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Almost custom - Example design workflow for customising a WordPress website based on a Genesis child theme


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Cath from Phase Creative (Sydney) presented these slides at WordPress Sydney Meetup in Jan 2014. A run through of her workflow demonstrated as a case study. Almost Custom: customising a WordPress website using a Genesis Child theme

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Almost custom - Example design workflow for customising a WordPress website based on a Genesis child theme

  1. 1. Almost Custom’s childs play!
  2. 2. Overview Design workflow for customising a WordPress website using a Genesis Child theme Basic customisation • Typopgraphy • Colours • Integration of logo and logo elements • Images and image treatments • Backgrounds and textures Extras • Custom templates • Custom widgets • Custom functionality PRO TIP: Provide a definition of customisation in your contract and state the limitations of the process
  4. 4. PRO TIP: Create a master to-do list for your sites in asana, duplicate for each site & add/edit as you need
  5. 5. Basic Workflow • Take a design brief • Get content from client (!!) • Discuss structual placement, user journey and devise sitemap • Decide the best child theme base, don’t always show client • Mock up homepage for discussion, make any changes • Mock up internal page(s) for review / revisions • Once approved, set up on MAMP with pre-built plugin set • Build out & upload to staging server (cheapy shared host) • Send link for client to view, get feeback • Build out remaining client content with changes • Test, send link again, make any required changes, test again • Once approved (and paid for), upload to client server for launch
  6. 6. Case Study Maaike Furniture Resurrection Brief: • Existing WordPress blog with over 300 posts spanning 4 years • Time to position as high-end artisan creative • Galleries and blog a focus - wanted grid blog • Needed online quote form • Wanted to look more like a website than a blog • Clean, neutral design so her pieces would sing My one big wish is for a really great gallery page.
  7. 7. Approach • Maaike’s content was ready. She was very organised. • She had a photoshoot done so great photos to work with • I flicked her ‘Foodie’, along with a few others to look at for the bones
  8. 8. “I only really looked at the foodie child theme, and wet my pants with excitement. Design adjustments required • Typography • Colour palette • Imagery Structual changes • New homepage • New gallery template • New newsletter call to action • Blog layed out as a grid
  9. 9. IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything I imagined. So damn spot on I’m almost disappointed that there’s not a surprise element. And then I saw the sketch details in the top and bottom bars and got a little surprise. And a little teary.
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  11. 11.
  12. 12. Delivery • Make screengrab. I always credit the original designer
  13. 13. Pros • Swift production process, many turn-key elements • Testing has mostly been done on the child theme • Client can see proof of concept before you start • Community help when using well supported framework • You can get familiar with the themes • You can bank your own child themes along the way Cons • Lack of appreciation for the value of the process • Clients misunderstand ‘custom’ to mean ‘bespoke’ so there is an education process • Not as many bells & whistles - managing expectations • You don’t always ‘know’ the code so it can be trial and error
  14. 14. Links & Resources • Foodie theme: • Genesis framework: • Asana: • Adobe Creative Cloud: • MAMP: • Coda 2: • Dynamik by Cobalt Apps: • Firebug: • Invision:
  15. 15. More info • Web: • Twitter: @phasecreative • Email: • Phone: 0402 040 049 • Location: Sydney Cath Beaton is a Sydney based WordPress consultant and web designer with a passion for helping small business professionals maximise their online impact. Thank you :-)