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Global eyes magazine bhm 2013


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Quarterly Magazine of the Winnnipeg, Manitoba Black, Caribbean and African news and views. Check it out and share with friends.

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Global eyes magazine bhm 2013

  1. 1. global eyes 1stQUARTERFebruary 2013 Manitoba African and Caribbean Quarterly Magazine STAMPS PRESIDENT BARACH OBAMA AND FAMILY COMMEMORATING BLACK HISTORY KING JAJA OF OPOPO
  2. 2. BLACK HISTORY MONTH CULTURAL CONNECTIONS Black History Month intergenerational mixed basketball game was exciting to watch. Men and boys and girls showed their competitive edge and made it fun for spectators. ABOVE BANNOCK DEMONSTRATION AND (L) FRIED BEAN CAKES BELOW - STEEL PAN HISTORY LESSON AND AFRICAN DRUMMING BLACK HISTORY MONTH SCHOLARSHIP WINNER The young and the not so young delighted in the Black History lesson sponsored by the Jamaican Association of Manitoba in February EVA AND with hands on cooking lessons by LOLA Christine Nnadi, and a First Nations Audrey Gordon preented Omari Henry with the Leonard Simms Health and Recreation Volunteer as well as lessons in steel Scholarship. Audrey founderd this scholarship pan music and African drumming by in recognition of her father, who currently lives Clyde Heera and Nigerian Drummer. in Ontario. Omari is a university student on his way to It was a day of learning, fun, eating becoming a microbiologist is rewardedfor his and dancing. excellent academic achievement. Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 20132
  3. 3. Reflection Beatrice Watson Black history month flew by quickly cause we might been still Malcolm X (which I believebecause of the number of activities to enslaved.. We have to pay it should be a must read for everychoose from and all were interesting. forward and speak out against black child). Malcom X taught usHowever, I believe if we are celebrating injustice in the world. In Canada Black is Beautiful about thehistory, there needs to be some and the USA there are members of economics of blackness whatsemblance of the history of our people the Nationalist Party and the KKK blackness represents andincluded in the program in addition to recruiting young disenfranchised continues to represent in westernthe Children’s History Lesson. The White youths to teach them to worldview. When there is anstory of our journey to this land needs hate Blacks and other minorities. understanding beyond the popularto be told every year like the epic story We are not completely out of the inventions by Blacks and aof the Ten Commandments. The extent woods. To remain safe is to be delving into the big picture stuffof Black history for many of us stops vigilant. There are KKK cells in blacks in history we will have awith the Martin Luther King, the Alberta and even here in better appreciation of our past.Harriet Tubman, the Rosa Parks and the Winnipeg. We cannot be lulled Our history has chosen us to beViola Desmond narratives. While these into complacency because we vigilant social activists and to beare important stories there are so much have white friends who accept us the voice of the voiceless. Manymore to tell and to learn e.g. about as equals. Complacency is a fools of us behave as if our colour orGhana where the Door of no Return paradise. There is still work to be our history is no longer a factor instill stands facing the cold, lonely done. There are books to be read our lives and I wish it were so.Atlantic Ocean where men and women, to understand – Malcolm X, Slavery is happening right now inour ancestors saw their homeland for Fanon, Angela Davis, Marcus Africa and other parts of thethe last time; there are stories to be told Garvey, Dionne Brand, Austin world. That is our battle. If weabout communities in Brazil where the Clarke and many others. If you did not have the support of somelargest population of Africans outside don’t know history, then you good people during the days ofof Africa live mostly in squalor don’t know anything. You are a slavery and the civil rightsconditions, stories about the freedom leaf that doesn’t know it is part of movement who championed ourBus tour, of Stokley Carmichael, a tree. “ Michael Crichton YOUTH LEADERSHIP SYMPOSIUM The YouthLeadershipSymposiumsponsored bythe Council ofCaribbean MauriceOrganizations of Maurice Alexander, Chlarise,Manitoba, Inc. Tito Daodu, Williams Business Owner Policy Troy Osiname, M.D. 4th year Counsellor Analystduring BlackHistory Month Prov. Lib. Cand. Osiname, Tito Daodu, Maurice prevent the involvement of theattracted a younger generation. He also notedlarger than usual crowd, including many Williams, Charise A Wright and Maurice Alexander. Some of the there is a lack of trust in theof the present leaders. The message community.was clear that change is needed and the presentations were more an evaluation of past leadership than Charise called for more respectold way of doing business is not conrete plans for the future. towards younger people and thesustainable. The five panellists were Alexander noted that the older often reference of “you youngarticulate and impressive - Troy generation put up barriers that people” ishe sas as appropriate. CONTINUED ON P16 Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 3 3
  4. 4. Subscribe Today Name:_________________________________________________________ Story of King Jaja p8 Address:________________________________________________ Tips for working with Minorities p13 Postal Code_______________ Phone:_______________________ Gospel Concert pictorial - p15 Email address:_______________________ ACAM 45th Harambe p19 Support Global Eyes Magazine if you think we’re doing a good job. Congress of Black Women Subscription: $15.00 per year for 4 issues. p20 I Would like to receive upcoming event notices from the Caribbean/Black/larger community - by email or by Editorial By Neil p21 phone (YES/NO) Poem - Mimi Brown Mail cheque/Money Order to: Global Eyes Magazine (GEM) 671 Rathgar Avenue, Piecing together Memories 30 Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 LEADERHSIP VACCUUM - A MYTH Global Eyes is an independent magazine quarterly publication The Caribbean or the Black community have no devoted to promoting cultural awareness of the African and Caribbean communities of Manitoba and highlighting the need to worry about future leaders. Let me tell you issues and concerns of these communities. It also aims the leaders will emerge when the time comes. We at promoting cultural diversity and appreciation. Its It features articles ranging from the achievements of local, have the harvest of many capable, bright younger national and international personalities and general information adults in our midst sitting in the dimlight and show that are of interest to the African/Caribbean themselves only when asked to be in the limelight community. It offers editorials with African/ Caribbean sensibilities and letters to the editor. The and that’s okay. We need to give opportunities to Magazine is produced under a volunteer editorial our youths to shine and build their confidence. committee that assists with proof-reading, publicity and distribution. Quotable Quote IN THIS ISSUE “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their Regulars: history.” ¯ George Orwell Briefs p6 Letter to my children p11 Global Counselor p11 Gaffin wid Buddy p26 Healthwise 18 Zizi the continuing story will be back in the next issue. Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 20134
