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  1. 1. 4701 Shore Dr. Suite 103, PMB 251 Virginia Beach, VA, 23455 contact@carrytheload.orgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CROSS-COUNTRY RELAY HONORS AMERICAN HEROESVirginia Beach, VA. (April 20, 2012) – Men and women across the United States willjoin together in bringingback the meaning of Memorial Day in a cross-country relay kicking off May 1. The relay is being organized byCarry the Load, a non-profit organization aimed at honoring America’s military heroes and providing support toveterans and their families.Starting in West Point, N.Y., the 27-day relaywill cover 17,000 miles and end in Dallas, Texas, the city where theorganization started. Once the participants reach Dallas, the organization’s flagship event will kickoff atReverchon Park. Participants will walk, run, cycle, kayak (across the Chesapeake Bay)—or as Carry the Load likesto call “ruck”, a term meaning to carry, each individual segment.Each segment of the relay will be led by anhonorary Load Carrier—a veteran, a family member of a fallen serviceman or woman or anyone who is ready tohelp take back Memorial Day. There is no cost to participate as a Load Carrier or to walk/run along with theCarry the Load team. Individuals, businesses or organizations are able to sponsor segment(s) of the relay in aneffort to help families of fallen heroes. All funds raised will be donatedtoCarry The Load’s primary beneficiaries,Snowball Express and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, two organizations hyper-focused onsupporting surviving families.Relay participants may carry any item they choose to honor loved ones, whether it be the sentimentalbelonging of a fallen soldier, or simply a token of American patriotism. If there is already a Load Carrier for thesegment you wish to carry, check out previous and future relay segments for open slots or come out and carrythe load with the Load Carrier, there are no limits on the number of people that can help Carry the Load.Stories of bravery will be told at each stop along the tour, paying tribute to the legacies of local heroes andgenerating pride within the hearts of military families and friends.To register to be a Load Carrier or sponsor asegment(s) of the relay, visit CarrytheLoad.org and click on the Relay Map.U.S. Navy veteran and former SEAL Clint Bruce founded Carry the Load in 2011 when he noticed a disconnectbetween what Memorial Day means and how it is observed today. His mission was to unite communitymembers in a collective effort to remember and celebrate the sacrifice of American soldiers while fosteringawareness and restoring reverence around the true meaning of Memorial Day. The 2012 Carry the Load eventis a way for people to come together in celebrating America’s military heroes and to carry the load of the menand women who gave America their last full measure of service.When asked what it means to Carry the Load and take back Memorial Day, Coleman Ruiz, Executive Director ofCarry the Load and a U.S. Navy veteran and former SEAL, stated “Many brave men and women paid theultimate price for America to enjoy freedom. Carry the Load offers people an opportunity to share a MemorialDay experience with thousands of other Americans honoring these heroes and their families.”Join us on May 27 in Dallas, or at one of the 350 points along the road of remembrance. Those not able toparticipate in the relay can show support by sponsoring a leg of the race or by donating directly to thecampaign by visiting http://www.CarryTheLoad.org. All contributions will be given to the organizations beingcarried, specifically the Snowball Express, the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, the Yellow RibbonFund and the RWB Team. Individuals are also encouraged to spread word about therelay, as well as theultimate mission of Carry the Load, over Facebook and Twitter.For additional press inquiries or to learn more information about ways to get involved with Carry the Load, visitwww.carrytheload.org or email contact@carrytheload.org.Carry the Load is a non-profit organization aimed at driving attention and steering resources towards existingnon-profit organizations that support veteran families and veteran organizations. Carry the Load offerscommunity members an opportunity to come together in sharing Memorial Day and actively rememberingAmerican’s heroes. XXX