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Carry The Load National Relay 2013 Press

  1. 1. MEDIA BOOKAPRIL 30, 2013 – MAY 16, 2013FEATURES | SEEN & HEARD
  2. 2. FEATURESARKADELPHIA ON ROUTE OF CROSS-COUNTRY WALK FORFALLEN SOLDIERSARKADELPHIA, Ark. -- For many, Memorial Day is about a three-day weekend of relaxation. But somestand firm on the grounds that the holiday is a time to remember those who died serving their countrysfreedom and safety.Arkadelphia resident Lori Motl is one of those people, and she aims to spread the message and raiseawareness of what Memorial Day is all about.Thats why she is active in Carry the Load.The Carry The Load 2013 National Relay is coming to Clark County as a part of a 28-day, 2,000-milenational march to honor heroes who have fallen in the line of duty. Motl is urging the community to jointhe national march as it makes its way through Arkadelphia.The walk began on April 30 in West Point, N.Y., and will continue to Dallas, Texas. The walk will be onDay 22 when it reaches Clark County.The Arkadelphia leg will begin Wednesday, May 22, at 10 p.m. The night walk will begin at the ClarkCounty Sale Barn on Highway 7 and proceed south. The walk will continue the next day in Hope. There isno cost to participate, but Motl is seeking donations for Carry the Load.All money raised will benefit families of either fallen soldiers or fallen first responders.Motls cousin, Rob Reeves, was a Navy SEAL on SEAL Team 6 who died Aug. 6, 2011, in Afghanistanwith 22 other SEALs on the helicopter they were on. In September, Motl attended a presentationhonoring Reeves and the others on his team. During that presentation she learned of Carry the Load andbecame involved. When she was told the walk goes through Arkadelphia, she was sold on the program."We would just love to have as many people as possible come and walk with us," Motl said. "Just show upat the Sale Barn. Theres no signup, no fee and you dont have to raise money to do it."Motl has set a fundraising goal of $5,000.For more information on how to donate to the Arkadelphia leg, visit Motls Carry the Load page.The Clark County Sheriffs Office will escort the procession for its 5-mile walk.Sheriff Jason Watson said he is excited to have his office play a part in the walk. "I am honored to supportthe men and women who have paid the ultimate price to keep us safe and free," Watson said. "I think itsa great way to show that our community thanks soldiers and firefighters past, present and future that wethank them. I thank them not only as sheriff but also as a citizen, and Im honored to be able to play apart in this walk."The sheriffs office will also prepare treat/gift bags for the soldiers who walk.SIFTINGSHERALD.COMJOE PHELPSMAY 16, 2013
  3. 3. SISTERS OF FALLEN SEALS CARRY THE LOADDALLAS — Jonas Kelsall and Rob Reeves were brothers in all but blood. They were childhood friends inShreveport who went on to earn a place on Navy SEAL Team 6.They died together in Afghanistan in August, 2011.In a video at the service for Chief Petty Officer Reeves, mourners watched him grow from a little boy to a man.Reeves and Lt. Cmdr. Kelsall were among 30 Americans — including 22 SEALs — who were killed wheninsurgents shot down their helicopter.It remains the worst single loss of life in the Afghanistan war.Reeves sister, Emily, is comforted that her little brother and Lt. Cmdr. Jonas Kelsall had each other at thevery end."It makes a huge difference to know he wasnt among strangers," she said. "He was among people who trulycared for him, and that he truly cared for."In August 2011, Emily Reeves attended funeral after funeral after funeral."Its like, how much of this can you take as a person emotionally and physically, and know youre still trying togrieve for your own family member?" she asked.Her lifelong friend, Kim Kelsall, knows exactly how she feels."I try to explain to people that grief takes up a lot of space inside in your mind and heart," she said.On Memorial Day last year — 10 months after losing her brother — Kelsall drove from Austin to Dallas towalk for hours with former Navy SEAL Clint Bruce, who had started a non-profit called Carry the Load."Carry the load. You carry the person who can no longer be there because they lost their life," Kim Kelsallexplained. "I carry my brother."As they walked, Kelsall said Bruce talked of Jonas courage and joy, and her load began to lighten."That... that makes me prideful," she said. "And pride takes up more space than grief. Those are the momentsyou can stop crying and smile, and think, Man, what an incredible human being."Kim Kelsall believes that so strongly that she helped organize a Carry the Load walk in Austin this MemorialDay weekend.Emily Reeves has become a Carry the Load Organizer in Arkansas. Shes mobilizing marchers to take part infive-mile segments of a walking relay that started at West Point, and will end in Dallas on Memorial Dayweekend."What were going to do is turn Memorial Day into memorial month," Emily Reeves said. "We are going to walkin their honor and carry of little of their load with us."Carry the Load has become a national movement. Up to 20,000 people are expected to participate in some waythis year.Its also raising large amounts of money for charities that directly benefit the families of fallen servicemembers and first responders, including police and firefighters.Emily Reeves and Kim Kelsall dont expect everyone to spend the holiday walking... just thinking about fellowAmericans like Rob Reeves and Jonas Kelsall.Two kids who grew up and carried the load for the rest of us. E-mail jdouglas@wfaa.comKVUE.COMJIM DOUGLASMAY 15, 2013
  4. 4. CARRY THE LOAD RELAYWILL PASS THROUGH NORTHWEST GEORGIA TODAYCarry The Load — a national relay to raise awareness of Memorial Day and its meaning — will passthrough Northwest Georgia today and Thursday.The relay began April 30 in New York and will finish on Memorial Day in Dallas. A team of about six toeight participants and a tour bus are traveling the route, though anyone is encouraged to walk along.“It’s a 24/7 relay,” said Hunter Edwards, who rode a bicycle with the group in Virginia. “There’s alwayssomebody on the go.”Edwards said many family members of fallen veterans join the relay when it passes by their area. Eachwalking leg is about five miles, and biking legs are 10.The movement has its beginnings in a former Navy Seal who felt many failed to recognize the significanceof Memorial Day, Edwards said. He grabbed a rucksack and began hiking around a lake in honor of thosewho gave their lives while serving as soldiers, police officers, firefighters and first-responders.The relay has since grown into a 1,700-mile, 27-day event that hopes to raise $1 million. It’s alreadygarnered about $161,000.Those who want to walk or bike along should meet the group at one of several locations today:λ 8 a.m. at Ga. 293 and Old River Road, Cartersvilleλ 10 a.m. at Ga. 293 and Grove Circle, Cartersvilleλ Noon at Cassville and Gaddis roads, Cartersvilleλ 2 p.m. at Joe Frank Harris Parkway N.W. and Old U.S. 41, Adairsvilleλ 4 p.m. at Joe Frank Harris Parkway and International Parkway, Adairsvilleλ 6 p.m. at South Wall Street and Flowers Road, Calhounλ 8 p.m. at Sugar Valley Road and Woodridge Drive, Calhounλ 10 p.m. at Hyde and Cline roads, ResacaThe relay moves through Dalton and Ringgold Thursday before reaching Chattanooga.RN-T.COMALAN RIQUELMYMARCH 15, 2013
  5. 5. BRINGING BACK THE MEANING OF MEMORIAL DAYLITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Shes been on THV11 before talking about everything to do with socialmedia, but Emily Reeves joined THV 11 News Tuesday on a different mission.Reeves, director of digital innovation and research at Stone Ward, has introduced an event call Carry theLoad, which is dedicated to bringing back the meaning of Memorial Day weekend.We often associate Memorial Day as almost a kick off bash for summertime, but do you know the realmeaning of the holiday?Find out how you can get involved and learn how this event began by watching the video attached to thisstory.Facts about Carry the Load:• The mission of Carry The Load is to bring meaning to Memorial Day by honoring the sacrifices made bymembers of the military, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families while serving ourcountry and communities, by honoring those who have died or were wounded while Carrying The Load fortheir fellow Americans.• Carry The Load was created because Clint Bruce, who is originally from Arkansas and now lives inDallas, and Stephen Holley, both Navy SEAL veterans, felt the loss of their comrades as casualties of warand the loss that those families suffered werent being sufficiently recognized on this national holidaywhen we are meant to take time out and honor those who protect the rest of us.• Carry The Load was started in 2011 with a 20-hour and 11 minutes walking event in Dallas, TX, thenexpanded in 2012 to include the National Relay. The Relay began in New York on April 30 and will end inDallas on Memorial Day weekend with the 20-hour, 13-minute event.• Carry The Load has scaled participation each year. In 2011, the inaugural year, approximately 500participants were involved in Dallas alone. In 2012, approximately 6,500 were involved on the NationalRelay and in Dallas. The goal of 2013 is to engage at least 10,000 participants while reaching thefundraising goal of $1,000,000.• Emily Reeves brother, Robert James Reeves, was a Navy SEAL, on SEAL Team 6, who died on August6, 2011 when the helicopter he was aboard was shot down in Afghanistan. He was among 38 men, 22 ofwhich were SEALs, that died when the helicopter crashed, making it the single largest loss of life for theSEALs in its history. Rob was passionate about his work and always considered his teammates as his ownbrothers and remembered them day-to-day, but especially on Memorial Day. It was important to him thatthose who fought for our safety and security and gave their lives be honored properly.• Carry The Load will be coming through Arkansas May 20-24 entering from Memphis at 6 PM on May20 and exiting through Texarkana at 4 PM on May 24, with teams walking five-mile increments, 24-hoursa day to complete the route. The North Little Rock portion of the route will begin on May 21 at 4 PM, andthe Little Rock portion of the route will begin on May 21 at 8 PM on Riverfront Drive.• Anyone who wants to participate in, and/or donate to, the Carry The Load National Relay can do so byvisiting and clicking on the "National Relay" link. The entire route and fundraisingfor individual legs are hosted on that site.TVH11.COMAMY HANCOCKMAY 14, 2013
