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Essence Positioning Statements


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Positioning statements written for Essence Communications

Published in: Lifestyle, Design
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Essence Positioning Statements

  1. 1. 1. A CULTURAL ICON & TRUSTED RESOURCE… Three decades, seven years and counting! ESSENCE is a tradition and perennial favorite among African American women. Today, with a circulation of 1.05 million, ESSENCE has earned a prominent place in the lives of more than 8 million intensely loyal readers as a cultural icon and trusted authority. From fashion and finance to beauty, health and home, ESSENCE comes full circle to cover all of the issues this affluent, style-conscious consumer expects. As an advertiser, that is a reputation you can bank on! Each month ESSENCE offers you an opportunity to reach this brand conscious audience with your product message. Read on to find out how partnering with ESSENCE can make the greatest impact, using time-tested integrated media and promotional tie-in strategies. 2. Why subscribe: A Flattering Reflection of YOU Simply put, ESSENCE knows you. For over 37 years, ESSENCE has been a guiding light, and today, more than 8 million readers rely on ESSENCE like a big sister who would never steer them wrong. We pay close attention to what you think, say, and do; and the issues that affect you most. From cover to cover, each beautifully designed page reflects the impact your lives make on each other and the world. You can count on ESSENCE to keep you up to date on the very latest trends in entertainment, fashion, finance, beauty, health and home. Be informed! Be empowered! Subscribe with us today and learn what 1.5 million subscribers already know… ESSENCE is YOU.