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Mobile Payment & Purchase Technology


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A mobile-commerce technology designed to handle 1-click payments via mobile and web worldwide

- To run a truly m-commerce service with a partner/customer strategy
- To run QR-codes technology for instant purchase when reading Ads & Editorial stuff as well as a SMS service as a return path from watching TV or listening to Radio

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Mobile Payment & Purchase Technology

  1. 1. Picture 1 - the original idea and technologyI.Technology  Descrip2on  Mobile  1-­‐click  Pla:ormA  mobile-­‐commerce  technology  designed  to  handle  1-­‐click  payments  via  mobile  and  web  worldwide.  It´s  been  in  opera<ons  in  Norway  for  1  year,  and  is  proven  (  There  are  basically  two  main  func<onali<es  for  commercial  purposes: a) To  run  a  truly  m-­‐commerce  service  with  a  partner/customer   strategy a) To  run  QR-­‐codes  technology  for  instant  purchase  when   reading  Ads  &  Editorial  stuff  as  well  as  a  SMS  service  as  a   return  path  from  watching  TV  or  listening  to  Radio A.The  pla:orm  consists  of  4  –four-­‐  layers; 1.Web  and  mail  based  solu2on 2.Mobile  solu2on  for  markets  with  HIGH  smart-­‐ phone  penetra2on 3.Mobile  solu2on  for  markets  with  LOW  smart-­‐phone   penetra2on 4.Mobile  solu2on  for  Apps  /  Tablets
  2. 2. Picture  2  -­‐  technology  overview B.Quick  Wins 1.Get  access  to  a  truly  mobile  and  proven  technology 2.Op2onal  -­‐  To  secure  a  highly  mo2vated  team  to   carry  on  development  and  opera2ons  in  exis2ng  and   new  markets  assumed  an  industrial  partner  and/or   capital a)Tor  Olav  Haugen  (CEO)  -­‐  Strategy,  8  to  10   specific  commercial  ac@vi@es  in  Asia,  the   Middle  East  North  Africa,  La@n  America  and   USA b)Jon  Marius  Bastøe  (COO)  -­‐  technology,   opera@ons  and  strategy c)Nikolai  Rønningen  (CTO)  -­‐  Project  leader   technology  developments 3.Op2onal  -­‐  Distribu2on  and  to  Win  new  markets a)Solely  as  an  daily  deal  provider  within  the   Middle  East,  Asia,  Russia  and  South  of  Sahara   markets  with  a  partner  model  and  mobile   technology b)To  explore  alterna@ve  use  of  technology  as   described  aboveII.Easy  Scalable  To  New  MarketsThis  is  a  brief  overview  of  tasks  and  requirements  in  order  to  act  as  a  daily  deal  provider  technically  with  partners  in  new  territories.  Es<mated  <meline  to  be  fully  up  and  running  is  12  weeks,  but  can  be  Page 2
  3. 3. shortened  down  with  dedicated  resources,  as  well  as  access  and  availability  of  the  right  partners.  By  experience  geSng  legal  structures  i.e.  with  banks  is  <me  consuming  and  delays  will  affect  the  <meline.       A.Structural  Changes  Due  To  Legal  Input   Iden<fy  legal  issues  that  will  affect  processes  of  the  overall   concept  from  how  the  business  currently  in  being  conducted   within  EU.  Adjustments  mill  be  made  accordingly  to  meet   local  requirements  such  as;  regula<ons  to  publish  E-­‐mail/SMS   to  end  users,  SMS  dialogue,  mobile  payment,  user   informa<on  storage,  regret  rights,  giW  card/voucher   regula<ons,  e-­‐commerce  guidelines,  accountant  issues  etc. B.Transla2on  Of  Technology  Pla:orm  and  Procedures   • Front  end • Back  end • Deal  Flow  and  dialogue C.Adapt  Design  To  Local  Market  and  CatchTheEye   Partner • Web • E-­‐mail • Mobile  landing  page  –  WAP • Mobile  landing  page  –  Smart  Phone   • App  –  Android  (op<onal) • App  –  iPhone  (op<onal) D.Partner  Integra2on/API • Mobile  partner  (i.e.  sending  SMS,  opt-­‐in  and  opt-­‐out,   telephone  and  SMS  valida<on,  mobile  landing  pages  and   WAP) • E-­‐mail  partner  (for  sending  bulk  e-­‐mail  messages) • Payment  provider • Clearing  (bank)  and  3D  secure  (or  similar) • Hos<ng  provider  (experience  with  large  scalable  solu<ons) • Valida<on  (i.e.  POS  system  providers  etc) • Billing  /  Accountant   E.Local  Adapta2ons • One  click  payment • SMS/mobile  payment • SMS  dialogue  (mobile  coupon  with  QR  codes) • App  integra<on • Sta<s<cs/reports  and  search  func<onsPage 3
  4. 4. III.Conceptual  Illustra2ons Picture  3  -­‐  turning  paper  ads  into  transac<ons Picture  4  -­‐  1-­‐click  payment  when  responding  to  Radio  AdsPage 4
  5. 5. Picture  5  -­‐  1-­‐click  payment  when  responding  to  TV  Ads Picture  6  -­‐  Generic  Deals  and  Loyalty  conceptsPage 5