  6. 6. NEW GREEN CAMO PLATE BENEFITS TEXAS MILITARY VETERANSCommunity ReportSome camo is for blending in; some is for standing out.Texans can stand out on the roads and show their support of military veterans with new Green Camoofficial Texas license plates available starting today Plates donates 10 percent of the plate price to Carry the Load.Carry the Load is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring meaning to Memorial Day byhonoring the sacrifices made by members of the military, law enforcement officers, firefighters and theirfamilies while serving our country and communities, especially those who have died or were woundedwhile carrying the load for their fellow Americans.“I am honored to be part of the Carry The Load movement in Austin and am excited that Texans will havethe opportunity to support this worthwhile cause year round,” said First Lady Anita Perry.Governor Rick Perry says, “From helping veterans, to fighting cancer, to supporting your favoriteuniversity, it’s good that Texans have the opportunity to tailor their license plates to match their favoritecause.”Carry the Load Austin event host, Vol Montgomery, says, “Carry the Load started as a way to remindpeople of the significance of a single day, Memorial Day. The Green Camo Texas license plate can be aneveryday reminder of that day and the service and sacrifice it represents.”Carry the Load Austin helps people celebrate a meaningful Memorial Day by conducting a 20.13-mileevent that honors veterans and active duty service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters andtheir families.Through event participation and sponsorship, Carry the Load Austin raises money to support localcharities in Texas that support Texas veterans and their families.This year’s recipients are: Serve Who Serve, The Comfort Crew for Military Kids, Folds of HonorFoundation, and Heroes on the Water.As part of the launch of the Green Camo plate, Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, My Plates will donate$10 of every plate sold, not just Green Camo, to Carry the Load.Also, coming in June, watch for the Pink Camo plate that also benefits Carry the Load.Since November 2009, Texans have purchased more than 145,000 My Plates, putting more than $16.5million in the general revenue fund, which helps pay for services for all Texans.For more information, visit and CREEK MIRRORMAY 15, 2013
  7. 7. Klemchuk Kubasta Helps Community ‘Carry the Load’Darin Klemchuk is leading a team during the 2013 Carry the Load Dallas 20-hourWalkathonOur firm has always placed a high level of importance on continued communityinvolvement,” said Klemchuk, himself a veteran. “There can sometimes be a disconnectbetween what Memorial Day means, and how it is observed.As managing partner of Klemchuk Kubasta LLP (KK LLP), a leading full-service intellectual property(IP) law firm, Darin Klemchuk is leading a team in the 2013 Carry the Load Dallas 20-hour Walkathon.The event, which takes place over Memorial Day Weekend, raises awareness and funds for organizationsthat aim to serve military heroes and their families.The complete Carry the Load campaign begins April 30 and ends on May 27, where participants willcollectively trek from New York to Texas while carrying rucksacks, to raise money to benefit the SnowballExpress, TAPS and Team RWB. The relay, which comprises nearly 2,000 miles, is divided into 348 legswith the final four legs coming through Dallas on May 26, the Sunday before Memorial Day. The Dallas-leg of the event will start at Reverchon Park on Sunday, May 26 at 3:30 p.m. and will end on MemorialDay.Klemchuk, as well as other members of the KK LLP team, are asking friends, family and colleagues to“put the Memorial back in Memorial Day” and remember, honor, and support American troops throughparticipation in – and donation to – this event.“Our firm has always placed a high level of importance on continued community involvement,” saidKlemchuk, himself a veteran. “There can sometimes be a disconnect between what Memorial Day means,and how it is observed. By participating in Carry the Load, we’re able to support the men and women whohave selflessly made the biggest sacrifice in honor of our country and have given us our freedom andsecurity. I am honored to walk alongside the other participants on a day of remembrance.”There are no entrance fees for this relay, and all donated funds will directly support militaryorganizations. As of early May, Carry the Load has raised $147,819 toward its $1M goal. To sign up as aparticipant or to make a donation to Team Klemchuk, please visit the Team Klemchuk page.About Carry the LoadCarry The Load is a registered 501(c)3 organization helping people celebrate a meaningful Memorial Dayby organizing and conducting an event that honors and thanks veterans and active duty service members,law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families for their sacrifices; and, through the eventparticipation and sponsorship, raises money to support nonprofit organizations that help these groupsand their families.About Klemchuk Kubasta LLP:Based in Dallas, Texas, Klemchuk Kubasta LLP is an IP boutique law firm that offers comprehensiveintellectual property legal services, including litigation and enforcement of all forms of intellectualproperty as well as registration and licensing of patents, trademarks, trade dress, and copyrights. TheFirm also provides legal services relating to domain names, e-commerce, privacy policies, social media,Internet law, commercial and business litigation, technology transactions, and international business &trade. Additional information about the firm and its attorneys may be found at WEB.COMMAY 15, 2013
  8. 8. LA VERGNE IS READY TO CARRY THE LOADLA VERGNE – The city of La Vergne welcomes the national relay, Carry the Load, an initiative to uniteAmericans in a walk to honor those who have fallen in service to our country – veterans, service men andwomen, first responders, citizens and volunteers.The walk, organized by the charity organization by the same name Carry The Load, encourages others to“carry the load” for those who have and those who can no longer.Since departing West Point, N.Y., Carry the Load has been embraced by a supportive public, raising nearly$335,000 to date and welcoming more than 800 road warriors along the way.The third New York City leg dispatched from the Horse Soldiers Memorial, located at Ground Zero, with FireCommissioner Salvatore Cassano, along with members of the New York City Fire Department and 9/11 familymembers, leading the way with mutually shared excitement to regain the meaning of Memorial Day.Legion 231 of Carry the Load includes an extended overnight stop Friday, May 17, in La Vergne. The groupwill arrive at the U.S. Post Office between 4:30 p.m. and 4:45 p.m., followed by a stop at La Vergne City Hallno later than 5:30 p.m.“The message and mission of Carry the Load really hits home to me. My 86-year-old dad served in the SouthPacific as a young sailor during World War II, and my 26-year-old son is a young U.S. Army Reserve soldier onactive duty in Afghanistan. These veterans are walking from West Point to Dallas to remind us of the realmeaning of Memorial Day,” La Vergne Police Chief Mike Walker said.From La Vergne, Carry the Load will travel to Nashville on Saturday, May 18, as it heads to Dallas, where itis expected to arrive Memorial Day, May 27.Citizens are encouraged to welcome the walkers by showing their patriotism – wearing red, white and blue andcarrying American flags.Parking will be available at businesses located along Murfreesboro Road and at La Vergne City Hall.Additionally, residents can walk with the Carry the Load team by meeting on Lillian Buchanan Drive next tothe U.S. Post Office anytime after 5:30 p.m.From there, city officials, fire fighters, police, representatives of Rolling Thunder, and others will convergewith the walkers passing through at approximately 6 p.m.“It was such a huge honor last year to welcome Carry the Load as they passed through La Vergne," La VergneMayor Senna Mosley said. "We are absolutely elated that the city has been chosen again this year to host thiscourageous group of military personnel."Not only did they serve our country with dignity and care, but they continue to give back to the families ofsoldiers who were lost while fulfilling their duty to our great nation. I am humbled to walk with them as theycome through La Vergne.”MURFREESBORO POST.COMMAY 14, 2013
