Boston SEO Meetup June 2012 - Subsidizing Your Search


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With search plus your world and google+ taking over results, it's important you are connecting with those that matter. Learn a bit how Grasshopper is getting people to talk about us.

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  • 48% of our organic traffic is signed in
  • 130+ # of press mentions - According to WMT - FB is our #1 source of inbound links
  • 250k grasshopper organic visits
  • Google +, personalized search, WOM – When it comes down to it, no one REALLY cares about their phone system, they want it to work. What can we do to make them care about Grasshopper?
  • 130+ # of press mentions - According to WMT - FB is our #1 source of inbound links
  • Customers promoting us to other customers –social mentions – board of tweets
  • 130+ # of press mentions - According to WMT - FB is our #1 source of inbound links
  • Get so caught up in traditional SEO tactics & link building that we forget about something so simple – businesses helping businesses - Comarketing
  • Find people who target the same market as you - Guest posts – partner pages – FB Posts/Tweets – Giveaways – Bar Camp Tour
  • We once said, hey, we work with a lot of the same people, we should be friends
  • Boston SEO Meetup June 2012 - Subsidizing Your Search

    1. 1. Subsidizing YourSearch@casiegOnline Marketing
    2. 2. LocalImages Video Google+
    3. 3. Who is Grasshopper?• Virtual phone system• Big competitors with lots of $$$• Generic brand name We must think outside of the box @casieg
    4. 4. Get people to talk… Create for your market, not your product Give your customers something to talk about Make new friends @casieg
    5. 5. The most frequently used word in conversations is “I” @casieg
    6. 6. Be Your Audience You already know who they are, now learn: Where What They What They They Hang Like Talk About OutPeople don’t love brands, they love whatbrands do for them. @casieg
    7. 7. Be Your AudienceEntrepreneurs can change the world Sh#t Entrepreneurs Say The New Dork: Entrepreneur State of Mind 0 Mentions of Virtual Phone @casieg
    8. 8. @casieg
    9. 9. @casieg
    10. 10. Where to begin…Do your researchCreate something they wantTell them about it @casieg
    11. 11. Give your customerssomething to talkabout.
    12. 12. Tactics Handwritten Notes Starbucks Gift Cards Dinner with Founders Get Customers Books Candy Press @casieg
    13. 13. Don’t be random Identify Identify Identify customers with customers likely customers you social influence to share already have a relationship with You can’t force people to share, but you can help your chances. @casieg
    14. 14. You’ll never know unless you ask Ask for feedback Ask questions about them Ask for reviews Ask to connectRead me: @casieg
    15. 15. Make New Friends @casieg
    16. 16. @casieg
    17. 17. Find people who Locate the right Go in with antarget the same person idea in mind market @casieg
    18. 18. @casieg
    19. 19. Thank You! @casieg