calls while others charge a small fee. •Flexibility - One of the best features of V0IP not afforded by many other phone systems is its flexibility. Users can access and use the system no matter where they are; the VoIP adapters can go anywhere and phone numbers can be used anywhere there's an Internet connection (e.g. in a hotel room). •Scalability - Most VoIP providers offer a scalable solution which makes it easy for growing businesses to add extensions and lines without costly upgrades. If you expect your business to growth in the future, voice over IP is a scalable solution that can grow with your business. •Voice, Data, and Video Integration - VoIP for business allows users to seamlessly integrate computer applications with their telephone, including email, fax, web conferencing, and video phone capabilities. Users can use all the applications simultaneously (e.g. surf the web while talking on the phone) and save money since all the services are combined into one platform. •Rich Features Included - Features that would typically cost extra on a traditional phone line are often bundled in V0IP packages. Such features may include auto attendant, call block, call forwarding, call return, call waiting, caller ID, do not disturb, and of course voice mail. •Choose your Own Area Codes - Most V0IP providers allow users to select their own area code (ideal for users who have clients or family who live in a particular area). This allows callers from that area to call you without being charged long distance fees. About the Author StarView Solutions provider of advanced IP communication systems like IP Phone Service, PBX Telephone System, VoIP For Business, Voip PBX System etc. which helps you to simplify your operations, save you money, increase productivity and reduce overhead. Source: http://www.promotionhunter.com