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AIESEC CBS history showcase.pptm


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AIESEC CBS history showcase.pptm

  1. 1. Our history• Highlights• Performance• Organizational development• Functional progress• AIESEC 2015 and business models• Next steps
  2. 2. Highlights Improvements in performance New years, new plans AIESEC 2015 will mean more New Org. Structure in 2012-20136/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 2
  3. 3. AchievementsWe have always been important to AIESECDenmark, being a well-performing LCWinning LC of the Year And other awards along the way2009 • Talent Development awards • Sales & Delivery Awards • Killerweeks winners • OGX competition winners • Members winning awards But we haven’t had an MC member for many years • But we have been very active in the national support team • One AIESEC CBS’er (Nora AK) went to the MC in Southern Cone • And another VP worked for AIESEC Italy6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 3
  4. 4. AchievementsOGX has seen drastic improvements over the past 3-4years, while ICX still looks for a ”new Microsoft” account AIESEC CBS Performance 2008-2012 Realized exchanges, forecast 20122520 8 Microsoft1510 5 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2012 (F) GIP EP GIP TN GCDP EP GCDP TN Incl. matched6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 4
  5. 5. EB & LC Plan History AIESEC CBS A history of believing and achieving
  6. 6. EB & LC Plan History Say hi to Nora, Ernesto, Jakob, Tatevik, Bjarke & Sarah!
  7. 7. EB & LC Plan History The LC Plan – 2008-2009
  8. 8. EB & LC Plan History Events – 2008-2009 • LCP quit during summer, had to find new LCP • 2 VPs left in December-January • First time with SEEDIUS conference • New rules for Intern Learning Activities, introduction of ILA Coordinator • Sent 22 members on international conferences • Ran various projects – FAIRSHION – Wind energy industry in France – Cultural awareness at ITU project – Entrepreneurship • MCP had to leave with four months left of the term • Very small, invisible NST • The Padawan Project in ER (Sales campaign)
  9. 9. EB & LC Plan History Say hi to Ernesto, Jakob, Sune, Casper, Veronica & Salomé
  10. 10. EB & LC Plan History LC Plan – 2009-2010
  11. 11. EB & LC Plan History Events – 2009-2010 • Board of Advisors created • 2/6 EB members did not attend SEEDIUS, >80% of September recruits left the organisation again • COP15 participation together with the President of AIESEC International • Interview training, CV Event, and a few more • More focus on ER themes such as events and use of social media • Bezzerwizzer competition • ILAs coordinated by Finance • Team Leader structure implemented • Focus on job descriptions for member, focus on providing them with the tasks, focus on being more strict with member requirements • More Nordic cooperation, MC focus on communicating more with LCs • Internal communication CEED • First alumni event
  12. 12. EB & LC Plan History Meet Salomé, Johanna, Roxane, Christina, Nikos & Maria
  13. 13. EB & LC Plan History LC Vision – 2010-2011
  14. 14. EB & LC Plan History LC Plan – 2010-2011
  15. 15. EB & LC Plan History Events – 2010-2011 • TL Structure developed further, more TLs, more responsibilities • Internationals in Danish Business Life event with British Chamber of Commerce • Targeted recruitment • Big focus on communication, social media, branding, promotion with videos, Facebook, etc. • Killer Weeks in ICX • The ICX booster campaign • Summer Abroad introduction • ICX CEED • Alumni relations team • UNITE 2011 took up many resources, but also gave interesting tasks to many members
  16. 16. Organizational Development Our organizational priorities have changed little over the past years Focus on exchange, leadership and branding every year 1) To retain and empower 1) To build an AIESEC 1) To ensure a sustainable EB 2010-2011 Targets EB 2008-2009 Targets EB 2009-2010 Targets the international brand which strengthens growth within outgoing and environment and cultural the relationship with incoming exchange understanding of AIESEC already existing partners 2) Increase awareness 2) To retain the members and appeals to new among relevant companies active and to maintain a stakeholders and potential students by culture of excellence within 2) To continuously strategically branding the LC. The members are increase the number of AIESEC and spreading the aware of their opportunities exchanges, the quality of image of the brand and responsibilities in the the experiences and LC. efficiency in the process 3) To maintain and 3) To establish and retain a strengthen the AIESEC strong membership base brand among externals of active and responsible members, who are aware of professional and personal opportunities Changed to focus on finance and leadership pipeline in Dec 09 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 16
