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Shopping Cart Migration - Make it Simpler with Cart2Cart


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Shopping cart migration can be easy! Learn how to perform an automated datastore transfer within 70 most popular shopping carts with no programming skills needed!

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Shopping Cart Migration - Make it Simpler with Cart2Cart

  1. 1. Shopping Cart Migration Make it Simpler with Cart2Cart
  2. 2. Does your current shopping cart fail to meet the needs of your business? Do you suffer from a limited platform’s functionality? Well, perhaps it’s time to switch.
  3. 3. The Reasons Why Merchants Decide to Replatform The current platform is out-dated or no longer supported by the developers The solution does not provide the functionality needed for further business growth
  4. 4. The Reasons Why Merchants Decide to Replatform The shopping cart does not offer a competitive advantage The platform does not suit the merchant’s business model The cart appears to be too basic or overcomplicated for a particular user, etc
  5. 5. Not sure what is the most efficient way to perform platform migration?
  6. 6. is the answer!
  7. 7. #1 a) The widest range of entities available for migration b) A huge number of additional options c) Flexible pricing policy (starting from $49) d) Free Demo Migration in 10 min Why Cart2Cart? #1
  8. 8. #1 e) No programming skills needed to perform a migration f) No data loss or corruption g) 100% uptime of your current store h) Top level of personal data security Why Cart2Cart? #2
  9. 9. #1 i) High data migration speed j) Nearly 70 supported shopping carts k) Dedicated Amazon EC2 server l) Professional support team available Why Cart2Cart? #3
  10. 10. It’s much faster More reliable Requires no programming skills Allows to transfer a much bigger amount of entities Why automated Cart2Cart migration over manual one?
  11. 11. It’s considerably cheaper 100% personal data secure Much faster Why automated Cart2Cart migration over hiring a freelancer?
  12. 12. No complicated extension installation Migration preview with no target cart required Reward points and coupon codes migration Why automated Cart2Cart migration over 3rd-party extensions?
  13. 13. 1) Set up connection between stores 2) Choose the entities you want to migrate 3) Start Demo Migration to ensure everything works properly 4) Launch Full Migration How Does a Typical Migration Look Like?
  14. 14. A few hours later data transfer will be finished automatically!
  15. 15. No time for setup? Delegate it to a professional team by purchasing one of the Data Migration Service Packages!
  16. 16. Open new business opportunities with effortless shopping cart migration! Make a step forward towards your e-Commerce success! START FREE DEMO