General Conference Highlights April 2014


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  • Start off with story of MOTAB and “I Believe in Christ” followed by the Prophet coming inHit me that it isn’t the Prophet’s conference, it’s HIS conference
  • When was your first moment of conversion to General ConferenceMemory of going to conference with dad and brother to tabernacleWatching Conference as a missionary- the motivation it brought to be better immediately
  • Pause story- turn to neighbor- how would you answer this man’s question? (Teach others)
  • Pause story- turn to neighbor- how would you answer this man’s question? (Teach others)
  • Pause story- turn to neighbor- how would you answer this man’s question? (Teach others)Let’s take a look back at what they are saying
  • What themes do you notice?
  • Standing: strong, tall, firm in our testimonies (like being caught by my purse when trying to stand up)What is holding us back from standing? What suggestions were given by the Spirit to allow you to stand stronger.
  • By and by you will know that it is trueSEEDVs. 33 “Because you have tried”Vs. 34- your knowledge can become perfect in that thingHow do we experiment with Conference
  • Revelation is still going to come through studying the conference after. The messages do not stop teaching when the speaker doesAlma 37:6-7 “Small and simple things”“Questions are good, questions lead to answers” Sheri Dew
  • My message to you is, “The message does not stop after the speaker does.”
  • Personal Experience- Being in the Celestial Room with President Hinckley at the Newport Beach Temple
  • General Conference Highlights April 2014

    1. 1. {April 2014
    2. 2. What was your personal highlight or takeaway from General Conference?
    3. 3. ‚When I was a young wife and mother, my husband spent two years in the air force. We lived in military housing on Long Island, New York. While tending our young children, I often visited with neighbors who had come from all over the country. One day as a neighbor and I were talking about our beliefs, she became curious about what was different about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…‛
    4. 4. ‚I told her briefly about the Restoration, and I explaining that the restored Church of Jesus Christ has a living prophet today. This really seemed to pique her interest, and she wanted to know what the prophet had said. As I started to tell her about the Doctrine and Covenants and modern revelation, she said, ‘But what has he said lately?’ I told her…‛ What would you tell her?
    5. 5. ‚I told her…about general conference and that the Church had a monthly publication with a message from the prophet. Then she got really interested. I was so embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t read the current message. She concluded our conversation by saying, ‘You mean you have a living prophet and you don’t know what he said?’‛ (Janette Hales Beckham, ‚Sustaining the Living Prophets, 1996)
    6. 6. Highlight clips
    7. 7. Standing for the Gospel
    8. 8. Example of Standing
    9. 9. How do we apply the words of Conference to ‚experimenting upon the word?‛ Alma 32 32:28 32:30 32:30-34 32:37 32: 41-42
    10. 10. ‚You don’t speak to a congregation, you speak to an assembly of ones.‛ Elder Bednar
    11. 11. Highlight clips of conference
    12. 12.  Download Conference to your phone/iPod/iTunes  Listening in your car, while getting ready  Studying the scriptures from each talk  Learning the background of General Authorities  LDS Podcasts (Mormon Conversations), Apps  Make a 6 month Conference goal  Study themes  Ask and look for questions Making 6 Months Count
    13. 13. President Monson responding to revelation in time (clip from bio)
    14. 14. The message does not stop after the speaker does.
    15. 15. How will you study General Conference these next 6 months? Challenge:
    16. 16. ‚It is actually easier to motivate someone to do something difficult than something easy. That truth may seem counterintuitive, but it shouldn’t. Our spirits crave to progress, and if we aren’t moving forward, we’re not happy. The plan of happiness is pro- progression, thus the desire to progress is hardwired into our divine DNA. Sheri Dew
    17. 17.  ‚General Conference Has Something for You‛ world/general-conference-has-something-for-you-b?lang=eng  ‚Blessings of General Conference‛ clip world/general-conference-has-something-for-you-b?lang=eng  ‚Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence‛ (Holland)  History of General Conference  ‚General Conference through the years is different, but the same‛ the-same.html?pg=all  ‚The Greatest Miracle in History‛ (Hinckley) greatest-miracle-in-human-history?lang=eng  ‚14 Fundamentals of Following a Prophet‛ (Benson) fundamentals-in-following-the-prophet?lang=eng References:
    18. 18. ‚Even in the Church, many are prone to garnish the sepulchers of yesterdays prophets and stone mentally the living ones.‚ President Kimball
    19. 19. ‚While on the train we can see the world and some of our own members outside laughing and having a great time. They taunt us and coax us to get off. Some throw logs and rocks on the tracks to try and derail it. Other members run alongside the tracks, and while they may never go play in the woods, they just can’t seem to get on the train. Others try to run ahead and too often take the wrong turn.‛ (Spiritual Revival, 1992) Elder Glen L. Pace
    20. 20. ‚…in the congregations will I bless the Lord‛ Psalms 26:12
    21. 21. How does this compare to General Conference?