  17. 17. Organizational Development This year, we decided to align ourselves with the 2015 Ambition and set out to accomplish two missions in line with the statements Internal mission to achieve by June External mission to achieve by June 2012 2012 • To optimize both internal processes • To be sought after as a professional across functional areas and leadership and global organization which adds development in order to create a value to members and stakeholders feeling of unity and engagement in the LC Accomplishing these missions will bring AIESEC CBS closer to living up to the 2015 statements: 1) Our growing physical and virtual reach makes us the most credible and diverse global youth voice 2) We are recognized across sectors as the first-choice partner for our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership 3) Our collaborative environment empowers every member to live a high quality AIESEC experience, creating a cross-generational positive impact on society 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 17
  18. 18. Organizational Development Which led to various initiatives with various degrees of success • Open office days • Podio implementation • Engagement with external stakeholders such as BCCD, Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen, Frederiksberg Municipality, International Office at CBS, CBS Students Network, Study Boards at CBS, ITU, and more • Focus on ambitious goals in functional areas • Re-definition of role and structure of Finance • Quarterly meetings with middle management and focus on pushing members into leadership roles • International conference participation • Responsibility Week • Sponsorship team • Intern Learning Activities as ICX responsibility • Focus on getting professors in SRBs • Train the Trainers for leadership team in August • Prioritization of 50-50 of Danes and internationals in member body • Internal newsletter • National cooperation • Inclusion of externals in LC Meetings • Winter Abroad 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 18
  19. 19. Organizational Development But we also neglected previous initiatives, and faced difficulties with the usual challenges Past initiatives not repeated in 2011-2012 Recurring problems • Bezzerwizzer competition as • Only about 40-50% Member retention part of Summer Abroad • Lack of information promotion management and knowledge • Internationals in Danish sharing Business Life event with • Problems with Internal communication (platforms and BCCD usage) • Use of blog and other social • Lack of external promotion and media platforms to tell our branding at CBS outside peak periods (September and stories February) • Efterskole project1) • Lack of ITU presence • Only 3-4 TN takers 1) Project where interns held workshops at bording schools (efterskoler) in Denmark. Project ran in Aarhus and Aalborg this year. 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 19
  20. 20. Structure Development Along the way, our structure has been changing … Then we went back to functional Project structure before 2008 … areas … LCP LCP Finance Talent Management Support Support area: Support Area: Talent Area: Finance Management Exchange External Relations Exchange Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Student Relations 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 20
  21. 21. Structure Development … according to our needs and priorities … … which we changed in 2009 … … and changed again in 2011 LCP LCP ICX & ICX Sales OGX OGX ER Comm TM TM Finance Finance 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 21
  22. 22. Structure Development … and you will begin your term with a new structure as well LCP • The new structure is aligned nationally and fit the global ICX priorities in AIESEC • All areas will now be OGX responsible for selling the AIESEC Experiences E&A • All areas will also handle events, external relations, and TM member appraisals • Engagement & Alumni Comm Relations is a completely new area with a new portfolio Finance 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 22
  23. 23. InfrastructureBoard of Advisors• In 2011-2012: • A number of the BoA members will leave after the summer • You need to define how you want to use the Board of Advisors • Since its establishment in 2008, the BoA has given advice on sales and member development • In 2011 we expanded their role in AIESEC CBS by having some of them as EB mentors
  24. 24. InfrastructureLocal Compendium• Can be found here:• Stipulates the general rules (by-laws) of AIESEC CBS• For example, it states who can be members, how to run legislative meetings, member requirements, exchange prices and rules for the trainee activities fund (for Intern learning activities)• It also includes the member fee amount• Has been changed over the past years but could need a revision in the fall 20126/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 24
