Carry The Load Teams with RaiseMore to introduce mobile app: 05/15/13


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Carry The Load Teams with RaiseMore to introduce mobile app: 05/15/13

  1. 1. MEDIA RELEASEPR-CTLRaiseMore.doc Page 1 of 1May 15, 13 10:52 AMCARRY THE LOAD (CTL) TEAMS WITH RaiseMore™IN NATIONAL “MEMORIAL DAY” AWARENESS CAMPAIGNCTL Mobile On Foot • CTL Mobile WorldwideMutual Partnership Elevates 27-Day National Relay/20-Hour Dallas Memorial March InitiativeTo “Take Memorial Day Back” Via Customized CTL AppNASHVILLE, Tenn (May 15, 2013) –The organizers of CARRY THE LOAD National Relay and DallasMemorial March have announced its alliance with RaiseMore™ in creating an official CTL app to furtherenhance the charity organization’s public awareness campaign and initiative to unite Americans in a walk tohonor those who have fallen in service to our country—veterans, service men and women, first responders,citizens and volunteers—to “carry the load” for those who have and those who can no longer.Originated by the charity organization Carry The Load, the 2013 CARRY THE LOAD national relay launchedas official on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. Mapped out over a 2,000-mile course, the 27-day cross-country trek willtravel through 12 states and 15 major markets. (It has already passed through NYC, NJ, PA, DC, MD, VA andNC and is currently in Georgia state). The relay is broken into 348 legs--with each leg welcoming individual,community and corporate participation to join the CTL relay team as the march progresses through each cityand town--and will conclude on Memorial Day weekend, May 26-27, 2013 in Dallas, TX.The alliance with RaiseMore (and its innovative technology) will enable CTL participants, organizers andsupporters to share in the journey across the US via the customized CTL app; family members, friends andsupporters can share in the progress of the walk with a status update, pictures and videos.All photos, videos, social posts, donations, notes of encouragement, etc. generated around the walk aredisplayed to a real-time interactive map. The CTL/RaiseMore app offers “active” opportunities to even thosewho are unable to walk; at the touch of a button, anyone can share words of encouragement, and even make adonation.Utilizing RaiseMore’s unique platform, CARRY THE LOAD is able to raise interaction levels before, duringand after the event.“RaiseMore is a strategic partner in helping us to reach this year’s goals of increasing participation, publicawareness, media attention and fundraising,” said Clint Bruce, co-founder of CARRY THE LOAD whoshared his excitement surrounding the partnership. “We know our participants, donors, sponsors andbeneficiaries are using technology in their daily lives. Working with RaiseMore is a great way to buildconnections within the Carry The Load community. As we grow, the social interactions enabled by this app willallow more people to join us on our mission to restore Memorial Day to become ‘Memorial May’--honoringour fallen military, fire & rescue and law enforcement.”“We are proud RaiseMore allows everyone to take part. This is an important walk and we hope that we canhelp spread the word and increase involvement,” said Devan Twyman, Co-Founder and CEO of RaiseMore.“I met some of the mothers, wives and even children carrying a photo, who told us: ‘this is a picture of my Dad;I’m carrying the load for him’.”
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASEPR-CTLRaiseMore.doc Page 2 of 2May 15, 13 10:52 AMThe CARRY THE LOAD app is available for the Apple iPhone and Google Android devices under Carry TheLoad.About CARRY THE LOADCARRY THE LOAD (CTL) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. CTL exists to restore meaning to Memorial Day byhonoring the sacrifices made by members of the military, first responders, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families--especially those who have died or were wounded while carrying the load for their fellow Americans.CTL provides an opportunity to share personal experiences with thousands of other Americans and to raise awareness and resourcesfor established, well-respected foundations that benefit these communities. Through events such as the CTL national relay, regionalmarches and rallies, the charity hopes to build awareness and raise funds to remember and help those who have made the ultimatesacrifice to keep our country safe.The co-founders of CARRY THE LOAD, Clint Bruce and Stephen Holley, are available for interviews about the organization, itsfounding, its mission and the 2013 events.About RaiseMore™RaiseMore™, based in Oklahoma, is an event fundraising platform helping organizations enhance their event’s experience. Theirtechnology helps organizations raise awareness, increase donations, and share their story to a worldwide audience in real-time.RaiseMore™ turns static events into an interactive platform.Their unique technology empowers participants, supporters and organizations to connect with millions of people in their personalnetworks, giving everyone the ability to share in the event progress, spread awareness about the event, and amplify donationopportunities throughout social channels.A customized app is used to post photos, videos, donations, or words of encouragement. These are aggregated and displayed on aninteractive real-time map, showing the event through the participants and supporters eyes.After the event, RaiseMore™ provides the organization a dashboard to replay the event, allowing it to see who has donated, eachphoto or video posted, and even the comments. This allows the organization to understand their donors and participants on a morepersonal level.For more information on the company, visit or contact Devan Twyman, Co-Founder & CEO, 405-226-1196 RELATIONS CONTACTS:CTL National Relay:Music City News Media & MarketingKat Atwood • • 615-770-2994Dallas Memorial March:Brian Gile • Carry The • 469-400-0387