  9. 9. RELAY HOPES TO REMIND ATHENIANS OF TRUE MEANING OF MEMORIAL DAYBud Christian walked 5 miles through Athens on Monday to both raise awareness about the truemeaning of Memorial Day and to honor his late son, Athens-Clarke County Senior Police OfficerElmer “Buddy” Christian III.Christian’s walk through downtown Athens to the Publix grocery store on Atlanta Highwaycomprised just one leg of a national journey dubbed the Carry the Load relay.The relay started in West Point, N.Y., on April 30. After nearly 2,000 miles, it should end in Dallas,Texas, on May 26.Organizers hope the relay alerts the public to recall that Memorial Day, a national holiday, meansmore than just an opportunity to barbecue with family and friends.“We’re doing this to make people aware of all our fallen soldiers, and our purpose is to not only honorthem but to raise money for these women and children they leave behind,” said Dill Driscoll, theUniversity of Georgia entrepreneur in residence.The money raised by Carry the Load goes to charities set up for the families of fallen soldiers,firefighters and law enforcers, such as Athens-Clarke police officer Buddy Christian, who was fatallyshot while on duty in March 2011.Travis Mann, a lieutenant commander in the Navy, said it’s satisfying to see how the charity impactsthe lives of families.“I see it directly go to work for people that I know,” Mann said. “That’s the best part about it for me.”Serving in the U.S. Navy, Mann said he has lost a lot of friends, and he wanted to find some way tohelp their loved ones.“As soon as I heard about (Carry the Load), I knew it was for me,” Mann said. “I did the nationalrelay last year, as well as this year. Carry the Load is something that’s too easy to get excitedabout.”Each person participating in the relay is encouraged to carry the load for someone. Mann, a graduateof UGA, carries the load for T.J. Blecksmith, his friend in the U.S. Marine Corps killed while servingin Iraq.“I’ve carried his patch with me for two years now,” Mann said. “I carry the load. It goes with meeverywhere.”Clint Bruce, a former Navy Seal, established Carry the Load to remind Americans of what MemorialDay is about.Congress established Memorial Day as a national holiday in 1971. However, many northern statesstarted observing it more than 100 years earlier as a means to memorialize Union soldiers who diedduring the Civil War, according to Following World War I, the holiday expandedto remember all those who died in service of their country.Mann said one of the great things about Carry the Load is that it now includes emergencyresponders.“Memorial Day is great for the military, but (emergency responders) don’t have a day specifically forthem, so we brought them in the fold because when I am down range and doing what I’m doing whenI’m deployed, I can’t do that unless I know my family’s safe and that they’re protected back here,”Mann said. “They’re carrying the load for me.”Bud Christian said Carry the Load helps to fill a gap in providing support to law enforcement.“It always helps to know that people are supporting you, and you are not alone in your efforts,”Christian said.Christian walked alongside his wife, Carolyn, and his two grandchildren, Callie and Wyatt.ONLINEATHENS.COMNICKWIDENERMAY 13. 2013
  10. 10. ORGANIZATION AIMS TO HELP THOSE WHO CARRY THE LOAD27 days. 2,000 miles. 1 mission. Carry the load — who are you carrying?” is emblazoned across the side ofa tour bus seen in Spartanburg County on Sunday.That about says it all about Carry the Load, a national charity to benefit the families of those in militaryservice and first responders, such as firefighters, law enforcement and paramedics, who have lost theirlives in the line of duty.The organization is bringing awareness of its cause and raising money in a 2,000-mile relay from WestPoint, N.Y., to Dallas, Tex. On Sunday, Carry the Load made its way through Spartanburg County, withlocal residents joining Navy fighter pilots and others making the cross country walk.Spokesman John Jones said about a dozen people walked during one leg through Spartanburg, a group ofcyclists stopped as the group neared Highway 417 and Green Pond Road in Woodruff. Other stops inSpartanburg included East Main and East St. John streets, Reidville Road and Highway 417 and MooreDuncan Highway.Lt. Commander Travis Mann, whos served in the U.S. Navy for the past 17 years, said his legs and feetwere a little sore, but he was having a great day Sunday. He picked up the relay in Washington, D.C., atthe Lincoln Memorial. He said he was inspired to get involved because he has a lot of friends in themilitary who have been killed. Its frustrating to survivors when they feel that their loved ones arentremembered, Mann said.“I felt like I needed to do something,” Mann, 40, said. “When I heard about Carry the Load, it spoke to me.Every day is Memorial Day for the families.”After the relay hits Atlanta, Mann will head home to southern Maryland, then be deployed to the MiddleEast for one more tour before retiring.Mann said hes enjoyed walking through not only the larger cities, but through small towns of America aswell. Drivers honk, and residents often pull over to ask with the group is doing. Mann said its importantto raise money and carry the load for those in military service, but also those on the front lines — police,fire and rescue workers — who are on the front lines at home.“Theyre carrying the load for me when Im deployed,” Mann said.Navy Lt. Commander Bob Foley, 32, said hes carrying the load for Lt. Matthew Lowe, who died in aplane crash in April 2011.“I think about him every April,” Foley said. “The sacrifices hes made shouldnt be forgotten. Im honoredto be part of the program.”In Spartanburg, a woman approached the relay and asked what the organization was doing. She returnedwith Gatorade for Foley, he said.“Weve had an overwhelmingly positive response,” Foley said. “Everyone wants to know what weredoing.”Foley said he will also leave the relay in Atlanta, and return home to Virginia Beach, Va., to his wife whogave birth to the couples second child about 2 weeks ago.“My wifes been supportive,” Foley said. “Im looking forward to getting back and helping change some ofthose diapers.”In all, the relay will last 27 days and take the organization through 12 states. Money raised will go toHeroes On The Water, Snowball Express, Sons Of The Flag Burn Foundation, TAPS, Team Red, White &Blue and Tip Of The Spear.To register as a Load Carrier, sponsor a portion of the relay or donate to the campaign,visit ARNOLDMAY 12, 2013
  11. 11. "CARRY THE LOAD" RELAY IN LA VERGNE THIS COMING FRIDAYThe city of La Vergne will welcome the national CARRY THE LOAD Relay this coming Friday (5/17/13). Thisis an initiative to unite Americans in a walk to honor those who have fallen in service to our country—veterans, service men and women, first responders, citizens and volunteers—to “carry the load” for those whohave and those who can no longer.The city of La Vergne, TN welcomes the relay team on Leg 231 in an extended overnight stop on Friday, May17, 2013. They will travel along Murfreesboro Road through to La Vergne between 8-10AM Friday morning.Since departing West Point, New York, CARRY THE LOAD has been embraced by a supportive public raisingnearly $335,000 to date and welcoming more than 800 road warriors along the way. The third NYC legdispatched from the Horse Soldiers Memorial (located at Ground Zero) with Fire Commissioner SalvatoreCassano, along with members of the NYC Fire Department and 9/11 family members, leading the way withmutually shared excitement to “regain” the meaning of Memorial Day.“The message and mission of ‘Carry the Load’ really hits home to me. My 86 year-old Daddy served in theSouth Pacific as a young Sailor during World War II, and my 26 year-old son is a young U.S. Army ReserveSoldier on active duty in Afghanistan. These Veterans are walking from West Point, NY, to Dallas, TX, toremind us of the real meaning of Memorial Day,” said Police Chief, Mike Walker. “I encourage all ofLaVergne’s Veterans, as well as any Veteran to come out and participate in this awesome event. All citizenswho are not veterans should come to show their support to those who have served, and those who are servingnow. Be sure to wear your patriotic colors, and bring your U.S. Flag with you! Let’s show the ‘Carry the LoadRelay Team’ support like they have never seen before!”Citizens are encouraged to welcome the walkers by showing their patriotism – wearing red, white and blue andcarrying U.S. flags. Parking will be available at businesses located along Murfreesboro Road and City Hall.Additionally, residents can walk with the CARRY THE LOAD team by meeting on Lillian Buchanan Drivenext to the U.S. Post Office anytime after 5:30 p.m. From there, city officials, fire fighters, police,representatives of Rolling Thunder, and others will converge with the walkers passing through atapproximately 6:00 p.m.“It was such a huge honor last year to welcome Carry the Load as they passed through La Vergne. We areabsolutely elated that the city has been chosen again this year to host this courageous group of militarypersonnel,” said Mayor, Senna Mosley. “Not only did they serve our country with dignity and care, but theycontinue to give back to the families of soldiers who were lost while fulfilling their duty to our great nation. Iam humbled to walk with them as they come through La Vergne.”Individuals, businesses and organizations may sponsor segment(s) of the relay in an effort to help families offallen heroes. All funds raised will be donated to CARRY THE LOAD’s beneficiaries--Heroes On The Water,Snowball Express, Sons Of The Flag Burn Foundation, T.A.P.S. and Team Red, White & Blue, and Tip Of TheSpear--organizations focused on supporting military families. To register as a Load Carrier /or/ demonstrateyour support by sponsoring a portion of the Relay /or/ to donate directly to the campaign, 12, 2013