  5. 5. GLOBAL EYES MAGAZINEEditor: Beatrice Watson Out and About Shulamith Koenig, the 2003 UN GEM’s Regular ContributorsDistributed to local businesses, and in Prize winner in the field of HumanWinnipeg and via email to individuals Rights came to Winnipeg recently to speak at the Thinker’s conference heldin Manitoba and former Manitobans in from February 21-23, 2013 and thevarious parts of the world. University of Winnpeg. She said herr mission is make Winnipeg a humanTo receive Global Eyes by mail please rights city.send a cheque for $15.00 to: Val Thompson, Liberal party member held a reception for ShulamithGlobal Eyes Magazine at her home where a select group of Neil Pitamber,671 Rathgar Avenue people were invited to meet Shulamith A prolific writer, poetWinnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 informally. Shulamith gave an and owner, CaribbeanPhone: 204-477-1588 informal address that was peppered with humour and serious talk. sactivist met with women at the home She began by explaining her name which means thatAll contents are (c) 2011 and may not she is a woman from Jerusalembe reprinted without the express or Shulamith then became a symbol forwritten consent of the author or Editor. the land of Israel. Shulamith said she was told at school that Jews are the chosen people but her father said “I am chosen for social responsibility.” Mother of three sons, the 82 plus year Lara Badmus, LLB old who claimed to be non religious Discipline Counsel said that Moses was a man who knew The Law Society of how to move from slavery to freedom. Manitoba “We need to give people a value system like Moses did in the 10 commandments SHULAMITH (L) IN THE COMPANY OF FRIENDS which was the framework for freedom.” Shulamith said that human rights education is the preventive medicine. It introduces a dialogue about what does human rights mean in your community. She urged women never to give up their Rhonda T. right to be full human beings. Wilson “Human Rights is like the banks of a gave he river where water flows freely” she said vote of adding and it starts with the dignity of a thanks at human being and the right to belong. BHM Shumalith told the audience she had Awards just received a gold medal from Dinner Gorbachev for being the woman of the century. Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 5 5
  6. 6. Briefs Local Lucknow, India, where a British garrison was besieged. The premier noted that Manitoba is the only province where the wall will be on display during Black History Month this year. “Many people are not aware of the strong tradition of military service and the key role black Manitobans and Canadians have played in the development of our country,” said Selinger. “I encourage all Manitobans to visit the Legislative Building to learn more about the contributions of the black community in Canada’s military.” Canada began officially observing Black History Month in 1995 to celebrate the contributions of black Canadians to the development of the country. A display recognizing and across Canada in recent years. It will celebrating the history of black be located on the main floor of the QE II DIAMOND Canadians in the military has been officially opened at the Legislative Building until Monday, JUBILEE AWARD WINNER Feb. 18. Legislative Building to mark Congratulations to Godwin Smith “The Canadian Forces is a longtime Black History Month in popularly known as Smitty who supporter of diversity and strives for a Manitoba, Premier Greg Selinger received the Queen Elizabeth II membership that is a reflection of the announced today. Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition makeup of Canadian society,” said “Black Canadians have served in of his service to the community. Col. Blaise Frawley, commander, 17 all parts of the military, including Wing Winnipeg. “We are pleased that Smitty, owner of Les Touch Salon, on the front lines, in home the Province of Manitoba has chosen, one of 30 awardees, accepted the defence units and on international during Black History Month, to profile medal from Honourable Pat Martin, peacekeeping missions for more this display that covers 300 years of NDP MP for Winnipeg Centre, at a than 300 years,” said Selinger. dedication by black Canadians to serve reception held at Fort Garry Hotel, in “I’m proud the Manitoba their country through military February 2013. Legislative Building is hosting service.” this exhibit showing how black The exhibit highlights the stories of Canadians have contributed to many blacks who have served in the and shaped this country by their Canadian military including William service.” Hall, who was the first Canadian sailor The display, owned by the to receive the Victoria Cross. Hall, Canadian Armed Forces, tracks who grew up on a farm in Nova 300 years of black Canadian’s Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, received the dedication to serve with military medal on Oct. 28, 1859, for his actions service. The display wall is 16 as part of a relief force sent to feet in length and has travelled Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 20136
