The Author Rank Sheriff is Coming! Are you Ready? Pubcon Las Vegas 2013


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Google Author Rank is coming...eventually. Will your Authorship Google+ profile survive a review by the Google algorithmic anti-spam sheriff? Review some top triggers that "may" cause both your Authorship to stop working AND damage your Author "trust."

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  • {"5":"Google is moving toward a consolidated web entity approach. They want to connect people, places and things in new and myriad ways. Authorship is a foundation of that approach. It’s a further evolution of Google Plus being the entire social spine of Google.\nSo where does the “Sheriff” come into play? For two big reasons.\n","22":"This specific site tried to “claim” authorship for all the sites. Google has since cracked down on them specifically. If you are an SEO trying to promote a similar strategy…don’t. Your clients deserve better.\n","11":"“Your Profile Picture cannot include mature or offensive content. For example, do not use a photo that is a close-up of a person’s buttocks or cleavage.”\nGoogle requires a CLEAR human face. Don’t use sunglasses, a cartoon avatar or stand too far away from the camera.\n","28":"This example is a colleague of mine. Great, great guy and good at what he does. But his profile doesn’t reflect ANY of his professional accomplishments, content or current work focuses. And yet, he joined Google Plus for those very reasons.\n","17":"This goes back to Google’s relentless drive to promote a GREAT user experience. Eric’s and Stone Temple’s recent Google Plus research shows that Google Plus content was indexed as fast as six minutes. Here are examples that would NOT be indexed at such a speed.\n","6":"If you don’t use Authorship correctly:\n","12":"As Ann will mention, drawings, cartoons or “animated” pictures can get pulled from search. Don’t use them!\n","1":"So…first off. What is Author Rank? It’s a general term for a scheme to rank know authors for authority by subjects.\nWhen will it be play? When Google is ready….most people believe soon though!\n","29":"Also lots and lots of hashtags.\n","7":"When Author Rank kicks in, those of you using Authorship who have already built up data will be ahead. And those of you NOT making stupid mistakes on your profile set-up and with regard to your content choices will be even further ahead.\n","24":"Personally, the point of Authorship to me is that this is Google’s way to eventually eliminate ALL content theft (if such a thing is even possible), so I find examples like this on Google Plus very funny.\n","3":"Mark Traphagen with Virante is well-known in the Google Plus field. This recent quote informs our presentation today. If the Google sheriff does come to town. How would your Google Authorship account be viewed?\n","31":"Yeap, Eric here scores a 88, Ann scores an 86 and I score an 85. That must mean we are awesome, right?\nNo…..\n","15":"Google wants to provide a GREAT user experience but ranking factors for Google Plus are complicated. It stands to reason that a poor avatar would not be treated as signs of a “positive” user experience.\nFurther, it’s a documented fact that GOOD profile pics increase Click-Thru rates. \n","4":"The recent resource asked and answered 7 major questions. These questions cover best practices, optimization advice, the difference between publisher and author, where NOT to use authorship (for example e-commerce pages) and other issues.\n","32":"Dunning–Kruger effect" which "is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average" via Wikipedia. – This was a Social Experiment about getting people to share a “made up score.” The higher your score, the more likely you were to share. Funny, funny stuff.\n","10":"“Your Profile Picture cannot include mature or offensive content. For example, do not use a photo that is a close-up of a person’s buttocks or cleavage.”\n"}
  • The Author Rank Sheriff is Coming! Are you Ready? Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

    1. 1. Presented by Casey Markee Lead SEO Consultant/Head of SEO Support President of @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    2. 2. Connect with me Online @ Today’s Presenter is… Become a Fan on Facebook: Follow Casey on Twitter: Connect with Casey on Linkedin: http://www.linkedin/com/in/caseymarkee Circle Casey on Google+: Follow Casey on Pinterest:
    3. 3. Is a Google + Anti-Spam Crackdown Coming? "I don't think Google has really turned an algorithmic anti-spam eye on Authorship yet, but when they do.... I think the recent Authorship FAQ was a first shot across the bow that the sheriff will come before long." – Mark Traphagen @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    4. 4. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    5. 5. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    6. 6. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    7. 7. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    8. 8. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    9. 9. 1. Your Picture Needs Work “Is that a selfie? Really?!” @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    10. 10. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Does yours Author picture convey what you want it to convey? @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    11. 11. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Does yours Author picture convey what you want it to convey? Party Animal? Drinker? Tattoo Artist? Chest Hugger? @MediaWyse Owl-lover? + Casey Markee
    12. 12. Authorship Picture BEST Practices: •“Selfies” are EASY to screw up. Avoid them. •Props are okay…..but be careful! •Avoid alcohol, drugs OR drinking. •Take a quality picture. Watch the cropping! •Don’t use mature or offensive content. •Google wants to see a FACE on the pictures. Or, it may not show. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    13. 13. 2. Avatars are Tricky…Be Careful! “Is that your logo?” @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    14. 14. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Does yours Avatar convey what you want it to convey? @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    15. 15. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Does yours Avatar convey what you want it to convey? Insect Vision? Gator Farmer? Viking? Local SEO? @MediaWyse Anime Shark Lover? + Casey Markee
    16. 16. Authorship Avatar BEST Practices: •Personas are tricky. •Make it Professional! •Make it easy-to-read! •Take a quality picture. Watch the cropping! •Be memorable and visual! •Avatars can appear as UNTRUSTWORTHY. Be wary! •If you have to explain your picture…that’s a problem. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    17. 17. 3. Don’t Spam your Profile! “Seriously, I DO NOT want to buy your book!” @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    18. 18. Don’t do this on your Profile! No, I don’t want to buy your book! @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    19. 19. Don’t do this on your Profile! Nor do I need any YouTube Views… @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    20. 20. Don’t do this on your Profile! And I’m “good” on Instagram, thanks! @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    21. 21. 4. Your Profile doesn’t Project “Trust” “Pssst… lookin’ to buy some content or links?” @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    22. 22. How “Trustworthy” is your Profile? Not very…if you have this! Excessive EMDs Cross-Linked on your Author Profile. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    23. 23. How “Trustworthy” is your Profile? Bad Enough there is No Picture… Need to “Buy Some Links?” This is the Profile for you! @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    24. 24. How “Trustworthy” is your Profile? Who DOESN’T Need Content these Days? @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    25. 25. How “Trustworthy” is your Profile? This is what a “Trustworthy” wellformed profile looks like. How does yours stack up? Download a Full PDF Here: Image Credit: Aaron Bradley, @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    26. 26. 5. All Content, No Engagement “You published that yesterday, and the day before, and the day…” @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    27. 27. All Content, No Engagement Lots of Push Content….Nothing Else. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    28. 28. All Content, No Engagement Excessive Google Play Updates with Little Emphasis @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    29. 29. All Content, No Engagement Excessive Re-Shares, No New Content @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    30. 30. So…What Now? “Did you know there’s a Google Author Rank Checker?” @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    31. 31. Google Author Rank Checker Says What? How “Powerful” is your Authorship Profile? Visit @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    32. 32. Google Author Rank Checker Says What? Just Kidding! This is a “Novelty” Tool Only. @MediaWyse + Casey Markee
    33. 33. Some Final Thoughts Embrace & Dominate Authorship with these Tips!  Author Rank is NOT live….yet.  Get your profiles in line now…just in case!  Use quality pictures….be wary of Avatars.  Fully-flesh out your profile.  Don’t spam your profile OR Google +  Don’t just push-out content. Engage!  Join a + Community. Learn and Implement.