  12. 12. "Carry the Load" Walks In Charlottesville To Honor Memorial Day"Carry the Load" is a cross country relay of people that are working to bring back the meaning ofMemorial Day. The Burley Middle School Choir sang on the downtown mall Tuesday to honor them. Herein Charlottesville, people walked that had lost family members and friends. The Charlottesville FireDepartment showed its support for Carry the Load and Memorial Day, by lining the downtown mall withAmerican flags.U.S. Navy veteran and former SEAL Clint Bruce says he Co-Founded Clint Bruce saysMemorial Day is not about good sales and cookouts.He says he started organizing this effort in Dallas to honor his friends that lost their lives:The group started in West Point and is working to cover 17,000 miles over the month ofMay and end inDallas. To find out more go to They plan to do this every year in May and comeback through here next year.CARRY THE LOAD RELAY RUNNERS WELCOMED IN CHARLOTTESVILLETheres a national effort to bring back what many call the true meaning of Memorial Day. The nonprofitorganization Carry the Load is leading a cross-country relay to honor Americas military heroes.In total, its going to be a 2-day journey covering 17,000 miles. Its all an effort to get away from thecommercialization of Memorial Day and think about sacrifice.The journey brought supporters to Charlottesville Tuesday. Members of Carry the Load were welcomedby the Charlottesville Fire Department, which lined the downtown mall with American flags. Studentsfrom Burley Middle School also gave a special tribute, performing several songs.Co-founder and former Navy seal Clint Bruce says the idea of "carrying" is about honoring men andwomen who gave their last full measure of service."We see people that carry a picture of their lost loved one and honestly thats a heavier load than Ill beable to carry on my weight. For some families its Memorial Day every day," said Bruce.Charlottesville is leg 91 out of 348 total. The walk will reach Dallas on the May 27.They are expected to travel through Virginia until Wednesday.WINA.COMNBC29.COMNATALIE WILSONMAY 7, 2013
  13. 13. Carry the Load Comes Through CharlottesvilleCarry the Load is a cross country relay run that is meant to remind people what Memorial Day is allabout and to honor our countrys veterans.The run started in West Point, New York on May 1, and ends Dallas, Texas later this month.The Charlottesville Fire Department and several other local groups and individuals came out to take overthere segment, or ruck, as the organizers call it.Clint Bruce, founder of Carry the Load and former Navy SEAL says, its all about showing support, even ifjust for a little while."Its not intended to be a pity party, its mostly just intended to be a Hey, remember these guys" saysBruce."Take a couple of minutes on memorial day and remember the men and women who are doing a lot for usand then move on because that is what they would want you to do."NEWSPLEX.COMMAY 7, 2013
  14. 14. Walk on Memorial Day weekend to honor vetsKim Kelsall showed off the contents of her backpack: a button with her brother’s face on it, a smallrainbow-colored ball, a tiny metal angel and a bracelet.These are some of the things she will carry to honor him while walking 20 miles on Memorial Dayweekend during a national event called “Carry the Load.” It will be held for the first time in the Austinarea on May 25 at Reveille Peak Ranch at 105 County Road 114 in Burnet.Local organizers expect thousands to join the walk, which will raise money for local non-profits that helpveterans and their families. The theme encourages participants to carry items with them in memory ofthose who have died or been seriously injured in the military, law enforcement or firefighting.The owner of the ranch, Vol Montgomery, said he agreed to hold the event there because he wants to help“bring back the meaning of Memorial Day.”Supporters include Anita Perry, the wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Montgomery said the group hasalready raised $700,000 for the walk.Kelsall, an Austin resident, said her brother, 32-year-old Jonas Kelsall, was a Navy SEAL who was killedin Afghanistan in 2011 when his helicopter was shot down.She walked in his memory last year at a Carry the Load event in Dallas. Participating made her feel lesslonely in her grief, she said. “Everyone feels the same way because everyone has similar losses.”Candyss Bryant, the executive director of Serve who Serve, one of the non-profits benefiting from thewalk, said she is walking on a team honoring the memory of Army SPC Richard Emmons III fromConnecticut. Emmons was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.Camp Gladiator, a fitness boot camp company and one of the partners at the event, is bringing a teamand is offering a free month of boot camp to anyone who raises $150 or more for the walk.Participation in the event is free. It will begin at 11 a.m. with a mock demonstration of a land, air andamphibious assault on a fake drug house, Montgomery said.Other activities include tours of the Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center at the ranch.The walk — to be made in one-mile loop around a lake at the ranch — will go from 2 to 8 p.m. Thosewishing to participate can register and join a team OSBORNAPRIL 25, 2013
  15. 15. CARRY THE LOAD EVENT IN BURNET SHOWS TRUE MEANING OFMEMORIAL DAYBURNET — For almost 10 months a sense of loneliness hung over Kim Kelsall following her brother’sdeath on Aug. 6, 2011. But as she trekked along during the first ever “Carry the Load” event on MemorialDay of 2012, her brother Jonas Kelsall came back to life through the stories his teammates shared.Kim Kelsall holds a photo of her brother, Jonas Kelsall, a lieutenant commander with the Navy SEALSwho died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2011. She will participate in the Carry the Load eventMay 25 at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet to remind others about the real reason for Memorial Day. Staffphoto by Daniel Clifton“I grew up with Jonas, but they had stories I had never heard and never knew,” Kim Kelsall said. “It hadbeen a long time since I had physically touched him. Here I was walking with these guys who served withhim and wanted to talk to me about him.”“I spend a great deal of the time since Jonas’ death feeling lonely,” she said. “But when I showed up to theevent last year, I didn’t feel lonely.”Jonas Kelsall was among the 38 men who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan after what officialsbelieve was struck by a Taliban rocket propelled grenade. Kelsall, 32, was a lt. commander in the eliteNavy SEALS, a special operations squad. Fifteen of the SEALS who died in the crash were members ofSeal Team 6, the unit responsible for killing Osama bin Laden. Pentagon officials said none of the men inthe crash had been involved in the bin Laden assault.Following her brother’s death, Kelsall said she felt she needed to do something to remember him andhonor those who had died while serving their country. She found it in Carry the Load.Remembering Memorial DayThe organization and event, founded in 2011 by former Navy SEALs, work to remind people the reasonfor Memorial Day. It’s not just the first day of summer, but a holiday set aside for this country to honorthe men and women who died while protecting the nation.Kelsall made the trip to the 2012 Carry the Load event in Dallas as part of a team that walked about 35miles in 20 hours. During the event she met SEALS who served with or knew her brother, including afounder of the organization Clint Bruce. She also met many other people who either lost a loved one in theservice of the United States, wanted to honor those who served or simply desired to make a difference.She left Dallas a different person. And with a new passion.“When you end it, you’re totally exhausted but completely in awe of what some people did,” Kelsall said.“When I got home I immediately called Curt and said, ‘If you ever do this in the Austin area, I want to bea part of it.’”The Burnet eventOn May 25, two days before Memorial Day, Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet is hosting the Carry the Load20.13 Ranch owner Vol Montgomery is donating the facility for the event and even cut a new trail aroundthe stock tank for the walk. This walk, at 20.13 miles, won’t be as long as at the Dallas event, but theimpact organizers believe will be just as deep and meaningful.“The true purpose of this whole event is to bring back the meaning of Memorial Day,” Montgomery said.“I think we’ve really lost why we have this day among all the furniture sales and it’s the ‘first day ofsummer’ hype. And those who have served, they get frustrated when people don’t realize what the day isreally for. Clint just started this because he was angry. Angry that people seemed to have forgotten.”The concept is simple. You, your friends, your family or even complete strangers form a team, register,raise money and then show up May 25 to walk. The funds all go to local organizations geared towardhelping veterans, veterans’ families and first responders.DAILYTRIB.COMDANIEL CLIFTONAPRIL 23, 2013
