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APA Long Island Conference - Communicating in Catastrophic Conditions


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Chris Thompson, President of Humanity Road discusses Communicating in Catastrophic Conditions at the APA Long Island Conference. The presentation reviews social media and communications practices

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APA Long Island Conference - Communicating in Catastrophic Conditions

  1. 1. June 27, 2013 Prepared For: East End Conference Long Range Planning And Recovery for Coastal Communities Prepared By: Christine Thompson – Humanity Road Social Media for Emergency Managemen Communicating In Catastrophic Conditio
  2. 2. DISASTER RESPONSE Self Activation, Surge Activation Social Media Monitoring, Crisis Mapping Community Based Communications Support - Online, Onsite DISASTER PREPAREDNESS Social Media Exercises, Simulating The Crowd Social Media Campaign Amplification PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Training on Social Media, Crisis Mapping, and VOST Testing Emerging Tools, Academic Research Studies ABOUT US
  3. 3. CNA Survey 2012 – Social Media Are agencies prepared to conduct social media operations in large-scale events? Although the ability to use social media for public messaging is relatively unaffected by the scale of an event, monitoring-based tasks will be negatively affected by the volume of posts occurring in large-scale disasters. Less than one in six agencies surveyed that use social media have dedicated social media personnel. Meanwhile, data extraction is reliant on manual review. Less than one-quarter of state agencies responding, and even fewer county and local agencies, indicated that their data-collection and analysis capabilities could sufficiently scale for large events. Furthermore, although online volunteer communities, such as Humanity Road, can help address difficulties with staffing, familiarity with and integration of these communities is still underdeveloped. Source: Social Media in the Emergency Management Field – 2012 Survey Results
  4. 4. Super Storm Sandy October 26, 2 Scotlan d Humanity Road – Can you help? Help! We’re trapped in our house by rising flood water Dominican Republic Dominican Navy – We received urgent call for rescue @ location Germany - USA Hola… Dominican Republic 17 Minutes Real Case Samples
  5. 5. Super Storm Sandy October 29, 201 Real Case Samples Challenge Find damage evidence, power outage, communications outage & SAR tweets Complication Volume Spike, Long slow track caused noise in tweet stream 40+ Crowd Maps launched by individuals and organizations during Sandy Notes • Self Activation for overall storm track Oct 26 • Activation for Suffolk County NY by NYVOST Oct 30 • Activation for Maryland by MD EMA Oct 31 • Prototype tool testing Timing Filter used to shrink viewing into 15 minute intervals in heavy spike period Oct 28-29 Categorization provided capability to sort and view high priority tweet types Tweets for Sandy mentions spiked to 5 million tweets on Oct 29 Media Filter - provided photo evidence rapidly
  6. 6. Super Storm Sandy October 29, 201 Real Case Samples Statistical Analysis of Long Island Tweets The Map Below Shows Tweets Per 10k People On October 29th, 2012.
  7. 7. Super Storm Sandy October 31, 2012 New Jersey I’m ok, my phone is getting sporadic service. I get a Chinese woman when I try to call. Tell him I’m ok, please Ruthie RUOK? Call UR Dad Virginia Tell him I love him. 7 Minutes Real Case Samples
  8. 8. St. Francis Church and School, Rockaway NY - Activated By Community Request Nov 3 - Onsite Nov 4 - Provided onsite coordination, power, signal, equipment - JOAN - Power, laptops, charging stations, printers, scanners - No power, no shelter within 26 miles - Facility served 4k-6k a day with spontaneous donations - Critical Communications for approaching N’oreaster Super Storm Sandy November 4, 2012 24 Hours Real Case Samples
  9. 9. Lessons Learned Next Time What will you want to know from the public What will you want to tell the public How will you staff to manage the spike How will you mitigate communications infrastructure issues Who can help you onsite or online Training Resources NDPTC Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery (PER 300) FEMA: IS-42 Social Media in Emergency Management Humanity Road Hands On Workshop Series Collaboration Resources
  10. 10. CONTACT US @redcrossmom 434.774.4515 @humanityroad @disasteranimals With trusted agents and strategic partnerships, we bridge the black hole in communications and train organizations on emerging technology and tools to help them accelerate communications with the affected public. By supporting process improvement before, during and after disaster, we are change agents bringing innovation to the disaster response chain.