  7. 7. Editorial - Take One This idea that the activities, we’ve established and award Its time for more action and less rhetoric. Caribbean thousands of dollars in scholarships It is easy to be a critic but difficult to sit community is countless youths, we have organized in the driver’s seat. We all are set in our fractured, Black History Month celebrations for ways, old and young alike but that should disconnected and more than 25 years and we have a cadre of not be a barrier but an challenge to break experiencing a powerful leaders in waiting; we have the mould. To create change we need adeficit of trust can be said about most arisen to the call for help when sister leader who is not afraid of criticism andcommunities including governments at all nations are beaten by hurricane or stand up for what is right.levels. These ingredients are not in the other natural disasters. These activities If you are not prepared to roll up your sleeves,community but in individuals. require unity and trust to be participate fully in the leadership of the It was interesting to hear words coming successful. If you look for rain you will community, get involved and vote for peopleout from our youths that have been begin to notice all the dark clouds, if you you respect for leadership positions, or letrepeated often by adults. Disunity within look for sun you will begin the see the your name stand for leadership, then youthe Caribbean community has been the clearings. have no right to speak. Everyone who sitmantra for more than 25 years. It is a Those who wish to lead, and to around the table as Board members havevirus and that virus of the mind and that contribute to the community should get off equal voice and a right to their opinion.virus has not been passed down to the the fence and get involved. Leadership is There are no boys and girls in the Boardnext generation. not for the faint hearted, nor for people room. There are board members. Yes, our community is not perfect just with fragile egos, it is for robust men and I see a bright future for this community. Ias we are not perfect as individuals but women. If you want to get into the see it in those five panellists at our leadershipthere are many positive things that can political arena, the best training ground is symposium, I see it in the youths that arebe said about community. We’ve have within this community for there you will involved in the churches, I see it in thesuccessfully organized Folklorama find your toughest challenge. Leadership number of our young adults who are outpavillions every year since olkloram is not given it has to be earned. If our there creating a life for themselves and takingstarted, we have functioning community heirs want to make a difference they will care of their children and families. I see it incentres for ourselves and to share with have to show humility, patience and the growing number of our peoplepeople of other ethnic communities, respect for what has been achieved and graduating from institutions of higherwe’ve established several churches that take the reins and make the changes they learning and from the trades.provide space and encouragement for youth want to see. As Toni Morrison wrote, if “All criticism is an autobiography” George you want to read a book you must write it. Barnard Shaw SHIFTING IDENTITIES While growing up in Kenya, I never I hated that being African. It was a and seek the aboriginal, the identitythought of myself as African.. burden to carry, a sticky label that untainted by past and present colonizing I never thought of myself as Kenyan, read: You were colonized. You are not processes. And still, some ignore beingbecause I did notrecognize a tangible good enough. Let me help you, African, and never discover that being soKenyan culture, and what I was later sister.? I hated that other Africans comes with a price. Yet for all of us, thetold to be Kenyan appeared to me as expected me to revolutionize, tothe norm. burden of being African affects our liberate my mind and go back to the The Kenyan me became African in history, and will affect the future of those traditions of our ancestors, the wayAmerica. I became African when my things used to be?. I did not under- who come after us.hosts‘ cries about homesickness seemed stand the fascination with dropping But the tragedy isn‘t in the burdenedtrivial for one who had travelled all Western names. I like my name identity that makes many think of us onlythousands of miles to get education. I just as itis, because it reflects the as African or Kenyan or Nigerian orbecame African when I went for complexity of my world. (insert ethnic group). The real tragedyconferences, when we were charged to Some embrace being African, because lies in failing to find a way to livego back home, to stop being part of reclaiming a burdened identity expels with thelabel, in failing to reconcilethe brain drain, to be part of the new its power over you, making you the our passions and our angergeneration? that would make Africa the agent ofyour own fate. Some rejectnext stop for investors. being African, CONTINUED ON P21 Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 7 7
  8. 8. The Popular King Jaja Brought to Life King Jaja is a household name not children’s children an memories of the past history of only in South-Eastern Nigeria but appreciation of and a pride in the Blacks! Such contradictory and also in the West Indies. “How are great deeds of their ancestors. divisive emotions are evident in Kevin your in-laws treating you?”, an From the point of view of Gordon’s Not yet African (Passeggiata elderly Jamaican woman once the relevance of past history to Press, Pueblo, Colorado, 1998). In this asked her newly married son, the present, the history of King play the spontaneous demonstration of “like King Jaja,” the young man Jaja provides some insight into solidarity between King Jaja and the replied. In that country, if you put the socio-economic problems Black population of Barbados and St. on airs, they would ask you: plaguing the South-Eastern Vincent, whom he saw as his “flesh “Who do you think you are: King States of Nigeria by highlighting and blood”2 and who saw him as Jaja?” King Jaja has become a the role oil – be it palm oil or abrother, parallels the pride with mythical figure in Barbadian1 and crude oil — plays in the which the present Jamaican Prime Saint-Vincentian folklore. economy and the psyche of Minister, Hon. Portia Simpson Miller King Jaja of Opobo is a people of the Delta region. reminds her compatriots that: historical play, an epic. “History is The play also dramatizes The blood of African Kings runs nothing if we learn nothing from the historical, cultural and through our veins, it.” So, what can we, as Black psychological bonds between The thoughts of freedom fighters dwell Canadians, learn from the story of Blacks on the African continent in our brains. King Jaja? What are our and those in the Caribbean – a Stolen from Africa, the mission objectives in dramatizing the life social phenomenon sometimes remains the same.3 of Jubo Jubogha? hastily brushed aside today by It takes a certain degree of First and foremost, telling some. Paradoxically, many honesty and maturity for a people to the story of King Jaja meets the Blacks are still haunted by focus on what unites them and to Canadian Government’s contradictory sentiments of downplay what could divide. The objectives in creating a Black attraction and repulsion, of heroic solidarity displayed by King History Month, one dedicated to superiority and inferiority vis-à- Jaja and his Caribbean “brothers and celebrating the contributions vis one another, as they struggle sisters.” Blacks have made to History, for survival in a Modern World Dr. Joseph Nnadi instilling in our children and that is only too anxious to erase Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 20138 DED
