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Request For Proposal RFP Checklist


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Having trouble finding qualified RFP respondents or don't know where to start when developing an RFP? These 5 standard sections and 10 ways to improve the quality of your request for proposal can help to weed out respondents that are under qualified or lack the required skills to become your providers. A properly optimized request for proposal can help your company to save time, money and most of all the headaches that go along with vetting and investigating potential partners.

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Request For Proposal RFP Checklist

  1. 1. Catalyst proposes 10 ways to optimize Digital Marketing RFPs Ask the following questions to improve the quality of RFP responses for your Digital Marketing Needs Checklist to consider when preparing your Request for Proposal (RFP) Background of Company Proves its Relevance by clearly sharing Experience as it relates specifically to Client Industry and Category. Shows Networking Value by demonstrating Local, National and Global Campaign Capabilities. Scope of work Saves you time by integrating Digital Services such as Analytics & Insights, Content, RTB, SEO, SEM, SMO and Web Design. Expresses Expertise by explaining how Media Channels Work Together and to Client Advantage. Schedule Adds Operational Value by explaining Process to Establish and Confirm Priorities. Leverages Project Management skills by detailing Delivery vs Timeline and Predicted Outcome. Staff Ensures Value-Added Service by presenting Individual Expertise instead of just providing the Number of Employees. Simplifies Communications by dedicating a Primary Account Management Representative. Cost Demonstrates Financial Responsibility and budget control by detailing Return on Investment (ROI) per media channel. Clarifies Quality and Opportunity Cost by differentiating “Best and Final Offer ” BAFO vs BPO “Best Possible Offer”. Contact-us !