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Create an awesome life


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This message offers people a message of self-empowerment, to be responsible for their lives, to understand the spiritual journey we're on and what an awesome opportunity it is to live this life. A day, a minute, a second cannot be repeated so let's live fully.

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Create an awesome life

  1. 1. Live your amazingly awesome life fully Shift your thoughts about the universe and you will shift into the gear of the universe - Motion
  2. 2. You are Powerful• You are a powerful spiritual being having an amazing human experience that you have chosen and as it is said in the Course of Miracles, if you knew who walked beside you at all times, there is no reason to fear. Wow.
  3. 3. NOW• Nothing has changed about the way the universe works from the day of its inception. It is creating in the same way it has always created. This creation includes us. We are being created everyday – just check yourself and see if you can stop your creation – observe the changes in your body.
  4. 4. TIME• Time is human construction. If you lived deep in the Amazon jungle where there are no clocks how would you measure time? Your life may revolve around the sun; when the sun is up you get up when it is down you lie down and sleep, when the water is low you go and fish when the water is high you wait. You follow the rhythms of life in all its simplicity and go until you can go no more.
  5. 5. GO WITH THE FLOW• We live in a magical, wonderful universe, look around you just sit and observe a squirrel as it goes about its daily activities, then look at the birds, the butterflies, everything is movement – like a symphony.
  6. 6. BE AT ONE• We are a part of the music, we are the symphony, we are strands, cords or keys in the music - we are one.• When you recognize oneness and not two- ness your whole world changes you sink into that awesome feeling of expansiveness, confident that all is well.
  7. 7. ANSWERS• The big answers are the questions – the more questions you ask the more you learn.• Tame the monkey mind by putting your subconscious mind to work at answering questions. It will search until it finds something for you.
  8. 8. Questions• Question the questioner and your subconscious mind will find the answer for you. The more you put your subconscious mind to work the less time it has to focus on unwanted thoughts.
  9. 9. QUESTIONS• Questions open the door of awareness – it sounds simple but it is simply magically true.
  10. 10. Questions are the answers• When you ask the questions the answers do not always come to you in the normal physical way, it comes to you in flashes; listen, be alert, wait for the answers, they always come but when we are not aware of our awareness we may miss the answers. The universe never lie, never allow a question to go unanswered. Keep your connections to the Source, God, Creator, clear and open.
  11. 11. STUDENT• We are here to learn about our true nature. When we know that, we know everything there is to know about everything.
  12. 12. FIND THE LESSONS• The lessons come in many forms• Make a game of it, hide and seek perhaps• Find the lessons that show up in your life – instead of being sad, annoyed, anxious, fearful dig deeper ask: what is the lesson in this?• Is it this or that I am supposed to learn?• What then? What’s next?• Make it like a quiz – see what you find.
  13. 13. WHAT MASK ARE YOU WEARING TODAY?• Mother, teacher, friend, PhD, scientist, Doctor ?• What if you take away all your masks, what’s left?• Look in the mirror – know that the image you see is just a mirage for you to see the spirit you are – it’s like one of those glow balls – it leads you to it.
  14. 14. You are awesome• You are beautiful• You are a fragment of the Creative Source• You can change your mind and change your circumstances• You choose what you place your attention• Where attention goes energy flows• Where energy flows fruit grows
  15. 15. Move• Be movement. Life is about movement. Become a conscious mover and achieve your dreams.• Moss forms on stagnant water• Be like the waterfall, keep the flow going, dancing, singing, teaching, hugging, ski pping , walking, reading, changing, writing, creating, loving