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#YVRSocial: The Rise of the Influencer [Arc'teryx]


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This is a presentation by Sarah Leishman, Global Digital Community Manager at Arc'teryx for the #YVRSocial "the Rise of the Influencer " Event on Nov 23 2017.
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Copyright (c): Sarah Leishman

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#YVRSocial: The Rise of the Influencer [Arc'teryx]

  1. 1. Arc’teryx Content Filters Wild Places People ArtDesign & Innovation
  2. 2. Arc’teryx Our Content Ecosystem Influencers User Content Athletes Events Mtn Culture Product education
  3. 3. Arc’teryx Influencers Drive Our Best Posts
  4. 4. Arc’teryx Our Influencers Tell Great Stories
  5. 5. Arc’teryx Tribe A good fit: Someone who “Lives It”, Is true to the Arc’teryx brand, posts authentic content, is known & respected in the community for getting outdoors. Genuinely uses our gear for its intended purpose. A poor fit: Someone who isn’t authentic, goes outside just to post it on Instagram, ‘poses’, is a career ‘influencer.’
  6. 6. Arc’teryx Influencers in The Wild
  7. 7. Arc’teryx Influencers In Our Feed
  8. 8. ARC’TERYX EQUIPMENT – CONFIDENTIAL ©2017 Arc’teryx Influence and Conversion
  9. 9. Thank you