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  • Wonder is the codename for this project. Hostess Brands controls the trademark on the term “wonder.”
  • Currently consumers try to find beneficial advertisements through traditional approaches such as coupons and promotions. Currently, businesses try to reach consumers through traditional advertising methods and emerging methods such as daily deals and social networking,
  • A future feature would allow medium regional chains to large national chains to attach location based offers to loyalty programs.
  • Source of Information: various 2010 census reports.
  • Total addressable market is the U.S. mobile ad spending sector. The smallest addressable market is the local portion of U.S. mobile ad spending. The serviceable obtainable market is one percent of the location portion of U.S. mobile ad spending. Various internet sources claim that females control nearly 80% of spending. This cannot be deemed valid.
  • Timeline of 90 days consists of working 16 hours per day, including weekends. The total amount of time in hours equates to 1,440. Each 30 day phase has been allotted 480 hours, with each given period 160 hours to complete the task.
  • Wonder Pitchdeck

    1. 1. Wonder AppPresented by: Casey Ash
    2. 2. Company Purpose• To become the United State’s leader in location based advertisements
    3. 3. Problem• For Consumers: Consumers are subject to numerous advertisements that are not beneficial.• For Businesses: Consumers are shifting to a mobile lifestyle that inhibits traditional advertising methods
    4. 4. Solution• For Consumers: For consumers who want to save money, Wonder is an iPhone Application that provides relevant, and timely advertisements.
    5. 5. Solution• For Businesses: For businesses who want to reach consumers on the move, Wonder offers a web-based dashboard that is simple and easy to use.
    6. 6. Use Case One: Small Merchant• For Consumer: The user wants to know what is on sale in the merchant’s weekly circular.• For Small Merchant: In order to increase foot traffic into the store, the merchant sends messages based off of certain items within the circular.
    7. 7. Use Case Two: National Chains• For Consumer: The consumer wants to be treated as a regular customer while shopping in a large national chain store.• For National Chain: In order to promote advertising on a local level, the national chain sends geo-located advertisements to those individuals near the store’s location.
    8. 8. Target Consumer• U.S. females: 156,964,212• Age 18 – 35 : 30,866,000• Bachelors Degree (Over the age of 25) : 20,269,000• Median Income: $26,552• Social network user
    9. 9. Market Size – U.S. Mobile Ad Spending$4,500,000,000 SOM$4,000,000,000 $120,000,000$3,500,000,000 $100,000,000$3,000,000,000$2,500,000,000 $80,000,000 SAM$2,000,000,000 $60,000,000 TAM SOM$1,500,000,000 $40,000,000$1,000,000,000 $20,000,000 $500,000,000 $- $- 2010 2015 2013
    10. 10. Competition Google Facebook Foursquare Groupon Advertising FirmsOther small location based businesses Consumers in general
    11. 11. Product Development • 1st 10 Day Period – General and Administrative • 2nd 10 Day Period – Develop strong founding teamFirst 30 day Period • 3rd 10 Day Period – Finalize design / functionality of website, business dashboard, and iPhone Preliminary application • 1st 10 Day Period – Begin front end development / user experience on website, business dashboard, and iPhone Application • 2nd 10 Day Period – Begin Backend development for business dashboard and iPhone application Second 30 Days Period Beta • 3rd 10 Day Period – ( First 5 days – Complete development ) (2nd Five days – Gather User Feedback) • 1st 10 Day Period – Increase marketing efforts through all possible marketing channels • 2nd 10 Day Period – Finalize front end design of website, business dashboard, and iPhone Application • 3rd 9 Day Period – Finalize back end development of business dashboard and applicationThird 30 Day Period Launch • Day 90 – Launch
    12. 12. Business Model• Utilize a Software as a Service business model which would include scalable pricing, and upselling.