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  1. 1. Presented by: Cassandra Loh, Winnie Ho, Valerie Phan, Lei Jia Ning, Owi Ming How and Ng Qi Tin
  2. 2. ● What does the theme mean to you? ● Rough description of the parade ● What we enjoyed ● areas of improvement of the parade ● traditional costumes of 3 main cultures in sinapore ● Our personal thoughts on this learning journey
  3. 3. • People with different culture, religion, age group gathering together, performing as one • Appreciating culture • In a new year, one must remember out past • Each fabric represent one person, and the unity in the hearts of the people are the threads. With the thread binding all the fabric together, we can form a big montage just like a big and united community
  4. 4. • Flag bearers carrying large flags while performing tricks with the flag (one of them was using his chin to support the flag) • Lion dance and dragon dance • People “throwing” fire with a flaming torch in their hand • People throwing firecrackers on to the floor • Fairy Longevity (神仙寿星 公) float • Foturne God (财神爷) on the float
  5. 5. • • • • Traditional Tamil dance Dancing gracefully Shaking the tamborine in the hand Costume mainly of blue, red and gold colour
  6. 6. •Firstly, the Chinese was performing a dance called Qian Hua Dan and while they were dancing and singing, a group of Indians joined them. The two different cultures meet together and danced as one. This shows Singapore culture of being a multi-cultural country where the two races can hang out with each other with no racism •The song „Knit As One‟ was featured in Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English. This shows that Singapore being a multi cultural country that treats all races the same and to allow people from all races to understand and listen to the song
  7. 7. •Enjoyed the dances, especially the ballet Only dance that had young children aged about 4-5 years old and had teenagers or even adults dancing the ballet Graceful ballet •Modern dance Broadway Jazz Hip Hop Links to our generation Broadway Jazz
  8. 8. •Costumes are very appropriated to their dance •Popular songs were played for the Hip Hop dance so teenagers got very excited about it •Large amount of paper was pouring towards us and this made a lot of us very excited and awed
  9. 9. • Improvements on the audio • More interaction between the crowd and the performers • Some audience could only see the back view of the performers • Floats only stopped at the center of the parade so people at the side might not be able to see carefully at the floats Can only see the back
  10. 10. --- Performers wear pants which have the same design as the lion‟s body to represent the legs of the lion --- There are three different types of lions • Yellow fur and black tail lion– Liu Bei lion and it signifies the colour of five elements as it was believed that being the emperor, he had the blessings of heaven and had control of the five elements. Known also as the auspicious lion
  11. 11. • Red fur lion with red and black, consisting of white trim – Guan Gong lion and also known as the awaken lion, commonly used in events such as the one we saw at the Chingay Parade • Black fur with black and white tail, consisting of white trim – Zhang Fei lion and known as the fighting lion. Zhang Fei had a quick temper and loved to fight therefore the name, fighting lion. Used by clubs that were just starting out or by those wishing to make a challenge.
  12. 12. FEMALE • “Tudung” or“Seledang” – It is a scarf worn as a headdress, covering the hair and the bosom. It is an islamic belief on what should be concealed and what should be exposed. tudung • “Baju Kurung” – It is a knee-length blouse over the long skirt, worn with a scarf (“Tudung” or “Seledang”)over their hair. It is a sign of respect to dress in this. Baju Kurung
  13. 13. • “Sarong Kebaya” – It is a twopiece costume consisting of a tight blouse and a figure huging sheath. The figurehugging sheath is made of fine batik, being slightly translucent. The tight blouse is worn under the figure hugging sheath, but nowadays, it can also be modified to a single-piece top. • “Jubah” – It is a loose robe that hides the figure and usually worn with the “Tudung” or “Seledang”. Sarong Kebaya Jubah
  14. 14. MALE • “Baju melayu” – It is the traditional garb for men. The loose shirt is worn over the “sarung” or a pair of trousers. More elaborate ones would don a “kain sapling”, a piece of broket (songket) tied around the waist and matching trousers under to match the top. • “Sangkok”- A headdress worn by the males and it is usually made of velvet. Baju melayu
  15. 15. Indian – Colours of traditional Saris • White – Considered pure and worn during rituals and for mourning • Red – Represents valor and also worn during weddings by bride • Green – Worn by merchant classes in the past white red green
  16. 16. • Blue – Associated with the working class. Farmers, weavers and artisans on the other hand commonly wear this colour • Black – It was a reflection of sorrow and bad omens blue • Yellow – Regarded as the colour of religion. Black yellow
  17. 17. Indian – Symbolisms of the designs on the saris Paisley saris – Symbol of fertility Elephant saris – Symbol of water, fertility and royalty Parrot saris – Symbol of courtship and passion Paisley sari Elephant sari Parrot sar
  18. 18. Fish saris – Symbol of fertility and an abundance of wealth. Conch saris – Symbol of warriors, a symbol of God in sound. Fish sari Conch sari
  19. 19. Personally, I think that the Chingay is a very important and meaningful event since it is only held once a year and it shows the many cultures and even some attractions that only Singapore has. For example, the one that left me the deepest impression was the Singapore Getai, there was many elderlies performing on the pavement and for the Getai float, it shows the typical Getai stage with performers singing and to the music and dancing on stage. Unfortunately, one part that I did not like about the performance was that we could only see the performers‟ back view since the VIPs were opposite of us. However, we still need to count ourselves lucky since the floats were stopping right in front of us. In a nutshell, the theme of this year was also very clearly expressed since I got to see many people of different age and religion dancing together to put up such a grand performance.