  25. 25. InfrastructureAIESEC DK structure Board of Directors AIESEC Denmark Foundation Board of Trustees (Advisory Board) Board of Management (MC) National Support Team LC AAU LC Aarhus LC CBS LC SDU LC UNIC6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 25
  26. 26. InfrastructureAIESEC DK structure• Board of Directors: Highest decision-making body in AIESEC DK, comprised of all LCs (Represented by LCPs). Ensures proper legislation, elects the MC, tracks the performance of the MC, and works with the development of AIESEC DK• Board of Management (MC): The executive body of AIESEC Denmark. Ensures we execute on the plans and follows the decisions of the BoD.• Board of Trustees: Board advising AIESEC DK/The MC on a regular basis. Consists of AIESEC DK Alumni.• Board of Foundation: Controls the AIESEC DK Foundation which supports LC activities with funding, e.g. the Elite Sellers project in 2011.6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 26
  27. 27. SWOT after 2008-2009, by EB elect and currentStrengths Weaknesses• Copenhagen (market, companies, infrastructure, MC in CPH, • Study lines ITU) • Time and planning (LC Calendar promotion)• AIESEC CBS (biggest LC in DK, office near campus, healthy • Too many communication channels finances, network from alumni and professionals) • Transparency (minutes at LCMs)• Talents (EB Role model, small group of proactive members and • Too little interaction between EB and interns and EB and LC active members, study lines connected to @ (IB, IBP, BLC) members (% nexus during LCM)• Structure (LC Planning, LCMs, internal communication (Google • Evaluation and follow up on the EB Work (LCMs, new groups, docs, blog, doodles), clear division of responsibility) implementations) • Evaluation of interns • EB Presence as role models • More social events within the LC and functional areas (be approachable towards the LC) • Have official office hours • Improvement of the office rooms • • Targetting and segmenting • Motivation of membersOpportunities Threats• Increase our network – external partners • Financial crisis• LC to LC cooperation • CBS Exchange programme• CEEDs • Danish students too ethnocentric• Cooperation with universities• External finance (funds, sell local products/partnerships)• Alumni network• EU funds for CEEDs• CBS Professors• Financial crisis6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 27
  28. 28. SWOT after 2010-2011, by EB outgoingStrengths Weaknesses• Big member pool • Lack of cross-functional work• Students with business backgrounds • ITU presence• Good culture • Lack of awareness + cooperation in the corporate• Leadership pipeline world• Good structure • Low retention rate• Board of Advisors • Lack of old members• SEEDIUS • Lack of partnership/relations with alumni• Fun • Lack of goal orientation• Visibility on CampusOpportunities Threats• Capital! • 360 and other student organizations• Economic Recovery • CBS policies for partners• Change in student experiences • Other internship programs• International office • AIESEC is not free• UNIC • CEMS• Københavns Kommune• Niels Brock• Credit for internships• AIESEC International network• CEMS6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 28
  29. 29. SWOT after 2010-2011, by EB electStrengths Weaknesses• International platform (knowledge sharing) • Diffusion of information• Alumni • Expectations ≠ reality• Highly skilled students • Too much bla-bla and no action• High member base • We don’t create stories• Good product = Fair price + high volume • No formal collaboration between LCs• Many weak ties • Insufficient funds • No press coverage • Brand perception • Too fragmented, no social events on a regular basis • Small group of highly dedicated people (more untapped potential) • No strong tiesOpportunities Threats• More corporate connections • Financial crisis• Work more w/ other organization • Few international companies (English not corporate• Many CBS Students language)• No formal collaboration with the local communities • Internalized internship programme• Companies want to interact with students • CEMS• More events • CBS Exchange Programme• CBS Observer • Companies create their own events/interactions with• Tell the story! students6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 29