  9. 9. Youths are ready to carry the Black History Torch ACAM Annual Job Fair Making a Difference MR. JIM OGUNNOIKI, JOB FAIR OORDINATOR OORDINA EMPLOYMENT MPLO PROJECTS OF WINNIPEG, (L) PLUERRILLE WINNIPEG POLICE SERVICES ERVICES off resumes with agencies and organizations they would like to work with. Hosting ACAM’s annual job fair is one of Mr. Jim Ogunnoiki’s passion. Not only because this is his brain child but because he is passionate about helping people find jobs. greetings on behalf of their An immigrant from Nigeria, respective governments Africa, Mr. Ogunnoiki knows instinctively that finding employment is one of the most important requirements to settle comfortably in a new country. “Without a job you have nothing. No one comes here to depend on government hand outs. We came here to work and if we do not have a job we cannot create the life we imagine,” he said. The Fair attracts more participants every year. and . The Afro-Caribbean Association of ACAM matches this withManitoba (ACAM) celebrated its 14th increasing numbers of employers.annual job fair in February that was There were representatives ACAM VOLUNTEERS BLUE HODGESheld at the Elmwood High School from the various levels of NORMA EDWARDS POSE WITH ANDwhere potential employees get to drop government who brought POLICE OFFICER Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 9 9
  10. 10. Global Briefs GLOBAL EYES MAGAZINE ROSA PARKS HONOURED “remind us no matter how humble or Honoured with Community lofty our positions, just what it is that President Barack Obama and AWARD leadership requires.” congressional leaders recentlyThe Global Eyes Magazine was “Rosa Parks is typically honoured as unveiled a full-length statue ofrecopgnized at the Afro-Caribbean a woman of courage, but that honor civil rights icon Rosa Parks inAssociation of Manitoba’s 45th focuses on the one act she made on the the Capitol paying tribute to aHarambee with a Community Award bus on Dec. 5, 1955,” said Theoharis, a figure whose name becamefor its contribution to the political science professor at Brooklyn synonymous with the. civilcommunication stream of the College-City University of New York. rights movement.Caribbean Community. “That courage, that night was the Parks becomes the first blackBeatrice Watson, Editor, received the product of decades of political work woman to be honored with aaward on behalf of the Magazine. before that and continued … decades full-length statue in theWatson. Beatrice thanked ACAM for after” in Detroit, she said. Capitol’s Statuary Hall. A bust the Parks died Oct. 24, 2005, at age 92. of another black woman, recognition The U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp abolitionist Sojourner Truth, sits and all those in her honor on Feb. 4, which would in the Capitol Visitors Center. who have have been her 100th birthday. Obama said that with the helped to installation of the statue, Parks, develop the who died in 2005, has taken her magazine to rightful place among those who its current have shaped the course of U.S. level. history. He said her presence in Capitol would serve to Can’t find a salon to do justice to your hair? Look no more! GUYANESE BORN POET RECEIVES MEDAL Les Touche Salon will send you satisfied everytime 4-555 Balmoral Ave Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9 a.m - 7:00 p.m. Phone: 947-5830 John Agard recently received the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry at Buckingham Palace The Guyana-born poet said he was “touched” to have received an award from Queen Elizabeth II. Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 201310
  11. 11. RegularsMy dear children, Letter to my children This black history I took the intellect, all I can say is, if a brother. And Jesus wept and Lazarusopportunity to browse through the story woman have a pint, and a man a came forth. And how came Jesus intoof SoJourner Truth whose famous line quart – why can’t she have her the world? Through God who createdAin’t I a woman gave me pause for little pint full? You need not be him and the woman who bore him.thought . Sojourner Truth was born in afraid to give us our rights for Man, where was your part? But the1797 and she became free in 1827. She fear we will take too much, – for women are coming up blessed be Goddied in 1883. In 1851 there was a we can’t take more than our and a few of the men are coming upWomen’s Rights Convention in Akron, pint’ll hold. The poor men seems with them. But man is in a tightOhio and Sojourner decided she would to be all in confusion, and don’t place, the poor slave is on him,attend. Of course some of the white know what to do. Why children, if woman is coming on him, he is surelywomen at the conference could not see you have woman’s rights, give it between a hawk and a buzzard.Women’s rights and Ex Slave Women to her and you will feel better. You (Wikipedia)pairing together. Sojourner asked to will have your own rights, and Some reports claimed thatspeak and there was cause for alarm they won’t be so much trouble. I Sojourner used the refrain “Ain’t I abut she prevailed and here is what she can’t read, but I can hear. I have woman” four times iduring hersaidI: I want to say a few words about heard the bible and have learned speechthis matter. I am a woman’s rights. I that Eve caused man to sin. Well, Imagine if this woman washave as much muscle as any man, and if woman upset the world, do give educated and had a better command ofcan do as much work as any man. I her a chance to set it right side up language? This is the potential thathave plowed and reaped and husked again. The Lady has spoken slavery robbed from people, this isand chopped and mowed, and can any about Jesus, how he never the injustice. It is why we have toman do more than that? I have heard spurned woman from him, and stand up to injustice everywheremuch about the sexes being equal. I she was right. When Lazarus today and in the future as Martincan carry as much as any man, and can died, Mary and Martha came to Luther King says Injustice anywhereeat as much too, if I can get it. I am as him with faith and love and is injustice everywhere. Rememberstrong as any man that is now. As for besought him to raise their that. Love, mom Global CounsellorDear globalcounselor, African history then why the Dear Confused,I am 14 years old and am from Ghana Africans do nothing about it. Is Let’s put it this way Black Historyand I am confused about Black my teacher right or wrong. I Month was started by an AfricanHistory Month. I am confused because want to be part of Black history American man to focus on blacks inpeople from my community are not because I am Black and I am history and showcase their a to letinterested in black history month. African and I am proud of my me know the achievements. In theNobody talks about it and when I ask heritage even though sometimes past White folks used to say thatmy parents about what is happening in I feel a little ashamed when some Black people are lazy, they are notthe community I hear it is a Caribbean of my white friends think that smart and cannot be educated. Itand American thing. In school my everyone in Africa is poor and turned out that many blacks inventedteacher talks to me like it is about me they are starving or some kind of a lot of stuff that we are using todaybecause I am Black and I tell her I am a refugee. Most of the time I am including the street lights.from Africa, that my parents are from proud.Ghana and she says that Black history really about African history. If it is continue on p16 Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 11 11
