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magento to magento migration


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Discover how to enhance your store through an easy Magento to Magento migration -

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magento to magento migration

  1. 1. Hot to Undergo Magento to Magento Migration and Why Does it Matter Many claim Magento to be a nearly perfect shopping cart. Others. state it's a sluggish, overrated solution for geeks. And though the truth Iies somewhere in the middle, one thing is clear - Magento gets better with every new build. That's why store owners using Magento are eager to upgrade their shopping / carts to the Iatest Magento version available. Magento Improvements in the Latest Builds Considerably enhanoed security Expanded support for responsive design Countless functionality bug fixes Enhanced performance | i O Support of the Iatests PHP version I 'it Tax calculation improvements Seamless experience of integration with Google Analytics However, what is the most convenient option to upgrade a Magento store with no technìcal skiIIs required? da‘ Try CartZCart and move your current Magento store 4 Ca art database to a newer Magento version in no time! Why U pgrade Magento Using Cart2Cart? Direct upgrade to any Magento version - no need of consecutive version-by-version upgrades Source store is kept Iive during the whole migration procedure Costless Demo Migration in up to 30 minutes Secure and bugless data transfer using Amazon EC2 server Professional Support Team available No programming skills needed Pre-Migration Tips Make a backup Find time when the number of (recommended) website visitors is the Iowest How to Perform & Migration? É 1. Install Magento version you want upgrade to 2. Register CartZCart account 3, Choose an old Magento version as Source Cart and paste your source store URL 4_ Select a new Magento version as Target Cart and enter the URL of your new store 5_ Specify entities you'd Iike to transfer 6, Configure multi-store (if present) 7, Start free Demo Migration 8. Choose a Migration lnsurance plan if needed 9 . Launch Full migration Post-migration Tips Make Ensure everything Take care a test purchase has migrated accurately about SEO Sources: Design by: ImpJ/ magentacom/ blog ho; httpJ/ www. shopping-cart-migration. com/ shopping-cart-migra- lion-0plions/223-magento-to-magento-migration httprl/ www. slideshare. net/ Cart2Cart/ how-lo-perform-magento-10-magenm-migration-5465001 1