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Achieve a Howling Success

After Zen Cart to Shopify
Migration '


Shopify,  the famous hosted e-Commerce solution,  is ...
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Migrate from Zen Cart to Shopify


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Discover the easiest way of Zen Cart to Shopify migration -

Published in: Technology
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Migrate from Zen Cart to Shopify

  1. 1. Achieve a Howling Success After Zen Cart to Shopify Migration ' Shopify, the famous hosted e-Commerce solution, is a market giant considered to be the best cart for newbie merchants. Lots of shop owners are dreaming to move their stores to this platform safely, and from now on Quflalt provides such opportunity. via automated migration. In 20v 5% of cartzcan rntgrattons were perranned to snaprry making rt the mast popular hosted lit7n wllhln Cart2Cart service TOP SHOPPING CARTS THAT E-MERCHANTS WERE ‘ MIGRATING TO IN 2014 35“ 35» I Magenta Woocommerce I Prexrashop I sttapt/ y I otmtctm irutotnmerte I VirtueMurt I CS-can 3dzarI I X-Carr otittr Not easy to LL‘l. ‘, particularly for (*—commcrCL' newbies 'I'ttt- strnptt-st cart on the market Host: -Ll Uprnrfiuurfle Na support available. apart from the community forum Lifelong. free technical support Multrpagc chuckriuts. poifitilinus ibryuur tunrmton rates $lialghlf4irII‘ai'd rIa'lgati0n tat both you and the client Q3000 . ctnnpttcatm. time consuming Plcthnm rifstyltsh, easily design cnstnmttaittc at-sign tt-tnpintcs Thus, if you want to get all Shopify's benelits at once - ctmzcan is here to help Use Zen Cart to Shoplly migration, and have all your entities transferred in 2: low hours. Cart2Cart Advantages: O No programming skills necessary @ No software downloads needed mHelpfulSupporrTeam ‘ 5‘ O I Q‘ Free Demo Migration I How to Migrate in a Few Steps: 2 step _ ©cari2can 1 Register your cartzcan attuunt. 2 Choose Zen Cart is Sour(E Cart 4 Step — 3 Select srtopiry as Target Cart 4 i spettry the entities you'd like to rransler /1 2 Map rurrenries and order statuses 6 step — 5 Start Free Demo Migration 6 I Selert Migration Insurance Plan if needed 6 Y Llllrlch FIIIIMl[1IlIalI Sources lit r Nil‘ ti, ciniictru ntii . ... . . ... .. ..n. ..s. ... nnr . .t. ..~ tr. r. » ml W t. .. ... ..t. ,,. , N ‘ . ... . nrn M. .. ~'l, ‘[ ". ii. lri n. .,. .r. . . .vnt. w -. .r "t‘>lily r.