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How eBay makes product content work globally


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One of the world's top brands, with over 165 million active buyers and 1 billion live listings, eBay's vision is to be the world's favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection.

At eBay, product content is user interface content. DeAnn Wright and Catharina Pawella show how they work with business partners, product managers, designers, researchers, and localization to equip sellers and buyers with tailored user interface content.

In this presentation, you'll see how the eBay content team ensures that user interface content is truly global and intuitive in 190 markets. Hint: You need to do more than translate your content to establish any type of emotional connection with your customers. DeAnn and Catharina show you how they transcreate and adapt content to work in different countries and cultures. They also share successes and pitfalls along the way, and how they measure success.

DeAnn and Catharina gave this presentation at CSA - Content Strategy Applied 2017.
Content Strategy Applied is a conference that goes beyond the theory so you can take away learnings you can use - immediately. It focuses on problems, solutions and real-life war stories that content professionals are dealing with now.

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How eBay makes product content work globally

  1. 1. DeAnn Wright and Catharina Pawella, eBay How eBay makes product content work globally
  2. 2. Our business 3 Selection Transact Browse ListMoney Back Guarantee Receive or Pick-Up Feedback Marketplace Shipping Connect Give Back
  3. 3. Our strategy 4 C2C: an easy way to sell and make money Greatest selection Easily find, compare and purchase Most powerful selling platform Best choice Most relevance New, rare and unique items Incredible deals Personalized shopping Simple and trustworthy B2C: reach a global audience Partnership, not competition
  4. 4. 1.1B Listings 167M Buyers $21.1B GMV eBay Marketplace at a glance 5 81% New items 67% Free shipping (US, UK, DE) Data as of Q4 2016
  5. 5. True global commerce 6 countries have our eBay App 190 of commercial sellers engage in exporting**95% *Across eBay Inc., Data as of Q4 2016 **Commercial sellers sell $10,000 or more/year of eBay’s business is outside of the US* 57% localized eBay websites across the globe 25
  6. 6. What we’ll discuss How eBay makes product content work globally Some product content essentials1 How we create product content that works globally 2 How we measure success3 Key takeways4
  7. 7. 8 UI Content Visual design Product Content is a core element of the user interface Interaction design
  8. 8. 9 User Interface Intuitive On brand Global Product Content 1 2 3 Clear & Consistent Brand Voice & Tone Locally Adapted 1 2 3 Product Content needs to be well designed to meet the needs of a global user interface
  9. 9. STATIC A B C A B1 B2 B3 C DYNAMIC OR Product Content is multifaceted and complex 10 Menus & Nav Page & section titles Information architecture Messaging Filed labels Status & error messages Call to actionsField descriptions Alt- Information Help bubbles Email & mobile notifications
  10. 10. Product Content terms to know 11 Translation Translation from the source language – in our case US-English – to a local language Factualization (F12n) Adaption of facts for a local market Transcreation Adaption of voice and tone and messaging to work in local markets and cultures Localization (L10n) Process of extracting US-English content from code, translating it and implementing back into the code. Internationalization (I18n) Standards and checks to enable a smooth localization
  11. 11. How we make product content work globally 12 Plan & Research Design Develop Test Launch Local Assessment Localize Mocks User Test UX Design Content Strategy Product Mmgt. Business Owner Legal Product Development UX Design Content Strategy UX Design Content Strategy User Research Product Mmgt. Business Owner Business Owner Legal Content Strategy User Research Content Strategy L10n Content Strategy User Research Product Mmgt. UX Design L10n Business Owner L10n Content Strategy L10n Language QA Content Strategy L10n Design Review Adapt User Test
  12. 12. 13 Create content strategy Review mocks and edit the content (optimal for the US market & inline with i18n standards) Iterate based on user test findings and requirement updates Key Activities when creating product content 1 2 3 Design Review Adapt User Test
  13. 13. 14 Amount of product content Conflicting requirements Internal and external consistency Prioritization P1: in depth support Other: office hours Empowerment Governance Make allies Style guide, feature glossaries, content pattern library Domain expertise, know your users, competitor analysis Challenges & Solutions when creating product content Design Review Adapt User Test
  14. 14. 15 Assess the product and the content strategy Adapt strategy and product content where needed (internationalize US-source OR transcreate and implement additional local source) Support L10n and liaise with Product Development to ensure local content is correct Key Activities when ensuring that product content works globally 1 2 3 Local Assessment Localize Mocks User Test L10n Language QA
  15. 15. Complexity of local source implementation 16 Raise awareness & evangelize i10n standards Kanban way-of-working Challenges & Solutions when ensuring that product content works globally Content & language know-how gap Ensure local user testing in local language Push for source optimization rather than transcreation Governance Work closely with User Research and UX Design Local Assessment Localize Mocks User Test L10n Language QA
  16. 16. How we measure the success of product content 17 Performance Measurement Iterative User Testing POST-LAUNCHPRE-LAUNCH User test findings Product health metrics QUANTITATIVELYQUALITATIVELY Measure the performance of the user interface Test multiple content options in the same design
  17. 17. Example: User test based content optimization 18
  18. 18. Example: Product health metrics based content optimization 19
  19. 19. Key takeaways
  20. 20. 21 To create content that works globally you need special people Passion StaminaFlexibility Attention to detail
  21. 21. Contact 22 DeAnn Wright Global Content, eBay Catharina Pawella Global Content, eBay
  22. 22. Thank you