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Remembering Comrade Wade Kojo Williams                                                                       Williams in  ...
Reflection   Beatrice WatsonWhile we celebrate with loved ones and       darkness in the hearts of these          Maybe th...
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Editorial - Take One                       Cde Wade             could deny his tremendous                the members so th...
Congress of Black Women’s Work Recognized by MLA Bonnie                       Mitchelson in the House of Commons          ...
Lost Lyrics wins Award                               Girl in Science                                           Diaspora Ne...
My recollections of Christmas in Guyana   Black cake, pepperpot, garlic pork,                                            m...
RegularsMy dear children,                                            Letter to my children    Christmas has come to symbol...
In Your Back Yard                                                                             Canada World Youth          ...
Bridging the gap between the motherland and Diaspora AfricanOur African ancestors are dancing withdelight at the coming to...
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Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201215                                          15
From the Kitchen Corner                                                         Letter to the Editor                      ...
Obedience my friend, not sacrifice                        Making a difference to those lessTo the Book of Life I turn     ...
HEALTHWISE          nutmeg. Then add in theGinger Beer - Tastes Good                    •        Let the beer ferment at  ...
Leg Up                                                                                              Laureland was granted ...
Zizi - The Continuing Story   “Are you ready?”                “I never said a word to her                      perfect, wh...
POEMS by Neil PitamberYOUTH IN REVOLT                             Will it (need a) shrink?                     There are s...
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
Global eyes magazine   holiday edition 2012
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Global eyes magazine holiday edition 2012


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Holiday Edition of the Global Eyes Magazine December 2012.

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Global eyes magazine holiday edition 2012

  1. 1. global eyes 4thQUARTERDecember 2012 Manitoba African and Caribbean Quarterly MagazineNew Horizon Band Diversity equalsringing in the season -Mr. Fernandes sang arendition of Nat King InclusionCole`s Christmas Song Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Boyd Barrett ties the knot with long time sweetheart Diane Omoniyi New Horizon Band Bridegrooms and bridesmaids all in a rowCde. Wade Kojo Williams1949-2012 HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OUR READERS
  2. 2. Remembering Comrade Wade Kojo Williams Williams in were suffering from perceived or many real racism in our community, conversations knew they could call on Wade that while I anytime and he would go to bat admired him I for them. There are not many did not like some like Wade around. of the ways in His imposing stature carried which he over in his psychic stature as resolved or well. He was towering in voice provoked and passion and made people sit conflicts. He was up and listen. a man who did A long-time community not live his life activist who fought for people based on the in the local African and good opinions of Caribbean community, joined in others and that solidarity with other according to communities that faced Maslow is one of discrimination, a man initiated the attributes of amd organized Black History an actualized person. Those of Month every February for a us who want to quarter-century has left us in a be liked and say hurry to his eternal home. He things that make will be terribly missed. May his others like us even though we may not soul rest in peace. I think there is consensus in ourcommunity that Comrade Wade Kojo believe in it are the diplomats and there isWilliams Sr. championed the cause of room for all kinds when it comes tojustice and equality especially justice for commumity building.Black people and those similarly situated. In community building we needAs a writer once said at the end of the people on the front lines and people inday we have to ask ourselves, “Have I the backroom and people to do damagelived, have I made a difference and have I control. Wade was definitely a frontloved?” To all three of these questions liner. He sounded the call and peopleCde. Williams would have no trouble listened. Our political leaders a resounding yes. Even though Chief of Police Devon As Pastor Layne said at Cde Williams Clunis has achieved his success throughviewing at Richfield Church you either his hard work and dedication to policeloved Wade or you hated him. Even service, credit also must be given to Cdethough there are a lot of people on either Williams who pounded on the door ofside of the fence I think the common the Mayor and the Chief of Police forground has to be that he made a years and stressed need for Black policedifference, he was passionate about Black officers in the force. He helped to breakliberation and he was fearless in his down barriers. He took cases on behalfcriticism of anyone whom he saw as of people to the Human Rightsstanding in the way of what is rightfully Commission and according to him wereBlacks. successful. Cde. Williams took on the toughest Cde. Wade Kojo Williams I admired the man even though I jobs for the underdog. People who - The Calypso Monarchpersonally have discussed with Cde Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 20122
  3. 3. Reflection Beatrice WatsonWhile we celebrate with loved ones and darkness in the hearts of these Maybe this is the year you willfamily say a silent prayer for those who people may life and a little light feel the fear and do it anyway .are in some unfortunate situations at this may shine through and touch their Make a difference. We all will betime, some may know no peace, who are hearts in a special way. There is the better for it.trapped in the prison of domestic powerful energy in thoughts bothviolence, who have lost their children to for the thinker and those thoughtthe Child Welfare System or to sex about.predators, people who live in refugee Are there people who are shut-camps waiting, waiting for their day of ins, senior citizens who has nofreedom to come, children who would children around? Can you reachnot see a meal or receive any presents. out to some of these people letThink of them and then be grateful that them know that they are caredyou do not have to face any of the above about.circumstance. There are so many gifts of theIf we each say a silent prayer we may heart that money cannot buy thanraise the vibration in the world and you can offer to your fellowman.maybe for that day, for that hour, the Five Qualities of Effective Leaders capable of, because at all points in 12 things I want you to think about Do not grumble