  16. 16. The Burnet event at Reveille Peak Ranch, 105 CR 114, starts at 11 a.m. with a display of military andpolice capabilities including live and static demonstrations. Several elite Texas law enforcement units will“carry out” a drug raid on a compound using air, land and water equipment and tactics.There will beparachuting and helicopter rappelling.Montgomery was attending an Army Ranger graduation where the elite unit demonstrates many of itscapabilities. After he and organizers began planning for the Burnet’s Carry the Load 20.13, he thought ademonstration of Texas law enforcement and national guard units would give people a look at somethingthey don’t typically get to see.The Carry the Load 20.13 walk starts at 2 p.m. with opening ceremonies. The walk isn’t a long stretch,but completed in a series of laps around Reveille Peak’s stock tank.Building a civilian-military connectionCandyss Bryant, who regularly works within the military world, said while the law enforcement andmilitary demonstrations are exciting and will probably draw public interest, the real reason for the eventremains the walk. And it’s not just because the event will raise funds for other organizations includingone she works with, “Serve Who Serve,” but also because it opens up an opportunity for the civilian andmilitary communities to come together and walk side by side.“Events like this one appeal to me because the civilian community can feel very lost when it comes tointeracting with the military community. And so there’s this big disconnect between the two,” she said.“This event gives a place both can come together.”Montgomery pointed out many people who never served in the military may feel a bit lost on how theycan help out or how they can support the armed forces men and women. This is one of those ways.Kelsall agreed.‘Tell me about your hero’The beauty of this being a walk, Kelsall said, is it gives participants a chance to talk and meet peoplealong the trail. During the 2012 event in Dallas, one of the things Kelsall treasured the most was simplythe opportunity to meet people who knew her brother. The walking gave them time to share stories.Making those connections or asking about loved one lost isn’t always something people know how to do.The best thing a person can do on the walk or even in day-to-day life when he or she meets somebody wholost a friend, relative or loved one in the wars is ask him or her about “their hero,” Kelsall said.“Just go up and say, ‘Tell me about your hero,’” she said. “When somebody asks you about your hero,you’ll talk about that person, that hero, for the next hour. Carry the Load helps tell the story about allthese people.”The one thing Carry the Load isn’t is a competition. It’s not about who can finish the 20.13 miles thefastest or even completing all the miles. It’s not even about completing one mile.“It’s about the intent,” Kelsall said. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t finish one mile. What matters is youcame and you wanted to honor, to remember all these men and women.”Getting involvedForming a team and raising money is fairly simple. People can go to andregister.Kelsall said the best thing to do is not even worry about forming a team at first, simply sign up and thenstart sending out word about what you’re doing. When she did it last year, several people join Kelsall’steam after she had posted something about it on her Facebook page.“Once you start talking about it, somebody who you never expected will join your team,” Kelsall said.People can even donate to a team or the general cause by going to the Carry the Load website. Or, if aperson doesn’t want to form your own team, he or she can join one of the current ones.Montgomery said they hope the Burnet event will become a template for communities across the countryto follow in creating their own Carry the Load programs.Whatever the level of involvement – team captain, volunteer, donor or simply a spectator – the reasonbehind the event remains remembering the meaning of Memorial Day and all those it recognizes.“(Service members) were out there doing something for me, I’m challenged to do something to rememberthem,” Kelsall said. “And when you come away for Carry the Load, you will probably commit to it the restof your life.”
  17. 17. Memorial Events to Honor Fallen HeroesCHICAGO, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cities across the US are hosting ceremonies and events duringMemorial Day weekend (May 25 -- 27) to honor and remember the brave men and women who have giventheir livesdefending their country. The travel experts at The GO Group suggest checking out these events in thefollowing cities.On Saturday, Chicago is expecting more than 10,000 spectators at itsMemorial Day Parade. The day kicks off with a wreath laying ceremony at 11:30 a.m. at the EternalFlame on Daley Plaza then proceeds south on State Street. This years parade will commemorate the150th anniversary of Taps, the musical piece played at dusk, and also will be dedicated to the soldierswho fought and died in the Iraq War.Dallas is participating in Carry The Load, a national 20-hour Memorial Day event honoring servicemembers and their families. Held at Reverchon Park/Katy Trail, participants can march at any time andfor any duration during the 20 hours event. Opening ceremonies begin at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday and themarch begins at 4. It ends on Monday at 12:13 p.m. with closing ceremonies immediately following. Also,The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is holding a free Memorial Day Concert at Flagpole Hill on Monday at 8p.m. followed by fireworks.New York is home to numerous parades over the weekend, including ones in Brooklyn, Queens andManhattan, among others. The weekend coincides with Fleet Week, (May 23 -- 30), the annual celebrationwhere sailors who serve on ships arrive in New York. Events include the parade of ships up the HudsonRiver, military demonstrations and ship tours.Events held on Memorial Day in Hawaii include the Natatorium Memorial Day Service at the WaikikiWar Memorial and ceremonies at Honolulus major cemeteries. Tens of thousands are expected to gatherat Ala Moana Beach to watch the Shinnyo-en Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony, where a thousand litlanterns are released onto the ocean. The city also hosts a formal ceremony at Punchbowl Cemetery, nearWaikiki Beach, with the decoration of soldiers graves with leis, flower wreaths, and festivities includinglive music and fireworks.Legacy Week in San Diego runs Friday through Monday, with ceremonies, concerts and a discovery zonefor kids. Activities include a wreath ceremony on Saturday; a US Navy Band Concert on Sunday and anAmerican Legion Post 492 ceremony on Monday. The American Freedom Festival, a benefit concert forveterans and Americas armed forces, will be held Saturday, on deck of the USS Midway Museum,featuring a concert with Creedence Clearwater Revisited. For ticket prices, check the website,, for ticket prices.The GO Group serves all the airports in the cities above. For a complete list, visit the GO Group, LLC is a one-stop source for door-to-door airport shuttle services. Its members transportsome 13 million passengers to and from airports in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europeannually. Travelers can book ground through GOs website, www.goairportshuttle.comTHE WALL STREET JOURNALDYANA SCHINDLERAPRIL 23, 2013
