The Need for Godly Men, Pt. 6


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In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent identifies five “fleshly desires” that must not control a man who seeks to serve as an elder in the local church.

Titus and Paul had made a missionary tour through the island of Crete. The churches were under siege by ungodly men who were teaching doctrines contrary to Scripture. These same men not only believed and taught false doctrine, they lived lives that revealed unbelief by their ungodly behavior. Their behavior demonstrated that they were still under the control of the flesh and fleshly appetites. These appetites are that which are natural, earthly and demonic. These men lived lives that were dominated by drunkenness, anger, dishonest gain and rebellion.

Therefore, Paul instructed Titus to find men who were godly men and appoint them as elders to lead the churches, men who were called by God through the Holy Spirit to do His work in leading the church.

How did Paul define godliness and ultimately identify the godly men? In verse 7 of chapter 1, the Apostle Paul taught Titus, and teaches us five specific vices or sins that must not have control over a man’s life if he is to be qualified and serve as an elder. A man must demonstrate that he is under the control of the Holy Spirit and not the flesh by demonstrating that his life is not under the control of the flesh.

In this message, Pastor Brent identifies five “fleshly desires” that must not control a man who seeks to serve as an elder in the local church.

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The Need for Godly Men, Pt. 6

  1. 1. The Need for Godly Men, Pt. 6 Titus 1:7 Pastor Brent Small
  2. 2. How do we identify these men?How does God reveal these men?
  3. 3. Answer:1) God calls these men through the Holy Spirit.2) These men are tested and examined based on God’s qualifications for the office of an elder.
  4. 4. Godliness Defined:Godliness consists of exact harmony between holy principles and practices. Thomas Watson
  5. 5. Why is this important? God calls godly men to lead the church.
  6. 6. Sermon Goal-Identify 5 “fleshly desires” that do not/must notrule a man’s life who seeks to serve the Lord asan elder in the local church.
  7. 7. Observations1) Five descriptive terms that describe “overseer”2) Point = Must be controlled by the Holy Spirit *C.f. Galatians 5:16-253) Man will be tempted exponentially in these areas4) Each descriptive term applied to the Cretans, i.e. *Very things that controlled the Cretan men.
  8. 8. First Fleshly Desire: (free of) Not self-willed. 1) Arrogant, proud, stubborn. 2) Self-centered. Pleased with oneself. 3) Assert their own will with no regard for howtheir actions will affect others. (MacArthur) 4) “Bull in the china shop”
  9. 9. Second Fleshly Desire: (free of) Not quick-tempered. 1) Inclined to anger, hot temper, angry 2) Man with a “short fuse” 3) c.f. Proverbs 22:24; 29:22 4) Quality unfit for a king.
  10. 10. Third Fleshly Desire: (free of) Not addicted to wine. 1) Coupled with the word “pugnacious” 2) Not under control; no lapse in judgment 3) From tipsy to drunk 4) Requirement for elders?
  11. 11. Third Fleshly Desire: (free of) Not addicted to wine. 4) Requirement for elders? *Do not require. No law. Why? 5) Spirit + Word of God enables control 6) Expectation: A man, called to eldership,would already demonstrate maturity in this area.
  12. 12. Fourth Fleshly Desire: (free of) Not pugnacious. 1) Bully, quarrelsome, fighter 2) Cretans = upsetting families c.f. 1:11 3) 2 Tim. 2:24 describes the contrastingdescription for the man of God.
  13. 13. Fifth Fleshly Desire: (free of) Not fond of sordid gain.. 1) Broad range of meaning: *Heart controlled by greed *Dishonest quest for gain *Extreme; shameful nature
  14. 14. Fifth Fleshly Desire: (free of) Not fond of sordid gain.. 1) Importance for ministry? *c.f. 1 Peter 5:2-3 2) Cannot be a motive for ministry 3) Cretan false teachers marked by this. 4) Greed = setting one’s own snare
  15. 15. Conclusion:-Identify 5 “fleshly desires” that do not control aman’s life. 1) Not self-willed 2) Not quick-tempered 3) Not addicted to wine 4) Not pugnacious 5) Not fond of sordid gain
  16. 16. Want to hear Sermons Online?Click on Sermons Online icon below to go to our Sermon Podcast Online Library. You can also subscribe to our sermons on iTunes. Pastor Brent Small