when others get this year." You really want to givepromoted and you dont. You need to our lives we get put on the hot seat in stressful situations. These CEOs them one, two or three becausefind out what they are doing right and thats what people can remember.copy that. New York Times editor Adam had faced down that adversity, and there was that quiet confidence. On those days, CEOs really earnBryant has interviewed more than 200 their paycheck if they can take aCEOs for his Corner Office column. They knew what they were capable of. very complicated portfolioHere is a distillation of what he company and say, "These are thediscovered. The third one is team smarts, which is the organizational three things that matter." The first [quality] is passion and The last one is fearlessness,curiosity. That really refers to a deep equivalent of street smarts.... You have a good antenna for meeting which is really just a bias towardsense of engagement with the world -- a action -- not recklessness, but aquestioning mind. [People who exhibit dynamics and a good sense of how to bring people together. willingness to take risks and to seethis quality] are interested in people, things that need to be turned upsideinterested in things. When they go into a The fourth one is what I call a simple mindset, and that really down or inside out to besituation, they try to figure out, "How improved. The CEOs that Ivedoes this work and how can it be made refers to the ability to distill a lot of information down into the one interviewed had reverence in theirto work better?" voices when they talk about this The second one is battle-hardened or two or three things that matter. When you stand up in front of a quality of fearlessness.confidence, which really refers to (Knowledge @Wharton,having a track record of facing down group of employees, you dont want to say to them, "These are the December 2012)adversity and knowing what youre Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 3 3
  4. 4. Poetry By Neil p21 Subscribe Today P2 Remembering Cde Name:_________________________________________________________ Wade K. Williams Address:________________________________________________ p3 - Effective Leadership Postal Code_______________ p7 CEC Open House Phone:_______________________ p9 Diaspora News Email address:_______________________ p10 Christmas memories Support Global Eyes Magazine if you think p13 Diane & Boyd we’re doing a good job. p14 Margaret’s Birthday Subscription: $15.00 per year for 4 issues. I Would like to receive upcoming event p15 Shirley’s Kitchen notices from the Caribbean/Black/larger community - by email or by phone (YES/NO) p17 Making a Difference Mail cheque/Money Order to: Global Eyes Magazine p18 Yisa Akinbolaji 671 Rathgar Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 p20 Drink? don’t Drive p21 Eritrean Advocacy Global Eyes is an independent magazine devoted to p23 Employment Equity promoting cultural awareness of the African and Caribbean communities of Manitoba and to highlight the p24 Parenting Tips issues and concerns of these communities. It also aims and promoting cultural diversity and appreciation. Its p26 CCOM Seniors Award mandate is to be a quarterly publication featuring articles, p27 MHRC Awards and the achievements of local, national and international personalities that are of interest to the African/Caribbean P28 Strangers in New community, promoting healthy living by providing health Homeland Conference tips and recipes as well as editorials with African/Carib- bean sensibilities and letters to the editor. The Magazine is P30 Piecing together produced under a volunteer editorial committee that assists with proof-reading, publicity and distribution. Memories 30 IN THIS ISSUE Regulars: ATTENTION GEM would like to invite stories about Briefs p6 Cde Wade Kojo Williams for the Black Letter to my children p11 History Month Edition- it could be a poem, an experience anything that Global Counselor p11 would help us celebrate the life of this Gaffin wid Buddyp26 giant who lived among us. Please call 477-155 if you want to discuss your Healthwise 18 article before writing it.: Deadline - Zizi the continuing story p20 February 15, 2013. Thanks. Leg Up p19 Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 20124
  5. 5. GLOBAL EYES MAGAZINE Police Chief Devon Clunis and GEM’s Regular ContributorsEditor: Beatrice Watson Manitoba Human RightsDistributed to local businesses, and in Commission Chair, Jerry Woods atWinnipeg and via email to individuals the wrap-up of the RCAPS Projectin Manitoba and former Manitobans in where Chief Clunis and two othervarious parts of the world. members of the Winnipeg Police services promised to work withTo receive Global Eyes by mail please communities to combat crime.send a cheque for $15.00 to:Global Eyes Magazine Congratulation to Human671 Rathgar Avenue Rights Commitment Neil Pitamber,Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 Award Winners Caribbean ShieldPhone: 204-477-1588 A prolific writer, and owner, Caribbean ShieldAll contents are (c) 2011 and may notbe reprinted without the express orwritten consent of the author or Editor.Out and About Lara Badmus, LLB Discipline Counsel The Law Society of Manitoba This beautiful glass scuplture was commissioned especially for the Human Rights Commitment Awards Winners 2012. See Story on p27 Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 5 5
  6. 6. Briefs Local Challenge Info UN Women Moving Racism Challenge to Forward Youth (Take the Challenge and win Members of the former UN cash prizes) Women are planning another meeting in January to look at It’s time to speak up on racism options for continuing to work and discrimination in our together. There is a possibility a society. It affects everyone, but new organization that could be ignoring it won’t make it go linked to the Institute for away. International Women’s RightsWab Kinew questions youths about their Take the React to Racism would be considered, accordingexperiences. L-R Wab Kinew, Nikki Spence, Challenge. Tell us how racism to Mary Scott’s advisory.Behnam Belzxael & Brennan Lundie has affected you and offer up Marilou McPhedran, former some ideas on what we can do to Principal of the Global College is On December 4th a group of end discrimination. Create a helping the group formulate aManitoba community organizations, piece of writing, artwork or plan.along with the federal and provincial multimedia that captures your Scott stated that the group hasgovernments launched a challenge reaction and solution, and then deposited the archievableto youths (ages 14 to 20) to join a documents from the UN Women visit our contest page to submitglobal conversation on how to fight to the Manitoba Archives for your piece. Vote for yourracism.The event was held in the posterity. They also produced a favourite and encourage yourConvocation Hall at the University Memory Book that includes friends and family to do theof Winnipeg. The challenge will lead pictures, quotes and documentsup to the United Nations Day for the same. about the Winnipeg Chapter ofElimination of Racial After the contest closes, our the Canadian Committee forDiscrimination, which takes place on judges will choose one grand UNIFEM/UNWomen. You canMarch 21, 2013. Three youths prize and one runner up from view this at http://participated in a panel discussion each of the three submission focussed on their personal categories: writing, artwork and interests/memory-book-experiences of racism, hosted by multimedia. First and secondWab Kinew, Director of Indigenous place category winner prizes of Holiday Cheer at theInclusion, University of Winnipeg. $500 and $300 will be awarded. Legislature React to Racism is the result of apartnership between the University When can I submit?of Winnipeg, the Newcomers The contest is open from 9:00 AMEmployment and Education CST December 4, 2012 until 11:59Development Services Inc. PM CST February 15, 2013.