  30. 30. Functional Areas - TMTalent Management has evolved in terms of:Structure Focus areas2010-2011 2010-2011 VP TM • Social events • Member-tracking TL TM • GCM based trainings • LCM presence (teambuilding exercises) TM2011-2012 Member 2011-2012 • Member-tracking VP TM • Team-tracking with VP involvement • GCM based trainings focusing more on TL TM LAM member needs • Internal process optimization TM TM • (IM team worked under TM to collaborate member member on internal structures. The IM manager participated in TM meetings to ensure overview of IM implementation)6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 30
  31. 31. Functional Areas - ICXICX & Sales 2011/12• The Vision for 2011/12: ”ICX & Sales will be brilliant in raising TNs, integrating interns and motivating members” – Reason for this vision: • AIESEC Denmark and AIESEC CBS needed a sales boost • In the beginnig of the year ILA became the responibility of ICX • ICX had struggled with member motivation• Goals for the year (GIP) – Raises: 8 • The pipeline was not good at the beginnig of the year – Realizations: 10 • Very ambitious but started the year with 4 Omada internships in database• ICX GCDP (including efterskole) was completely controlled by national level and no internships where granted CBS6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 31
  32. 32. Functional Areas - ICXICX GIP Development 08/09: • Raised: Microsoft, Omada, Hempel • Realized: Microsoft (but not Raised enough!), Omada Hempel Realized 09/10: 15 • Raised: e-conomic, ProCon, Siemens Architectmade IT, Wunderman • Realized: Siemens, ProCon 10/11: • Raised: Omada, DecisionLab, Wunderman, Hempel • Realized: Hempel 21 1 11/12: 4 • Raised: 3 1 Omada, Hempel, ProCon, Quantads • Realized: Omada 6 6 6 • Architectmade: Collaborate with national level, both raised and realized 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/126/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 32
  33. 33. Functional Areas - ICXICX GIP 2011/12Raises Goal: 8 Realizations Goal: 10• So far 6+1 • So far 4+1• But 2 have been given up • One Hempel has been – ProCon: not satisfied with matched with Maksym from candidates Ukraine – Hempel: Internal re- • Currently we are working on organization matching• Moreover, one Omada – Hempel internship have been extended – Omada to max – Quantads6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 33
  34. 34. Functional Areas - ICXKey Points for ICX & Sales• We have been very much dependant on few TN takers• We have struggled with the Raised to Realized rate• Good relationship with old TN takers is crucial and has been somewhat succesful but evaluation need to be formalized• Keep building a pipeline is essential – In 2010/11 tried to focus more on events. This resulted in very poor pipeline. UNIC tried same strategy first term this year but have now also changed strategy – ICX cannot rely on only one sales method but need to combine calling, networking and hosting events.• ICX & Sales has been responsible for interns and ILA – This has resulted in good relationship between ICX members and interns – However the rest of the LC has not been engaged in the interns as hoped for• IT system and pipeline tracking have for years been very poor – In 2009/10 some use of e-synergy – In 2010/11 no use of CRM system – In 2011/12 use of e-synergy and change to new AIESEC CRM system• ICX has for several years struggled with member motivation6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 34
  35. 35. Functional Areas - OGX Outgoing Exchange
  36. 36. Functional Areas - OGX OGX team 2011/2012 • Vision for OGX: • Structure of OGX: Vice President By focusing on the OGX development, engagement and motivation of our TL OGX TL OGX members and EPs, we will ensure an increase of numbers Members Members and of quality!
  37. 37. Functional Areas - OGX The OGX Process Pre- EP Pre- Exchange Re- recruitment Recruitment exchange experience integration*Know the 2 *Assign EP *Re-products Manager integration*Supply and *Evaluate *Raise EP *Realise EP seminardemand applic.+ CV form form *Use*Talent *Expectation *I2A + OPS *Virtual returnees forplanning meeting *Apply for communic. SRB, OPS,*Promotion •SRB + min. 5 *Internship promo, shar(CP, IM, S) payment TNs/month Report e their exp *Match EP at LCM, EP form managers
  38. 38. Functional Areas - OGX Job Roles of OGX MembersJD Members- Sell internships to students (CPs, stands, Info Meetings, Promo material withCOMM)- Participate in the recruitment process ( mkt segmentation, planning, expectationmeeting with all applicants, organising SRBs )- Organising and improving cultural preparation seminars (OPS)- Know and apply OGX manual, local, national and international policies for X- Be accountable EP managers (raise, match, realize efficient and effective)- Promote X opportunities in the LC and outside of AIESEC- Updating tracking sheets- Continuous contact and support for the EPs- Help creating an OGX spirit in the LC- LC-LC cooperation- Know and use of
