Ops – our ict journey 2010 2012


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Ops – our ict journey 2010 2012

  1. 1. OPS – our ICT journey 2010-2012
  2. 2. Who are we?GOAL 3:• Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students We are a decile 2 school in the Otorohanga township. Our roll is made up of 65% NZ Maori, 30% NZ European and 5% Indian. We have 3 classes, all with IWBs and at least 5 computers for student use. We have been involved in the King Country Coast ICTPD cluster since 2010. Our Year 6-8 class became a 1:1 laptop class in 2012. Many of our families do not have access to the internet at home.
  3. 3. What have we changed?GOAL 3:• Teachers to • Set up class wikis and blogs integrate e-learning • Trialled programmes (e.g. effectively into their practice Mathletics, Reading Eggs creating an etc.) innovative and exciting learning • Made use of online resources environment for all students (e.g. LEARNZ, Science Learning Hub) • Reviewed – decided on what works for our students and ran with it (e.g the Daily 5).
  4. 4. GOAL 3:• Teachers to Daily 5 in Literacy in Year 6-8 integrate e-learning class effectively into their practice • Read to Self creating an innovative and • Read to Someone exciting learning environment for all • Listen to Reading students • Work on Writing • Word Work Daily 5 in Mathematics
  5. 5. Daily 5 in action – students canalso choose where to work aswell as what to do whileteacher takes small groups.
  6. 6. Why did this need changing?GOAL 3: • Our student data was not improving• Teachers to even though teachers had been integrate e-learning involved in good PD. We were looking effectively into at a complete change of thinking and their practice moving away from teachers being “in creating an innovative and control” to “empowering” our students exciting learning to “take control of their own learning”. environment for all • We also wanted students to apply students strategies they have learnt in one curriculum area to another. • Our Teacher Action Inquiry for 2012 is: “How can we improve learners ability to read for understanding across the curriculum?”
  7. 7. What did it achieve?GOAL 3:• Teachers to • Accelerated learning with integrate e-learning many students making effectively into their practice 1½ – 2½ years progress in creating an reading over 3 terms. innovative and exciting learning • More importantly it environment for all students “empowered” students. • Other teachers saw the value in the change and are in the process of changing their practice.
  8. 8. How do you know?GOAL 3:• Teachers to • OTJ – integrate e-learning observation, discussion, wo effectively into their practice rk, testing etc. creating an innovative and • Student voice – Daily 5 exciting learning environment for all • Student voice – Favourite students Activity • CRT observations by other teachers
  9. 9. What advice would you give others trying to do this?GOAL 3:• Teachers to • Just do it! integrate e-learning effectively into • Collegiality and their practice collaboration are important creating an innovative and but sometimes you just exciting learning have to say this is what is environment for all students happening. • Don’t accept excuses. • If it is worth doing, they will see that.
  10. 10. Thank You!!!!