(NEEDS), the Treaty Relations Who can participate?Commission of Manitoba (TRCM), Manitoba residents aged 14 to 20.Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata, Seven Oaks You can submit as an individual orSchool Division, the Manitoba as a group. You may only submitAssociation of Rights and Liberties one entry. Our MLAs harmonized beautifully in(MARL), Ka Ni Kanichihk, For more info go to the website at / some great Christmas songs for theManitoba Education and Aboriginal public enjoyment.Affairs and Northern Development Each year the open house givesCanada. citizens the opportunity to enjoy their politicians and free goodies. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 20126
  7. 7. Editorial - Take One Cde Wade could deny his tremendous the members so that the money remains Kojo Williams contribution to the development of in the community to help build it. BySr death came as a our community not only politically but doing so the event was affordable and shock. He in the entertainment industry. Wade not subject to the inflation that brought the played hard and worked hard. He commercial venues demands. By beingcommunity together to reflect on what was instrumental in Blackorama, in local Cde Williams opened these eventsit means to have Cde. Williams out of the Calypso competition, in Council to those who can least afford.the picture. He was one of those for Caribbean Organizations of Among the women he respectedfigures whom you felt would be around Manitoba Inc., Black History Month included Dr. June James, Mavisfor a long time, but God had other and Martin Luther King birthday McLaren and Diva Yasmine Lewisplans. His importance as a community celebration. He supported community whom he mentored for many years. Ifleader or builder as he preferred to call organizations and that was why he you are in his good books he is fiercelyhimself was recognized by the media staunchly refused to take Black loyal to you. His barber was Smithy acoverage he received upon his death. History Month celebrations to Ghanaian Canadian and Smithy paid a Even though many did not see eye commercial hotels but held in at the moving tribute to his friend at the pre-to eye with Cde Williams, no one Jamaica Hall where it was catered by contd on p 18 Citizen Equity and Diversity (CEC) Holiday Soiree could not be present but there were lots of community representatives who showed up to make the event successful. It is a great networking opportunity, to connect with other like-minded individuals and also to learn what the Committee is doing to promote harmony in Winnipeg. CEC Chair, Councillor Mike Pagtakhan bade farewell. He has been tramsferred to the EPC. Heather Flynn Chair of CMARD (Canadian Municipalities against RacialThe Winnipeg Citizen Equity and Diver- Discrimination) provided the audience Councillor Mike Pagtakhan (r)sity Committee’s annual Open House is with a report on the work of that Member of the Ex. Policy C’teealways a pleasant treat. Unfortunately, Committee and its future plans.the guest speaker, Chief Devon Clunis Heather Flynn (l) Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 7 7
  8. 8. Congress of Black Women’s Work Recognized by MLA Bonnie Mitchelson in the House of Commons Hon. Bonnie Mitchelson (far right) with her colleagues and the Scholarship Winners I would ask all the Honourable To address its mandate, the I would ask all the HonourableMembers to join me in Congress employs a variety of Members to join me inacknowledging the great work of the programs focusing on cross-cultural acknowledging the great work ofCongress of Black Women of relations, effective employment, the Congress of Black Women ofManitoba, and in congratulating this health, and consumer awareness. Manitoba, and in congratulatingyear’s award recipients. As Additionally, the Congress works to this year’s award recipients. Asexceptional individuals and promote education, familiarizing exceptional individuals andinspirational leaders of tomorrow, women with the educational systems inspirational leaders of tomorrow,we wish you all the best in your and institutions in Manitoba. It is on we wish you all the best in yourfuture pursuits. Thank you, Mr. this note that I wish to congratulate future pursuits. Thank you, Mr.Speaker. the Congress’ scholarship winners of Speaker. Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to 2012.rise today to honour both a deserving At the 14th annual Cultural Unityorganization, and four women who Dinner and Dance, four deserving Baroness Valerie Amosare proud to call Manitoba their new young women were honoured with Calls for Humanitarian Aidhome. As such, I wish to pay tribute the “Award of Merit for Outstandingto the Congress of Black Women of Achievement.” Displaying great Guyanese-born United Nations official Baroness Amos is seekingManitoba for the amazing work they character, volunteerism, and US$8.5 billion to fund emergencydo, and also to their scholarship academic achievement, the winners, response programmes forwinners of 2012 – who are with us who are all studying at the humanitarian aid to millions oftoday in the Gallery. University of Manitoba are: Ms. people in the Caribbean and around The Congress of Black Women of Sheneik Wedderburn, from the world in 2013. “There is no let-Manitoba is a non-profit Jamaica, majoring in clinical up in humanitarian needs in theorganization which works to psychology; Ms. Dorismart Okeke, world,” said Valerie Amos, thepromote the consciousness, from Nigeria, majoring in social Under-Secretary-General foreducation, and rights of Black work; Ms. Idunnu Adeojo, from Humanitarian Affairs and EmergencyWomen in Manitoba. Founded on Nigeria, majoring in science with a Relief Coordinator, speaking toInternational Women’s Day in 1981, focus in neurology; and Ms. reporters after she and other seniorthe Congress has since grown to a Okeoghene Ojekudo, from Nigeria, UN and humanitarian aid officialsmembership of approximately 140 who is majoring in science with a launched the appeal.formal members. focus in microbiology. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 20128