  39. 39. Functional Areas - OGX General policies about Exchange with AIESEC - An AIESEC exchange must have a lenght of minimum 6 weeks and maximum 78 weeks; - An individual has the right to apply for the AIESEC Exchange Program - at the latest within two (2) years after obtaining a university degree, provided they are not older than 30 years of age at the time of application - at the latest within three (3) years after completing a full time AIESEC position, provided they are not older than 30 years of age, - the raised EP must be matched by the age of 30. - An EP has a right to participate in the exchange program up to a maximum of 36 months abroad (the order does not matter) - Fees and payment: o Membership Fee (non-refundable) 500 o Matching Fee 1.500 o Raising Deposit (refundable on evaluation) 500 In total 2.500DKK
  40. 40. Functional Areas - OGX OGX 2011/12 • The Vision for 2011/12: By focusing on the development, engagement and motivation of our members and EPs, we will ensure an increase of numbers and of quality!  • The Motto for 2011/2012 : Smile when you recruit, have fun while you are raising, celebrate when you have realized!!! • Goals for the year: GIP GCDP Raised 25 26 Realised 19 18 • SAP and WAP are managed at the national level. They establish country partnerships and usually set the timeline. • The goal for GIP was ambitious because when we started we had 10 Eps in the pipeline 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 40
  41. 41. Functional Areas - OGX OGX Development in numbers GIP Evolution 30 25 20 GCDP Evolution 15 30 10 25 5 20 0 15 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012GIP Raised 23 19 27 21 10GIP Realized 3 6 15 6 5 0 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 GCDP Raised 10 7 14 30 GCDP Realized 7 4 11 11 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 41
  42. 42. Functional Areas - OGX OGX 2011/12 - NOW  • GIP GCDP – Available 16 - Available 13 – Matched 1 - Matched 8 – Realised 6 - Realised 11 – On hold 6 - On hold 0 – 4 EPs Pending - 5 EPs Pending – Goals: 25 Ra// 21 - Goals: 26 Ra// 30 19 Re// 6 18 Re// 11 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 42
  43. 43. Functional Areas - OGX Highlights for OGX • Our Strategy: member development first, increase of quality and more structure in the services that we offer second, increase of numbers thirdly • The pipeline is very important: – Raise GIP early on and make sure the EPs are active in the first 1-4 months otherwise they will lose motivation – Follow-up with SWAP Eps – they are a useful resource for all OGX promo/activities • Partnerships: – International office – worked well for Winter Abroad – We started discussions with some study boards in order to get ECTS for internship s– we have some contacts but nothing concrete got out of it – National partnerships for SWAP: Indonesia, Brasil, Taiwan and Mauritius • Team management: – 2 teams: one doing GIP and the other GCDP for one semester and then they switched – it worked out very good – We focused a lot in the beginning in knowing what the members want to get out and then assigned tasks according to their needs – We also focused, especially in the beginning, on creating a strong OGX culture • EP Management: – we managed to assign EP managers for all the EPs, however because we had only new members it was hard to pass all the information so we had some miscommunication problems along the way – Introduced Re-integration activities, structured the OPS and made it as a mandatory step 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 43
  44. 44. Functional Areas - Finance The Tales of Finance
  45. 45. Functional Areas - Finance Performance/Results Revenue Profit Equity 2009-2010 255946 7515 73163 2010-2011 230551 -68402 4761 2011-2012 (to 140381 -8833 -4071 date)
  46. 46. Functional Areas - Finance Big events – National level • Sale of Career Days (2008) – AIESEC DK lost a revenue of approximately 2 mil. DKK per year. – Focus on new revenue sources (EPs and TNs) – MC has had big deficits every year since. • Change of MC support structure (2011) – LC income from TN fees changed from 1400 to 950 DKK per month. – LC income from EP fees changed from 1450 to 1000 DKK per EP.
  47. 47. Functional Areas - Finance Purpose of Finance • Before 2011 – Accounting and bookkeeping – Basic finance • Starting in 2011 – Increase value-cration in the LC – Work close together with other areas
  48. 48. Functional Areas - Finance Role of Finance • Accounting and bookkeeping • Financial reporting and controlling • Business development • Risk management
  49. 49. Functional Areas - Finance Accounting and bookkeeping • Accounting: When did we buy the cake? • Bookkeeping: What did the cake cost?
  50. 50. Functional Areas - Finance Reporting and controlling • Budgeting: What ingredients will we need to make all the cake we want? • Quarterly reports: How much cake did we actually eat?
