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Work Place Chaplaincy

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  1. 1. About us Who we are What we do •Providing Support for the • Registered Scottish Charity workforce from the ‘top floor’ to SC041857 ‘shop floor’. •Supported by the CBI, •Serving people irrespective of STUC, and major Churches status, position, or beliefs. throughout Scotland. •Providing a confidential ‘listening ear’ How we do it Who with? Regular visits, publicity and Currently working within: communications in the •Local Authorities workplace. •The Emergency Services •Retailers A Chaplain who is available to •Manufacturing Companies you at set times. •International Airports •The Financial Sector One to One meetings, group talks, presentations.
  2. 2. Our overall scope and aims • To act as an • To initiate and • To meet people independent influence at their point of Chaplaincy, one positive change need and which co-exists in the lives of requirement. with other the people we employee meet and the welfare and workplaces we well-being serve. services within Aberdeen City Council
  3. 3. What we offer Chaplain One who understands One who builds organisational and good trusted interpersonal issues professional and and dynamics. One who is personal Someone who also impartial but not relationships has practical impersonal. through empathy, knowledge and sensitivity, respect experience of and integrity. working through those issues.
  4. 4. The Chaplain assists with… Supporting you in times Supporting you through Pastoral and Spiritual of difficulty or distress. work related or domestic Needs situations. Referrals for additional help and support to other Mediation in workplace Supporting you through organisations and relations. Organisational change agencies. Coping with Long term Arranging Weddings, sickness absence, Return Baptisms, Funeral and Hospital and home visits. to Work Rehabilitation, Memorial Services ,Retirement and Redundancy. Addressing a Work- Event and Celebrations Sharing in the good times. life balance
  5. 5. SIGNIFICANCE On the issues you raise.CONFIDENCE VALUE. All aspects of the Core On you as awork is conducted in professional the strictest and person principles confidence. of the Chaplaincy ACCEPTANCE. For people of TRUST. any faith, A safe person denomination, and place to talk or no faith at all.
  6. 6. Frequently Asked Questions How much does it cost? The Chaplaincy service is free The Chaplain is available within set times, throughout the week. When can we Meetings can be arranged for a mutually agreed time and place, meet? which can be at your place of work or off-site if you prefer. How can I The Chaplain is contactable by post, phone, or email. At present the arrange to Chaplain is part-time, so will respond to your post or email enquiry asap. meet? If there is an immediate or urgent need you can contact the Employee Assistance Programme, who have telephone advice and counsellors available around-the-clock on Freephone 0800 243 458 or email on assistance@workplaceoptions.com How often can The Chaplaincy is not a formal counselling service so you can meet for we meet? a one off coffee and chat or however many times you feel you need to use what the Chaplaincy has to offer.
  7. 7. Contact details Stephen Steiner Chaplain By post c/o Town Sergeants Officer, Aberdeen Citadel Town House, 2nd Floor, OR 28 Castle Street Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AQ Aberdeen, AB11 5BG By phone 0783 4198 801 By email ssteiner@aberdeencity.gov.uk