  9. 9. Lost Lyrics wins Award Girl in Science Diaspora News The Positive Black Stories. By Heru Banknotes features Canadian G. Duenas share this incredible Nelson Mandela Coalition for the feat of three young Nigerian girls Rights of aged 15-16 who invented an Children electricity generator powered by honoured Lost urine which is capable of Lyrics with an producing six hours of power award inspired using one litre of urine. Theby the UN Convention on the Rights of young women: Duro-Ainathe Child. Lost Lyrics was presented with Adebola, 14, Akindele The first banknotes featuring the faceThe Article 12 Award for exercising voice Abiola,14, Faleke Oluwatoyin, of Nelson Mandela have gone intoand participation for children’s rights. and 15-year-old Bello Eniola circulation in South Africa.Congratulations to the team Jeff Tanaka, presented their invention at the They are the first South AfricanGhettochildsz Kiontay, Quentin Maker Faire Africa entre- notes to bear the image of a blackVerCetty TheArtivist, Isiah Lea and preneurs event, in Lagos, person - they replace notes with wildGusai for being there to accept the award. southern Nigeria on 5 and 6 animals and rural and industrial“Lost Lyrics is an award winning November 2012. scenes.program We are a mobile and innovative Even though Nigerian boasts a President Jacob Zuma says thelearning incubator that empowers healthy oil economy, more than banknotes were a “humble gesture”thousands of young people to create a half of its 162, 000 million to express South Africa’s “deepbridge of knowledge between the streets citizens do not have access to gratitude”.and the classroom. We locate critical self- electricity and those who do are Mr. Mandela, 94, is one of theempowerment as an integral component to not guaranteed to have it every world’s best loved figures afterthe learning experience. Students define day. spending 27 years in prison forthe curriculum and create a positive and According to Heru’s article the, fighting apartheid.reflective self-image while having fun urine is put into an electrolytic Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcususing arts-based tools of education. We are cell, which cracks the urea into was the first to use the newa mobile and innovative learning incubator nitrogen, water, and hydrogen. banknotes when she spent 160 rand,that empowers thousands of young people The hydrogen goes into a water about $18 (£12) on some nuts,to create a bridge of knowledge between filter for purification, which then beetroot, a watermelon and athe streets and the classroom. We locate gets pushed into the gas cylinder. cucumber at her local shop in thecritical self-empowerment as an integral The gas cylinder pushes capital, Pretoria.component to the learning experience. hydrogen into a cylinder of She said that Mr. Mandela wasStudents define the curriculum and create a liquid borax, which is used to delighted with the design.positive and reflective self-image while remove the moisture from the She also noted that South Africahaving fun using arts-based tools of hydrogen gas. This purified tries to update its currency everyeducation; mobile and innovative learning hydrogen gas is pushed into the seven years for security reasons.incubator that empowers thousands of generator, and one litre of urine Mr. Mandela’s face is on one side ofyoung people to create a bridge of provides six hours of electricity. all the new banknotes, while theknowledge between the streets and the “Big Five” animals - lion, leopard,classroom. We locate critical self- rhino, buffalo and elephant - remainempowerment as an integral component on the the learning experience. Students He won the Nobel Peace Prize indefine the curriculum and create a 1993 for his campaign against whitepositive and reflective self-image while minority rule and was electedhaving fun using arts-based tools of president the following year beforeeducation” Amanda Paris is the founder stepping down after a single term.of this Program.. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 9 9
  10. 10. My recollections of Christmas in Guyana Black cake, pepperpot, garlic pork, most. These dishes are eaten with Christmas novena of masses atsorrel drink and ginger beer. Say those freshly baked plaited bread. 5:00 a.m. for nine consecutivewords to any Guyanese and they will Christmas lunch for many would be days before Christmas.immediately know you are talking comprised of ham, macaroni and A few days before Christmasabout Christmas. Making some or all cheese, baked chicken and stuffing, day, the black cake and poundof these foods is the norm at roast pork, roast beef. cake would be baked. The garlicChristmas for Guyanese of all faiths. Many Guyanese make cook-up rice on pork would also be set and theChristmas preparations for many start old year’s night as it is believed this pepper pot, ginger beer andmonths before Christmas when fruit brings good luck. sorrel drink prepared.for the black cake is minced and The Christmas Season in Guyana ends The streets in downtownmixed with rum and wine. While with a bang on old year’s night where Georgetown would be busy lateBlack cake is usually made at many people go to Church and head into the night on Christmas Eveweddings and pepperpot can be eaten off to parties which would go until the with people getting last minuteyear round, garlic pork is generally wee hours of the morning and where gifts. For Christians, attendingonly made at Christmas. breakfast of garlic pork and pepperpot Church on Christmas Eve is aWeeks before Christmas day, houses along with fresh bread would be must.would be thoroughly cleaned and provided. Much like Christmas in manypainted, curtains would be changed Submitted by: Andrea Collins- parts of the world, childrenand the homes would be decorated Fitzpatrick, LL.B. would eagerly await gifts fromwith Christmas trees and lights. Andrea makes black cake, garlic pork Santa Claus.In the shopping areas, there would be and pepperpot every Christmas to The wonderful, distinctivecrowds and masquerade bands. The enjoy a Guyanese Christmas on the aroma of garlic pork andmasquerade bands would perform Prairies. pepperpot from all theoutside Fogartys and Guyana Stores neighbours on Christmasand along Regent Street. morning is one that I miss the DIWALI MESSAGEMany Catholics would attend a (A major Hindu festival of lights which celebrates good over evil) Diwali falls on a new moon day during Oct. or Nov. Can’t find a salon to do During Diwali, we pray with the famous words of the Bhadara Gyaka justice to your hair? Upanicas follows : Look no more! Lead us from untruth to truth Lead us from darkness to light Lead us from death to immortality Les Touche Salon May the words that we speak be always free, but free also in the most will send you satisfied everytime profound religious sense: free from the intention to hurt, free from 4-555 Balmoral Ave falsehood, free from disrespect, and Hours: Mon. - Sat. free from violence. May our words be 9 a.m - 7:00 p.m. peaceful, truthful, respectful and Phone: 947-5830 helpful. Hari Singh (Vancouver) Nov. 3 2013 is the date of the next Diwali Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 10
