The five big solutions in VOIP-PBX:


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The five big solutions in VOIP-PBX:

  1. 1. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange Kritzingerst. 279 Meyerspark Preoria/Gauteng 0184 Tel: +27 (12) 803 4354 +27 (12) 732 0240 Web: The five big solutions in VOIP-PBX: VOIP Telephone Systems, Copper & Fibre Cabling, Surveillance Cameras, Wireless Systems, Switches & Convertors.
  2. 2. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Our Commitment: VOIP-PBX is committed to provide professional services on ALL FIVE SOLUTIONS, we are passionate about their craft, ensuring best possible service and support at competitive prices, without compromising quality. With the most advanced five big SOLUTIONS in VOIP-PBX, no business is too big or too small. Profile: VOIP-PBX (Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange) was first conducted as a partnership and then teamed up in 1993. Through the years in Telkom and then in Data Cabling Specialists, we found a defect in the telecommunication systems with regard to the price and service. Now we can implement the method of using your Internet connection (normally broadband) to carry voice calls instead of using your regular telephone line. We built an unlimited calling plan that suit your Company business plan. It is not only to give a fully function PBX System, VOIP-PBX offers all the functions of a high-end, traditional PABX. It also gives the user many extra function facilitates and added bonuses for less the price. Get a jump on the with a FREE communications consultation from VOIP-PBX Experience: Telecoms: 21 years Cabling: 27 years Wireless: 10 years Lan & Wan: 18 years Contact Information: Telephone: 012 803 4354 / 732 0240 Fax: 086 655 9968 Physical address: Kritzingerst. 279, Meyerspark Postal address: P.O. Box 1626, Silverton, 0127 Electronic mail: Director: Technical person: Demo: Sales: Webmaster: Page 2
  3. 3. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Value-added: 1. Full design, planning and implementation of all 5 big solutions. 2. Your requirements discussion with one of our technical persons and the provision of solutions and strategy’s. 3. Our choose of PBX: a. The Epygi Quadro IP PBX that Fits Your Company's Size and Needs, Up to 400 users including FXS phones, LAN IP phones, remote and virtual extensions b. The LINUX base TRIXBOX IP PBX for companies, 5 up to 500 users 4. Copper installations product manufactures warranty: a. CAT 5 - 15 year, b. CAT 6 - 25 year. 5. Full supporting, documentation & test results with layout plans. 6. Fibre to the desk installation manufactures warranty - 25 year, 7. Fibre link Cabling, single and multi-mode, installations manufactures warranty - 25 year. 8. Fusion & mechanical splices and OTDR test results. 9. Wireless up to 300mbps in office environment. 10. Coaxial cabling for CCTV camera systems. 11. Re-termination, repairing and testing of existing cabling. 12. Call-centre and work-area communication infrastructure. 13. Site preparation (civil work) relating to premise wiring installations. Service levels: Service: Response time: Action: Exclusions: Service request and enquiries are made by telephoning the 012 Immediate on-line technical 803 4354 where calls will be Intervention support and on-site technical logged. outside agreed support within 2 to 4 working Immediate on-line service hours. hours for all faults within support A specialist who will intervene 80km radius from Pretoria. within the agreed time scale and Supply or On-site support make such site visit as required exchange of Support: Ensure problem within 2 working resolving the performed problem accessories. diagnosis and resolution, hours within resolution. including replacement of 80km radius from Terminal support faulty components (equipment Pretoria. Final resolution will be or replacement. covered by warranty) confirmed to the customer. Request a DEMONSTRATION, sent an e-mail to us, or contact us on 012- 803 4354 / 732 0240 Page 3
  4. 4. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Products & Services: VIOP Telephone Systems: The Epygi Quadro IP PBX choice that Fits Your Company's Size and Needs. Analog phones: 16 IP phones: 18 Add'l IP phones with key: 16ea. x 2 =32 Total extensions: 66 ISDN ports: 3 Ethernet LAN ports: 1 Ethernet WAN ports: 1 Enclosure: Sturdy desktop case or steel rack mount Quadro 16xi The Quadro 16xi support three high-bandwidth ISDN SO ports to serve as many as 16 analog phones or devices and as many as 50 IP phones. The Quadro 16xi adapts easily VoIP carriers. A special wizard facilitates the configuration of Quadro's to perform according to the user's requirements. Total extensions: Up to 400 including FXS phones, LAN IP phones, remote and virtual extensions QuadroM 32x The QuadroM 32x IP PBX was designed for larger businesses with a greater need for IP extensions and SIP trunks. The appliance boosts capacity of as many as sixty concurrent calls and scales to 192 extensions. Maximum call capacity is achieved using ITSP services and an E1/T1 interface for all local and failover calling (the ability to switch to another system in the event of service interruption). The QuadroM 32x includes two FXS ports for connecting standard analog phones, fax machines or similar devices. Like other Quadro IP PBXs, the QuadroM 32x comes with a built-in QoS router for Internet access, a stateful inspection firewall, NAT, DHCP client and server, IPSec and VPN. It can be configured remotely via web browser using a simple GUI. Software enhancements include an optional integrated 32/64-person conference bridge (enabled with license keys) and programmable ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) (ETA 4Q2008) for call centers. Installation and configuration protocol improvements make larger network installs faster and easier. Page 4
  5. 5. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Total simultaneous calls: 6 Ethernet LAN ports: 1 Ethernet WAN ports: 1 A gateway is a VoIP switch that digitizes voice, fax, and modem data and transmits it over the IP network. Essentially, the Quadro FXO gateway is a modular approach to adding additional outside PSTN or traditional telephone service lines to a corporate phone network that utilizes an Epygi Quadro IP PBX. Each QuadroFXO is a stand-alone SIP gateway device consisting of a VPN-router, firewall, HTTP server, and call processing software. The FXO includes advanced PBX features and integration with any Quadro IP PBX. If ports are in short supply, you can add multiple gateways to the IP PBX. Devices recognize each other and auto-configure. The Quadro FXO Gateway can be used stand-alone as well, without an IP PBX (as with IP Centrex for example). The six FXO lines can be assigned VoIP network DID numbers by an ITSP. Ports for analog phones or devices: 1 Single E1/T1 port: 30 simultaneous calls (E1), 24 (T1) E1/T1 ports: 1 Ethernet LAN ports: 1 Ethernet WAN ports: 1 This newer model features 30 channels of compressed g.729 codec and conforms to a broad variety of voice codecs and signaling protocols. Architecture and design enhancements improve sound quality and application integration. The QuadroM E1/T1 is available in a sturdy metal rack-mountable housing that permits the inclusion of a built-in power source and cooling fan for heavy duty operation and extended life span. Like the Quadro E1/T1, the QuadroM version includes call routing and auto attendant capabilities, voice prioritization over data and sophisticated firewall and security elements. And like the Quadro E1/T1 the QuadroM functions primarily to bridge traditional PBX traffic to the Internet, reducing costs and simplifying system administration. The trixbox IP PBX choice for Your Company's Size and Needs. Page 5
  6. 6. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 trixbox is a business class IP PBX system based on the Asterisk Open Source PBX Software. trixbox CE is the original free, fully featured, open source PBX application platform system and the new trixbox Pro family (including the free SE version) is a hybrid-hosted solution aimed at reliability, ease of use, and supportability. From small systems with only a few analog lines and extensions to larger installations with multiple T1/E1 connections and hundreds of extensions, trixbox has a solution to meet your business needs. UP to 500 users, trixbox is a complete application platform. We will install and configure it for you, make sure that every thing is fine and all the phones are ready for your business. When you install trixbox you have a powerful application platform at your fingertips. HUD, Your New Operator HUD is the award-winning employee presence and communication management application that comes free with all versions of VOIP PBX. HUD empowers its users with company-wide visibility and information on the "presence" of every colleague, making it easy to interact with one another via a single, simple interface. HUD is preinstalled on every edition of VOIP PBX, enabling one-touch control over the phone system, real-time visibility, and easy access to the people using it. > Your new operator Tired of that 8-foot phone with blinking lights and that expensive secretary who you've trained to use it? HUD is your new operator. HUD shows you who is on the phone and lets drag calls to their extensions, voicemails or cellphones. > Integration with Outlook When your phone rings, a pop-up on your screen will give you the name of the caller, based on your own Outlook. Or you can just click on an email to call a person anytime. > Makes employees more productive HUD's user-friendly interface allows employees to find contacts, view a contact's on-network status, and initiate communications - all with a single click from any HUD enabled device. Page 6
