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Themes for the decade


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Themes for the decade

  1. 1. Themes for the DecadeApril 20131
  2. 2. www.castlestonemanagement.comFour Main Themes for the Next Decade2 The devaluation of money versus real assets.This has been occurring in the last decade and will continue throughout this decade. Outperformance of equities markets with low levels of Debt-to-GDP versus equities markets withhigh levels of Debt-to-GDP.BRIC, Next 11 Emerging Markets will outperform Developed Equity Markets. High-yielding stocks are appealing.High-yielding, stable, partly-monopolistic, inelastic-demand stocks will remain attractive given interestrates are likely to remain low for many years. Direct and indirect taxes will continue to rise.OverviewSource: Castlestone Management.
  3. 3.$0$500$1,000$1,500$2,000$2,500$3,000$3,500$4,0001946 1957 1968 1979 1990 2001 2012US Federal ExpenditureUS Government Revenue Changes in population growth and government spending on Social Security and Medicare have permanentlyincreased Expenditure creating an eternal deficit between the two: Expenditure and Revenue.Government Expenditure vs. Government RevenueSource: Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Data as at February 2013.BillionsofDollarsThemes for the Decade
  4. 4. www.castlestonemanagement.com23%20%19%6%13%18%US Expenditure 2011Medicare & MedicaidSocial SecurityDefense DepartmentNet InterestOther MandatoryDiscretionary4%8%19%3%24%41%US Expenditure 1960sMedicare & MedicaidSocial SecurityDefense DepartmentNet InterestOther MandatoryDiscretionaryExpenditure has permanently changedThis is similar for other developed markets (Europe, Japan, Canada) Social Security & Welfare spending across Europe and North America has permanently changed budgets acrossdeveloped markets.Permanent Expenditure ChangesSources: Castlestone Management & Congressional Budget Office, Data as at February 2013.Themes for the Decade
  5. 5. www.castlestonemanagement.comFour Stages of a Secular Bear MarketThemes for the DecadeSource: Morgan Stanley Research, Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Chart represents the typical secular bear market on a sample of 19 such bear markets and overlaid by the dates of the recent market trend.Note: Past performance cannot be relied on as a guide to future performance.4060801001201401602007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017MSCI Europe Price Index Since June 2007Typical Secular Bear MarketTYPICAL REBOUNDRALLY: +71% over17 monthsTYPICAL BEARMARKET: -57%over 30 monthsTYPICAL NEXTCORRECTION:-25% over 13monthsTYPICAL TRADING RANGE:52% wide 5.6 years long
  6. 6. www.castlestonemanagement.comSource: Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Data range January 1990 – February 2013.Note: Past performance cannot be relied on as a guide to future performance.Strong Correlation Between Gold and M1PM16%ReturnThe Devaluation of Money vs. Real AssetsMoneysupply/US$bn0%50%100%150%200%250%300%350%400%450%500%6008001000120014001600180020002200240026001990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012M1 Money SupplyGold Spot Price
  7. 7. www.castlestonemanagement.comPrecious Metals Will OutperformThe Devaluation of Money vs. Real AssetsSource: Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Data range February 2000 – November 2012.Note: Past performance cannot be relied on as a guide to future performance.0%100%200%300%400%500%600%700%900110013001500170019002100230025002000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012M1 Money SupplyGold Spot PriceBarclays Precious Metals Index%GoldandPMReturnsMoneysupply/US$bn
  8. 8. www.castlestonemanagement.com400600800100012001400160018002000800100012001400160018002000220024002600Jan-2008 Nov-2008 Sep-2009 Jul-2010 May-2011 Mar-2012 Jan-2013M1 Money Supply (LHS)Gold Spot $/oz. (RHS)Relationship Will Continue as in 2008Source: Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Data range January 2008 – January 2013.Note: Past performance cannot be relied on as a guide to future performance.Moneysupply/US$bnDivergenceUS$/oz.ConvergenceDivergenceThe Devaluation of Money vs. Real Assets
  9. 9. 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012Emerging Markets IndexS&P 500 Index (US)Nikkei 225 Index (Japan)Equities Show Close to Zero Percent ReturnsSource: Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Data range February 2000 – December 2012.Note: Past performance cannot be relied on as a guide to future performance.Debt-to-GDP%Returns
  10. 10. www.castlestonemanagement.comSource: Bloomberg & Castlestone Management. Data as at February 2013.Developed vs. Developing Countries+3.8% +1.1%+15.4%Annual equity returns for Developed and Emergingmarket countries over the past ten years%Debt/GDPDebt-to-GDP0%30%60%90%120%150%180%210%240% JapanUSACanadaGermanyFranceUKEgyptMexicoNigeriaSouthKoreaVietnamTurkeyPakistanPhilippinesIndonesia-4%0%-3.22% -1.2%+12.05+15.77%+14.49%+5.5%+12%+13.4%+20.64%+21.5%
  11. 11. www.castlestonemanagement.comHigh Income Class: China and N11Source: Castlestone Management & GS Global ECS Research, Global Economics Paper No: 170, 2020 2030 2040 2050BrazilChinaIndiaRussiaUSWestern EuropeJapanN 11The number of people with incomesabove $30,000 in 2007 PPPDebt-to-GDP
  12. 12. www.castlestonemanagement.comGlobal Growth PotentialSource: Castlestone Management & GS Global ECS Research.N11054.90% 4.80%3.70%2.10%0%1%2%3%4%5%6%N 11 BRIC World G7By 2050 N11 could 1) Be significantly larger than the US2) Become twice the size of Europe 3) Account for a fifth of the global economyDebt-to-GDPN11 – Key Driver for Growth:Average Growth Rate (2011-2050)
  13. 13. www.castlestonemanagement.comSource: Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Data as at February 2013.High-Yielding StocksSome High-Yielding Stocks Remain AttractiveHigh-yielding, stable, partly-monopolistic, inelastic-demand stocksMcDonald’s +3.08% Deutsche Telecom +8.49% Trustworth +5.09%Vodafone +6.56% Telstra Corp +8.68% Sasol +4.51%Coca Cola +2.67 Singapore Telecom +5.59% Vodacom +5.81%
  14. 14. www.castlestonemanagement.comSource: The Big Picture, Need to Increase as They Have HistoricallyTaxes & Debt
  15. 15. www.castlestonemanagement.com0%25%50%75%100%125%1907 1922 1937 1952 1967 1982 1997 2012US Marginal Tax RateUS Gross Public Debt % GDPUS Marginal Tax Rate vs. Gross Public DebtTaxes & DebtSource: Castlestone Management & Bloomberg. Data as at February 2013.
  16. 16. www.castlestonemanagement.comThe Only Solution to This ProblemSource: Darren Whittingham, http://www.shutterstock.comTaxes & Debt
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