  11. 11. RegularsMy dear children, Letter to my children Christmas has come to symbolise save mankind. Christ’s coming people knew God as a terrible Judge.expensive gifts, food, parties, jingle into the world was not accidental Jesus put a human face to the Creatorbells and lots of shopping till you but rather purposeful. To the and his life was an example of howdropping behaviours. It is not Blessed Virgin Mary, the angel man should live. For me, it does notsurprising therefore that people get said. “Thou shalt call His name matter if all the circumstances aroundmajor meltdowns during this season Jesus, for He shall save His Jesus’ birth is accurate, the fact is thatwhich tends to start earlier every year. people from their sins.” Jesus he was a good person and worthWhere is Jesus in all this? The Himself said of His own mission emulating. And at this time wecommercial sector has hijacked this, upon one occasion, “The Son of celebrate the birth of this of the holiest holidays in Man came to seek and to save that I liked the simpler times and notChristendom, and made it into cheap which was lost.” God’s because of my age, there wasmoney changing activity in which Jesus redeeming love was at the very something peaceful and spiritualbecomes background noise. It reminds heart, and the main reason for about Christmas celebrations, thereme of the time when Jesus went into Jesus’ birth. “God so loved the was a sense of optimism in the air .the temple of God, and cast out all them world that He gave His only People shared what they had, cake,that sold and bought in the temple, and begotten Son for its redemption.” food, fruits, vegetables, not storeoverthrew the tables of the money This is the reason we call the bought goods. Today many peoplechangers, and the seats of them that sold story of Christ’s life the gospel, say they dread the holidays becausedoves (Matthew 21:12). that is, good news. God’s its highlights their poverty. They Jesus is said to have been born tenderest love revealed itself in become sad at Christmas, which isaround this time and signalled the such a marvellous way to save the opposite effect. Anyway you havefulfilment of a promise that God made humanity. Before Christ’s a wonderful man. That he will send his son to embodiment of human life, the Love always, mom Global CounsellorDear globalcounselor,Christmas is on us again and I am anxiety disorder - which makes counselling to overcome the limita-beginning to feel the dread. I have no it even more difficult to push tions this put on you. If you are not Ifamily here and I am bit of a loner but myself because of this inner would strongly urge you to get helpat this time of year I feel more alone dread of not fitting in or and lead a fuller life. You deserve athan ever. I know it is because I feel I knowing what to say. Do you full life.should be with people. I get no have any suggestions on how I Secondly, my best tip to you ininvitation to anyone`s home. I am can cope this Christmas. I read dealing with the holiday blues is tofrom the Caribbean community. I your column and I like your find people who are worst off thanknow there are usually community advice that you give to people. you and reach out to help but there is nothing on Anxious Enlist your volunteer help in one ofChristmas Day. I feel there should be the places that feed those who aresomething at the Centre for people less fortunate than you and me - thelike me who are alone and would be Dear Anxious, homeless, the poor. Helping peoplenice to have an option to eat with My heart goes out to you first of less fortunate than yourself may helpother people. This is not only for me all. You are not alone. There are you to feel much better, You may thenalone but I am sure there are others many people in your situation. see just how much worst your lifelike me out there who have nobody Since you recognize that you could be. On the other hand, youand spend this day by themselves. I have a mental illness, I wonder if can invite somone to your home thissuffer from a mental problem - social you are taking medication or year. Have a Merry Christmas. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 11 11
  12. 12. In Your Back Yard Canada World Youth Raise Awareness of Plight of Refugees More than 25 participants showed up for the Canada World Youth forum on November 23, 2012 at Menno Simons College to raise awareness on African refugees in Israel who are facing violence, discrimination and arbitrary detention. “After having gone through a terrifying journey to Israel, the African refugees in the country are greeted with rejection and continue to face deportation or threat of deportation. They are seen as ‘infiltrators’ and social ‘cancer” alluded Weyni Abraha one of the organizers of the event. Ms Leslie MacCorby (teacher) Merveille Mandianga, Lili Biti (mom) and The evening was spent hearing and Baudouin Diazence (father) sharing stories of refugees about their Merveille Mandianga a 15 year old of Merveille and liked the way journey and the pitfalls that awaityouth attends Nelson McIntyre those who are still struggling to find a he started out with a question toSchool and is involved in the place of peace and rest. There were get the audience participation.Congress of Black Women’s New student human rights and peace She said it is always moreHorizon Project that pairs a youth challenging to speak to your activists. A documentary film made bywith a senior to learn public- peers which she credited Aljazeera on the odds refuges face inspeaking skills,. He made his parents Merveille for having the cour- the region was seen prior to the eventLiliane Biti and father Baudouin age to do. and was the subject of discussion.Diazence very proud when they Merveille was mentored by Abraha said that she could not rest inrecently went to the school to hear Beatrice Watson who said she peace while her brothers and sistershim speak to his class. was pleased with Merveille’s back home are struggling, that she “He did a very good job, we are Madianga maturity, dedication must speak out on their behalf and letvery proud of him” said Lili to which and his enthusiasm about being everyone know the difficultieshis father Baudouin agreed. a person who can inspire others refugees face in their attempt to find His teacher said she was also proud to do their best. freedom. Demonstrations Thanks to all our faithful financial at the Manitoba supporters, volunteer writers, advertisers, legislature to printer. Without your help and raise contribution this magazine would not have awareness of the plight of lasted this long, almost 20 years. African Have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a refugees and others very happy and prosperous New Year Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 12
  13. 13. Bridging the gap between the motherland and Diaspora AfricanOur African ancestors are dancing withdelight at the coming together in matri- Chief Isaacmony of two of their children have Omoniyi andreunited . wife Lola, Our African ancestors fought Bride &slavery in spite of death that loomed Groom, andover their heads to be free, because Venziethey had a dream that one day their Stewart,children, truncated from their roots Groom’swould find their way home. momCongratulations to this couple whohave caused the hearts of ourancestors to stir with joy andfulfilment. The groom of Caribbean heritagewas able to experience a culturalmarriage as it would have beenperformed had he never left Africa. The wedding was beautiful and heldat the Centro Caboto centre. Familyand friends came from far and near towitness the event. There were lots of food and drinksand of course dancing. Diane & Boyd The rain of money on the bride and groom Todays Nigerian weddings tend to follow the Western style traditions which means that the weddings are held in Churches with dresses, suit, reception etc. But during the reception the couple usually wear traditional clothes have traditional food and a combination of American and traditional music. Here two different cultures are meeting and this is something that has become more common in the Nigerian weddings today. The Western societies are influencing the Bridesmaid in traditional Nigerian African societies with the dresses and head wraps traditional Western wedding norms with white dresses, receptions etc. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 13 13
  14. 14. Confidently Seems like she smelled a rat walking Margaret’s Margaret’s family Surprise Birthday Heulwen Jones-Strachan sings for her mother-in-lawGottcha! Party Margaret Strachan went weak kneed when guests jumped out at her in a chorus of “surprise”. Margaret was tricked by her own daughter Leisha to cut short her visit to a friend and rush down to the Centre to open the door for a Performing Arts meeting. Conscientious as Margaret is she willingly took off to the Centre, while those at the Centre waited in delicious anticipation. It was well worth the wait to see Margaret’s face. It was as if she was about ready to faint as she bent over and held her knees. Margaret’s birthday Cake “It’s payback time” she said after catching her breath. She had done the same to her husband when he turned 70 years and he promised to return the favour. There was that lots to eat and drink, dancing, and a cake glitter of victory in his eyes. made especially for Margaret that listed all It was a lovely party, at the the roles she plays or has played over the Caribbean Cultural Centre. The years. There was a slide presentation of her place was packed with people with life up to this point. The one striking photo whom Margaret had either worked, was Margaret sleeping on the couch went to Church , sat on Boards, or obviously exhausted after all her volunteer friends from the Caribbean work. “The couch sleeper.”Laying of hands by no less than community. One of her favourite Global Eyes Magazine wishes Margaretthree Pastors. cousins travelled from out of many more years ahead in great health. May province to be with her. There were God grant her whatever her heart desires. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201214
  15. 15. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201215 15
  16. 16. From the Kitchen Corner Letter to the Editor Hello my readers of Global Eyes,Second time around My name is Samantha Duncan I am special needs I have learning and speech disorder but if you seeIt was voting time in the U.S.A. again me now you would never know.As the race for the presidency began. Throughout my life people treated me with noMitt Romney, the Republican opponent respect and bullying me because of my specialThought he had a chance, and was needs and then one of my teachers and other adultsDetermined to unseat the Democratic President. told my mother and myself I would never goSo up and down the country he pranced beyond my line.Holding babies and kissing grannies just for votes People were giving up on me before giving me aAnd the same time, at Obama he gloats. chance. When I got older and was almost done withMy television set I feared to watch school I saw people was doing same thing theyAs time ticked by so slowly, tick, tock, tick, tock. doing to me to other special needs.Barrack’s opponent was closing in, ready for the kill I don’t want any special needs kids or adults feelIt was like a game of cat and mouse the same way I felt when I was put down so I’mAs Romney so badly wants to supporting special needs awareness and maybe oneClaim the white house. day I can be positive speaker to help special needs people. Like me, they can do anything that they putOh Barack, Barack, how I squirmed there minds to. I want to challenge people inAs Romney votes seemed to be standing firm. school, home and even in work places to give us aMy television set was now turned off, chance. Thank you for reading.For Barack, I could not handle those words “lost”.I sent a pray up above Rhodes Scholar and Activists winsFor God to send him down his love. AwardAnd pretty soon all hell broke loose Louise Simbandumwe, Rhodes Scholar, is noAnd someone called with the good news, stranger to the immigrant refugee community. InHistory has repeated itself once more both her paid and unpaid work Louise is on the pulseBarack Obama has conquered another ‘Four” of the needs and concerns of the immigrantAs President and Commander in Chief, he stated his community in particular the refugee community.claim Louise was a young girl when she came with herYes, He’s back in the white house once again. family more than 20 years ago and has a deep appreciation and gratitude to Canada for openingDespite all the fury and the logos they displayed doors to her family who were refugees fromSuch as “no drama, Obama” Burundi after her mother Marceline Ndyumvire lostOr “too cool for school” almost all the members of her family. Louise in aI’ll just add mine to the pack, accepting the Manitoba Human Rights Commitment“You’re back, Obama, and that’s a fact” Award 2012, recognized the strength of her mother and her continual support to her children throughout(Shirley Alleyne Nov/2012) the most difficult period of their lives. Louise said she was pleased with the recognitionQuotable Quote and humbled by it but said she hasn’t been working alone. “Doing community-based human rights work,What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like you’re always doing it with other people,” she said.a raisin in the sun? “It always feels a little odd to be singled out. All theLangston Hughes Cont`d on p30 Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201216
  17. 17. Obedience my friend, not sacrifice Making a difference to those lessTo the Book of Life I turn fortunateIt is a document no one should burnIn it are words of life no one must spurnAnd in it we find solace to our concernYou shall have no other gods but the AlmightyOtherwise we’ll fall for any mere mightyYou shall not make for yourself an imageOtherwise we’ll forever be in bondageYou shall worship not an idol but GodIn whom there is no deception or fraudThe agape love is to a thousand generationsBut to Him alone you must give all the adorationsHis awesome name we must not misuseIf we must escape abuseSabbath day we must keep holyIn order to wipe clean our follyHonor your father and your mother, McGill music student James Clarke offersRemember their love is comparable to no other encouragement to a young performer in a student-And for you to live long in your God-given lands run McGill program which uses the power of musicBegin to appreciate what God is giving into your hands to transform the lives of disadvantaged children—asHeed the warning that you shall not murder well as those of their volunteer teachers.If you want to avoid the destructive thunder With support from the McGill Alma Mater Fund,To the command you must heed and commit no adultery the Montreal Heart of the City Piano ProgramIf you really