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How to Spot & Create Effective Influencer Marketing


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Influencer marketing is on an upward trajectory with brands dramatically increasing their investments. Yet not all influencer marketing is created equal.

Hear from Jory DesJardins, co-founder and former President of BlogHer and The Virago Group, along with Jim Tobin, founder of Ignite Social Media and Carusele, as they share what they've learned watching influencer marketing change over the last decade as well as sharing tips on how to make sure your 2017 influencer marketing programs are up-to-date and effective.

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How to Spot & Create Effective Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. Carusele Presents
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Jory Des Jardins @JoryDJ Co-Founder of BlogHer, the digital media company (acquired by SheKnows Media in 2014), and Virago, a strategic advisory for female startup founders, investors, business partners and experts. Co-producer of The Scale Collective--an event connecting founders to capital, partners, and expertise. Startup advisor and operator. Scale expert. Digital media geek--expert in social and influencer marketing, multi-platform media strategy and partnerships, building marketplaces. Strong interest in commerce, video, and VR. I help later-stage startups scale. Jim Tobin @jtobin Founder of Ignite Social Media, the original social media agency®, in 2007 and Carusele, a new spin on influencer marketing and content marketing, in 2015. Jim is also the author of two books on social media. Social Media is a Cocktail Party, published in 2008 and Earn It. Don’t Buy It., published in 2013. The list of household brands Jim has worked with over the years is long, but includes Microsoft, Samsung, Nike, P&G, Chrysler, Walgreens, Pepsi and many more. © 2017 Carusele
  3. 3. History of Influencer Marketing • 2005-2007: “Influence” a PR function; bloggers as press outlets • 2008: Taming the Wild West: editorial best practices; early scale • 2009: Size trumps engagement. FTC endorsement guidelines • 2010: Rise of programmatic advertising and paid social • 2011: Influencer targeting; guaranteed exposure © 2017 Carusele
  4. 4. History of Influencer Marketing • 2012: Native advertising; paid distribution of influencer content • 2013: The Engagement Web; The Visual Web; Premium UGC video • 2014: Influencer Audience Targeting. Guaranteed performance • 2015: Mobile, video, Snapchat … blogs? • 2016: Relevance trumps size; rise of the Microinfluencer • 2017: Platform Agnostics; microsponsorship © 2017 Carusele
  5. 5. Four Types of Influencer Marketing How it Works: Advocates are identified by their pre-existing brand affinity and given assignment to create their own content. Best for: • Sampling programs; • Passion brands. Watch outs: • Platforms often create large amounts of low influence, UGC content How it Works: A content-first approach where creators are hand selected and given customized assignments. The best performing content is then syndicated widely to maximize reach. Best for: • Authentic, quality content and storytelling • Target reach, including influencer followers and beyond Watch outs: • Focuses is on reach of the most engaging content, not reach of each individual influencer Media Sites with Influencer Add-ons Advocates / User- Generated Content Marketplace Influencer Assignments Influential Content Activations How it Works: Software collects large numbers of influencers. Assignments offered in marketplace, people opt-in. Best for: • Product reviews • Mass production of blog posts and social shares Watch outs: • Same assignment to all with little quality control; • Not optimized to reach beyond influencers How it Works: Influencers are paid to create branded content, which is then supported by banner ads on select sites. Best for: • Celebrity influencers / Socialebrity Ambassadors • Trackable, Viewable banner-ad impressions Watch outs: • Content may not be authentic. Celebrities/Socialebrities often have reach without influence • Influencer content is often sourced via Marketplace-style Assignments © 2017 Carusele
  6. 6. What Is Going Right?
  7. 7. What’s Going Right: Consumption • 1/5th of total media consumption now goes to Influencer content. (Source) • 200MM people worldwide regularly block ads. (Source) • 57% of people have made a purchase based solely on an influencer recommendation. (Source) • Customers acquired through word-of- mouth have a 37% higher retention rate. (Source) © 2017 Carusele
  8. 8. What’s Going Right: Sales • A Nielsen Catalina study for a CPG food brand sold at retail found that consumers exposed to influencer marketing spent an extra $285 for every 1000 people exposed. • Display ads generally drive $16 of incremental spend per 1000 impressions, or only about 1/18th. • These results did not even include the additional 2x impressions the content generated in just 2 months post-campaign. (Source) © 2017 Carusele
  9. 9. What’s Going Right: ROI • For every $1 dollar invested in influencer marketing, brands report more than $10 in earned media value. (Source) • Since influencer content lives on after the campaign, a Nielsen Catalina study for a CPG brand found that the ROI quickly doubles. (Source) • Another study found that the average influencer blog post keeps paying dividends for 2 years. (Source) © 2017 Carusele
  10. 10. What’s Going Right: Investment • Content marketing is the #1 marketing tactic for Chief Marketing Officers. (Source) • Because of consistent performance, marketers are increasing budgets for 2017 for influencer marketing, while only 4% plan to reduce budgets. (Source) • Brands using Carusele for influencer campaigns get licenses to reuse all content created. (Source) © 2017 Carusele
  11. 11. What’s Not So Good?
  12. 12. Double-Edged Sword: Investment © 2017 Carusele © 2017 Carusele
  13. 13. Potential Threat: Shortcuts © 2017 Carusele © 2017 Carusele
  14. 14. It Often Works This Way ads-lead-greater-sales/148174/ © 2017 Carusele
  15. 15. How Influencer Marketing Should Work
  16. 16. Where to find Authentic Influence Work with those with AUTHORITY, are CREDIBLE, RELATABLE, RESPECTED, and INSPIRING, the TRUSTED real deal for their followers. © 2017 Carusele ntent examples shown from actual Carusele client campaigns “Celebs” 5M+ Followers The Power Middle 10,000 to 5M Followers Content Specialists 1,000 – 10,000 Followers © 2017 Carusele
  17. 17. It Should Work This Way Let’s not focus on the reach of the influencer. Let’s instead focus on the reach of the content. Influential content travels well beyond the subset of the producer’s initial followers. © 2017 Carusele
  18. 18. It Should Work This Way © 2017 Carusele © 2017 Carusele ntent examples shown from actual Carusele client campaigns
  19. 19. Example: Abbott EAS © 2017 Carusele ENGAGEMENT ACTIVATIONS Online promotions hosted by influencers incentivize user-generated content, discussions and sharing by target audiences, further spread campaign messages TARGETED AMPLIFICATION The top performing content pieces are shared widely through paid tactics designed to reach highly targeted audiences with the most impactful content. INITIAL TESTING Blog posts, photo, and video content is shared across the social web while Carusele Production Managers analyze performance for engagement and audience relevancy. CONTENT CREATION Digital content creators are hand-selected based on their ability to authentically support brand messages, produce highly engaging content, and reach the target audiences. © 2017 Carusele Examples shown from actual Carusele client campaigns
  20. 20. Summary • Evolving: Influencer Marketing has changed a lot since 2005 • Varied: There are 4 main types of influencer marketing • Shiny: Lots of promise, increasing success, lots of investment • Threatened: Dollars racing in validate, but may compromise quality • “Influence”: Reach doesn’t influence; ideas influence • Targeted: Good campaigns don’t rely on hope © 2017 Carusele
  21. 21. © 2017 Carusele Questions? Contact Jim Tobin at