How to Move from VirtueMart to WooCommerce


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Check the most convenient way to switch from VirtueMart to WooCommerce

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How to Move from VirtueMart to WooCommerce

  1. 1. How to Migrate from VirtueMart to WooCommerce VirtueMart and WooCommerce have one important common feature: they both are extensions to content management systems (CMS) – Joomla and WordPress respectively. A CMS framework may be a significant advantage for your online store – numerous content management possibilities can be used to extend and develop it. The choice between VirtueMart and WooCommerce can actually mean a choice between Joomla and WordPress. Both platforms are worth considering and giving preference to one of them can be a matter of taste. If you prefer WooCommerce, it means you are more satisfied with its functionality, usability or design. WooCommerce is both straightforward and highly functional. It has a powerful set of features, including product and order management, statistics, marketing and promotional tools. Various extensions and templates are intended to expand the basic functionality of the platform and customize it according to your needs. If you have made the decision to migrate from VirtueMart to WooCommerce, Cart2Cart will help you to do it easily, quickly, securely and carefully. For better convenience we recommend to watch a video tutorial. Migration from VirtueMart to WooCommerce consists of a few simple steps. Before you start, you will have to register a Cart2Cart account. There is a possibility to sign in from your existing Google or Facebook account. Make sure both your stores are accessible online. Also you can estimate the cost of your migration with Migration Estimator. Now you are ready to start.
  2. 2. 1. Source Cart Setup Select the version of your VirtueMart shopping cart and fill in the URL of your VirtueMart store. Then you will need to download Connection Bridge, unpack it and download it to your store root directory. For any questions follow the link .
  3. 3. 2. Target Cart Setup Select the version of your WooCommerce cart, fill in the URL of your WooCommerce store and download Connection Bridge. 3. Entities Selection Select the entities you want to migrate from your VirtueMart store to your WooCommerce store or check them all. Select the additional options you would like to be applied to your migration. Note that some of them require extra charge.
  4. 4. 4. Currencies Mapping Change the currencies on your WooCommerce store or leave them the same.
  5. 5. 5. Orders Status Mapping Change order statuses or leave them the same. For example, the status shipped on your VirtueMart store can be changed into pending on your WooCommerce store.
  6. 6. 6. Demo Migration Demo Migration will help you see how Cart2Cart works. You can skip this stage, though it is recommended to perform this procedure to make sure everything works fine and to see Cart2Cart in action. Demo Migration is free. It transfers a limited number of entities. When Demo Migration is finished, you can check the results to make sure the service is safe and accurate.
  7. 7. 7. Full Migration At this stage everything is ready for Full Migration. Make sure you have provided the correct information and start data transfer. Don’t forget to put a tick in the box at the bottom of the page if you have a discount coupon.
  8. 8. While Full Migration is in progress, you can close your browser. You will receive an email when it is finished. Enjoy your new WooCommerce store.