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Mgmt bmw project

  1. 1. What is a BMW?•BMW means, BayerischeMotorenWerke(Bavarian Motor Works)•For over thirty years, BMW’s are known to bethe benchmark of premium sports automobiles•BMW cars are reputably known for theirperformance and craftsmanship.•BMW strives to keep their title of being the“ultimate driving machine”
  2. 2. BMW’s History•Franz Josef Popp was the key founder ofBMW•Before BMW built automobiles they built,aircraft engines and airplanes.•In 1917, BMW built airplanes for the GermanMilitary.•In 1923, BMW then started manufacturingmotorcycles.•BMW first automobile was built in 1929 inBerlin, Germany.
  3. 3. HistoryBefore BMW built cars, they built motorcyclesin Munich, Germany.
  4. 4. The change of logos throughout time.
  5. 5. CompanyBMW Head quarters Munich, Germany
  6. 6. Company•The CEO of BMW is Norbert Reithofer•BMW was first founded in 1916•BMW’s first plant was in Munich, Germany•BMW bought Mini from Rover•They also own Rolls Royce.•There are more than three-thousand BMWdealers worldwide.
  7. 7. Company BMW has manufacturing plants in Germany, South Africa, England, and the United States. Careers can be found on their websites and on They provide internships and BMW’s STEP program (step program)- graduate from tech school with a 3.0 gpa and join BMW technical services. Company bought DesignWorksUSA where they provide training and design their products. over one hundred thousand employees work for BMW.
  8. 8. BMW’s New Marketing Venture
  9. 9. BMW’s New Marketing Venture BMW has a new campaign slogan, “Joy is BMW”. Their new slogan is to bring the joy of driving to life. The slide shows that the new slogan captures happiness to promote output. Jack Pitney VP of Marketing says, this slogan was introduced at the start of the economy’s recession to recapture the consumers. Pitney noted that studies have shown in a recession, brands that do the best are those that are authentic, purpose-driven brands that have defined themselves over decades as being true to their core purpose and that is why he is behind this new slogan.
  10. 10.  BMW focuses on emotion to create a new advertising market in today’s auto industry.  They gather traditional ideas and innovate them to continue BMW’s future.The Past The Present The Future
  11. 11. Advertising BMW advertises their markets to auto enthusiasts and ambitious consumers. BMW advertises in various ways to attract all groups.
  12. 12. Advertising
  13. 13. Advertising
  14. 14. Achievements•BMW’s has been awarded Car & Driver’s editor’s choice awardsfor over 30 years.•BMW’s continues to manufacture over one million carsannually.•In 2006, The BMW 3 Series was awarded World Car of the Year.•The only car company that did manufacturedairplanes, motorcycles, and automobiles.•BMW owns and manufactures, Rolls Royce and MINI.•BMW is one of world’s top ten automobile makers.
  15. 15. Products
  16. 16. Sedans:•3-Series•5- Series•7- Series
  17. 17. Coupes & Convertibles: 1-Series Z4
  18. 18. Coupes & Convertibles: 3- Series•6-Series
  19. 19. SUV’S X3 X5
  20. 20. Presented by:Casper Yim