want to escape devil’s mockery (MHCPP) provides free piano lessons to buddingThe deaf to this shall taste enemy’s cruelty young musicians from four inner-city elementaryBut the wise shall enjoy the beauty of God’s novelty schools.Obey the command that you shall not steal Each week, dozens of pupils receive a 30-minuteIf you seriously expect your pain to heal piano class from an MHCPP volunteer. TheseBear not false witness against your neighbor students are also expected to practice regularlyIn order to see abundant return on your labor during lunch period or after school in classroomsCovet not your neighbor’s belongings and wife equipped with keyboards (supplied by Yamaha MusicSo as to experience unusual flourishing in your life Canada) and music books (courtesy of Steve’s MusicWe are called to obedience my friend, not sacrifice Montreal).One that makes your God-given destiny precise While the program focuses on developing the kids’Not convenience but obedience that gives your life musical abilities, the students also pick up suchspice invaluable life skills as dedication, self-discipline andA life that can never experience despise. the confidence to face an Sunday Olujuku “I’ve been able to see the progress that my students have made and the benefit of the program to Bringing the gifts that my ancestors their self-esteem,” says neuroscience student Sarah gave, I am the dream and the hope of Hanafi, summed up his experience succinctly. “When I play the piano and I hear the sound, I get very the slave. happy.” I rise (Information culled from article by Richard Andrews of I rise McGill News) I rise. Maya Angelou Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 17 17
  18. 18. HEALTHWISE nutmeg. Then add in theGinger Beer - Tastes Good • Let the beer ferment at zucchini and shreddedand it’s good for you. room temperature for an cheddar cheese (the older the additional 3 or 4 days, then cheddar, the better the flavour),Ingredients refrigerate until thoroughly reserving a ½ cup of cheese for the top chilled. of the loaf.1 oz piece fresh ginger root, peeled • Serve the ginger beer in Step 3: In a small bowl whisk theand crushed chilled tumblers, with or eggs and the vegetable oil until wellPeel of a medium lime without ice cubes. mixed, then pour it over the flour,1/3 cup fresh strained lime juice½ cup sugar zucchini and cheese mixture.3¾ cups boiling water Mix the wet and dry ingredients1 teaspoon active dry yeast together until just combined, and scrape the batter into your lightly¼ cup lukewarm water (110°F to Sharp Cheddar oiled loaf pan. Try to get the batter as115°F) Zucchini Bread smooth as possible on top, thenPreparation scatter on the remaining cheese and• Starting one week ahead, pop the loaf into the oven for 45 – 50combine the ginger, lime peel, lime minutes, or until a cake tester (orjuice and sugar in a large bowl, and knife) comes out clean.pour a boiling water over. Stir until Step 5: Let stand for 10 minutes, thenthe sugar dissolves completely, and remove from the pan, slice and enjoy.let the mixture cool to room (Tip: A little butter makes this breadtemperature. even better!) Zucchini• In a small bowl or cup, Cheddar cheesesprinkle the yeast over the lukewarm Flour Editorial - from p7water. Let stand for 2 - 3 minutes, Baking Soda funeral event and no one could havethen stir to dissolve the yeast Baking Powder stopped him until he was finished. I feltcompletely. Set this small bowl in a Nutmegwarm, draft-free place for about 5 he was saying Cde Williams deserved Saltminutes, or until the mixture begins the time. Sugarto bubble and almost double in Wade had a large Facebook Brown sugarvolume. (If no bubbles develop, following as well and his entire funeral Eggsdiscard the mixture and repeat the Vegetable oil was taped and broadcast on YouTube.process with fresh yeast.• Add the yeast to the ginger Step 1: Preheat your oven tomixture and stir thoroughly. 350 degrees and grab your Upcomimg Event• Cover the bowl tightly with grater (use the wide hole side). New Years Eve Night parties arefoil or plastic wrap, and place it in a Grate a medium zucchini, skin happening:warm, draft-free place. Let the on, and then squeeze it usingmixture ferment for a week, stirring your hands to get rid of the CCOM - at 1100 Fife Streetevery other day. After a week it will liquid. Pat the zucchini dry withbe mildly carbonated. Guyanese Cultural Organization at a paper towel and set aside.• Strain the ginger beer ACAM Hall on Watt Street Step 2: In a large bowl andthrough a fine sieve and, using a using a fork, mix together thefunnel, pour the liquid into a 1-quart Guyanese Association of Manitoba flour, baking soda, bakingglass or ceramic bottle and cork it at Victorian Inn powder, salt, white granulatedtightly. Check one out or check all out. sugar, brown sugar, and Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201218
  19. 19. Leg Up Laureland was granted the Wright, Monica Yisa Akinbolaji, Rhiney and Violet Valerie FosteyWinnipeg Artist, was the Clacken Memorial Awardhonoured guest speaker for Excellence at theat the recent M CIE’s end of that same(MB Council for year. So to those ofInternational Education) you who arereception at the InternationalLegislature. Here is his Students inspeech: Manitoba I say, if The Honorable you work hard noMinister of Advanced matter how cold itEducation, Erin Selby; may be inDeputy Ministers, and November,MLAs present, December, January,distinguished ladies and February, Marchgentlemen. If I may, and April, you willJacky, thank you for that achieve your goals.eloquent introduction of I must also tell youme. And thanks to the that my studies atexecutive of Manitoba Yisa flanked by four beautiful women including the one to his Red River CollegeCouncil for International immediate right his wife Catherine have continued toEducation and to Andrea. Many times over the years, I help advance my career in art. And asIt is an honor for me to be invited. You have been a student, because I I now travel to different parts of thehave done such a fine job in putting this truly value education. Before world to exhibit my innovativegreat event together. immigrating to Canada in 1997, I technique of painting I tell people, it also had the opportunity to teach is made in Winnipeg, Canada where I art in Nigeria, both in a college now call home. The peace I have and in a high school. At the time found and embrace in my new home of my coming to Red River of Winnipeg makes it easier to work College in 1997, there was no here and travel to anywhere I want Internet in Nigeria and no cell and then return home. phones, which meant I had never Finally, Mrs. Catherine Rust- encountered working with a Akinbolaji, that is the name of my computer. So my first day in wife and she is in the house. Thank class where I needed to use you! And I would also like to thank computer for my studies was everyone for the role they have very rough. It was so bad, then, I played or continue to play in ensuring did not even no what a computer that I’m included in the list of mouse was. But as you know, innovative artists of our generation. we as humans no matter where Thank you, MCIE, thank you, all. we come from are very Shalom. adaptable. I worked very hard Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 19 19