  12. 12. In Your Back Yard BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2013 ENTERTAINERS Faiza Hargaaya, TRUTH AND LIFE GOSPEL CHOIR Daniela Archer & Tina Sackey YASMINE LEWIS Anthony KEISHA COOK Turner, spoken word artist GOSPEL CONCERT THE WINNIPEG CHOIR PERFORMERS Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 201312
  13. 13. TIPS FOR WORKING WITH MINORITIES HATE SPEECH Manitoba, like the rest of men - where it is the norm Canada, is increasingly for there to be only one IS HARMFUL The Women’s Legal Education becoming more racially female in an office full of and Action Fund (LEAF) and culturally diverse. The men. The responses of applauds the affirmation by the diversity is reflecting such women would give Supreme Court of Canada in its more in today’s you great insight into what recentjudgmentin workplace. I recently read I am getting at here. Saskatchewan Human Rights some material on tips for 3. Learn to use your critical Commission v. Whatcott, thatbuilding new professional relationships with thinking skills-which hate speech causes deep harmpeople of colour, and thought that this means listening with your to vulnerable groups and towould also apply to minorities. Before eyes, being responsible for society at large, and that hatedelving into the topic, one question you your thoughts, keeping an speech prohibitions in human rights legislation are justified.may be asking in your mind is “why is it open mind and, asking “This is a major moment for theimportant”. I could write a thousand pages – questions in a curious, yet Charter and for all Canadians.including research findings – about the fact compassionate manner and LEAF welcomes the SCC’sthat Canada’s relevance as a developed thinking about their recognition that hate speech iscountry and its prosperity depends largely situation as you engage. a form of discrimination thaton its continuous pool of newcomers and/or 4. Do your Homework! harms not only the targetedimmigrants. However, as this is not the That means if you are group, but all of society,” saystopic for today, I will firmly resist the great genuinely interested in Jennifer Tomaszewski, Chair oftemptation to go off on that tangent! learning more about a the LEAF Board. “Limits on hate speech directed against person, their culture or vulnerable groups are critical toHere are some of the tips (adapted from experiences, you must ensuring an inclusive CanadianCatrice Jackson’s Article titled “10 Tips for come equipped with some society that respects equality.”Beginning a New Professional Relationship general knowledge about LEAF’s arguments in this casewith Women of Colour”): the race or ethnicity they focused on hate speech as a identify with or belong to. form of discrimination and theBefore Pursuing the Work Relationship You ought to have read, multiple ways that hate speech 1. Learn to use your social researched and engaged (at harms women, especially intelligence, and if you have none – least to some extent) with amplified at the intersection of develop some! Look around the the culture. You are race, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity or other status. In its office to see how many minorities certainly not expected to decision, the Supreme Court actually work there. Why is this be an expert in the field, referenced international important? Because if there is only but the point is – do NOT incidents of genocidal acts to one or two minority/ (ies), I come empty handed! If illustrate the ultimate risk guarantee you that they know it, feel you do, it will be very posed by hate speech. it, think about it, don’t like it and on obvious and may create a LEAF’s co-counsel on the some level it is creating some stress roadblock to your chances intervention were Jo-Ann and uneasiness. This will be made of ever building a work or Kolmes of Edmonton, worse if the office environment is professional relationship Alberta, and Prof. Kathleen packed full of bonies with little or with a minority, based on E. Mahoney of the Faculty of zero cross-cultural sensibilities. trust. Law of the University of (This is the 1st of this 3 part Calgary. 2. Learn to use your emotional article. To be continued in the next LEAF’s factum in Whatcott v. Saskatchewan is available intelligence. Imagine what it must editions.) at feel like to be the only one. Ask By: Lara Badmus women in professions dominated by Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 13 13
  14. 14. Will Allen, city farmer extraordinaire - Steve Watson Foundation Security Benefit roots, so he up and moved to Corporation Award for Outstanding grow food in his wife Cynthia’s Service to Public Education (link hometown, Milwaukee. He takes food science foundation-awards-gala/) seriously and says we’ve got to He holds workshops and 3-month grow the soil back first before internships, and hosts school tours so we grow food. He thinks it that the next generation can learn how necessary that city people to grow good food at minimal cost and should produce much of the in a green way. His daughter has b food they eat rather than relying y opened up a duplicate GrowingPower on petrol-burning trucks or growing and marketing center in One does not need to be an trans-oceanic ship containers to Chicago. economist to know that (1) all haul produce from the other side Together with co-author Charles people have to eat; (2) that the of the continent or world. Roof- Wilson, Mr Allen wrote a book The number of people growing food is top farming, hoop (green-) Good Food Revolution: Growing getting smaller; (3) that the soil and houses, water tank systems, Healthy Food, People and water used for the growing of good space-saving vertical containers Communities published in May 2012 is becoming increasingly sterile, are integrated ways in which by Gotham Books. The paperback sells zapped of its vital, organic city people can produce food in for $16 while the ebook (from nutrients; and (4) that because of #2 small settings. Mr Allen is via and #3, the price of food for the experimenting with new and GoodFoodRev) goes for $12.99. A everyday consumer is