  7. 7. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 > Enables effective communication Communication happens on many levels; from phone calls, to chat sessions, to e-mails. By integrating all of these channels, HUD reduces the time spent in meetings and on conference calls and, in general, makes communication more effective. ...makes it affordable to create distributed agent-based organizations In the past, deploying distributed inbound and outbound call centers was expensive. Not anymore. With HUD Pro, sales and customer service agents can easily log into and out of ques, monitor call states, park calls, and record calls. > Helps managers track and train employees HUD Pro provides powerful one-click tools to monitor, train, and barge agent calls. The private enterprise- chat feature allows managers to guide agents in real-time. VOIP PBX trixbox comes standard with HUD-lite. Voicemail and Recordings This is the Asterisk Recording Interface. It provides a user friendly web interface to voicemail and call monitor recordings. As well, it provides access to user settings in Asterisk. Web MeetMe This application helps you manage the web based conferencing ability of trixbox. MeetMe-Web-Control MeetMe is a tool that allows you to manage conference calling rooms: • Create a conference room using Freepbx in the admin area of the trixbox UI. • Then call the conference room extension by calling a phone number you have hooked up to your trixbox or by dialing the conference room extension you cerate in the IVR creation tool in Freepbx using a softphone or IP Phone. • Once you connect ot the conference bridge, bring up the MeetMe-Web-Control page. Put the conference room number into the connect box and click connect button. • Once you connect to the conference bridge you will see yourself as logged into the conference bridge. As others come on the conference bridge you will see them show up in the MeetMe-Web_Control page. Page 7
  8. 8. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Asterisk-stats: Pretty CDR Analyser, easy way to analyze your CDR records! Asterisk-Stat is providing different reports & Graph to allow the Asterisk-admin to analyse quickly and easily the traffic on their Asterisk server. All the graphic & reports are based over the CDR database. FEATURES: CDR REPORT (MONTHLY or DAILY) EXPORT CDR REPORT TO CSV DAILY LOAD COMPARE CALL LOAD WITH PREVIOUS DAYS EXPORT CDR REPORT TO PDF MONTHLY TRAFFIC MANY CRITERIAS TO DEFINE THE REPORT SUPPORT MYSQL & POSTGRESQL MANY OTHERS CDR logs to see what happened, Page 8
  9. 9. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Included with trixbox: • trixbox dashboard • Roaming Extensions • Asterisk(tm) Open Source PBX • Route by Caller ID • FreePBX web management tool • Supervised Transfer • SugarCRM • Talk Detection • Munin (via package manager) • Text-to-Speech (via Festival) • HUDLite server/admin (via package • Three-way Calling manager) • Time and Date • IVRGraph (via package manager) • Transcoding • phpMyAdmin? (via package • Trunking manager) • VoIP Gateways • Webmin (via package manager) • Voicemail: • Call features - Visual Indicator for Message Waiting • Automated Attendant - Stutter Dialtone for Message Waiting • Blacklists - Voicemail to email • Blind Transfer - Web Voicemail Interface • Call Detail Records • Computer-Telephony Integration • Call Forward on Busy • AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) • Call Forward on No Answer • Graphical Call Manager • Call Forward Variable • Outbound Call Spooling • Call Monitoring • TDMoE (Time Division Multiplex over Ethernet) • Call Parking • Allows direct connection of Asterisk PBX • Call Queuing • Zero latency • Call Recording • Uses commodity Ethernet hardware • Call Routing (DID & ANI) • Voice-over IP • Call Snooping • Allows for integration of physically separate • Call Transfer installations • Call Waiting • Codecs • Caller ID - ADPCMG. • Caller ID Blocking - 711 (A-Law & μ-Law) • Caller ID on Call Waiting - G.722 - G.723.1 (pass through) • Calling Cards - G.726 • Conference Bridging - G.729 • Dial by Name - GSM • Direct Inward System Access - iLBC • Do Not Disturb - Protocols • ENUM - H.323 • Interactive Directory Listing - SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Media Gateway Control Protocol • Local and Remote Call Agents - SCCP (Cisco® Skinny®) • Music On Hold • Traditional Telephony Interoperability • Call features • FXS • Overhead Paging • FXO • Remote Call Pickup • DTMF support • Remote Office Support • PRI Protocols Page 9