  20. 20. I think this is a very meaningful event as it showcase Singapore‟s multi-cultural culture. For certain dance, both the races performed together, showing that they were very bonded with no gaps in between them. For the floats that showcase different races culture, I realize the different activites that they do and understand their traditions. I also think the organizer has spent a lot of time and money in making those floats. The dances consists of many age groups dancing together, with simple dance steps, so those younger participants and older participants could follow them easily and memorize them. I looked up to those participants as they were willing to spend time and effort in putting up these performances
  21. 21. Firstly, I felt the racial harmony among the performers. The dancers were very pretty and charming, attracting all the attractions. The singers came in standing on the mobile platform and their voice were amazing and they had the perfect harmonization. And when the mobile platforms each with different themes entered our field of vision, it was reaching to the climax. Then halfway through admiring and taking photos of the platforms, elects of student council told us to get up and cheer. It was awkward at first, but after some of the cheers, I was ready to scream, shout, and get crazy. I realized that after every mobile platform, there will be performances by some dancers. The climax came when the confetti started to " fall from the sky " and when the fireworks started. The whole of RVians, except for some who just took photos, kept cheering, and screaming. At the end of the parade, it was tiring and my throat was sore, but all of us had a great time. I hope to have more of this kind of opportunities.
  22. 22. I enjoy the many different performances done by the different culture groups in the Chingay parade. I also liked the many unique designs of the floats and costumes of the many different cultural groups. The theme of this years Chingay parade is “ Colours of Fabric, One people (布海同心)”, and I think that the parade has followed this theme well. There were man different floats for the many different culture groups but the final one left the most impact. Several large pieces of cloth of different colours were hung around, and hung above all, there were a few large patchworks made of smaller pieces of fabric of different colours sowed together, symbolising the colours of the fabric .
  23. 23. We had a new float this year which is the Singapore Getai, that is exclusive and unique to singapore. It allows us to reminisce and feel nostalgic of the past xinyao also known as singapore pop song. It brings back past memories to the older generation people and yearn the good times. while we enjoy this parade, we must also bear in mind the effort that is put in backstage to make this event a success. I personally feel that it shows a sense of appreciation for the commnity performances. It also broadens and introduce this uniquely singapore getai to a bigger audience with the promotion of singapore as a tourist destination and a greater emphasis on the attractions that will draw visitors. This year‟s float is very colourful and includes people form multic-enthic backgrounds to join together to perform this celebration. I feel that it is very meaningful and showcases singapore‟s togetherness as one regardless religion or races. Chingay showcases resplendent floats and multicultural local and international performances that are an insight to our festival traditions and elight the heats of many singaporeans and tourists. In my opinion, Singapore is small but it shows singapore working together as one people, one community, one singapore
  24. 24. Throughout the entire Chingay parade, I was amazed with this different and unique costumes of different kinds of culture. There were the chinese, indian and malay dances at the beginning of the Chingay parade performance. They were dressed in their individual traditional costumes in a variety of colours with elaborate headdresses. It was a unique performance, to see so many different cultures coming together to perform. There were a variety of dances and performances for different cultures, such as the Japanese Float and the Chinese Float. I liked how the chingay parade was able to collaborate modern dance with the traditional performances like the Getai Float and the Broadway one. One was from the past and more traditional while the other was newer and more familiar to us. It was a unique performance and I enjoyed it immensely.