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In this sermon podcast, Pastor Brent looks at the New Testament model for elder leadership in the New Testament. In doing so, he presents three components of this model: the need, the directives and the role of New Testament elders.

In Titus 1:5 the Apostle Paul directs Titus to appoint elders in every church. Paul and Titus had discovered a glaring need in the church on the island of Crete, the need for godly leadership. The churches were spiritually sick and had been infiltrated by false teachers. Therefore, Titus was to go back into the church and set in place what was lacking, namely elders who were qualified and could lead the churches.

This directive to establish elders in every church was a directive not only given to Titus. In fact, the New Testament model for church leadership was an elder leadership structure. Beginning with the narrative of the book of Acts and also surveying the Epistles, we find an abundance of evidence that elder leadership was the clear model for the local church.

In this message, Pastor Brent provides a brief overview of what the New Testament has to say about elder leadership and its importance for the local church.

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The Need for Godly Men, Pt 2 | Cascades Bible Church

  1. 1. The Need for Godly Men, Pt. 2 Selected Scriptures Pastor Brent Small
  2. 2. Review from Pt. 1:What was lacking in the Cretan churches was: godly leadership.c.f. Titus 1:5; “For this reason I left you in Crete,that you would set in order what remains andappiont elders in every city as I directed you.
  3. 3. Review from Pt. 1:Paul gave Titus 3 “pastoral directives” to establish that leadership: 1) Teach sound doctrine; v. 1:13, 2:1 2) Model sound doctrine; v. 2:6-8 3) Appoint godly men. v 1:5
  4. 4. Paul’s Directive for church leadership:-Titus was to go into each local church, identifyand appoint godly, qualified men as leaders.-These men then form an elder body, a pluralityof men to lead the church.
  5. 5. Elder leadership as the NT model.-Paul’s directive to Titus was not only for theCretan churches, it was a NT model.“The New Testament has more to say aboutchurch leadership through a body of elders thanit does about baptism, the Lord’s Table orspiritual gifts.” Alexander Strauch
  6. 6. Sermon Goal-Identify 3 “components” of the NT model forelder leadership in the local church. *The NT Need; *The NT Directives; *The NT Function.
  7. 7. Importance for the Local Church:-Each formal member of a local is a part of theleadership process.“The external call to the ministry is an act of theChristian Community that by due processconfirms the internal call.” Thomas Oden
  8. 8. First Component: *The NT Need; 1) To fill the gap from the Apostles; 2) Establishment of new churches; 3) Resolve doctrinal issues; 4) Men called by God.
  9. 9. Second Component: *The NT Directives; 1) Appoint elders; Titus 1:5 2) Qualified men; 1 Tim. 3; Titus 1:6-9 3) Double honor; 1 Tim. 5:17 4) Maintain peace; 1 Thess. 5:12-13 5) Instruct the church; Titus 1:9 6) Pray over the sick; James 5:14-15 7) Members submission; Hebrews 13:17
  10. 10. Third Component: *The NT Function; 1) Shepherd the church; 1 Peter 5:2
  11. 11. Want to hear Sermons Online?Click on Sermons Online icon below to go to our Sermon Podcast Online Library. You can also subscribe to our sermons on iTunes. Pastor Brent Small