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Beyond SEO: Wearables, Beacons & Hyperlocal Marketing


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#StateofSearch 2015 - Using geofencing to target your new and existing customers with hyperlocalized offers is HUGE right now and only getting bigger. Find out how to set-up and implement Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone, and Facebook beacon campaigns to target them with customized offers and information at EXACTLY the right time!

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Beyond SEO: Wearables, Beacons & Hyperlocal Marketing

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  3. 3. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem  Law of Wearables Success  Wearables Market Overview  Wearables SEO w/Beacons  Hyperlocal Targeting  iBeacon vs. Eddystone vs. FB  Beacon Case Studies  Designing your Beacon Campaign What will we Learn Today?What will we Learn Today?
  4. 4. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem The Law of Wearables Success
  5. 5. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem “In order to be successful, any given piece of wearable technology has to be useful the entire time it’s on your body.” – Niley Patel, The Verge
  6. 6. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Wearables Market Overview
  7. 7. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem
  8. 8. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem
  9. 9. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Apple is the New King of the Wearables Market!
  10. 10. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem 5 Million Apple Watches Sold for $4+ Billion in Revenue. …And with a hefty profit margin of 60%+
  11. 11. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem “Sales of Apple Watches are up sequentially and have exceeded our expectations.” - Tim Cook Apple 3rd Q earnings call – Tuesday, 10/27
  12. 12. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Apple is now the largest “Luxury” Watch Retailer in the World (passing Rolex).
  13. 13. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Global Smartwatch Shipments will reach 40+ Million Units in 2015!
  14. 14. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem By 2018, Smartwatches alone will move 91.6 Million Units!
  15. 15. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem As SEOs we MUST target our client’s audiences on these platforms!
  16. 16. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Wearables SEO with Beacons
  17. 17. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Hyperlocal Targeting
  18. 18. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Wearables SEO = “Convenience Marketing” “Delivering a personalized marketing message for a product or service in real-time to a target consumer exactly when they need it!” - Casey Markee
  19. 19. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem How do you do this? With Beacons!
  20. 20. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem “Beacon technology is a location-aware low- cost transmitter that uses Bluetooth and geo- fencing to provide apps a new level of micro- location awareness” - Wikipedia
  21. 21. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Beacons are Small but POWERFUL! Beacons are about the size of a quarter and cost between $5-80 each.
  22. 22. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem How do Beacons Work? Image Credit:
  23. 23. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem What can you do with Beacons? Image Credit:
  24. 24. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem  Facebook “Places Tips” trigger when within 100 ft of beacon.  Serve a “Welcome Note” to Visitors.  Serve prompts to “Like” the page or “check-in.”  Feature posts from your page or those of your Fans. Facebook Beacons: Cool but Limited.
  25. 25. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Apple iBeacons: App-Focused & Hot  App-Based (mandatory for messages)  Proprietary (but does work on Android)  Can send messages only through UUID (Universal Unique Identifier)  No use of EIDs (Ephemeral Identifiers)
  26. 26. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Apple iBeacons: State of Search Beacon Messaging!
  27. 27. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Apple iBeacons: State of Search Beacon Messaging!
  28. 28. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Google Eddystone: The New Kid on the Block!  Supports URL and App for messaging.  Open-Source (available on GitHub)  Can send messages through UUID (Universal Unique Identifier), URL or Telemetry.  Uses EIDs (Ephemeral Identifiers) for secure tracking.
  29. 29. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Why should you use Beacons? Image Credit:
  30. 30. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem
  31. 31. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem There will be 4.5 Million Beacons installed in the US by 2018!
  32. 32. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem The Future for Mobile is all about the “Digital Concierge”
  33. 33. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Did you know you can already use BLE beacons to “check-in” to your hotel?
  34. 34. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem iBeacon Case Study: Starwood Hotels (SPG)
  35. 35. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Or use them to “navigate” your next trip to the grocery store?
  36. 36. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem iBeacon Case Study: Marsh Supermarkets (IN)
  37. 37. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Need to “catch” a train? There’s a beacon for that as well.
  38. 38. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Eddystone Case Study: TriMet PTA (OR)
  39. 39. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem In Short: Beacons are Bad-Ass!
  40. 40. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem So How do I get Started?
  41. 41. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Get a Beaconstac Starter Kit – Costs $89!  Comes with 3 enterprise-grade BLE Sensoro beacons  Supports BOTH iBeacon & Eddystone  Each beacon can cover up to 50ft and last up to 3 years.  The longer the distance, the shorter the battery life.  Full support and analytics provided up to 1
  42. 42. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Designing your Beacon Campaign
  43. 43. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Are you Asking the Right Questions?
  44. 44. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Does your Messaging Provide “Value?”
  45. 45. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem What is the Optimal Context & Timing for my Beacon Messaging?
  46. 46. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Where can I most “Efficiently’ Deploy my Beacons?
  47. 47. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Are you Avoiding “Notifications” Overload?
  48. 48. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Are your Beacons an “Isolated” Marketing Initiative?
  49. 49. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem Thank You!
  50. 50. @MediaWyse #StateofSearch @dfwsem
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