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Everything you ever wanted to know about Cadbury Crunchie


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Cadbury Crunchie is one of the most popular chocolate products in Australia. This presentation provides an extensive overview about the product.

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  • You might like to mention the inventor of the technology of cutting the honeycomb centre using the liquid jet? His name is Rex Perreau. His invention entitled the 'liquid jet' resulted in a massive reduction in waste honeycomb thus increasing the product margin. It was the subject of the BBC 'Tomorrow's World' programme in the mid 80s.
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Everything you ever wanted to know about Cadbury Crunchie

  1. 1. Everything you ever wanted to know about Cadbury Crunchie
  2. 2. Introduction Originally launched in the UK in 1929 by J. S. Fry & Sons, Cadbury Crunchie is a popular bar of a golden honeycomb toffee sugar centre covered in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. Enjoying a loyal following (its official Facebook page currently has over 192,800 followers) this classic Cadbury product is now one of Cadbury Australia’s biggest-selling bars. A favourite with teenagers pretty much from the time it launched it remains popular amongst the younger generation today, though not necessarily with the 50-64 age group. Conceived by Fry's as an imitation of the Australian chocolate bar Violet Crumble which was produced at the time by Hoadley's, Crunchie is now available in Australia in a variety of packaged formats ranging from ‘snack size’ to 50 gram bars to blocks that weigh 135g, 350g and 500g. Its endearing appeal is the uplifting taste experience it offers - a 'sweet' hit that provides an energising treat. PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION Cadbury Crunchie bar has a global reach. It is widely available and consumed in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India. In addition it is also imported into countries with a high proportion of ex-pats from these nations , including Cyprus, Hong Kong, Malta, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tahiti and the USA. HOW CADBURY CRUNCHIE IS MADE For years Cadbury Crunchie was produced in the United Kingdom in a plant in Somerset, however as recently as September 2010 manufacturing for Europe was moved to a plant in Skarbimierz, Poland – interestingly labels for these products do not state a country of origin, instead they proclaim ‘Made in the EU under license from Cadbury UK Ltd’. In Australia the product is manufactured in Melbourne and Hobart. Whilst the recipe for the honeycomb centre is kept a fiercely guarded secret what is known is that during manufacturing process the honeycomb toffee is produced in large slabs. Once ready they are then cut up by a highly precise jets of oil. This methodology is completely necessary because if a blade was used it would make the honeycomb toffee fragment , whilst if water was used it would result in the honeycomb toffee dissolving. Oil prevents both of these situations from happening and also ensures in slab is cut into uniform sharp-edged portions. Once cut the honeycomb toffee is covered with chocolate it is wrapped in foil to prevent the honeycomb toffee from going soft. After it has cooled it is then packaged.
  3. 3. CADBURY CRUNCHIE INGREDIENTS & DIETARY INFORMATION Manufactured by Cadbury, Crunchie’s ingredients are listed as follows: Sugar, Milk Solids, Wheat Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Mineral Salts (500, 509), Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, 476), Flavours. May contain traces of Nuts. Milk Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 26%, Milk Solids 28%. sugar, milk solids, wheat glucose syrup, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, 476), raising agent (500), flavours, hydrolysed milk protein. Cadbury Crunchie is Certified Halal and is promoted in the UK as suitable for vegetarians. VARIATIONS OF CADBURY CRUNCHIE Over the years there have been some pretty interesting variations of Cadbury Crunchie. These have included the following: Crunchie Tango Orange Crunchie Lemonade Crunchie Champagne Crunchie Mint Crunchie White Chocolate Bourbon Crunchie Crunchie Blast Crunchie Rocks The Tango Orange, lemonade and mint flavours were available as limited editions in the UK as was the champagne version which was launched for New Year's Eve 1999. The white chocolate version was briefly available in South Africa whilst the Bourbon Crunchie was tested out in Nashville in partnership with 7-Eleven before it was deemed unsuccessful. In certain parts of the world an ‘Endless Crunchie’ was released for Christmas in 2013 containing a whopping 4 crunchie bars while the Crunchie Blast featured ‘popping candy’ inside the bar and Crunchie Rocks contained a mixture of chocolate, cornflakes and Crunchie. Like many other chocolate brands Crunchie is available in some countries as an ice cream bar and also a cheesecake whereupon such products contain pieces of the bar within these products.
  4. 4. ADVERTISING OF CADBURY CRUNCHIE Pretty much from launch back in 1929 Cadbury Crunchie attracted a younger market than most of Cadbury’s boxed chocolate lines. As a result their advertisements targeted a youthful demographic with a sense of fun. In both the United Kingdom and Ireland Cadbury Crunchie chocolate bars have been advertised since the 1980s under the strapline ‘Get that Friday feeling’. Prior to this it had been promoted under the slogans 'Golden Groovy Beautiful Crunchie' , 'Snap Goes the Crunchie' and ‘Crunchie makes exciting biting’. By far and away its most successful adverts ran in Australia and New Zealand where the multi-award winning ‘Crunchie Train Robbery’ series of commercials ran in an unchanged form for over 20 years from the late 1970s. CADBURY CRUNCHIE IN POPULAR CULTURE It is generally accepted that the Cadbury Crunchie bar was first mentioned in popular culture way back in 1935 in Enid Bagnold's novel ‘National Velvet’, as the chocolate of choice for the central characters Velvet Brown (who coincidentally had a delicate stomach). In more recent times The Crunchie Comedy Gala took place in New Zealand as an annual event between 2007 and 2010. Produced by Satellite Media, and hosted by a number of people including Rove McManus, it showcased over 20 of New Zealand’s finest comedians including Jeremy Corbett, Ben Hurley and Dai Henwood. RECIPES USING CADBURY CRUNCHIE In recent times Cadbury Crunchie has become a popular ingredient to use in baking with budding foodies across the world incorporating this delicious confection into their creations. A quick Google search will generate a list of numerous different recipes but the three outlined below are amongst our favourites: Crunchy Chocolate Slice - No Bake Crunchie Cake - Cadbury Crunchie Cupcakes - feelingwith-cadburys.html
  5. 5. BUY CADBURY CRUNCHIE Now that you have read everything you ever wanted to know about the brand why not buy a bulk box of Cadbury Crunchie online from Moo-Lolly-Bar? You can do that here -