rising month innovative ways to create closed podcast in which he talks about Urban on month. loops in which one step uses Food Deserts and the book is at For the above reasons, our what is made in the previous XfLWBC. attention should be squarely fixed step. To find out more: on the problems of producing and In 2005, Allen was awarded a Here’s more on what he thinks. http:// distributing food for ever- Ford Foundation leadership expanding city populations. It is grant on behalf of his urban Here’s an interview with him by Sean mentioned in the Baha’I Sacred farming work. In 2008, he was Croxton of Wellness Underground. Writings that “the economic awarded the MacArthur problem be solved for the farmer Foundation “Genius Grant” for is-a-genius-my-interview-with-will-allen/ first, for the farmer is the first his work on urban farming and website active agent in the body politic.” sustainable food production. In As the number of city-living 2009, the Kellogg Foundation people goes up, and the number of gave Allen a grant to create jobs countryside-living people goes in urban agriculture. Also, he down, the challenge handed (down, received the 2012 NEA since farmers are usually held in low regard) to a decreasing number of people who have to plan to provide for an increasing number of city-living people. Will Allen grew up on a farm, moved away from it to play professional basketball and later to hold executive positions at KFC and Proctor & Gamble. But the call of the land pulled him back to his Will holding tilapia fish Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 201314
  15. 15. WHEN LEADERS FALL PEOPLE MOURN EXCERPT OF SPEECH BY GODWIN SMITH (SMITHY) AT THE VIEWING OF CDE WADE KOJO WILLIAMS Smithy spoke from his heart after his friend and that the Black populations could worklifelong customer, Cde. Wade Kojo Williams died Wade Blasted the Eritreans for trying to break together i.e. The Continental Blacks,suddenly in November 2012. up Ethiopia.” Black Nova Scotians and Black Smitty gave the perspective of a friend and tried “Wade took on these burdens regardless of how Caribbean’s. Everybody was doing theirto shed light on the side that many may not people thought about it. We have to crown him own thing. While there were manyhave seen. He said Cde Williams had a penchant as our leader.” individual efforts to alleviate the Blackfor cleanliness and order. He often would “give me “Wade Williams stopped printing the Contrast condition in Winnipeg none came closeconstructive criticism. He criticized how dirty my because there were not enough Black businesses to Cde. Wade Kojo Williams efforts.desk was and he would straighten it out for me” to support the Newspaper, but he did not stop “He carried the Black burden to the“He criticized my marital status and had mercilessly speaking out for Black concerns. Remember court of public opinion, “ he said andcondemned me as someone who is married to his job”. Blue Jeans night club that did not want to allow added that “Cde. Williams started“I brought these criticism up to say if Wade had blacks people into that club? Wade took to the Contrast Newspaper to bring Blackcriticized or offended any of you, please, let it go. air waves on CJOB with and Blue Jeans people together. He directed us to the SoulDon’t take it so hard. He only meant to correct things catapulted and changed its name to Palomino Shack and helped us to find culturallyhe saw as incorrect. Not to hurt anyone.” NightClublocated on Portage Avenue, appropriate services and foods. He wasSmitty said Cde. Wade did what he did because he Wade Williams did a lot more and we as a involved in the formation of Caripeg towas concerned about what he would say to the community mourn because we have lost our create fun for the community. But thereAlmighty God when God asked him what he did leader.” were also serious news e.g. News aboutwith his time on earth. He was not just a professional Journalist and South Africa that was under ApartheidSecondly Wade personified Booker T Washington’s songwriter, but he was a teacher, law. Contrast supported Mandela’sANC.quote which he frequently quoted “Cast down your police officer and He blasted the Grenada Government whobucket where you are.” parliamentarian. Wade Kojo was trying to establish a socialist state, “In the 1990’s and the early 1980’s the Black Williams Sr has passed, but he and then blasted President Reagan forpopulation here in Winnipeg was very small yet has left behind more than a interfering in Grenada’s internal politics.very diverse and divisive. There was no indication legacy. LEGACY OF CDE WADE KOJO WILLIAMSWe have truly lost a stalwart, a proud and Executive Member of the Afro- Co-Founder of the Winnipeg Calypsocommitted Vincentian, who was never selfish to Caribbean Association of Manitoba; and Reggae Competitions;share what he knew and to help others. Founder and Chairman of the Co-Founder of the annual Winnipeg During his two decades, of active community Manitoba Coalition of Organizations Soca-Reggae Festival and Member of thework in Canada, He served as:- against Apartheid and Racism; Manitoba Senior Provincial Cricket President of the National Black Coalition of Founder and Chairman of the Forum Team.Canada (Winnipeg Chapter); for the Awareness of the Minority He was also a member of several President of the National Council of St. Vincent Electorate; Caribbean Folk Groups/Choirs inand the Grenadines Associations in Canada; Multiculturalism Director of the Winnipeg.President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Liberal Party of Manitoba; His love for arts and culture was wellAssociation of Winnipeg; President of the St. Norbert Liberal known, he was a four-time winner of thePresident of the Manitoba Intercultural Council Association; local Calypso Monarch Competition; a(MIC); Executive Member of the three-time winner of the local ReggaeRepresentative on the Visible Minority National Assiniboine-Fort Garry Residents King Competition; and a winner of theCouncil on Canadian Labour Force Advisory Group (City of Winnipeg); Western Canada Calypso MonarchDevelopment; Founder and Chairman of Students Competition.Chairman of the Black History Month against Apartheid (University of We have truly lost a stalwart, a proudCelebration Committee; Winnipeg); and committed Vincentian, who wasMember of the Committee for the Elimination of President of Caribbean Students never selfish to share what he knew andRacial Discrimination - Social Planning Council Association (University of Winnipeg);of Winnipeg; Founding Executive Member of the to help others. ( Reprinted from Calypso Association of Winnipeg; What’s Up Caribbean Publication) Chairman of the Martin Luther King MemorialCommittee; Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 15 15
