Stratus Telecommunications Residential VoIP Services Solution


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Stratus Telecommunications Residential VoIP Services Solution

  1. 1. Telecommunications Solutions Brief Stratus Telecommunications Residential VoIP Services Solution
  2. 2. Market Overview Competition for subscriber communication and entertainment dollars is heating up even as carriers and service providers are struggling to maintain margins. The high penetration rate of broadband Internet access coupled with the wide acceptance of industry-standard IP components has opened the door to a diverse mix of competitors seeking additional revenue opportunities. Without the need to build an expensive access network, the barrier to entry for delivering residential voice services has been lowered, and the market for Voice over IP (VoIP) service offerings is crowded with traditional telco providers, wireless, broadband, and next-generation network operators. Many incumbent telecommunications operators are offering VoIP services as a cost-effective way to capture additional subscriber revenues while protecting market share for their existing service offerings. By bundling residential VoIP services with video and data, these service providers can deliver added value to customers in the form of consolidated billing, Web-based self-management of CLASS features and enhanced services, such as click-to-dial and unified messaging. Competitive pricing and superior mobility continue to help wireless operators gain market share over traditional operators. To further extend their market reach and revenue potential, wireless operators can offer seamless handover between wireless and IP-based networks. This improves in-home coverage and allows bundling of data and voice service within WiFi hotspots or residential LANs. Broadband service providers (MSOs or ISPs) can add value and increase market share by adding VoIP as an overlay to their existing networks. Their ability to deliver end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) coupled with their understanding of data security gives these providers a competitive edge. The enhanced services capabilities of VoIP can also enable these providers to differentiate their service bundles from those of traditional telco competitors. Greenfield service providers can deploy VoIP via the public Internet or managed IP networks to create free or low-cost alternatives for voice and video communications services. For example, companies can offer free instant messaging (IM), voice and video communications to drive advertising revenue from a search engine, on-line retail site or social networking service. These providers are creating new competition, especially for international long distance services. In an extremely complex and competitive marketplace in which new players are usurping the domain of the traditional telco, future success will be awarded to customer-focused, innovative service providers. Assuming a proactive strategy by expanding service offerings to include high- speed Internet access and VoIP services along with broadcast video and wireless services can be the key to protecting an existing subscriber base and maximizing revenue opportunities. The communications and entertainment market are quickly converging and subscribers are responding to value-added services that help optimize their time and budget. Bundling voice, data and video services has emerged as a clearly successful trend for attracting and retaining customers while increasing revenue. To profit from this opportunity, service providers must evolve their networks — while rigorously managing expenses — so that they are capable of introducing value-added differentiated services to the market quickly in response to changing customer needs. Stratus Telecom offers service providers a complete solution and roadmap to help evolve their networks at their own pace while integrating VoIP services into any network: PSTN, wireless, cable, or next generation carrier network. Residential VoIP Services Solution Page 2
  3. 3. Solution Elements Stratus Telecom offers an end-to-end VoIP solution and a suite of professional services, including planning, design, installation, integration and testing. Our feature-rich, turnkey solution incorporates carrier-class elements from leading vendors and provides a single point-of-contact for streamlined maintenance and support. Solution Architecture VoIP Services The Stratus Telecom Residential and Enterprise VoIP (E-REV) is a full-featured, turnkey solution that enables service providers to turn up VoIP services in a matter of weeks and respond quickly to changing customer needs. Based on the modular, open ENTICE™ (emerging networks telecommunications infrastructure control environment) architecture, E-REV is a pre-integrated solution for end-to-end delivery, provisioning and management of VoIP services that can be scaled and customized to create a variety of market offerings. By combining session controller and softswitch functionality into a single, open solution based on a common architecture, E-REV allows calls to move seamlessly through NATs, firewalls, the Internet and the PSTN. E-REV includes customizable templates that facilitate the creation of branded retail-side Web pages and an intuitive user interface, so service providers can give their residential customers control over their communications services. The E-REV solution can be deployed on fault-tolerant ftServer® systems from Stratus Technologies, which deliver the added advantages of the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® operating environment combined with an Intel-based platform known for 99.999% + reliability. These continuously available telecommunications-grade servers are NEBS™ Level-3 compliant. The E-REV product scales from an entry level system with 250 simultaneous sessions up to systems with over 100,000 sessions and millions of residential subscribers. The ENTICE system architecture supports hardware fault-tolerant servers combined with a 1:1 or N+1 architecture. This creates a cost effective solution that starts small and grows as more subscribers are added to the network. Residential VoIP Services Solution Page 3