  18. 18. Walk to honor troops and first responders during“Memorial Month”A charitable group’s 2,000-mile ruck march from West Point, N.Y., to Dallas, Texas, this spring aims tohonor fallen troops, police and firefighters, support affected military families and “take Memorial Dayback.”The 27-day effort, called the Carry The Load National Relay, will come straight through a largeportion of Delaware. And the group is looking for volunteers – as well as donors – who’d like to honorthose who can no longer “carry the load” by signing up to walk on one or more of the 348 two-hour legs tohelp raise money to benefit military-related charities.The hike begins Apr. 30 in New York and concludes in Texas on Memorial Day.The goal is $1 million, raised via per-leg sponsors and outright donations, to benefit three excellentmilitary charities: the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, or TAPS – a 24/7 resource for anyonewho has lost a military loved one; the Snowball Express, which supports the children of troops who’vedied on active duty since 9/11; and Team Red, White and Blue, which connects U.S. veterans to theircommunity through physical and social activity.The route includes a stretch that will see participants walking through much of Delaware. The legs, withapproximate times, are:May 36 p.m.: Arrive (from Boothwyn, Pa.) at Marsh Rd. and Barclay Rd., Wilmington8 p.m.: Arrive at Rodney Square, Wilmington10 p.m.: Arrive at Rt. 9 and Buttonwood Ave., New CastleMidnight: Arrive at Rt. 9 and Malcolm Forest Rd., New CastleMay 41 a.m.: Arrive at Clinton St. and 5th St., Delaware City1:30 a.m.: Port Penn Rd. and W Market St., Port Penn2 a.m.: Shannon Blvd. and S. Dupont Parkway, Middletown4 a.m.: Taylors Bridge Rd and Stave Landing Rd,Townsend6 a.m.: 499 Fleming Landing Rd., Townsend8 a.m.: Hay Point Landing Rd. and Florio Rd., Smyrna10 a.m.: Denny St. and Front St., LeipsicNoon: N. Dupont Hwy. at Kabab Korner, Dover2 p.m.: 2712 Forrest Ave. at Victory Church, Dover4 p.m.: Hartly Rd. and Meyers Dr., Hartly6 .m.: Barclay Rd. and Templeville Rd., Marydel, Md.Go here, and scroll to the Route Guide, for details on each leg. Click ‘Register to Participate’ to sign upfor that specific leg. To walk more than one leg of the relay, register for the leg for which any moneyraised should be credited.Corporate sponsors should e-mail MCMICHAELAPRIL 18, 2013
  19. 19. National veterans relay coming through AtlantaDetermined to “take Memorial Day back,” the organization Carry the Load kicked off its 27-day nationalrelay April 30 in West Point, N.Y.“We can walk a couple of hours because we know families who live Memorial Day every day. They have towalk in those Memorial Day shoes every day,” Coleman Ruiz, a Carry the Load board member.He said one of the purposes behind the walk is to recognize people’s sacrifices.“If you had been in New York City with us yesterday, you would have seen 40 9/11 families walking withus and how much they appreciate the fact that we haven’t forgotten,” Ruiz said.Carry the Load is celebrating its second cross-country event this year.However, it began in 2011 in Dallas, as a 20-hour, 11-minute walk.U.S. Naval Academy graduates andU.S. Navy veterans Clint Bruce and Stephen Holley created the event.“The thought was, ‘We should get out and do a walk, and give people a chance to engage in the communityand tell stories,’” said Ruiz, also an academy graduate and veteran.Now, the relay will end in Dallas with a 20-hour, 13-minute walk. On its 15th day, the relay will hitDecatur Tuesday at 10 a.m., at Memorial Drive and George Luther Drive at Wendy’s.At noon, it will be in Atlanta, at 2440 Ga. 154. At 2 p.m., the walk will continue at 10th Street andArgonne Avenue at Piedmont Park, and the last Atlanta stop is at 6 p.m., at West Marietta Street andJoseph E. Lowery Boulevard.“Coming through Atlanta is a major change,” Ruiz said. ”We thought it was important to get closer to[the] South, so we swung south a little bit further for lots of different reasons — people we know, militarybases and organizations.”The relay is broken into 5-mile segments throughout the country, and every 5-mile point is an exchangespot. “Folks can show up at any one of those exchange points,” he said. “Somebody’s always physicallymoving at some point in time to [the] next exchange point.”While no participant is required to register to walk, donors must register in order to give money.“All of the money we raise goes to our primary beneficiaries [TAPS., Snowball Express and Team Red,White and Blue],” Ruiz said. “We’re raising funds for veteran organizations that already do good work.”Last year, the relay generated $500,000 and they donated about $300,000 to the organizations. The restwent to the organization’s operating funds, he said. This year, Ruiz said he hopes the relay raises $1million.“If we could [bring in] double, that would be spectacular, but Carry the Load was never designed to besomething you have to register to pay for,” he said. “When you come through places people live, you get achance to speak to them on how they feel about Memorial Day, and why it is not just another holiday. … Ican guarantee every town in America has someone who has lost someone.”NEIGHBORNEWSPAPERS.COMCAROLINE YOUNGMAY 8, 2013
  20. 20. CARRY THE LOAD 2013 – LEARN ABOUT AND SIGN UP FOR THE CHALLENGEFormer Navy Seal and founder of Carry The Load Stephen Holley will speak to the Lake HighlandsExchange Club Friday morning.While it started as an esoteric and personal event, Carry the Load — a 20-plus-hour walk to honorveterans, police and firefighters — has gained recognition. Participants walk as many as 20 hours, oftencarrying backpacks weighing 30-40 pounds or more to symbolize both the physical weight that soldierscarry as well as the weight of responsibility carried by first responders and military personnel.If after hearing the talk you are inspired to join but want some company, Lake Highlands CrossFit has afree training group. You can read about it in our May interview with the organizer, Mark Barnett.Members of the Exchange Club know when and where to meet – Knights of Columbus, 10110Shoreview, at 7 a.m.LAKEHIGHLANDSADVOCATEMAG.COMCHRISTINA HUGHES BABBMAY 8, 2013
  21. 21. Help ITS Tactical Carry The Load This Memorial Day 2013How will you be honoring and thanking members of our Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters andtheir families for their sacrifices this Memorial Day? We’d like to invite you to join our team thisMemorial Day in Dallas, TX for Carry The Load.Carry The Load is a life-changing journey for people as they walk or run as long or as little as they can inthe 20-hour period. Like the service members they honor, they carry more than they have to, longer thanthey think they can.Carry The LoadWe’ve organized a team to participate in the event and are calling on you to show up and help us CarryThe Load. As mentioned, there’s no commitment to the whole 20 hours that we’ll be there. To register forfree on our team we’ve dubbed the ITS Tactical Joint Task Force, click here. Even if you can’t make it out,you can help us reach our goal of raising $2,500 for the event’s charities. To donate to our team, pleaseclick here.We attended Carry The Load last year in Dallas and it was a huge success, both personally and as ateam. We had a great group of people show up, including the crew from Madcat Aviator Operator. I had arunkeeper going during last year’s event and during the 20 hours and 12 minutes we walked, whichshowed the ground covered was 33.81 miles.While I was hurting afterwards, carrying a weighted pack and an American Flag and Navy Flag, it wasthe least I could do to remember my friends that have fallen. Please don’t feel that you have to participatein the whole event, or even carry a weighted pack, we’d love to have you on our team for just an hour ifpossible. We’ll provide an update as we get closer to the event with a place to meet up so we can all starttogether.Carry The Load – Dallas starts on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. and goes through Monday, May 27at 12:13 p.m. It’s being held at Reverchon Park in Dallas, TX. If you’d like to participate and join ourteam, sign up here.ITSTACTICAL.COMBRYAN BLACKMARCH 25, 2013
  22. 22. Carry The LoadSupport those who risk their lives for usMemorial Day is only a month out and my mind is already turning on a regular basis to those who sowillingly risk their lives for yours and mine. God knows that the last few weeks, with first respondersputting so much on the line in Boston and West, that the images of their bravery and sacrifice have beenclearer than ever.In my new job I’ve also had the opportunity to interact with many armed service members of everybranch. With every current service member and veteran I meet, I am more impressed by the love theyhave for this country. A love that compels them to put themselves between us and our enemies.In the midst of those thoughts about the debt we owe those men and women, I found out aboutCarry TheLoad through one of the organizers, and a decorated former Navy SEAL officer, Clint Bruce. Iimmediately decided I wanted to take part in the event and help carry the load for those who protect anddefend us.Carry The Load is a non-profit organization helping people celebrate a meaningful Memorial Day byconducting a 20-hour event that honors veterans and active duty service members, law enforcementofficers, firefighters and their families.Through event participation and sponsorship, CTL raises money to support their 2013 beneficiaries:Assist The Officer, Heroes On The Water, Friends of Dallas Fire-Rescue, Tip Of The Spear Foundationand Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation.What I’m doingI’ve pledged to take part in the 20 hour march, carrying the load, on Memorial Day and helping raisemoney to support the charities listed above. I’m raising money individually and also as part of the ITSTactical team. Every dollar raised goes directly to supporting those men and women who risk so much forus.Who I’m “Carrying”As I watched some of the videos from last year and thought about who I wanted to “carry” (like who youwould walk for in Relay for life), a lot of possibilities came to mind but in the end, I decided on 5individuals that I know personally.- Grant: My cousin Grant just got deployed a few weeks ago. He joined up a couple years ago and it hasbeen an incredible thing to see how he has matured into a strong, caring man who has long desired todefend his country. We got to spend a lot of time together as his deployment drew close and I treasuredgetting the opportunity to share in his excitement and trepidation as the day came closer. Please keephim in your prayers.REDSTATE.COMRAZSHAFERAPRIL 26, 2013