  10. 10. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 VoIP Phone Snom 320 Snom 370 • 47 Keys, 13 LEDS • Tiltable, high-definition graphical display • Two-line display with (240 x 128 Pixel) graphical fields • Large LED (red) for incoming calls • 12 Programmable Function • 47 keys, 13 LEDs Keys • 12 programmable function keys • Speakerphone • Speakerphone • Dual Ethernet Connection • Dual Ethernet connection • Power over Ethernet • Power over Ethernet • Headset Connection • Support for several audio devices • SIP RFC3261 • Additional keypads with 42 programmable • Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS function keys • STUN, ENUM, NAT, ICE • SIP RFC3261 • Codecs: G.711, G,729A, • Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM • STUN, ENUM, NAT, ICE 6.1 (Full Rate) • Codecs: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, • National Language Support G.726, GSM 6.10 (Full rate) • Expansion Module compatible • National Language Support for additional keys • Reception Phone • Managerial Phone • Expansion module compatible for additional keys Snom M3 Atcom 510P Phone Cordless DECT IP Phone • IP and IAX2 protocol • Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors, backlit • 45 • Li-Ion battery pack for 8 hours • Support PoE of calls or 100 hours standby • Range: 50 meters indoors, 100 • Jitter Buffer(200ms),VAD,CNG meters outdoors • G.711 a/u and G.729 codec • 12 numerical keys, 5 navigation keys, 2 function • G.167 16ms Acoustic Echo Canceller echo keys cancellation, 64ms in handsfree mode • Speakerphone on mobile handset • SIP Call Forward、Call transfer、Call • Polyphonic ringtones hold、Call waiting, 3-way • Automatic registration of handset Talking、Pickup、Join • Separate charging cradle for call、Redial、Unredial、Call Park handset • 8 handsets per base station • Hotline , DND (Do Not Disturb) , black list , • 8 SIP registrations with call limitation , caller ID different servers/registrars • Up to 3 concurrent calls per • Dial-peer calling rules and point to point call base station by IP address • Three-way conference • Remote setup, password • SIP server conference protection • AES 64bit SIP signal encryption • Open DECT GAP standard Page 10
  11. 11. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Products & Services: Cabling: You can be assured that your cabling will be installed to industry standards by capable certified technicians. A professional team of installers will complete your project, in the most expedient way, whether if you will need one cable or one thousand. Our structured cabling team specialists in fibre-optic, cat3, cat5e, and cat6, certified installations. Every cable will be tested and certified to today’s standards. We install all types of communication cabling. We provide all types of communication equipment: Data cabinets, patch panels, patch leads, fly-leads & all type of cables. We understand that every building is different and that buying structured cabling products can sometimes be a confusing experience. That's why we provide professional impartial advice and guidance on the products you need for a successful cabling installation. We are one of the first cabling companies that have installed a full fibre to the desk network installation. All type of cabling: ● Class A / Cat 3 Telephone cabling ● Tel. Indore, Underground and Arial cable ● Class D / Link Cat 5E ● ACR 15 dB at 100 MHz on pair to pair ● Class E / Link Cat 6 ● ACR 10 dB at 200 MHz on pair to pair ● VOIP-PBX Fibre-to-the-desk Solution - Compatibility with current and future networking technologies. Capable of bandwidth up to 9 Gbps Free of EMI, RF, crosstalk and other interference. Compatibility with current and future networking technologies. Better than Category 7 - Class F Warranties: In another way of offering our clients the best, a warranty of 25 years are given on CAT6. an unbelievable 15year warranty on CAT5e and 30 years on Fibre-to-the-desk. Optical Fibre Splicing We do Fibre Splicing and fault tracing and repairing. Through fusion splicing is used for all purposes and testing with ODTR. All work are compliant with ISO 11801, TIA/EIA 568B, and EN 50173. We always test the cables after installment. Get a jump on the with a FREE communications consultation from VOIP-PBX Page 11
  12. 12. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Products & Services: Surveillance Cameras: Security cameras improving security in and around your home or office. We have a wide range of cctv cameras, wireless cameras, car rear view cameras, dome cameras, ip cameras, spy cameras and PC dvr cards. No special tools required. Infrared, indoor, outdoor vandal proof are some of the products to choose from. Record real time video using one of our stand alone DVR recorders or just use one of our VOIP-Surveillance servers to display simultaneous cctv camera images on your PC. Use your own computer Web browser to view and play back the cctv images by using one of our VOIP-Surveillance servers. If you are looking for a security camera, video surveillance system or a digital video recorder, we are the company that can give you a 2 year contract that include maintenance and support. Page 12
