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6 Things I Learned at Catalyst


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6 things our Design Intern, Luka, learned at Catalyst.

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6 Things I Learned at Catalyst

  1. 1. 6 ILEARNEDAT T H I N G S Selected insights, take-aways and verified* facts based on an intern’s 7-month experience as a designer in the non-profit sector. *not verified 1 4 2 IT PROBABLY ISN’T HOW YOU THINK IT IS Philanthropy and especially philanthropist, to most people, brings to mind Scrooge McDuck with a foundation. But statistically? It’s you - the regular guy. Citizens give the most. THINGS GO BETTER THAN YOU’D EXPECT Working with philanthropy, you’ll encounter many stories of last minute victories and great hope. Not mere bullshit - empathy and the human spirit really prevail. 3 NO SUCH THING AS A FINAL VERSION At every stage make sure your design is flexible enough to accommodate further edits. Be systematic so that you can easily implement changes regardless of the scale. “THE BRAND BOOK IS IN YOUR HEAD” MILOŠ J. Hard and fast rules are fine, but what’s paramount is consistency and a clear understanding what the brand communicates. DESIGN INSIGHTS PHILANTHROPY INSIGHTS THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME KEEP DOING GOOD 6 5 CHECK THE RECIPIENT AGAIN BEFORE SENDING This will ensure you avoid sending emails in reply to a wrong thread or accidentally sending your team leader a romantic text message at 2:00 AM on your first day. “DON’T DRINK COLD WATER WHILE YOU’RE HOT” MILOŠ A. Things need to get done, but remember to take care of yourself. Staying out for drinks until 4:00 AM on a work day is feasible, but at what cost? GENERAL LIFE AND WORK INSIGHTS Izvestaj_ draft_4_ FINAL_7_ stampa_eng copy(3).pdf Luka Koković, Design intern