  23. 23. I met these next four guys after Chris Kyle’s funeral. The Pub where some friends and I met up to toastChief Kyle quickly transformed into a SEAL bar as many of his brothers descended. I had the honor ofspending the rest of my day getting to know a number of them and contributing the only things I could totheir celebration of Chris’ life: cigars and beer.- Jay Redman: “Still in the fight,” are the words that best describe Jay. A former SEAL officer, he wasshot multiple times while leading his unit on a mission in Iraq. In the ensuing years he’s undergone 37surgeries as part of his recovery from those extensive wounds. While no longer in active military service,he’s rededicated his life to serving our country by giving back and supporting his brothers and sisters inarms.- Mike, Johnny and “Booster”: I can’t go into much detail about these guys out of respect for their securitybut these guys blew me away. Two are still active in the SEALS and another is out of the teams but stillin sensitive work. The bravery of these guys and the humility they showed was inspiring to say the least.Getting to spend the afternoon with them and their brothers will always be a memory I treasure andinspired me with a much greater desire to seek out ways to support the men and women who serve us.What you can doAs RedStaters, we love America and I’m proud of the myriad ways we show that love, including throughsupporting our fighting men and women. I want you to show that support in a few concrete ways as welead up to Memorial Day:- Put mental energy into finding ways to show your appreciation for veterans and active service men andwomen. Whether it’s shaking somebody’s hand and giving them a direct “thank you,” paying for the lunchof a uniformed member you see in line or sending a beer to one you see at a bar. You’re not going to takeaction unless you first put some focus on it.- Put your money where your mouth is. Talk is cheap and saying “Thank You” only does so much. Theorganization I’m focusing on is Carry The Load but whether you give to them or somewhere else, pleasegive something other than lip service to show your support.Come Memorial Day, I’ll proudly spend 20 hours carrying the load for Grant, Jay, Mike, Johnny andBooster. It’s my hope that you’ll join us, either physically or financially, in that effort.
  24. 24. Second annual Carry The Load, DallasMemorial Day 2013, Carry The Load brings the second annual Dallas leg of the cross-country, non-profit event that started 2,000 miles away in West Point, NY back to the Metroplex. Dallas picks up theload on May 26-27, 2013 at Reverchon Park/Katy Trail. The 20-hour walk-run relay honoring America’smilitary heroes, veterans and active duty members of the military, law enforcement officers, firefightersand their families is open to all area runners who want to do their part.Carry The Load founder, Clint Bruce, is a graduate of South Garland High Schoollocated in theMetroplex of northeast Texas. Bruce, a former Navy Seal, organized the nation-wide event to make life alittle more bearable for the people who serve our country every day.Join the relay or make donations to help our first-responders and military as they fight to keepAmerica safe. Take a look at all thelocal activities planned to support the event, watch videos orfollow the progress of the cross-country event, choose any that interest you and your family, and makethis Memorial Day memorable by becoming involved in 2013 Carry The Load Dallas, along with yourbackyard barbecue.EXAMINER.COMEDWYNA WASHINGTONMAY 4, 2013
  25. 25. From the frontlines to the Whole Food checkout linesThey carried out the operation against Osama Bin Laden, rescued American hostages from Somali piratesand live by the motto, “the only easy day was yesterday,” and now a group of former U.S. Navy SEALShas launched a new mission in Dallas, grocery bagging.They put their precision and marksmen skills to work Tuesday, strategically placing lettuce, rice, andother food items into bags at the Whole Foods on Preston and Forest."Its a humbling experience, Im happy to do it. I havent bagged groceries since I was 15-years-old," saidMarine Sergeant Craig Carp.But it’s only a temporary gig for the SEALS.Five percent of all Whole Foods proceeds went to the non-profit Carry The Load, an organizationdedicated to hosting meaningful Memorial Days for veterans, police, firefighters and their families."We wanted to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day,” said Stephen Holley, co-founder of Carry TheLoad. “We saw a disconnect between the way my generation celebrated the Memorial Day holiday, andthe original intent of why it was set up.""To me I think people have lost the true meaning. To them its more of a day off to barbecue and have abeer, go buy a new mattress, a car. And not for me, because Ive seen first hand what it means to be awarrior,” said Marine Corporal Jake. “I know as a country, as a nation, were better than that. We can dobetter."The SEALS will also be accepting donations for their May 26 Memorial Day march at Victory Park onApril 9.SMUDAILYCAMPUS.COMLUCY SOSAAPRIL 22, 2103
  27. 27. Honoring Memorial DayCarry the LoadWhile many honor the sacrifices of our servicemen and women on Memorial Day, Carry The Load does itfrom state to state with special dedication. This national nonprofit organization hosts a cross-countryrelay to honor veterans and active-duty service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters and theirfamilies.What started in 2011 as a 20-hour, 11-minute walk event in Dallas evolved into a national relay.Beginning in West Point, on April 30, Carry The Load team members walk five-mile increments, 24-hoursa day to complete the route on Memorial Day in Dallas. For each increment of the relay, team membersand their followers carry a flag that’s passed along the relay route. Some cities along the route havemomentous exchange points, such as the Ground Zero Memorial in Manhattan and the Liberty Bell inPhiladelphia, while others are marked by a Carry The Load branded tour bus. Co-founded by Navy SEALveterans, this year marks Carry The Load’s third annual event.Emily Reeves, “load carrier” for Arkansas, is the Little Rock sponsor representative. Emily lost herbrother, Robert, a Navy SEAL, in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. “I wanted to get involved and helpArkansans show their patriotic pride by remembering the heroes that Carry The Load honors.” Sheanticipates an increase in participation this year. Amy Frazier Turpen, a new Carry The Loadparticipant, says she got involved to honor veterans and enjoy the camaraderie of the relay. “Let’sremember those who died protecting us and the true meaning of Memorial Day. We’re creating a newholiday tradition,” explains Amy.Carry the Load comes through Arkansas May 20-24, from Memphis at 6pm on May 20 and throughTexarkana at 4pm May 24. The North Little Rock portion of the route will begin May 21 at 8 pm onRiverfront Drive. In 2012, approximately 6,500 people participated in the national relay.To participate in The Carry Load national relay or for more information, visit DYER
  28. 28. Carry the Load co-founder finds peace in seeing Americans stepup to challengeDALLAS -- On a peaceful day at White Rock Lake, parents with young children seek out shade and watch thewind kick up waves. The last thing on most peoples minds is suffering.Clint Bruce isnt most people."What I know how to do is put on a pack and go," Bruce said. "The classic military action is a road march. I feltlike I needed to walk it off."The former Navy SEAL needed to walk off some Memorial Day anger a few years ago; to feel the pain ofreconnecting with fallen friends who seemed forgotten on the holiday created for them.So, he hoisted his backpack, intentionally loaded with 60- or 70-pounds of weight, and started to walk thetrails around the lake."Ive always felt there are only two ways to create a tribe, to create this brotherhood," he said. "Its eitherthrough long periods of time, or condensed suffering."He learned this through SEAL training, and before that, as a Naval Academy football star, where he was theleading tackler for three years. At 39, he remains a powerful physical presence.As Bruce suffered through hour after hour beneath a heavy pack at the lake, he passed an old man whoseemed to understand this ritual. Bruce took him for a World War II veteran by his insight and demeanor."He said, Son, I said, Yessir. He said, Who are you carrying?" Bruce recalled.He said that simple question unlocked and clarified his emotions. Thats where the name of his non-profit,Carry the Load, comes from.The bigger story is where its going.In 2011, Bruce co-founded Carry the Load with fellow former SEAL Stephen Holly.Last year, Carry the Load launched a walking relay from West Point, New York, to Dallas, and invited anyonealong the way to join.We walked in Arkansas last May with former SEAL Coleman Ruiz.Much of the time, there were just a few walkers. But this year, the relay is drawing a lot more.This year, the murder of Bruces close friend, Chris Kyle, focused national attention on SEALs and sacrifice.This year, we felt the deaths of 12 volunteer firefighters in the West, Texas explosion."They did what they did because they thought America was worth it," Bruce said. "Were just challengingAmerica to prove it. Chris [Kyle] thought you were worth it. Thats why he took the risks. So be worth it."WFAA.COMJIM DOUGLASMAY 12, 2O13
