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Quick Intro to iNaturalist


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Just a few slides you might find helpful to drop into a larger presentation on iNaturalist or organism identification.

Published in: Science
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Quick Intro to iNaturalist

  1. 1. • Website – and mobile apps (iPhone and Android) • Record observations of plants, animals, and other wild creatures – (not meant for houseplants, gardens, pets, zoo animals) • Others help identify • Data used by researchers…and you!
  2. 2. Get help with identification… …from people
  3. 3. …and from the computer
  4. 4. Add a photo (not strictly required) (can also add sound recordings) Upload from Browser
  5. 5. What did you see?
  6. 6. When did you see it?
  7. 7. Where was it?
  8. 8. voilà!
  9. 9. Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android
  10. 10. Explore your local nature…
  11. 11. Keep track of what you’ve seen…
  12. 12. Learn more…
  13. 13. mammals, fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, molluscs, protozoans, fungi, insects, arachnids, etc! It’s not just for plants…