  13. 13. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 There are various options you can use to control the surveillance camera solution. In fact there are lots! There are several tabs that group the options into categories. One of the keys to use successfully is the concept of zones. Zones are areas within an image that you can define for the purposes of motion detection, or even ignoring motion. From the Console view you can click on the Zones column to get this summary view of the zones at a monitor. The zones are displayed on the image and also listed below. They are colour coded depending on their purpose. By clicking on one of the zones in the image will bring up a configuration screen where you can define the shape and sensitivity of the zone in order to maximize detection or prevent false alarms for instance. If you click on one of the frames you get a closer look at what might have caused the event. In this case you can see that the area that my cat is in, and the area she has just left, are highlighted. This tells you what caused the event to be triggered. This highlighting is optional, but even if you have it switched on, clicking on the image will display an alternative with it removed. Get a jump on the with a FREE communications consultation from VOIP-PBX Page 13
  14. 14. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Products & Services: Wireless Systems: With the most advanced Wireless solution in VOIP-PBX, no business is too big or too small. Get the job done right, the first time! A wireless access point (AP) can communicate with wireless network cards in a building. A bridge can be used to wire lessly connect APs or LANs especially for building to building applications. This is an incredible all-in-one network-in-a-box solution! Wireless users can use the same network applications as they use on an Ethernet LAN. Wireless cards used on laptop and desktop systems, support the same protocols as Ethernet cards. High-Speed up to 300Mbps, Data Rate using IEEE 802.11n (draft) connection. Stream Engine Technology by Ubicom™ provides QoS traffic prioritization of VoIP calls. Coverage up to 150 meters indoor and up to 400 meters outdoor(depends on the environment). All wireless products have a 2dBi detachable indoor antenna which, if required, can be repositioned using an optional 6m antenna extension lead. In addition, all products can take an optional outdoor antenna which can be directional or omni- directional (360 degrees). Directional panel antenna pick up less interference and are more suitable for building to building transmission over 300m up to 1km (8dBi at both ends) or 5.5km (18dBi at both ends). However, each site must be test-ed to determine the exact reception range. Long Range Cordless Telephone Products: The Telephone Revolution, the Cordless Voice over IP Phone is your best choice for a standard based Voice over IP telephone Provide cost effective Information technology solutions VOIP-PBX helps you get ahead…and stay there. Page 14
  15. 15. Voice Over IP Private Branch eXchange CC no.: 93/21388/23 Products & Services: Switches & Converters: There are a vast number of products available nowadays and the research required to make an informed decision on the right solution can be very time consuming. Call us to help you in a number of ways... VOIP-PBX offers a large product range of Networking Active Products as part of our commitment to being a complete provider. Here is a few networking active products that VOIP-PBX offers to you: HP ProCurve 3400CL-24G Switch HP ProCurve 3400CL-48G Switch 44 x 10/100/1000T RJ45, 4 x 10/100/1000T 20 x 10/100/1000T RJ45, 4 x 10/100/1000T RJ45 SFP RJ45 or SFP Mini GBIC Slots,Managed Mini GBIC Slots, Managed Layer 2 Layer 2/3 26-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch The 26-port Web-Based Smart Switch is the ideal Switch for network segmenting and flexibility. It has 24 ports 10/100Mbps, 2 ports 10/100/1000Mbps and 2 Mini-GBIC slots. 100Base-FX SC Connector PCI Fast Ethernet Fiber Adapter The PCI Fiber Optic Adapter operates in a 32-bit Bus Master Mode, delivering 100Mbps of speed with little stress on the host's CPU. The TE100-PCIFXplus supports both half- and full-duplex modes, creating an increase speed up to 200Mbps. With it's SC-type fiber connection allowing up to 2Km away from the switch. 1000Base-T to1000Base-SX Multi-Mode Fiber Converter with SC The Fiber Media Converter transforms 1000Base-T (Copper Gigabit) media to 1000Base-SX/LX (Fiber Gigabit) media and vice versa. 16-Slot Chassis System for TFC series Fiber Converter Rack-Mount Chassis System provides housing for up to 16 TFC series media converters. Designed for continuous operation, the chassis is equipped with dual cooling fans and redundant power supplies (optional). Talk to us about your requirements or request, sent an e-mail to us, or contact us on 012-803 4354 / 732 0240 Page 15