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Glaucoma surgeon-10things


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Glaucoma surgeon-10things

  1. 1. 10 Things You Must KnowCANALOPLASTY before choosing your
  2. 2. How Should You Choose a 1Glaucoma Surgeon 2 3Most people consider their sight to be their 4most important sense. Yet, every year thou-sands of people have surgery on their eyes 5without having done any research about theireye surgeons. Who performs your glaucoma 10 Things You Should Know 6 before choosingsurgery is one of the most important decisions Your Surgeonyou will make in life. 7It doesn’t need to take a long time to choose 8your surgeon. The following list of “10 ThingsYou Must Know Before Choosing Your GlaucomaSurgeon” will tell you how. With this list you Click to Watch Onlinecan decide on an excellent eye surgeon in lesstime than many people devote to choosingtheir next car. © 2011 | call 626.289.2223 | CA 91776
  3. 3. 1 Don’t limit your choices to only will be getting past the hospital’s automated tel- ephone menu and gaining access to a live oper- 1 those doctors in your insurance network. Despite what your insurance ating room nurse. 2company’s marketing materials may suggest, the 3main factor in determining who is “in-network” Research your surgeon’s education. 3is who is willing to accept that insurance con- Where did your eye surgeon train? Youtract. Currently there is no validated method may not know which training programs 4of grading doctors and any insurance company are the best, but it is easy enough to check theirthat suggests their network of doctors is the ratings once you know where your surgeon 5most qualified is disingenuous at best. trained. Don’t get too hung up on the ranking order: If your surgeon trained at a Top 15 institution, he or 62 Ask those you trust. Good sources she received top-notch education. Two objective re- of information include your internist, sources are U.S. News & World Report’s Annual 7 optometrist, and friends who rating of:have had glaucoma surgery. Even bet- 8ter sources include the operating room Currently Medical Schools: http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.nurses and staff at your local hospital. there is no com/grad/med/searchThey are often in surgery with the eye validateddoctor and know who has the “best method Eye Hospitals:hands.” Nurses are by nature very help- of grading people and will often be happy to doctorsanswer your questions. The challenge © 2011 | call 626.289.2223 | CA 91776
  4. 4. 4 6 Research your surgeon’s State Visit your surgeon’s Practice Web- 1 Licensure. Your surgeon must be li- site. Assuming the above background censed to practice medicine in his or check is favorable you can sometimes 2her state. In addition to confirming licensure, obtain useful information from your eye sur-many state license websites will also tell you geon’s website. Although some sites do pro- 3if there is any history of disciplinary or legal vide educational materials keep in mind thataction against your surgeon. In California you the primary goal of most websites is to market 4can look up this information online at: http:// the practice. You won’t find anything about your doctor there, but it can confirm the 5 positive information you have already obtained5 Confirm that your surgeon is Board and give you some insight into the surgeon’s 6 Certified. In order to obtain certifica- background and practice philosophy. tion an ophthalmologist must success- 7fully pass both a written and oral examination.Additionally, younger ophthalmologists must 8recertify every ten years – a process that can Viewtake up to three years to complete. You canconfirm that your surgeon is board certified by Samplechecking the website: or www. © 2011 | call 626.289.2223 | CA 91776
  5. 5. 7 Find out what others have experi- enced. Are testimonials available online (doctor ranking sites or practice website)?Are testimonials available in your surgeon’s of-fice for your review? Will your surgeon provide 8 Find out how many eye surgeries your doctor has performed. There is a reason they call it the “practice of medicine.” Just like a sports pro, a surgeon’s abilities improve with practice and experience. 1 2 3you with the name and phone number of some- Every surgeon requires a minimum number ofone who had surgery that you can talk to? It “cases” to become proficient. For eye surgery I 4shouldn’t be too burdensome for your surgeon think this number is probably around 500. Someto come up with a live person who would be will- would suggest a lower number (perhaps around 5 “ing to discuss the glaucoma surgery experience 250) but to be safe I’d recommend you havewith you. Keep in mind 6that Federal privacy regu-lations limit the amount 7of information a surgeon I love the guy. I give him a hug everymay be able to offer re- time I see him!” – Joan McFadden 8garding other patients whohave had surgery. I’m Joan McFadden and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Richardson for probably five or six years, and I love the guy. I give him a hug every time I see him. He has helped me so much with my eyesight, and he’s given me confidence... © 2011 | call 626.289.2223 | CA 91776
  6. 6. surgery performed by someone who has done able with this person. Trust is an important con-at least 500. How do you find out the number sideration that cannot be sufficiently developed 1of eye surgeries your surgeon has done? Ask. without meeting your surgeon face-to-face.If you are uncomfortable asking directly then 2 10bring someone with you to the appointment to Finally, get a second opinion.ask for you. This is a very important question. 3 Most people wouldn’t purchase aThese are your eyes. You only have two. Get car without test driving at least one 4over your hesitation. Just ask. other car. Why would you limit your choice of surgeon because “he’s on my plan” before get- 59 Meet your Surgeon. The above re- ting a sense of how comfortable you are with search can give you an idea if your surgeon the choice your insurance has made for you? 6 is qualified to perform your eye surgery. This is a very important decision. Unless youHowever, you cannot know if this is the per- are completely comfortable with your surgeon, 7 son you want work- get a second opinion. The best surgeons do not ing on your eyes mind that you have or 8 until you meet are going to get a sec- with him or her. “How do you find ond opinion. In fact, In addition to out the number of one quick test of your confirming his cataract surgeries surgeon’s comfort or her creden- your surgeon has with his or her own tials, you need performed?” to be comfort- “Ask.” © 2011 | call 626.289.2223 | CA 91776
  7. 7. ability is to let him or her know that you wouldlike a second opinion. If the surgeon becomes 1defensive about this then you know the second 2“opinion was a good idea, after all. 3 4 I would, of course, be pleased if you were to consider me as your glaucoma surgeon 5 (and I’m always happy to give a second opinion even if for whatever reason you 6 are not able to choose me as your sur- geon). Call now (626.289.2223) or request 7 an appointment online and my staff will be happy to set up a time for us to meet. I 8 hope this advice was helpful to you as you make this very important decision. David D. Richardson, M.D.© 2011 | call 626.289.2223 | CA 91776
  8. 8. Thank You for Reading!I hope you learned something of value. Dr. David Richardson has had may years of clinical experience. He has performed thousands of eye surgeries using the most ad- vanced techniques. He is trusted not only by thousands of patients, but also by other medical professionals. In a series of surveys, medical professionals were asked a simple question: “If you needed medical care, which doc- tor would you choose?” Based on the results of these surveys, Dr. Richardson was named a “Super Doctor” by his peers in the Los Angeles Magazine in 2010 & 2011. In a similar survey conducted by Pasadena Magazine, Dr. Richardson was also voted as a “Top Doc” for the past 3 consecutive years (2008 ,2009 and 2010). Actions, though, speak louder than words - Dr. Richardson is the personal eye surgeon for many of the most respected doctors in the San Gabriel val- ley. Dr. David Richardson is among a select group of ophthalmologists in Southern California offering Canaloplasty as a treatment option for his glaucoma patients. For more articles by Dr. David Richardson, please visit