Retention strategies for the Contact Centre & BPO Industry


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How to retain TALENT within your Contact Centre by making use of Skills Development initiatives that not only grows the Individual but your Organisation and the Industry at large.

Partner with a quality Training and Development provider to delve into the solutions available to the Industry, making use of the funding avenues to assist (where possible)

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Retention strategies for the Contact Centre & BPO Industry

  1. 1. OMNI HR CONSULTING INSERT HR & OPS EXEC Forum for Contact Centres: 12/09/2013 _____________________________________________________________________ “As an organisation, we need to ensure that we continiously align ourselves with the industries that we serve. Understanding how to work within and leverage benefits from the system that goven our clients is critical for gaining maket advantage while at the same time ensure our clients best interest is at heart. Our main order of business is to ensure we create a platform that allows us to align and partner with our clients in order to meet their unique needs in the Skills Development arena.” In order to remain on the cutting-edge, this is a task that OMNI does not take lightly as we believe not only in continuous professional development (our benefit) but using our expertise to bring creative, fresh and customised solutions to meet our clients needs. OMNI recently attended an HR Forum hosted in Cape Town (much like the Forum we attending today), where industry experts shared their insights on trends in a South African context benchmarked Globally in respect to Learning and Development, Social Media as Learning Tool, Talent and Retention Strategies and Remuneration to name but a few. The topic of significant focus for us that linked to the Contact Centre and BPO industry, which we serve, is that of Retention Strategies. A struggle of high attritrion rates and loss of talent and skill is a constant battle within our booming industry. There are many dimensions and variables to take into consideration when talking about a topic this big. Evaluating this in a one dimensional context though. Ponder on the following: “How can (we) create a workplace that attracts and retains a talented workforce?” Research completed by Dr Mark Bussin and shared at the Forum considered a study that was completed by over 500 participants on reward preferences. Below is an outline on the categories1 that play the most influential on individuals’ decision to be attracted to an organisation, remain or be motivated to perform at a higher level than they currently are. 1 Extracted from
  2. 2. OMNI HR CONSULTING INSERT HR & OPS EXEC Forum for Contact Centres: 12/09/2013 _____________________________________________________________________ So what tools do we have available to address tha gap experiened in Career and Performance Management? One strategy is to create a Learning Ladder that can address both the Performance and Career Aspirational needs of staff within the Contact Centre space. An avenue that could be explored is the Skills Programmes and Qualifications at our disposal geared to assist with attraction, retention and development of staff at various levels within our Contact Centres. OMNI thrives on the opportunities to discuss these initiatives in relation to your organisational needs that is presented to us. It is our passion and links strongly to our values of being solution-focussed, client and learner centric. We will not take on a project that we are not 100% sure we will deliver with both Quality and Excellence.
  3. 3. OMNI HR CONSULTING INSERT HR & OPS EXEC Forum for Contact Centres: 12/09/2013 _____________________________________________________________________ To find us and arrange for a mutually beneficial engagement please contact us on: Web: Tel: 021 685 9160 or Email: Facebook: Innovation and New Business Manager : Managing Director: