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Globaleyessummer edition


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African and Caribbean news and views, Winnipeg community.

Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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Globaleyessummer edition

  1. 1. global eyes 1stQUARTERJuly 2012 Manitoba African and Caribbean Quarterly Magazine GLOBAL EYES MAGAZINE /SUMMER 2012 June Pepper Harris Grand Dame of Winnipeg Jazz Scene at Highway 75 Club Diversity equals Inclusion
  2. 2. June Pepper Harris – Life, Love and the Bluze June Pepper Harris and her musical made music in the moment, fresh, exciting and leave you wanting more.friends rocked Trevor Druxman’s The occasion was June’s CD release party of “Life, Love & The Bluze”famous Pembina Hotel (Pembie’s April 28, 2012 for which she flew in from Toronto to celebrate.Jazz & Blues Lounge aka Highway 75 “ I was thrilled to perform before full house, with the swinging Billclub) with some good old time jazz, McMahon, Walle Larssoncountry, blues and a medley of band, with none other thaneverything that made it a fine way to the great blues saxophonist Bill McMahonspend a Saturday afternoon in himself Deano Deane; theWinnipeg. It was beautiful and amazingly talented bluesuplifting to hear the symphonic singer/guitarist, harmonicasounds of friends jamming that Deano Deane, Walle Larsson player Ms Tracy K and her swinging Tracy K guitarist. The joint rocked. That’s the way I like it, uh” said June obviously pleased with the attendance and audience participation. The audience was treated to free pizza by the owner. The entire afternoon was a blast – who would have thought Winnipeggers could have so much fun indoors in the middle of the day? You had to see it to believe it. Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 20122
  3. 3. Reflection Beatrice Watson Many parents find it hard to compre- listen to them and have a dialogue instead of a monologue. WAYNEhend that the children they bring into A mother can but guide ...this world have thoughts of their own Our children are much wiser than we were as children. Today’s then step aside—I knewand if given the chance will find their generations are rights based and I could not say, “This is the waynatural calling in life. We all were called they are well aware of their rights that you should go.”into existence for a reason and no onecan tell us that reason. We find it and sometimes responsibilities. We cannot force our children to For I could not forseeourselves. We cannot beat or insult a child into conform to our ideas on what what paths might beckon yousubmission to our will. All that you may they should do, what they should to unimagined heightssucceed in doing is suppressing the will become and what careers they that I might never know.of the child and nothing can be should pursue - those are oursuppressed forever. That will will find dreams not theirs. Many parents Yet, always in my heartexpression one way or the other and with good intention want their I realizedsometimes not in a good way. children to have a life of their That you would touch a star . . . Recently Creflo Dollar the mega dreams not the children’s dreams. I’m not surprised!preacher on TV was hauled into the jail This can create chaos in a child’s — Hazel Dyerafter his daughter alleged that he abused life. (This poem was shared by Dr.her; a claim a second daughter Parents do not always have to Wayne Dyer with Oprah. Hiscorroborated. have the right answer. It is okay to mother wrote this. Dr. Dyer is a Children are aware of their rights and say “I don’t know” and show world renowned inspirationalmany demand those rights. What do some vulnerability. Those three speaker and he achieved what heyou do when you cannot physically beat words will drive home a big has even though he spent his first 10a child? You have to reason with them, lesson to our children. years in an orphanage. The Philosophy of Ubuntu An anthropologist studying the the candies, sat down, and particularly about the fact that youhabits and customs of an African tribe began to happily munch away. cant exist as a human being infound himself surrounded by children The anthropologist went over isolation. It speaks about our inter- Shannon Byfield, Dorrie Barrett, Lili Bitanemost days. So he decided to play a to them and asked why they had connectedness. You cant be humanlittle game with them. He managed to all run together, when any one all by yourself, and when you haveget candies from the nearest town, of them could have had the this quality Ubuntu—you areand put it all in a decorated basket at candies all to himself/herself. known for your generosity.the foot of a tree. The children responded: “We think of ourselves far too Then he called the children and "Ubuntu"! How could any one frequently as just individuals,suggested they play a game. When the of us be happy if all the others separated from one another, whereasanthropologist said "Now!", the were sad?" we are connected and what wechildren had to run to the tree, and the Ubuntu is a philosophy of think, feel and do, even at thefirst one to get there could have ALL African tribes that can be individual level, affects the entirethe candies to himself/herself. summed up as "I am what I am universe. When we do well and So the children all lined up waiting because of who we all are." entertain only positive thoughts andfor the signal. When the Bishop Desmond Tutu gave feelings, it radiates out; it is for theanthropologist said "now", all the this explanation in 2008: whole of humanity." (Thanks tochildren held each others hand and "One of the sayings in our Rashmi Metha who sent this informationran together towards the tree. They all country is Ubuntu—the essence to Global Eyes Magazine)arrived at the same time, divided up of being human. Ubuntu speaks Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 3 3
  4. 4. Zizi the continuing story p20 Subscribe Today Leg Up p19 Name:_________________________________________________________ Feature Story – June Pepper Harris p2 Address:________________________________________________ Feature – RCMP Diversity Officer p25 Postal Code_______________ Local Briefs p6 Phone:_______________________ Email address:_______________________ Battle of the Gospel Choir p19 Support Global Eyes Magazine if you think Editorial p7 we’re doing a good job. Subscription: $15.00 per year for 4 issues. Underground Railway p8 I Would like to receive upcoming event notices from the Caribbean/Black/larger community - Global Briefs p9 by email or by phone (YES/NO) Revisiting the work of Richard Wright p10 Mail cheque/Money Order to: Global Eyes Magazine 671 Rathgar Avenue, CMARD – Racism p12 Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 Neil’s Poetry p14 Global Eyes is an independent magazine devoted to promoting cultural awareness of the African and Immigrant Success Story – p16-17 Caribbean communities of Manitoba and to highlight the issues and concerns of these communities. It also aims and promoting cultural diversity and appreciation. Its Artist Studio Tour p22 mandate is to be a quarterly publication featuring articles, and the achievements of local, national and international Word Scramble p13 NEW personalities that are of interest to the African/Caribbean community, promoting healthy living by providing Guess Who p31 NEW healthtips and recipes as well as editorials with African/ Caribbean sensibilities and letters to the editor. The Magazine is produced under a volunteer editorial There’s a lot more to read!!! committee that assists with proof-reading, publicity and distribution. IN THIS ISSUE Contributions of Slaves Recognized In the 18th century France played a significant role in Regulars: the Atlantic slave trade and the people of the city of Nantes benefitted greatly from the trade. It made many Briefs p6 of the people from this city rich as Nantes was a port Letter to my children p11 through which more than 450,000 African men, women and children were brought from Africa to work on Global Counselor p11 plantations in European counties. In March 2012 the Mayor the City of Nantes opened a Gaffin wid Buddy p26 memorial to the abolition of slavery and in recognition of the contribution of slaves to that city’s prosperity Healthwise 18 today. Officials say that this is unique in Europe Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 20124
  5. 5. GLOBAL EYES MAGAZINE Editor: Beatrice Watson Condolences Distributed to local businesses, and in GEM’s Regular Winnipeg and via email to individuals in There have been Contributors Manitoba and former Manitobans in various many deaths in our parts of the world. community since the To receive Global Eyes by mail please send a last Global Eyes cheque for $15.00 to: Magazine in Global Eyes Magazine February. 671 Rathgar Avenue We take this Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 opportunity to send Phone: 204-477-1588 our condolences to Neil Pitamber, Caribbean Shield all the families A prolific writer, poet grieving at this time. and owner, Caribbean All contents are (c) 2011 and may not be Shield We hope you find reprinted without the express or written consent of the author or Editor. comfort in the fact that your loved ones Out and About were part of your lives once and that the memories you hold would provide some comfort to you Robin Dwarka, Legal on dark days. Aid Manitoba Have faith that one day you will rejoin those who have passed on. May their souls rest in peace. We must embraceMet this wonderful spirit Cha Cha at the Nigerian pain and burn it as Discipline CounselCanada Congress’ (NICCOM) annual mini folklorama fuel for our The Law Society of2012. He was friendly and willingly shared a couple of Manitobahis jokes. For ChaCha jokes come naturally to him. journey.He makes them up on the spot. (Cha Cha poses with Kenji MiyazawaDr. Sunday Olujuku, President NICCOM) Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 5 5
  6. 6. Local Briefs Winnipeggers on the film. A surprise ending Steve Kirton, President of Barbados celebrate Canada Aid which raises funds for Out of the blue the UN Winnipeg Multiculturalism Day Barbadian youths attending colleges Chapter learned that there will be at The Fork and universities said he was pleased to present the Award to Mr. Griffith as no more UN Chapters in Canada With the perfect weather on and chapters will be replaced by Saturday June 23rd, it celebrates Barbados. fundraising agents with the Winnipeggers came out in drove mandate to raise $100,000 or to celebrate Multiculturalism more. Day. It is an opportunity for all Winnipeg Chapter was quite Manitobans and Canadians to pleased with its last fundraising celebrate our rich cultural efforts Local to Global which diversity and appreciate the topped more than $6,000.00 however, far below the $100,000 contributions various required. multicultural groups and The Chapter members communities have made to expressed disappointment at a Canadian society and to debriefing meeting called by Manitoba. There were give- Chair Mary Scott to figure out aways, interactive and what to do with the group of educational cultural displays, live women committed to working for music and dance performances. the improvement of women’s Ernesto Griffith Wins lives around the world. Award “There has been a lot of DJ Swann is looking for volunteer time and energy Ernesto Griffith, Manitoba’s, invested in the development of an writer, singer, filmmaker and Supporters - Are you In? active, diverse and committed actor, received the Barbados I am DJ Swann, I. I am the leader of group of volunteers here. It seems Association Charity Ball Award THE STOP USING THE N WORD counterproductive to do away in recognition of his outstanding movement. As I am sure you are with Chapters in order to raise work on the Award winning film aware, using the N word is a problem funds,” said Mary Scott. Billy in which Griffith played the in our communities. Moreover, our The UN Chapter had planned leading role “Billy” to rave youth are allowing people of other to officially dissolved in reviews and which received the persuasions to use this epitaph in their September at the Annual General Manitoba Human Rights regard. I implore you to assist me in Meeting but was told to close the Commitment Award in 2010 my endeavor to eradicate this specific chapter immediately. The award was presented at the vernacular from our vocabulary. I “We are now actively pursuing 9th Annual Barbados Charity Ball have started a petition, Stop Using The what our local group can do to held in Toronto on June 9, 2012 - N Word , on , continue with the important work a fundraising event to fund created an album, Stop Using The N we are all committed to and scholarships for Barbadian youths Word !, which is available on iTunes maintaining an active relationship attending Canadian universities and and a cloud. In the with the global women’s and colleges as well as in support cloud below you will find some movement. of healthcare programs in solutions and information on how to If you would like to get involved Barbados and Canada. with the group when it is access a ground breaking, youth Griffith, a born Barbadian and reconfigured you can contact friendly video. the late Winston Moxam lead Mary Scott at Filmmaker in Billy collaborated swann/sets/stop-using-the-n-word Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 20126
  7. 7. Editorial - Take One People were drinking, If music be the as well. Manitoba is festival country and we bobbing their heads to the music food of love, like there was no tomorrow. No play on. are fortunate that we never have to travel very far to enjoy them. Musicians one appeared to be in a hurry to Music is soul leave as Harris was joined on food and when sometime have to travel a distance to access this Prairie Town but Manitobans stage by some of Winnipeg’s old you get into it you forget the world favourites to jam out a solo tune and its problems. are music lovers at heart and the musicians keep on coming back again or accompany her on an If you did not attend any of the instrument. offerings of the Winnipeg Jazz and again. Former Winnipegger, June Pepper Walle Larson and Deanne festival you have missed Deano were fantastic on the sax, something special. But if you Harris was one of the people who returned to Manitoba to launch her CD really getting into the music. missed the Folk Festival you miss Now that’s what I call good old something extra-special but you with the help of Cherlyn Thompson her friend and business partner. fashion music and I could have would not want to miss sat there all night getting into to Folklorama, the biggest festival of June hit the scene just before the Jazz festival as she had to return to Toronto it. There is no stopping June its kind in Canada where people Harris when she is into her celebrate their cultures and make to participate in the Toronto Jazz festival and she gave her audience and groove with the bluze. some money for their organizations fans a treat at the Highway 75 Club. Toast to Guyana at GCO’s 46th Independence Banquet - Dr. Brian Archer I am indeed honoured to be giving a can see a spirit, a Jumbee, a Backoo, a If it ain’t genuine it could betoast to Guyana on this her 46th Moongazer or an Ole Higue. All of them fake, canta, or macaro. Guyaneseanniversary of Independence Our are bad, or as the Guyanese would say can school you on the subtleGuyanese culture and, Guyanese “dem a firetail tings”. differences.people. For we Guyanese say and do - The rest of the world sees a dragonfly. To our dear land of rivers andsome things which are totally different We Guyanese see a Palmfly plains, land of the…from everyone else in the world. - A person who eats a lot may be known - Beautiful Victoria RegiaMaybe it is the blending of so many as a glutton. Not in Guyana, yu have a …many waters…six races…theunique cultures; African, East Indian, laang belly or yu jus huungish. mighty Essequibo, Demerara, andAmerindian, Portuguese, Chinese, - A debonair man who is popular with the Berbice rivers…the powerfulBritish, Dutch, and English. Or the ladies may be referred to as a “Ladies’ Cayman…the Giantfact that we are essentially an isolated man”. In Guyana he is a Sagabuoy. Camoody…the Frisky Hassa…predominantly English speaking “non- - In Guyana there’s a big difference Melodious Kiskadee…Greatisland” island surrounded by the between plain rice, white rice, bare rice, Wallaba…the toweringAtlantic Ocean (North and North and shine rice. Greenheart…deliciousEast), Spanish Venezuela (North You too thin, Guyanese call you fine or Pepperpot…potent Piwari…theWest), Portuguese Brazil (South West maaga. Lord be with you if deh double or gigantic Arapaima…the mightyand South), and Dutch Suriname (East triple it up as in “de gurl jus get fine fine Roraima…and the thunderingand South East); or maybe a fine. You know things are really bad if deh Kaieteur.combination of all of the above. Some triple it up and add another multiplier likeexamples are: “de buoy jus fine fine fine so till” or “de- A frog in Canada would be a Crapo gurl jus fine fine fine till she pining way”.in Guyana. You have to be Guyanese to appreciate - The rest of the world sees a lizard the subtle difference between plain ole… we Guyanese see a Gangasaka. paggly, paggly paggly, and dosey or - While Canadians see a ghost, we packoo. Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 7 7
  8. 8. The Use of Freedom Quilts as Signals and Maps Along the Underground Railway The Use of Quilts as Signals and Maps Along the Underground Railway The Underground Pieces of fabric and thread to visit an exhibition of these beautiful Railway operated would be painstakingly threads of freedom that emerged from between 18:40 and transformed into rivers, lakes, one of the darkest periods of African 18:60 and was a trails, houses and other American History. support network guideposts and landmarks that By Joan Schroeder dedicated to safe produced colourful quilts used by passage and freedom the runaway slaves. Quilts also for slaves. The Fugitive Slave Act Wedding Bells served as guidelines for the slave passed in 1850, had made life Summer is the time for weddings and preparing to leave. A “plan” of increasingly miserable for escaped one of those weddings could not have action was often embedded in the slaves. The Act gave slave owners happened to a nicer young woman, quilt. There were signals to let a the right to hunt down and return Rashima Daniels Williams who was slave know when to start getting slaves even when they were on free wedded to Michael Williams witnessed ready for a journey in the form of soil. The Freedom Quilt was one by about 200 guests at the Fort Garry the “Wagon Wheel”. A “Shoofly” method used, with much success, to Hotel. pattern was code name for getting aid slaves in their escape to freedom. Like most brides she looked radiant, dressed, while “Tumbling Block” A look at many of the Freedom content and was surrounded by all the patterns meant it was time to start Quilts in museums today, while people that are important to her, mom the Journey. Other symbols also beautiful works of art, gives one a and dad, her beloved son Trayvon and helped the slaves survive on their sense of the horrors of slavery. But great friends and family friends who journey. The “Star” pattern these quilts also served a very crucial flew in from Florida, the Caribbean showed the passage north while a purpose. They held hidden maps that other parts of Canada. “Log Cabin” pattern meant were intricately treaded and patched The Wedding invitation specified a danger. into quilts. These maps serve as a black and white theme to match the The very popular story about guide to the fleeing slaves and their black and white décor in the reception Sweet Clara and the Freedom helpers. room. There were black and white Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson, is a During these times, whispers were peacock feathers which looked like true account of Clara, a house circulated about where a slave might palm trees that it a tropical feel. slave. After overhearing other travel to gain freedom. The Caribbean pan music played in the slaves talk about escaping if they underground Railway meant background during dinner and guests had a map, she used scraps to embarking upon arduous and were entertained by some high energy quilt a map of the land. Freedom dangerous expeditions from the dance moves by a professional dance quilts offered a sense of hope for South to Canada and the Northern group as well as some very talented many slaves. States. From shared stories passed young folks. These pieces of scraps when put around by slaves and from together, served as valuable information gathered on the signposts for the Underground plantation, slaves knew that their Railroad. The homes and hope lay north. This valuable businesses of abolitionist along information had to be documented in the Underground Railroad would a way that would not attract have been of little use to slaves, suspicion, and with tools that were had it not been for these accessible to slaves. Sewing was a freedom quilts to guide them. creative way to capture directions and Freedom quilts are an important codes for the benefit of runaway part of the African American slaves. experience and I encourage you Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 20128
  9. 9. Global Briefs LESRA MARTIN LITERACY Creflo ADVOCATE Lesra Martin, famous lawyer Martin is an avid advocate for Dollar who helped to free Hurricane literacy. Carter, wrongfully jailed for a Arrested crime he did not commit was in Winnipeg in April to give a hand Creflo Dollar, to Literacy Partners of Manitoba. founder and Martin has made a point of pastor of the giving back to the communityAtlanta-based megachurch World because the community of a fewChangers International, was arrested hippies from Toronto made himrecently and charged with simple what he is today. They took himbattery and child cruelty after he out from Brooklyn New York andallegedly attacked his 15-year-old set him on a path of higherdaughter. She claims her father threw education which has allowed himher to the ground, punched her in the to become the successful lawyerface, and hit her with a shoe, according that he is the police report. On the 911 tape, Carter gave a presentation at theshe also said that “it was not the first Centennial Library about thetime it’s happened.” Dollar’s 19-year- importance of literacy and encourage those adult learnersold daughter backs up her younger who have mastered the art ofsister’s claims. Mr. Dollar denied all reading and writing and encouragecharges. others to do the same Rashima, Trayvon and Michael Williams pose for the camera Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 9 9
  10. 10. African American Authors – Revisiting the Works of Richard Wright He was abandoned by think of his expressions. It is ostracized many times. He edited The his father, a former reported that he wrote the story Left Front, a communist publication, sharecropper, at an early while being bored in his class The New Masses, The Daily Worker, age. He was raised by at school. The story was and The New Challenge. His book his mother who was a published in three instalments “Native Son”, published in 1940 was school teacher. As a by a local black newspaper his first novel and earned the prestige young child, born on a called The Southern Register. of being the first Book of the Month plantation, he This would be the start of selection by a black American writer. developed the art of Richard Wright’s political and His autobiographical work, The Blackwriting, bred and nurtured by his personal writing career that saw many Boy, published 5 years later, vividlyand cultural experiences and sensitivities. books, essays, short stories and explored his early life, family conflictsRichard Wright became a renowned articles published until, and and racial discrimination by his whiteblack writer, and gained international even after, his death in 1960 at employers. Other novels includerecognition as a significant literary and the age of 52. In 1938, Richard “White Man Listen, 1957, and Longpolitical figure. But he had little honour Wright received national Dream in his own country and critics felt that he acclamation after he released On the political front, Wright was ahad become disconnected from his “Uncle Tom’s Children, a member of the Communist party butAfrican Roots. collection of four short stories his support for their rigid philosophy Richard Wright was born September which dealt with fictional waned. He however, continued to4th 1908 in Roxy Mississippi, the accounts of lynching and for adhere to leftist dogma after leavinggrandson of a slave. He experienced the which he garnered the the communist party. When he moveduntimely death of his uncle at the hands prestigious Guggenheim to Paris in 1947, he continued hisof whites. When he wrote his first short Fellowship. political activism on a morestory, entitled The Voodoo of Hell’s As editor and contributor of international level. His Novel “BlackHalf-Acre” At the tender age of 15 several publications, Richard power” was a fictional work dealingyears, he did not get much support Wright was fearless in the with the growth of new Africanfrom his family or his classmates, expression of his conscience, nations. His novels dealt with issues ofmany of whom didn’t know what to expressions that would see him poverty, race and disenfranchised people on an international level. Before his death, Wright had Can’t find a salon to do become an internationally renowned justice to your hair? writer and left behind several unfinished works. One of these; A Look no more! Father’s Law, was published as recently as January 2008. Wright wrote Les Touche Salon about life as he saw it and felt it at a time when intolerance was at its will send you satisfied everytime height. Even though Wright became a French citizen, this in no way should have been held against him. Today his 4-555 Balmoral Ave contributions to black history are being Hours: Mon. - Sat. revisited and it is about time. He left a 9 a.m - 7:00 p.m. legacy that will forever shed light on Phone: 947-5830 the African American experience as captured by the imagination of a literary genius. By Joan Schroeder Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 201210
  11. 11. Regulars Letter to my children hair for a special occasion might be afro texture — I had no intention of fine but making it appearing in the film. I felt I was an a permanent objective observer and really just lifestyle is setting wanted to highlight a growing us up for serious movement. (Of the 50 or so women I health problems struck up conversations with randomly later on in life. on the street, the vast majority hadMy dear children, Black hair is beautiful and gone natural within the last three unique. In all of the kingdoms of years.” She said being part of the film I read an editorial in the New York the Creator there is no hair like theTimes recently which left me smiling. It forced her to examine her own feel- Black hair except maybe for the ings about her hair than ever before.was by a prominent British Nigerian sheep - just a little . Instead ofdocumentary maker Zina Saro-Wiwa, the She said that this returning to roots appreciating the gift we have, we hair is like an evolutionary processdaughter of famous Nigerian author Ken try to be like every one else. If TheSaro-Wiwa. Her documentary, among Black women, not an angry Creator wanted us to be like movement but more an awakening toTransitions shines a light on the quiet everyone else we would have hadrevolution of the come back of natural self and to their health. straight hair. “Demonstrating this level of self-hairstyles. “When I set out to make a docu- What a relief. Hopefully black women acceptance represents a powerful mentary about black women who evolution in black politicalwould stop killing themselves with the are “transitioning” — cutting offvarious chemicals we use to keep our expression.” It is time. It is beautiful. their chemically straightened hair May you be one of those straight. Maybe straightening one’s and embracing their natural kinky Love, mom Global CounsellorDear Globacounsellor, know anything about Rastafarian young for that. Older women maybe I am a 25 year old white Canadian but as far as I can tell there is no have to settle but you can findgirl and my boyfriend is a 32 year old such rule about marriage. What someone who shares your beliefs andRastafarian Jamaican born man. We’ve do you think I should do, I am values so cut your losses and be onbeen going out for about three years assuming you understand this your way. A man who gets angryand practically live together. The culture better than I do. Thank easily does not impress me either.problem is my boyfriend does not you for your help.believe in marriage. He says it isagainst his religion. I think this is a Seekerway for him to not commit to me fully. Dear Seeker, Some say the glassI believe in marriage and when I tell I don’t understand Rastafarian is half empty, somehim I think we should split up and go religion but clearly there is a say the glass is halfour separate ways he gets really mad problem here. This man is notand I think one of these days he will prepared to give you what you full, I say, are youhit me. I told him I have three crazy want. I think you have to findbrothers who will kill anyone who someone who will. Don’t settle going to drink that?harmed me and I think that’s what for anything less than what youkeeping his hands to his side. I don’t are looking for. You are too Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 11 11
  12. 12. In Your Back Yard 15 Years and Going CMARD Coffee House on Racism Premier Greg Selinger and Strong Healthy Living, Seniors and Neither rain nor sleet could have Consumer Affairs Minister Jim stopped the supporters of the Rondeau presented 10 Horace Patterson Foundation’s outstanding Grade 12 students (HPF) annual fundraising walk-a- with the Premier’s Healthy thon from participating its 15th Living Award for Youth at a year’s walk a thon on Saturday ceremony at the Legislative June 4, 2012 at the St. Vital Park Building: which raised more than $2000.00 The working group of The Canadian that will go towards the scholarship Betelhem Chala, Elmwood High Municipalities Against Racial fund to help students with their School, Winnipeg; Discrimination (CMARD) composed of Michelle Coupland, Boissevain representatives from a cross section of G post-secondary studies. School, Boissevain; and NGOs including, the Manitoba Diehards were walking with their Israa Elgazzar, Kelvin High Human Rights Commission and Dept. of umbrellas and raincoats but they Canadian Heritage, that operates under School, Winnipeg; made it. the umbrella of the City of Winnipeg Marie-Rose Hanyurwim-fura, Even though you did not walk, Equity and Diversity Committee headed Nelson McIntrye Collegiate, you can still make a pledge to the by Councillor Mike Pagtakhan held its Winnipeg; Foundation that would go towards first Coffee House style conversation Brayden Harper, Kildonan East about racism at Sam’s Place in May 2012 the scholarships. Collegiate, Winnipeg; with invited guests from community Last year the Foundation offered James Harper, Dakota Collegiate, organizations and government 9 scholarships and each year the Winnipeg; departments. The speakers were: with amount increases because the Keith Johnson, Teulon Collegiate, special greetings from Mr. Jerry Wood, Foundation is able to generate more Teulon; Chair of the Manitoba Human Rights fund through its fundraising efforts. Emily Klekta, Swan Valley Commission Board. The goal of the “Our vision is to offer larger evening was to raise the racism topic with Regional Secondary School, scholarship amounts to more youth informed research followed by Swan River; discussions among participants. It was each year,” said the President, Mrs. Alana Robert, St. Mary’s a successful first attempt. Mr. Osei-Bonsu DaCosta. Academy, Winnipeg; and who staffs the CEC Committee Jeremy Ryant, West Kildonan promised there will be more such coffee Immigrant Stories Collegiate, Winnipeg. houses on racism in the future. IWAM - Immigrant Women’s Association of Manitoba Inc. and Sarsvati Productions have partnered “These young Manitobans are to produce Immigrant Stories making a difference in many ways, which will be staged September 20 from the promotion of physical and 22, 2012 at the Asper Centre activity, healthy eating and for Theatre, 4 00 Colony Street. prevention of chronic disease, to Jackie Halliburton and Denyse Lambert Funding for this project was helping prevent bullying, addictions (above) Counc. Mike Pagtakhan speaks provided by New Horizons and gang participation,” with Jerry Woods MHRC Chair. Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 201212
  13. 13. Life Without Black People - The Annual List of Inventions MARRIAGE POTENTIALEinstein said that we only use 10% of our intellectual capacity - Unknownlikewise, we only use 10% of our potential in marriage. Darkness all around you, We can develop the 90% Light fading away,1. Be prepared to adapt wisely to changes. I can’t see my own feet front of me,2. Work on yourself not your spouse. Lights turning off once in time,3. Common goals and values are needed. I’m alone in cold lonely place.4. Commitment to growth is essential.5. Develop communications skills. When I breath out,6. Use conflicts creatively. I can see my own breath,7. Show appreciation and affection for each other. In coldest of the night,8. Agree on gender roles. Darkness doesn’t scare me,9. Cooperate and work as a team. Only my fears does.10. Strive for sexual fulfillment.11. Manage money well. I can hear footsteps,12. Be effective parents, 24 hours daily. Coming closer and closer,13. Learn to make decisions wisely. I can hear my heart beat,14. Learn to deal with anger and frustration. I know I’m not alone.15. Be a part of a couples’ growth group.16. Evaluate your marriage periodically. Something truly out there,17. Communicate, communicate and communicate. My eyes can’t not see,18. Save some of your kisses for the after the wedding reception. Is not unknown. By Samantha Duncan, Winnipeg,19. Do not associate with too many divorced persons or you may Manitoba get into the “Divorce Cluster” Group.20. Love, even when you do not understand each other. WORD SCRAMBLE Guess Who Contest Winner Synnu olycdu Congratulations to Lisa Hackettwho was the first of many callers to leracphone in with the correct name and yogfginformation about our first winner wamrof the Guess Who contest! oolc It was a photograph of Audrey nywdiGordon the former ExecutiveDirector of the Multiculturalism ncaruhrieSecretariat. Many of you would olyecnhave dealt with Audrey during your erspursefunding application process and ahlialso you might have caught herbringing greetings at cultural Thanks to Royle Derbitsky, niarfunctions on behalf of the Financial Planner at Investor’s All these words haveDepartment of Multiculturalism. Group for donating the prize. something to do with theAnd here is what Lisa won! weather Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 13 13
  14. 14. POEMS FROM THE HEART by Neil Pitambar EPIC STRANGE Her knees were swollen There is a fire underneath my PRIME (It’s not so much I meant to stare) eyelids Her eyes glowing softly Have to stay closed to keep my awe A head full of space debris Under birds’ nest of wet black hair From spreading over you A mouth of thin sour saliva Lightning in her wake I remember when we were small, And frothy-sweet foam... Swinging from cloud to cloud and An archer’s elbow or tendonitis In jungle dense thick of night How you dreamt it all The long and tall Round out the usual syndromes... She moves her mouth... I closed my eyes tight The shorter end of things fell Suffers me little to smile about upon you To draw a diaphragm ’Invite me s’in for a ‘pot of tea?’ When you withdrew (your My pen finger felt too supple Releasing my grip on the knob breath) Red ink dried to rhino purple I motion, ‘Yes,’ but reluctantly... It doesn’t feel the way I used to This body LYFE These bones If there really is some conduit The borrowed sense of freedom From futility to hope An atomic scope of cryptograms I’ve a Vonne feeling in my Gut With Where there are mirrors No trail(okya) to send me home... There will be smoke... Prime is who I am Have so many things I speak of And not the others... So many questions left starved You may If I pursue what will happen even fall in my memory When the problems’ solved?... Living on and on to never fail me Will we reap or rape like kings Falling and failing The impoverished mounds of Were so differently alike, tell me INFINITE Covet-cious mouth and mind? Will you have me live on too...? Will you agree Earth is sinking Joyce to the world! When we had juice in our veins Something comes from Nutting! Hopeless-sapiens incipient to And the audacity (!) to complain I swear listening to you is as excruciating Disintegration by own design? Were re-bells with whistles, too! As keeping wake while James peddles on Place your own fut- in -ure mouth Until the day He returned for you A finer point of madness with Finnegan Divide the idea as much you like And wouldn’t let me come along Featherless paratroping with im-prosition... (But I’ll be soon along...) Ran past two just yesterday but metaphor You can wash the truth with a lye Waste of time, Eliot? (Not a waste of land) An alternate spelling yet so alike... All tax collected put towards our future syn Twitchbells, bells, bells fallen on the porch Optimystic prefers the pace of sinking sand... MENTAL CRASH Good hell-th stricken hard by amor fati-gue (strum) I knew it wouldn’t last A slavepiece due its restricted use of colour ...Sitchin in front the looking glass (strum) Currie is spicy (Radioactive? Don’t believe!) I have found A-liss a-tlas(t)... ...She knew before they could I cannot sleep at the edge of the sea But there is a sign marked ‘No Wake’ She’s not same as she used to be tell Though ask anything of me Too much time has passed Every night contusions swell Do not ask me for anything Now she’s a girl I Nibiru... Every night confusion swells As having given you much thought The whole systems’ crashed She had a system crash... I have found the con- in -template... I knew it wouldn’t last... (strum) I’ve never made it ‘past’ Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 201214
  15. 15. Are We There Yet? off of the Euro 2012 soccer This summer as we go around the A lot has been accomplished within Province and our city Winnipeg,the last century with regard to making tournament in the Ukraine should serve as such a reminder taking in the sights and sounds andthe world we live in more humane and enjoying the many attractions andmore tolerant of the diversity of us that we are not there yet. Aluta ontinua…the battle continues. festivities that come with thehumans. It has been no easy feat, and season, let us be grateful for whatwe owe a lot of the successes in this Keeping things in perspective however, we definitely still have has been accomplished here. Let usarea to the sacrifices of past and present bask in the warmth of the seasonday advocates for social justice. reasons to celebrate how far we have come. Generally speaking, and of the many good people of our We all have the natural tendency to city. We must however never forgetrelax after every success, to rest on our the world has become more accepting of diversity. Most to continue to be advocates of truth,oars, so to speak. However, there are justice and equality for all, andalways those incidents time and again people in civilized societies are more willing to embrace the never tire of pickingthat should at least serve the purpose of up our armsreminding us that the battle for social differences of others, and more willing to work together for the whenever the needjustice for all can never end. We must arises.keep the flame burning, keep speaking common good. I find this to beout against injustice and advocating for the case for many Manitobans. Ithe equality of all human beings. The am told that this was not the caserecent incidents of racism at the kick two or three decades ago in By: Lara Badmus Manitoba. Guyanese Cultural Organization celebrates Annual Tea Dressed for tea - Mrs. & Mr SamppsonGuyanese Tea is an annual affair love and care that we all can use What more can make a birthdaywhere people get dressed up as Mr. & a bit of every now and then. At more special to a mother? We hopeMrs. Sampson (r) up and join their this year Tea Mrs. Doris Kitt Mother Kitt lives to see quite a fewfellow Guyanese and other friends to a celebrated her 80 something more birthdays in great spirit andcup of delicious tea and goodies birthday and she had the health.properly served by volunteer tea birthday song sung for her and apourers. It gives that special touch of kiss from her eldest son Calvin. Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 15 15
  16. 16. Helzi Sy - An Immigrant Success story My first encounter with Hlezi was as an Employment Counsellor with Immigrant Women Employment Counselling Service. She came to do a presentation to the clients of Immigrant Women’s Association of Manitoba, Inc. Hlezi was impressive, highly qualified and articulate. The mention of her name in the African community elicits commendations such as “very brilliant,” “very qualified”, “very successful in her field.” These are not over-dramatic statements. Hlezi is all of that and more. She is quiet, unassuming and there’s a definite air of humility about her and her soft spokenness draws one in. My second encounter recently I learned she is the Manager, Sector Research and Analysis at Agriculture Canada where she was recently recognized for reaching her 15 year milestone with the federal public service.Hlezi was missing in action for a few years. I learned she had moved to Mexico but now she is back and Iaccidentally bumped into her and the rest is history. I suggested an article and she willingly agreed. I hope herstory will inspire you to reach your life goals.BW: How long have you lived in BW: Do you have a family here? the counsellor I met with asked me toCanada? HS Husband and 2 kids plus lot apply for a position with them. I did, gotHS: 23 years of relatives throughout North the job and stayed there for 2 years.BW: What is your country of Origin? America Because my degree is in AgriculturalHS: Zimbabwe BW: How often do you go back Economics, I stayed plugged into thatBW: Why Canada? home to visit family and friends and network through the Manitoba InstituteHS: At the time, the International when it’s time to leave, how do you for Agrologists. At one of their meetings,Development Research Centre (IDRC), a feel? I met a manager from the Royal Bank andCanadian organization, was giving HS Every couple of years. It’s networked my way into a job with thescholarships for graduate studies and the U hard to leave loved ones but I also bank. Again, I worked for RBC for 2of M had the program I wanted. I also look forward to coming back to my years. That whole time, I kept anhappened to meet the gentleman who later home and family here in Winnipeg updated resume in the Public Servicebecame my advisor when he came to especially when I travel alone. Commission database. One day I got aZimbabwe so that made my choice a little BW: I know you currently work for call to interview for a market analysteasier. the federal government. For many position. It was only for six months but IBW: Sounds like you came with a immigrants landing that first job is very still left my permanent RBC job for theBachelor’s degree, was it recognized? difficult, what nuggets of experience term because I knew that would be myHS: Yes I went into a Masters can you share for their benefit? foot in the door. Once I was in theprogram with a Zimbabwean degree HS: My first job was with federal government, I had access to a lotBW: What was the most challenging Immigrant Women’s Employment more job openings so I applied andadjustment you had to make in your new Counselling Services (IWECS). I eventually landed a permanent went there seeking help to look for a BW: So networking is important.HS: The cold! job. Towards the end of my meeting, Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 201216
  17. 17. Having a mentor was key to her successHS: For me, networking is the mostimportant tool I use whether I’m looking for rather than operational which is from where you left off in terms of youra job or looking to move up. We need to where I’m at right now. career development – what is the secret? Ishelp each other as a community. Ask for BW: What kinds of supports it competence, luck, excellent qualificationshelp, and if you have a bad experience once would you need to get there? or being at the right place at the right time?with asking for help, try someone else. Do HS: A mentor is key, career HS: All of that. I am very grateful thatnot overlook Canadian friends and plan and varied work assignments. after a five year absence I made a smoothcolleagues, they are very supportive. BW: How can immigrants help transition back to work. I get support fromBW: What is the most satisfying job each other in the area of work? my husband and kids first and foremost,you’ve held so far? There are many people looking for but I also have colleagues and friends whoHS: My favourite job by far was at work outside of their fields because have supported me by keeping me abreastIWECS. There is nothing more satisfying their qualifications are not of opportunities. When the opportunitiesthan helping another immigrant find their recognized. Do you have any tips to presented themselves, I made sure that Iway and become successful. I still run into share? was as prepared as I could be.former clients and some of them have HS: For the most part, as BW: What is the most rewarding aboutbecome very successful. immigrants, we have to get living in Winnipeg?BW: Do you see the glass ceiling and/or Canadian qualifications. Even HS: The strong bonds I have formedthe colour bar to reaching your career goals? when you come highly qualified with friends and family. I always think ofHS: Regardless of where you are, there from your own country, investing in it as having my Diaspora family here inwill always be narrow minded and open six to nine months at a community Canada in addition to the family I left inminded people. I try to seek out open college might mean the difference Zimbabwe.minded people as coaches and mentors who between full employment (working BW: Do your children like living inwill lead me to opportunities where my in your area of specialization) and Canada, do they ever talk about thecompetencies are valued. This is not to say under employment (doing work for extended family?that there have been no obstacles in my which you are over qualified). The HS: They do. They were born here socareer path, just that I choose not to dwell on other suggestion I have is to be Canada is their home. We visit family orthat. Instead I focus on the opportunities I willing to take an entry level they visit us so the children do talk abouthave had and on learning from successful position just to get your foot in the them, and to their relatives.immigrants. door. Once you are in, work hard BW: Does Canada/Winnipeg feel likeBW: Recently you chaired a very to get to where you think you should home? Or do you still feel like animportant conference in the federal public be. immigrant?service? How did you land that role and what BW: You were missing in action HS: Yes it feels like home. Winnipegdid you learn from it? for some time would you like to tell is the place I have lived the longest as anHS: I was co-emcee for the National us what took you away and what adult.Managers Community Professional brought you back? BW: Thank you so much for thisDevelopment Forum. This is an annual HZ: My husband was on a work inspiring conversation. All the best inevent for federal public service managers assignment in Mexico and I was able future years to you and your family.across Canada. To be emcee, I had to to take a five year leave of absence.submit an expression of interest. After being We came back for two main reasons.short listed, I was interviewed by a four I needed to carry on with my careerperson board. I had to make an impromptu and I was not able to do that fully inpresentation to the board. At the end of the Mexico even though I did have theinterview I had to provide the names of three opportunity to work briefly. We alsopeople who had seen me speak in front of came back, to Winnipeg specificallylarge groups of people. This last part was because we consider this to be ourimportant because the forum I emceed was home in the Diaspora. We couldattended by 1100 managers. have easily gone to other parts ofBW: That is very impressive. Where do Canada. The opportunities wereyou see yourself in the next five years in your there but we are very attached to our community here. Yes, despite the Jocelyn Beaudette (Director, Programcareer? Planning and Administrative PolicyHS: I would like to be in senior cold. (laugh) Integration) presents Hlezi Sy (Manager,management in the next five years, where I BW: Yes, Winnipeg grows on us. Sector Research & Analysis) with her 15am focusing more on strategic type issues It seems that you have picked up year Service Award. Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 17 17
  18. 18. HEALTHWISE Fruit Salsa and sugar until onion is a deep 1 navel orange, unpeeled brown color, 15 to 20 minutes. and sliced 1/4 in. thick · 1 basket of strawberries* Reduce heat to medium; add 1 star fruit, sliced width- · 1 ripe avocado* wise (1/4in). garlic, chile pepper, ginger, and · 1/2 of a big melon* curry powder. Stir constantly to Method · 1 red bell pepper incorporate, about 5 minutes. In a large punch bowl, combine the · 1 little red onion Increase heat to medium-heat mandarin wedges and their juice, · 1 clove of garlic and stir 1 can vegetable broth mango, strawberries, pineapple and · the juice from one lime into the onion mixture. Scrape maraschino cherries. Add the · a little bit of salt up any vegetables or curry coconut extract, mixed essence, First, wash everything except the powder stuck to the bottom of bitters and rum. Refrigerate for at onion. Remove skins, seeds or any the pot with a wooden spoon. least an hour. other inedible bits. Cut everything Add lentils and remaining 1 can into small pieces, all about the size Pine Tarts of vegetable broth; cook until of your little fingernail. Mix all the pieces together in a bowl. Pour on 2 cans crushed pineapple the lime juice. Put the garlic in a Sugar - depends how sweet you want it garlic press and squeeze it into the 1 large egg bowl. If you like it hot, you can add Pastry 1/2 of a jalapeno pepper, chopped 1 lb (16 oz) flour very fine. Salt to taste, remembering 1/2 lb (8 oz) of Crisco shortening that most chips are salted. Method Drain most of the liquid from the Vegetarian Offering pineapple in the cans, then empty the cans lentils are tender, about 30 into a pot. Add sugar till the sweetness is Curried Lentils minutes. Stir cilantro into lentils desired to your taste. before serving. Boil the pineapple on a medium fire until Ingredients the juice is absorbed but the fruit is not dry. Stir often to avoid burning. Put aside 1/4 cup canola oil Caribbean Rum Punch to cool. 1 large onion, diced Recipe. Prepare the pastry: mix the flour and 2 carrots, peeled and diced Ingredient: shortening together until the mixture salt and ground black pepper to taste 1 14-ounce can mandarin becomes crumbly like bread crumbs. 1/2 teaspoon white sugar orange wedges with juice Then, as you mix with your hands, add 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 small mango, peeled and small amounts of ice cold water as needed, 1 fresh chile pepper, minced chopped or and knead until the flour mixture becomes 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger 1 cup frozen ripe mango soft and doughy. 3 tablespoons curry powder 1 cup fresh or frozen Break off 1½ inch balls and roll out into 2 (14 ounce) cans vegetable broth, strawberries, sliced thin rounds. Put an amount of the pineapple mixture divided 1 cup fresh or canned pineapple in the center of each round, and then close 1 cup lentils chunks the pastry over the filling to form a 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro, or 1/4 cup maraschino cherries triangle-shaped tart. Use a fork to pinch more to taste 1/2 tsp. coconut extract the corners shut. 1/4 tsp. mixed essence Beat the egg in a bowl and brush it on top Directions 2 tsp. Angostura bitters of the pine tarts. Heat canola oil in a Dutch oven over 1 cup dark rum? Put the tarts in an oven preheated to medium-high heat; cook and stir 2 cups passion fruit 350°F, and bake for 20 - 25 minutes or onion, carrots, salt, black pepper, 4 cups ginger ale or ginger beer until done. 2 cups sparkling white Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 201218
  19. 19. Leg Up Nominate a Girl The United Nations has declared October 11, 2012 to be the First “International Day of the Girl” Laurel Wright, Monica to provide an opportunity to Rhiney and Violet Clacken Battle of the Gospel Choirs Pilgrim Baptist (PB) recognize young women around the world as important citizensMr. George Church of Winnipeg,Jarvis, and powerful voices of change. sponsored its first annualPastor, PBC The Manitoba Status of Womenwith mentor “Battle of the Choirs” in March 2012 as its will be holding a special event,P a s t o rCornish contribution to Black hosted by the Minister of Family History. Five choirs Services and Labour, to registered but four got celebrate this important cold throats at the last occasion. We are seeking minute leaving one choir nominations for girls ages 12 to standing - Pilgrim 17 from across the province to Baptist Choir and the participate. Twenty girls will be natural winner of the selected to join us for a fun and competition. interactive day that will feature a Conducted by Mr. Bruce keynote speaker(s), local Tynes, the choir, entertainment, and the Pilgrim Baptist Choir entertained the audience opportunity for the girls to to a half hour of great interact with members of the singing and received on Legislative Assembly. There is the spot vital coaching no cost for the selected young from the three judges of women and their chaperones to the event: Cynthia Wahl, Stuart Sladden and Dr. attend. Nomination deadline is Charles Horton. August 15, 2012. Please visit The audience was also index.html to download introduced to Mr. nomination forms or call the George Jarvis, the new Manitoba Status of Women at pastor of PB Church who (204) 945-6281 for more handed out prizes to the winning choir as well as information. Call Today. Judges to Pastor Layne and Pastor Cornish with 2nd and 3 rd prizes a respecttively. Pastor Jarvis recognize Pastor I learned that when you are Cornish as his spiritual willing to make sacrifices father and mentor for for a great cause, you will more than 10 years. One never be alone, because and all are welcomed to you will have divine attend services at the companionship and the Church. support of good people. Cynthia Wall, Stuart Sladden and Dr. Charles Horton Corretta Scott King Officer Sheppard and Sandra Housen Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 2012 19 19
  20. 20. Zizi - The Continuing Story Zizi tried to get her head around all it come from him and it will” loved to bake and growing boys that she was hearing. She felt as if she Okay. Well why don’t we go love to have treats and she made was standing of shifting sands of beliefs over to Brenda to see the boys. I sure they had better treats than and that the people around her were like miss them. They keep me store bought treats. shadows going in and out of shades. grounded and I’ve been getting “The boys will be very happy Her head was spinning. Her only reality phone calls - they want me to tonight. They’re Canadians - love was Leyroy. She knew whatever he told come over or they want a sleep to eat out. We’re old time her was true and that he was truly over. Maybe we’ll go and bring Guyanese and prefer our own watching her back. them back with us.” cooking” What is the involvement with Mr. “That’s fine with me. Me and “Sometimes we need a break Daniels and Johnny? Was Mr. Daniels the boys could play some from the kitchen. I am looking playing her or was he a double agent. computer games” forward to seeing the boys” Zizi’s active imagination was working “What about me - when you Zizi told Leyroy the plans overtime dreaming up all kinds of guys get caught up with that changed and he was excited about scenarios. thing, I cease to exist.” it too. He loved pizza and who “Why didn’t Danny let on that he “Well, what’s wrong with doesn’t Zizi thought. knew Johnny?” you learning to play the games - “I’ll spilt the bill with you Zizi. “Beats me.” Leyroy said rubbing his get involved man” When you take me there they treat chin thoughtfully “I’m sure there’s a “We’ll see. I’m going to us like Royalty and I’d like to good reason. Danny is a straight up phone Brenda now and see if return the favour.” guy. I trust him with everything I got.” she’s going to be home before “When you put it that way, how “Me too and I hate myself for we start making grand plans.” can I refuse. Thank you Ley. I questioning what this could mean?” Zizi made the call and Brenda think it’d be good for us to spend “That’s natural” was excited that they would get some time with the boys - they are “So what do we do now?” together. Zizi decided that so much fun and I feel like my old “Let’s wait and see for a while... instead of going over, she’d self when I am with them.” something’s gonna give and people will invite them all at Boston Pizza, “Would it be okay to bring my start talking” the boy’s favourite and then son along as well?” “My gut feeling is to go straight to afterwards they can go to their “Of course I want to get to Danny and ask him what’s going on house for desserts. She knew know him a lot better.” that I need to be in the loop.” Brenda always have something “He thinks the world about you, “Don’t think that is a good idea. Let sweet at the house because she just like his dad.” Nahlah Ayed’s Kockout Book-launch Nahlah Ayed, author of “A Thousand of the province and said Win- Farewells” and CBC reporter who covered nipeg is home to her and it is most of the Middleast news from the field, always a pleasure to be back. packed the house at McNally Robinson Ayed read beautifully and recently at her book launching event. answer questions from the Former Winnipegger and former audience from a platform on Churchill High student, Ayed’s ties to the floor leading up to the Winnipeg remains strong with her parents Children’s Section. and only brother for whom Winnipeg is The books at the store were still home. sold out and many left bearing Ayed spoke like a true Winnippegger IOU’s with Ayed’s signature. who appreciate the beauty and diversity Terry MacLeod was the MC for the book launch. Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 201220
  21. 21. Global Eyes Magazine Summer Edition 201221 21