  51. 51. Functional Areas - Finance Business development • Process optimization: How can we improve the quality of our cakes? • Strategic development: How can we make sure to offer the cake that people want in the future? • Good case practices: What cakes do they make in other LCs?
  52. 52. Functional Areas - Finance Risk management • Local compendium: The rules for our kitchen. • National by-laws: The recipes we have to follow. • Contracts: The cakes we have promised to make. • Danish law (incl tax): Why can’t we just make the cakes we want?
  53. 53. Functional Areas -Communications Communications
  54. 54. Functional Areas - Communications External Relations 2010-2011February 2011 Main tasks (2nd half of the term)• COMM was called External Relations • Continuous updating of the website• 1 VP, 2 TLs, approx. 5 members as it was the main communication channel to external stakeholders • Organisation and planning of the “Besserwizzer contest” at Nexus, including design of promotion material, and finding sponsors • Organisation and planning of the “Money making business”-event at CBS, including design of promotion material and finding sponsors
  55. 55. Functional Areas - Communications Communications 2011-2012 (1st semester)July 2011 – Dec 2011 Main tasks (1st half of the term)• 1 VP, 2 TLs, no members • Strategic planning of “new functional area”; before autumn recruitment diving the team up in IC & EC Internal Communication: Monthly Newsletter, Implementation of PODIO, Social Media and Website Communication External Communication: University relations (contacting study boards), press releases (ITU magazines) including the Blog  We gave up on that structure in October since it wasn’t working out at all  We introduced the “project-based” working without separation of IC and EC  The “project-based” structure worked better, however, we felt that a lot of things we wanted to take care of were not covered by this structure
  56. 56. Functional Areas - Communications Communications 2011-2012 (2nd semester)Jan 2012 – present Main tasks (2nd half of the term)• 1 VP, 4 (3) TLs, approx. 12 • Implementation of new COMM structure to members cover more projects Internal Communication: Monthly Newsletter and the usage of PODIO External Communication: Social Media and Website Communication External Relations: Event Management and university relations Brand Management: Internal and external brand audit to better market ourselves  The first time that TLs had clearly defined areas to bring structure into the area  We were more efficient with this structure than the terms before & we have a member base 
  57. 57. AIESEC 2015 and Business Models AIESEC 2015 The AIESEC Experience – how we Three statements to guide our 2015 deliver value ambitions 1) Our growing physical and virtual reach makes us the most credible and diverse global youth voice 2) We are recognized across sectors as the first-choice partner for our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership 3) Our collaborative environment empowers every member to live a high quality AIESEC experience, creating a cross-generational positive impact on society 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 57
  58. 58. AIESEC 2015 and Business Models Our Team Member programme generates value and revenue through pre-career development of talented individuals 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 58
  59. 59. AIESEC 2015 and Business Models Our Team Leader Programme generates value and revenue through giving sponsors access to high-potential, ambitious individuals 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 59
  60. 60. AIESEC 2015 and Business Models The Global Internship Programme provides us with a direct source of income on both OGX and ICX side 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 60
  61. 61. AIESEC 2015 and Business Models The Global Community Development Programme generates a social impact while being a potential cash cow on LC Level (stable income from Summer Abroad and Winter Abroad Programmes) 6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 61
  62. 62. Working with the MC and the National SupportTeamDo’s Dont’s• Be proactive • Expect the MC to tell you• Visit the MC office at least a everything couple of times during your term outside meeting times • Critizise them in front of• Tell MC/NST what you expect members (rightfully or not)• Be open for feedback but also • Always wait for them to ask you give them feedback how you’re doing• Discuss your plans with them • Think they work against you• Discuss your performance problems with them • Expect them to answer as fast• Ask what they are doing and as you want them to why • Expect them to save you all the• Expect them to be interested in time helping you achieve your goals6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 62
  63. 63. Being an EB member But also the most fulfilling journeyIs hard work … you will ever travel!6/6/2012 AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 63
  64. 64. Useful wikis on• NPM March -• NPM Sep 5299• IM Survey•• Student survey•• National ressource wiki•• BoD with conference dates:• AIESEC CBS 2011-2012 64