  16. 16. GLOBAL COUNSELLOR CONT’D FROM P11 YOUTH SYMPOSIUM CONTINUED FROM P3 Remember that the Africans that to join solidarity with their long Williams said he is prepared to lead. arrived in the West and were made lost brothers and sisters and Tito said “we are the legacy” and urged community member not to over slaves. They were considered to be celebrate their strength for having self-identify with being black as inferior to the white population. survived thrived so well.. They opposed to being Canadians. When they became free they faced have paved the way for the people They called for better plans, goal discrimination. They were not able from Africa to enjoy a life of setting and better cooperation and to sit in a restaurant or at the front of dignity. Bottom line is all support of Black businesses in the the bus, could not go to school and Africans and Blacks in the West community. so on. This is not the experience of are as Africans as can be. The “We are told they do not come out to recent immigrants from Africa. They larger community see them as one events but young people need to know know their language, their culture, people because of the colour of specifically what they have to do, what their history their tribe and their their skin. I believe that your folks is expected of us when we are invited clan. However, because Blacks in should make an effort to teach to attend events.” Charise. the West have their roots in Africa, I you about this history and get believe all people of African involved with Black History ancestry should make special effort Month celebrations. Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 201316
  17. 17. GOD WHISPERER BY NEIL PITAMBER When I take a look at the amount ofhair that gets swept up in the evening, around by introducing them to some idea or friend of mine who is a first-generationmy armchair quarterback position, with the form of religion at the age of Canadian, of Trinidadian parentage. Webroad shoulders and scarcely a serious enemy; consciousness. I wish my folks had don’t talk anymore, but he was as good as itI get to thinking of them as rocket ships that spent a little time discussing these things is ever going get for me to having a bighave abandoned a crumbling planet. Well, with my sister and I; they let us choose brother. There were times when we wouldthen; they hardly got very far, did they? If for ourselves, which I am also thankful be speaking to each other in the evening thatevery hair on my body was to do the same, I for. But what would a man know to I would hear a soft mumbling in thewould appear, perhaps no more attractive than choose when he has never sampled any background, and then he would let me go. Ia featherless fowl or a hairless guinea pig. of it as a child? One of the reasons I feel got used to the routine, even appreciated itStress, indeed; it will kill you. I should uncomfortable in Church is when we are at times - because he, his brother and parentsprobably be straining salt water through my asked to make peace with our were sitting down as a family to read thesaliva, getting drunk on saline in the conch neighbours; I do not like the physical Good Book. It wasn’t a part of his life thatshell brewery known as the Caribbean Sea. contact with people outside of my he shared with me in any great detail, and IBut we did something last night that was pretty dynamic. I guess I imprinted, imported understand as I have grown to know prayerclose to relaxation, for me anyway and I hope a large portion of modesty from my as an intensely personal ‘event.’ If he couldit is something we can continue for many years father; since he is very much the same. get over the things that hurt our friendship, Ito follow. We prayed as a family, an idea I’m not expecting my kids to accept God am sure he would be the first to tell you Iintroduced by my four year old Annie and an but I remember a line from the film, ‘The was quite sketchy; an in-betweener whenopportunity I took immediate advantage of Crow’ - ‘’Mother’ is the name for ‘God’ confronted with the subject of ‘God.’expanding on. on the lips and hearts of all children’; I sincerely believe, though, that Hand in hand in hand; you get the idea. Through her, they already do, and will parents are doing their children a civic dutyI grew up in Brampton with a once very close always know His love. CANARY IN A COAL MINE - Neil Pitamber from just above my ankles through my intention or power. I often feel like calves? Am I bored? Am I about to When I began working at the shop, Superman removed from the sun, or ‘boogie out on life’? Why does the backI used to go home in the evenings with a Samson without his hair; not seeing the of my hand itch and react so indecently,tension strung tightly across my shoulders kryptonite meant to finish me, but sensing to the edginess of myand upper back; cooling, retracting as I it is here. fingernails?Perhaps this is the feelingdrew closer to home. With a might in my Nothing in my Caribbean upbringing one expects when walking through achest that makes a man feel that he has can claim the credit, or my perpetual railroad tunnel, as he picks up thehad a constructive day, I imagined myself gratitude, for preparing me to combat these chorus of trackling metals and an angryas the miner archetype: muddy boots and moments. When I wrestle with my young engine.a pick resting against my right shoulder, son and wail, ‘Ohhhhh, you’ve broken my Does the fascination end withblack soot caked around the corners of my shoulder!,’ or ‘burst my heart!,’ ‘fractured the discovery of new white hairs, oreyes where safety goggles do not defend my skeleton!’ and even ‘ruptured my scabs lifted from the scalp revealingthe flesh, cheeks stained with salty sweat, bicep!’; I do feel, sometimes, that I am tiny lacerations previously unknown,and a stomach screaming to breach free of closer to that truth that I am aware. Am I presently unaccounted for? Do you evera belt, like those worn for lumber support. struggling to establish a sense of purpose, really see anything beyond the first tenI cannot tell exactly when these once or in rebound of abandoning one? Has my feet of sight, ever really notice anythingstatuesque shoulders (if I may be so bold) mind released throughout my body a tangible within the same distance?reformed to a ductile, carefree slouch; the plague of apathy? Is the right message Were you always as aware of yourarrow remains pointed but in want of a succumbing to a snowball effect of doubt, muscles, your person, your need forsolid target. I have days now when I am by the time it reaches my mouth? What is presentation in the face of the oppositesweeping in the middle aisle and feel an this connection between the pit of my sex? Did you always visit the facilitiesemptiness in the stomach that glows in my belly, held in shape as if a pose in study, and the valley of my throat? Why do three with such frequency? How longmind like some dying white star.Surrounded, too, by clouds that seem fingers on my right hand require solace in have you been feeling suffocated bycreated from dust, flashes of lightning here the possessive grip of the left? Why do I your own weight, unable to layand then there but never breaking through, press my toes against the floor and lift my down comfortably on a mattressnever really confirming its’ presence, heels, to feel knife-sharp pain shooting up without the need for a better pillow, CONT’D P 21 Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 17 17