  4. 4. Subscriber Features The E-REV solution supports a variety of SIP endpoints and provides a rich set of Class 5 features, including: • Call Forwarding • Call Waiting • Three-Way Calling • Caller ID • Call Hold • Distinctive Ring • Unified Messaging (Email Delivery) • Find Me/Follow Me (Simultaneous or Sequential Ring) • Web-based Management Future enhancements include click-to-dial from a user’s Microsoft Outlook® contact directory, ad-hoc conferencing services and fixed-to-wireless mobility. Media Control Stratus Telecom provides media services such as network-based announcements, voicemail, unified messaging, auto-attendant and IVRU services as part of the E-REV solution. In addition, third-party media servers can be connected using SIP/XML signaling and custom applications developed by either Stratus Telecom or third-party ISV partners. PSTN /TDM Connectivity Stratus Telecom supports a number of third-party Media Gateways and Media Gateway Controllers for interfacing with legacy PSTN networks. Support for industry-standard signaling protocols, such as SIP, H.323, SS7, PRI and H.248, facilitates interoperability, enabling Stratus Telecom to leverage best-of-breed products and deliver the optimum solution for each customer’s requirements. OAM&P Systems The Stratus Telecom solution for residential VoIP incorporates provisioning of SIP endpoints (ATAs, IP phones, or soft clients), system operations, network management and centralized management of customer accounts. Integrated Web-based management presents a single view of the entire Stratus Telecom VoIP system, simplifying management tasks. Several billing solutions are available, supporting customer invoice generation and both prepaid and postpaid charging. Carriers can offer personal 800 numbers, calling cards and other convenient billing models to address their target market. Telecom Professional Services Stratus Telecom can assist service providers with end-to-end implementation of residential VoIP solutions, offering services that include network assessments, network planning, custom application development, system integration, transition to operations and more. Designed to minimize risk and reduce time-to-revenue, these comprehensive services are backed by more than 25 years of experience in delivering optimized solutions for operator networks. The foundation of a successful VoIP deployment depends largely on the solution partner. Our business model is uniquely geared to deliver the flexibility, innovation and reliability needed to help service providers become successful multi-service operators. For more than 28 years, Stratus Telecom has integrated products and services from industry-leading manufacturers to provide superior solutions in operator networks. Our rigorous, disciplined approach to detailed Residential VoIP Services Solution Page 4
  5. 5. project management and industry expertise will assure a successful, timely and cost-effective VoIP implementation. In addition, Stratus Telecom has a full line of products that support traditional fixed and wireless network signaling to allow VoIP solutions to seamlessly connect with traditional networks and services. Solution Features and Benefits Features Benefits Fully integrated, turnkey • Single point-of-contact from design to installation to support solution • Rapid time to market Flexible, scalable solution • Will scale to support subscriber growth Industry-leading partners and • Proven interoperability with third-party devices and gateways components • State-of-the-art solution capable of evolving with network Modular architecture requirements Robust feature set for VoIP and • Satisfies subscriber needs converged services Industry-leading solution • Delivers 99.999%+ uptime availability 25+ year history of network • Trusted, experienced vendor deployments The Stratus Telecom Difference Several capabilities exclusive to the Stratus Telecom architecture provide competitive advantages to all types of service providers: • Built-in APIs facilitate the development of custom applications and the integration of VoIP services into enterprise office suites or vertical applications; • Support for third-party components affords service providers the opportunity to select other solution components, such as billing; • The E-REV solution architecture can be partitioned, enabling service providers to host end- to-end VoIP services for multiple “switchless” resellers on the same platform; • Because Stratus Telecom solutions share the ENTICE architecture, they can be seamlessly integrated together to create solutions that precisely align with customer needs. The unique design of the Stratus Telecom E-REV solution empowers service providers to differentiate their offerings, leverage existing network assets, rapidly add high margin services and respond quickly to changing market needs. Residential VoIP Services Solution Page 5
  6. 6. Conclusion Stratus Telecom offers a quick and cost-effective way for service providers to enter the bundled services market and capture a greater share of subscribers’ total communication and entertainment spending. The pre-integrated E-REV solution simplifies deployment, reduces time- to-market and provides a single point-of-contact, while Stratus Telecom professional services help ensure a successful, timely cost-effective implementation. By offering bundled services, operators can maximize revenue and encourage subscriber loyalty while harnessing the power of existing infrastructure and preserving investment in existing network assets. Service providers who choose Stratus Telecom leverage over 25 years of market-leading experience in deploying solutions for the world’s largest network operators. Service Provider Benefits Subscriber Benefits • Revenue Now, IMS Ready • Simplified use of voice, data and video • Rapid time-to-market, enhanced revenue services opportunity • Unified billing • Reduced operational costs • Simplified customer service • Reduced churn by providing multiple services • User-friendly subscriber self-care • Increased ARPU About Stratus Telecommunications Stratus Telecommunications is a provider of complete VoIP and converged service solutions for telecommunications service providers. By helping its customers connect their world using trusted, innovative solutions and backing it with people they can count on, Stratus Telecom is making convergence simple. Stratus Telecom’s solutions are installed in hundreds of service providers’ networks including 14 of 20 of the world’s largest carriers. For more information on Stratus Telecom solutions, please visit Stratus Telecommunications and ftServer are registered trademarks; and ENTICE is a trademark of Stratus Telecommunications, LLC. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries/regions. Microsoft and Outlook are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries/regions. The registered trademark Linux is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Linux Mark Institute, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a worldwide basis. Red Hat and Enterprise Linux are registered trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders. © 2009 Stratus Telecommunications, LLC. All rights reserved. Residential VoIP Services Solution Page 6