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Brands Catching Eye´s at Deli


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Brands Catching Eye´s at Deli

  1. 1. !   CatchTheEye AS is a Norwegian based Media Company providing and selling access to consumers through screens and mobile phones. We specialise in developing and implementing Retail advertising strategies and concepts through the use of digital media. !   Currently our Networks reaches 25% of the Norwegian population on weekly basis. !   We are positioning Digital Out of Home Media (DOOH) as a new Media Category, to offer national and local Brand owners access to advertise within a Retail environment. !   The company was established in February 2008. The company is owned by two public companies and, some private equity as well as the management team.
  2. 2. 130 000 unique viewers every week!
  3. 3. 5-7% new customers
  4. 4. Viral marketing a part of the success!
  5. 5. We make it easy – a one stop shop for response!
  6. 6. "We had never imagined that hundreds of people would buy milk flavoured with peanut in Deli stores every day!"! Knut Ludvigsen Director – ”Nearly 1 000 new customers visit us every day eqvivalent to 5% av all our customers. Theu show up to redeem iPhone coupons. They are happy – and we are happy!! Terje Bergh Director – Deli ”We signed in 3000 new customers as a result of placing Ads at screens in CatchTheEye networks.”! Idar Vollvik Entrepeneur
  7. 7. 1 2 3
  8. 8. CatchTheEye provide access and opportunity Before campaigns  CatchTheEye creating content for screens and mobile  CatchTheEye stock SMS set-up and mobile applications, eg wap and mobile coupons When campaigning  CatchTheEye publish content to the screen with your mobile as a search and response channel Follow up´s  Reporting of up-and downloads from mobile eg waptrafikk and downloaded coupons
  9. 9. Price to access all kr 63 900,- Discount 1 25% (5+) Discount 2 37,5%(10+) Screens + iPhone + Coupons!