  18. 18. HEALTHWISE KENKEY CAKES/ KANKIE Red-Red is a popular dish from - 3 Cups Grated green Bananas Ghana made from cowpeas -Clean the black-eyed 1 Cup grated coconut (black-eyed peas). It is thought to peas in water in a large pot. have been named for the Soak them in water for at least an 2.5 cups grated sweet potatoes combination of red pepper and hour or overnight. After soaking 1 cup flour them, rub them together between your 1 tsp. Baking powder red palm oil that is used in the cooking process. The Red-Red hands to remove the skins. Rinse to 1 tsp salt wash away the skins and any other cowpeas stew is usually served 1 tsp vanilla debris. Drain them in a colander. with fried plantains, and is a - 1 tsp mixed spice Place the black-eyed peas in a large lunch favorite in Ghana, 2 cups coconut milk pot, fill the pot with enough water to particularly among office 1 1/2 cups brown sugar just cover the peas. Bring to a slow workers. If you are “unbeanz,” boil; reduce the heat, cover, and Mix all ingredients together. Place (i.e. unemployed) you can survive one cup mixture into quailed banana simmer until the peas are tender; on this meal easily because the thirty minutes to an hour. - leaves (if you don’t have banana - While the peas are cooking: Heat the leaves, use foil paper). Wrap and tie oil in a skillet. Fry the onions until with string or banana bark. Put the slightly browned, then add the small parcels into enough boiling tomatoes, and fish and dried shrimp water to cover, and cook for one (if desired). Mash and stir the mixture hour. to form a sauce. - Stir the onion-tomato mixture into SAME IDEA USING CORNMEAL the black-eyed peas. Add bouillon cubes (if you are not using fish or 1 pound cornmeal ingredients are inexpensive This shrimp). Simmer for ten minutes. Add 2 ounces white flour is most commonly served with salt, black pepper, and cayenne or red 1/2 pound sugar shopping list fried ripe plantain (popularly pepper to taste. 1/2 cup grated coconut known as “koko”). It is an ideal While peas and sauce is simmering: 1 teasp. cinnamon powder choice for vegetarians and Prepare fried plantains. vegans. How to Prepare Fried Plantains: 1 hand full of raisins INGREDIENTS: Peel and thinly slice the plantains 1 teasp. salt · 2-3 cups dried cowpeas lengthwise. 1 Tablesp. molasses Fill a skillet with 1 inch of Canola or (black eyed peas) or similar 2 teasps. vanilla · 1 cup red palm oil (or vegetable oil. Preheat the skillet until 2 and 1/2 cups coconut milk vegetable oil) hot, but not smoking. How to do it: · 1-2 onions, thinly sliced Fry the plantains until they a nice Blend all dry ingredients & the · 2-3 ripe tomatoes, golden brown color, and then flip to grated coconut thoroughly. Mix quartered the other side. This should take about together the coconut milk, vanilla & · Cayenne pepper or red 2 or 3 minutes in total, but let your molasses; then add to dry pepper eyes be the judge. ingredients, stirring briskly. · Salt and black pepper to How to Prepare Boiled Plantains: Place 1/2 cup of this mixture in taste Drop unpeeled plantains in boiling center of banana leaf ( whatever · Several ripe or near-ripe water. Cook for 15-20 minutes until a wrapper you’re using) & fold each plantains test plantain is when pierced with a side of wrapper to the center; · 1-2 bouillon cubes fork. Peel before serving overlapping so package will be · 4 Cups Chopped Eggplant waterproof; package should be a 6- · (Optional) Small piece of inch square when wrapped. Tie smoked or dried fish Let your food be medicine twine around bundle in one direction · (Optional) One spoonful and your medicine be food. & then tie another piece around in of shrimp powder Hippocrates other direction (like a gift box). Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 201318
  19. 19. Leg Up Laurel Wright, Monica her to become the woman she Rhiney and Violet Clacken is. She congratulated the organization for the 200 plus scholarships it has given out to African Canadian students over ACAM DANCERS the years. “We have created a solid foundation in which to are underprivileged and may need thrive in Canada.” some special help. “ACAM is well However, she said, the positioned to do this.” community needs to refresh Adaoma received a standing itself by including the ideas and ovation. issues to meet the needs of this and future generations. She noted that there has not been More than 200 people from all much change in the people whocorners of the community participated in do most of the work and it isACAM’s 45th Harambee Awards banquet time to do so serious reflection.on March 9th at the South Winnipeg She cautioned that theHoliday Inn. It was a delightful evening organization has to be concernedof speeches, Awards, entertainment, with its ability to move forwarddancing and food. failing which can risk eroding Several community leaders brought the gains achieved. She said the PARTICIPANTSgreetings and wished the organizations world has changed since ACAM MLA MR.J. BIDHU BRINGING GREETINGcontinued success. was created 45 years ago. Ajoke Olarundare and Daniel Hildago- Adaoma provided someBlair received scholarships to assist with concrete solutions for theuniversity costs. Ajoke Olarundare read a organization to consider:poem I will not fail written by Nashon Rae. Firstly, to conduct a needs The ACAM dancers performed a medley assessment to find out what areof fast paced dances from dancehall to the needs of the community;reggae styles. It was astonishing how Secondly it needs to bring the EMALINE JACKSON, PRESIDENT ANDquickly the group changed costumes after elders and youths together to SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT MS OLARUNDAREeach dance of about 5 minutes duration. The work and mentor each other.performance hiked the evening’s enjoyment Thirdly to be open to change;a notch higher. Fourthly to bridge the gap Adaoma Patterson, the featured guest between newcomers and thosespeaker was introduced by her godfather who have lived in Canada for aTom Millington. long time; Daughter of Lois and the late Horace Fifthly to expand ourPatterson, Adaoma thanked the community communities to include those notshe called a village for helping to raise previously included, those who Global Eyes Magazine Black History Month Edition 2013 19 19