  20. 20. Zizi - The Continuing Story “Are you ready?” “I never said a word to her perfect, white dress trails and “Ready for what? but I was thinking about it all all” Zizi sighed happily “I’m “For us to tie the knot?” through dinner. I envy their going to see if I could bring Leyroy blurted out matter of little family. I want that.” mom and dad for this. It’s factly “you know this was “We’re not married yet and going to be great.” coming, don’t look so you’re thinking about “Oh my God, what have I surprised?” children?” done?” “Well... I never.,. “Don’t you want children?” “Let’s set a date” “”What you never thought “Of course I do. What “April wedding. Come to I’d ask you again?” about my job?” think about it – why don’t we “To be honest, I feel we’re “There are lots of benefits in have the wedding in the already married. Strange this country. Canada needs Caribbean?” eh?” more children and they treat “There? I will put my foot “I know what you mean. pregnant women well” down. I am not going back We’re like childhood sweet “Do I have to give up my there. I’ll be killed” hearts and you know my career?” “Bad idea,” Zizi quickly heart is always with you. I “I certainly would not ask agreed when the phone rang. was given a second chance you to but it’s up to you “Ëxcuse me Lee” said said with you and I’m going let honey. Whatever makes you picking up the phone. God know I deserved that happy. “So what’s the answer “Hello, Zizi” chance. I am going to make gonna be?” “Oh hello Sgt Daniels “ Zizi you the best husband that I “Let me think for a few said and winked at Leyroy could be.” minutes.... yes, yes, yes.” “I am fine – we’re fine, yes, “We’ve come a long way “We can do this the easy you know me too well” and I guess it’s time. In fact way – go to the City Hall, then “Is anything wrong?” my cousin was urging me to have a reception for our “Yes and no. Anyway we’ll get married because it is a closest friends and family” talk tomorrow. You sleep well” good life, she was telling me “No way, I’m going to “What did ye want?” that tonight.” marry once and it has to be “We have to go in to see him tomorrow”If you drink Don`t Drive - Province introduces tougher laws drinking and driving,” said Swan. Ignition interlock use will now be a “Expansion of the mandatory requirement for all convicted ignition interlock program sends an impaired drivers who wish to drive even stronger message that legally following their licence impaired driving is not acceptable suspension, Justice Minister in Manitoba and will not be Andrew Swan announced today. tolerated.” The new rules come into effect Mothers Against Drunk Driving on Dec. 15 and will now include (MADD) Canada fully supports drivers convicted of an impaired Manitoba’s tough stand against driving offence for the first time. drinking drivers, said Andrew Murie, “Manitoba is once again setting chief executive officer, MADD the pace in the battle against Canada. Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 201220
  21. 21. POEMS by Neil PitamberYOUTH IN REVOLT Will it (need a) shrink? There are so few people I welcomeOne last shot The replacement fee is costly Into my personal spaceSqueeze dry and run Most recognizable smell in the world So many more that make an assumptionDown from the roof before they’ve learned Next to fresh-brewed coffee… That they are welcome hereWe’ve left the towels to dry in rain I think, therefore I can—And the echelon unrung There are a lot of sheep MOHS SCALE Think they are wise enough to shepherdDragonfly wings are stainglass windows Put your ear to the windBaker-Miller pink is ‘all’ but subtle And don’t know a wolf from Peter Laughter and gaffterEspresso with Johnnie Walker Blue We pay for the ‘privilege’— The best people travel by trainAs youth under the gun Not consumption (estimate stands) Amour the merrierI long to feel those days again Alive enough to suffer Telling you all the beautiful thingsExcusing myself on the western side But too dead to act… Life should be likeOf my parent’s home Think I’ll call in ‘fat’ tomorrow Don’t fail to go if they ever invite youThrowing glares like javelins Tell them I broke my hurt Quality of conversation will varyAnd hording polished river stones Life as we ‘poet’ only seems to work… All these things do suffer some timeOne last time Have a slice of pata negra with figsLace over tongue Taste of acorn is POCKETFUL OF MUMBAIDown from the roof before we’ve learned Taxi men are spry for fifteen dollar trips the cure and well-They’ve done away with highschool years Yeah, when I’m in psychaDelhi I float curedIn trade for golden ones… (play with the tip)… What is domestic to Schlitz or Blatz? My brain works just fineGAG ORDER Present your ticket I don’t need anybody forming opinionsFairytales are empty calories once you’re on For me to adoptAesop’s Fables inject colour board… ‘There are more contractual provisionsInto grey matter Than actually provided for who and what’It really doesn’t (?What?)I’m wising up KOAN Uses two exclamation marksTo know there is no Heaven ‘He must have a To accentuate our confusion (very clever)But fool enough to believe soft frontelle,’ she Only here until I’ve no veins left to sever…Exacerbate this awful lie said Horny or highExaggerate commonality ‘How else would those light bulbs The Devil gets me at a bargainHesitate to present ‘truth’ Come and go?’ Full on emptinessPrayer is as intimate Says he ‘feels like a pedophile’ But weak because I’m starvingAs self-mutilation When he drinks twelve-year old rums… Synestheatre of the mindI’m wising up Name is not unique, but for the spelling In the (bac)k of a (k)cabTo know there is no better And if not the spelling— And someone betting meBut not fool enough to leave… Then the ‘circumstance’ that ‘English women really aren’t half bad’… surrounds…PERKS The bereaved and the bald THE DEAD BOG Hint: Starts with an ‘end’ The crashed and the curious In Lexington GallowsAnd ‘enn’s’ with an ‘ess’ Can I ‘believe this weather’? Hangs an image of Alexa‘Ambien in a moment, Charles!’ It’s not a parable… Young and beautiful and very, very sad(Naproxin-ately, how many left?) What do you think the author meant? Awaken suddenly‘Howmgonna, howmgoona, howm…’ You respond, ‘well, it ‘sounds’ like…’ To the whisp of desparate pleasDutch Schultz is on the wire, Boss’ And if I tell you something personal? Under the rumbling armoury ofI like the kid but he just babbles on Your only retort is, ‘uh, yes; I ‘see’…’ Soldiering lepers and the suicide squads‘Naw, Pete ain’t my son; What have I shown you It is a very different time…I’m just pickin’ up moss’ That you think you’re reading me? You think because you love them muchHave you guessed as yet? The world at large owes them it’s finestPhone is tapped with imported beer The ground was ill to accommodate ROCHE LIMIT Alexa onto the eerie blemished isletSomeone! Someone is always there… Love in the name of scorn—Listening… Yes, she closed her eyes Desperate for practiceI love the scattered look But slept lucid in unrest— He hit on his feminine side(love the scat yard look) Live to spite another day—If you brainwash continued on p22 Global Eyes Magazine Holiday Edition 2012 21 21