  29. 29. America seems to be looking for a way to show gratitude. Suddenly, thousands are stepping up to Carry theLoad."To go from 500 in 2011, to north of 20,000 is pretty spectacular," Clint Bruce said, sitting in a shelter at WhiteRock Lake. "Its an encouraging thing about America."Twenty thousand or more people are expected to participate in Carry the Load activities this Memorial Dayweekend. Austin will have its own event, led by the sister of fallen SEAL Jonas Kelsall. 9/11 families joinedCarry the Load walkers at the site of the World Trade Center in early May. Good Morning America gave themovement more publicity.Clint Bruce doesnt expect everyone to walk -- especially not the 20-hour march hell lead in Dallas on May 26& 27 at the end of the relay.Hes just glad more Americans are pausing to consider the price of a peaceful day.And theres one more thing."Now three years down the road," he said, "Im not angry anymore."Not now that so many are showing theyre willing to carry just a little of the load that was carried for them.In addition to focusing Americans on the meaning of Memorial Day, Carry the Load is also raising money forcharities that help families, especially children, of fallen military, police, and fire fighters. To see some ofthose charities, and learn more about the relay and Memorial Day weekend walk, go to SEALs greet fans at Carry The Load eventDALLAS — We want to thank everyone who came out to Victory Park on Tuesday evening tosupportCarry the Load.The organization supports service members, veterans, first responders and their families.A lot of people stopped by to meet Navy SEALs before the Stars game.Stephen Holley and another former SEAL started Carry the Load to restore the true meaning ofMemorial Day."Service to our country is not exclusive to the military, and we want to make sure that service heredomestically is recognized appropriately as well," Holley said.Tuesdays event and others are leading up to the Dallas Memorial March during MemorialYour next chance to help Carry the Load is Tuesday, April 16 from 5 to 7 p.m., when WFAA will open aphone bank at our studios. Well share more information as we get closer to that date.You can sign up for the Memorial Day march by clicking here.WFAA.COMAPRIL 9, 2013
  30. 30. Silent supporters of Dallas Fire-Rescue to receive Carry theLoad fundsDALLAS -- The bagpipes played. The bell rang. The dispatchers final call sounded without answer.It was a public display of dignity after 12 brothers deaths in the West, Texas, explosion last month. Andfor all the respect shown in public, much more was given in private.Its always that way.Jack Ayres is a Dallas lawyer who used to be a paramedic, and before that, a police officer. But his title ofHonorary Dallas Fire Chief means more."I think its one of the greatest honors of my life," he said.He was given the title as a thank you for his work with Friends of Dallas Fire and Rescue, which gives toDallas firefighters who sacrifice everything, like his close friend Captain Kenny Harris.Harris was one of 12 emergency responders who died April 17 in the fertilizer plant explosion in West."[He was an] excellent fire commander. I never saw any better," Ayres said of his friend. "We have somethat are as good probably; but none better."Ayres got a call in the middle of the night that Harris might have been hurt, but in all the confusion onthe scene, he was missing.It wasnt long before the next call came. Harris had died.Friends of Dallas Fire and Rescue gives immediate financial and emotional assistance to families of fallenDallas firefighters. Ayres could only do that if he went to West.When he arrived, Harris men had beat him there."In the fire department, theres a tradition that if one of our members dies on the fire ground, that hisbody is removed by the crew that he worked with," he said. "I remember his men saying to me that theydidnt want him left out in the rain by himself.""Our job was to do whatever was necessary to have his body removed with full departmental honors,"Ayres continued.In the morning, once investigators gave them clearance, Harris crew pulled their captains body from thesite of the explosion. Then they did the same for the 11 other fallen responders, giving them a final salute,in silence."Thats a very important tradition for the fire service," Ayres said.Its been four weeks and the honorary chiefs job hasnt ended, because Friends of Dallas Fire and RescueWFAA.COMTERESA WOODARDMAY 13, 2013
  31. 31. never stops. They give support long after the tributes are over. If a firefighter is seriously injured orkilled, they move in."How many people do you know of that will die for somebody they dont know, and will do it withoutquestion, without hesitation?" Ayres said. "Those are the people we serve, and we serve them becausethey serve us."Carry the Load will donate some of what it raises from its Memorial Day walk to Friends of Dallas Fireand Rescue. Its a rather fitting thanks for quietly carrying a heavy load.Walkers Carry the Load in Nations CapitalWASHINGTON, D.C. - Memorial Day is just around the corner and many of us see it as little more thanan extended weekend or chance to shop for deals.But, just like the years before, a group of people will do their best to show the rest of us it’s aboutsacrificed.Walkers for Carry the Load left West Point in New York earlier this month with a goal to raise $1 million.Its a 2,000-mile effort to collect money for the families of fallen veterans and first responders. Their longwalk ends Memorial Day weekend in Dallas.Over the weekend, they walked through the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Washington,D.C. and the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.Co-founder Clint Bruce, a former Navy SEAL, helped put the annual event together a few years ago."I was frustrated with the fact that most Americans don’t seem to recognize the true meaning of MemorialDay," he said. "It’s not just about sales and getting days off, it’s a bout honoring the men and women andthe families who keep us safe."Carry the Load asks that people carry the memory of fallen veterans and first responders who lost theirlives and sacrificed as they served for others.Walkers, some of whom only participate in segments of the walk, help raise money for groups such as"Snowball Express," which assists the children and spouses of service members killed in combat."For these children and families, every day is Memorial Day," said Buck Kern, executive director ofSnowball Express. "So, imagine how important it is that they see the rest of us taking time out toremember their fallen hero."WFAA is a proud sponsor of Carry the Load. In the week ahead, expect more coverage on air and onlineas the walkers get closer to their goal of reach North Texas and raising $1,000,00.WFAA.COMJOHN MCCAAMAY 6, 2013
  32. 32. WFAA sponsors phone bank for nonprofit Carry the LoadDuring the 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. newscasts this evening, WFAA-TV is sponsoring a phone bank to benefitnonprofit oranization Carry the Load.To donate, call 972.988.8888. Carry the Load is a registered IRS 501(c)3 organization that partnerswith communities across the nation to help create meaningful Memorial Day events honoring veterans,active duty service members, police officers, fire fighters and other public servants.In addition to a host of other smaller marches this Memorial Day, participants will walk from New Yorkto Texas in a national relay.Retired Marine invites you to meet Navy SEALs for a good causeDid you know that Navy SEAL stands for Sea, Air and Land because theyre trained to handle themselvesequally well in all these situations?You have one more chance to meet aNavy SEAL Tuesday. You can join News 8 at 5 p.m. atWFAAs Victory Park in Dallas. At the event, you can learn details on how you can sign up for the Carrythe Load Memorial March, which takes place May 26-27. The march raises money to support Assist TheOfficer, Heroes On The Water, Friends of Dallas Fire-Rescue, Tip Of The Spear Foundation and Sons ofthe Flag Burn Foundation.On that note, retired Marine and Purple Heart recipient Jake Schick joined News 8 Daybreak to talkabout the event. Hes the ambassador of the group Carry the Load, a non-profit organization honoringveterans and active duty service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families.If you cant make it to Tuesdays event or the march, you can join the WFAA team and donate byclicking here.WFAA.COMAPRIL 16, 2013WFAA.COMAPRIL 9, 2013
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