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I am


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More powerful affirmation, IAM, Wayne-Dyer, Meditations

I am

  1. 1. Meditations of the Heart
  2. 2. I AM WELL I have radiant health
  3. 3. I AM KIND I find ways to give to those in need, my money, my time, my love or my best wishes.
  4. 4. I AM JOYFUL I laugh at least 20 times a day. I look for reasons to laugh. Laughter is good medicine.
  5. 5. IAM EMPTY There is space for reflection. I make room to for the divine, my higher self to fill me up.
  6. 6. I AM HOPEFUL With God all things are possible. There is only hope for betterment. My wishes come true.
  7. 7. I AM ALIVE I feel, I see, I smell, I touch. I feel tingles of spirit brush against my cheeks in the wind. I feel great.
  8. 8. I AM LOVING I extend love to all I meet. I say a silent prayer for the poor, for the downtrodden, for those who have disconnected themselves from their Source of being.
  9. 9. I AM FORGIVING In forgiving others I free myself of the of the burden and become light as a bird.
  10. 10. I AM TRUTHFUL Truth is one
  11. 11. I AM BEAUTIFUL On the inside and the outside
  12. 12. I AM SMART I recognize that what I think I become
  13. 13. I AM CONFIDENT I know that I am as spiritual being having a human experience.
  14. 14. I AM SPIRITUAL I am only having a human experience
  15. 15. I AM FROM GOD Therefore I am part of God
  16. 16. I AM THANKFUL Thank you for reading this. Thanks to Maiko Watson (Based on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s latest PBS program)