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Migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify


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Migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify in no more than a few hours -

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Migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify

  1. 1. Migration from Woocommerce ,4 to Shopify on the Fly which shopping cart is more suitable for you business? 0 find out the answer, take a look at comparison of Wuoconunerce and Shopify. And don't miss the opportuni to see the easiest and fastest way of data trans or with Cartzcart. WCOMMERCE @— shopify llpen source; Hosted solution; 52 themes; lIllI+ pmlessiunal templates; Requires some technical slrills; Ease of use; 25 payment gateways; 70 payments processors; Support in tliirrl party theme; Excellent 24/1 customer support; Variety responsive designs. llolrile-lrienrlly Additional Shopify offers: Simple steps to switch from Wootonlnlerce to Shoplfy: Before the transfer: After the transfer: Baclr up current stlre rlata; Generate a site map; create Sliupily slap: Talre care alrout SEIJ; llntilyusersalurrt migration. Test your Slrupify stare. Sources: Designed by: Iriyllim-qrtkul * -w» L ca automated shopping csrt migrafion lwj/ / 5“? Pilctochorri 2-83 r'rlr_'»r ll'rLl ll-'.1" L’-I. ‘ 'JL. '. ‘Ll