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Why Choose CarrierBid?


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This presentation provides an overview of the services offered by Premier Master Agent, CarrierBid including details such as their Carrier Services Portfolio, Expense Management, Wireless Expense Management, WiFi Guest Marketing tools, and how CarrierBid is committed to bidding, negotiating and winning the lowest prices for their customers.

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Why Choose CarrierBid?

  1. 1. Why Choose CarrierBid? Matt Brown l Principal
  2. 2. Who is CarrierBid? • Domestic and International Telecom and Data Network Suppliers • No cost to our clients • We are not a reseller, not an aggregator, not a VAR • Carrier Leverage= We bid the suppliers against each other • Extensive Intellectual Property, “Insider Information” • Unbiased Advice and Honest Comparisons • No obligation to choose one supplier over another • Dedicated team of subject matter resources and project managers As a Premier Master Agent, CarrierBid helps clients make the right IT decisions that positively impact their business with the Best Pricing and Network Solutions available in the marketplace today
  3. 3. The CarrierBid Process: We are YOUR Advocate Today AND for the Future
  4. 4. We Deliver What our Customers Want Drivers of Customer Choice Redundant / Reliable Local to Global Experience / Service Knowledgeable / Proactive Flexible / Nimble Responsive / Transparent Cybersecurity Protection What CarrierBid Delivers Network Reach and Reliability Technology Expertise / Relevance Exceptional Customer Experience Secure Connectivity
  5. 5. What are your Business Objectives? What would you like to accomplish (Business Objectives)? • What are your short-term and long-term goal? • How does your network impact your customers, employees? • Which areas are the most challenging today? • Do you sometimes feel like you’re Managing IT or is IT Managing You? What services do you have today? • Describe how data and voice flows in, out, and across your network • Who are your current providers for Data, Voice and Wireless, other services? • Are the services meeting your needs? What are the gaps? • Are there voice quality issues? • How is disaster recovery handled?
  6. 6. Carrier Services Portfolio Data & Networking Services • SD WAN • MPLS • Ethernet • Optical Wavelength • Dedicated Internet and broadband • Dark fiber • Fixed wireless • DDoS • Network Security Cloud & Data Center • Colocation • IaaS, Saas, PaaS • Hosting Solutions Collaboration • Audio Conferencing • Web screen share • Video Conferencing Mobility • Audit / Optimization • Procurement • Wireless backup Expense Management • Audits • TEM • RFP Management and Sourcing • Inventory Management • Wireless Cost Reduction With over 180 industry leading domestic and international carriers in our portfolio, we help you take an agnostic approach towards sorting out what’s best for your business Carrier Voice Services • SIP • Hosted VoiP (HVoIP) • UCaaS • Contact Center • IP Long Distance, Toll Free • PRI • POTS Aggregation, Analog Lines • Integrated Voice
  7. 7. Expense Management Questions to consider when evaluating expense management solutions: • How does our voice and data network help us to sell or otherwise support our products and services? • What is our inventory? • How much do we really spend? How do these expenses affect our bottom line? • What is it costing us to maintain our IT/telecom infrastructure? • Do we have real control over our wireless, telecom and data network expenses? • Why are we spending the amount on telecom expenses that we are today? • What does our IT team typically do? For example, are they able to focus on their core responsibilities or do they get pulled away by “fire drills” that impede our long-term vision? • How effective are our IT team’s efforts? What might be preventing them from reaching their highest potential and maximizing efficiencies? • Are our management reporting needs simple or very complicated? • What can we do to increase our TCO while maintaining organizational performance?
  8. 8. Support CarrierBid has helped clients save time, money, and aggravation since 2006. We keep our promises, set realistic expectations, and strive to develop long- term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Matt Brown, Principal, CarrierBid Communications “, Expedited quoting & support On average, all Account Consultant’s have 25+ years of direct carrier experience Project and Installation Management Pre-Implementation Implementation Post–Implementation Bill review Access to carrier engineering resources Team Approach “
  9. 9. WiFi Guest Marketing
  10. 10. WiFi Guest Marketing Tools Fact: Nearly every person visiting your venue owns a smartphone. When a guest enters, you’ll immediately gather valuable information that can be used in your marketing efforts. How we help: We’ll guide the installation of your new high-speed internet access and guest WiFi network (or leverage your existing WiFi infrastructure) Results: DRIVE NEW REVENUE to your business. Target customers with actionable offers and marketing campaigns while they’re visiting your venue AND when they’ve gone home with specific hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.
  11. 11. Five-Step ProcesstoGROWRevenue and KNOWYour Customers: Increase Revenue: Customers Spend More While Visiting &Become Valuable Repeat Customers Partner Advertising Sponsorships: Advertisers Pay for the Whole System! Offer Free & Fast Guest WiFi: Enable easy log-on via Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter Collect WiFi Analytics: Build Detailed Customer Profiles to Understand Them Better Ongoing Marketing: Offer hyper-personalized and timely offers to build loyalty & increase spend Reach Their Network of Friends: Through Social Media Activity Location Aware WiFi: How do customers Move Around Your Venue? (Campaigns Based on Location!)
  12. 12. WiFi Marketing RESULTS: • Increase Repeat Customers: They’re SEVEN TIMES more profitable than new customers! • Identify High Linger Areas and Queue Lengths: Increase immediate marketing and change physical spaces • Trigger Proximity Marketing: Advertise specific products as the customer moves about your venue • Deepen Spend: By enticing customers to stay longer • Actionable Data: For the manager AND the executive C-suite • Automated “Drip” campaigns: Increase revenue with gentle reminders: • Personalized Special Occasions • Holidays • Birthdays • Custom Promotional Offers: Drive new & return Visits • Prepay/Reload: Parents can remotely reload Kids accounts • Order Food: Deepen the food service spend with ZERO lines • System Metrics: Provide complete visibility to track marketing success
  13. 13. END-TO-END SOLUTIONS SERVICE IMPROVEMENT LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP Why choose CarrierBid? We help you drive business growth through IT innovation
  14. 14. Thank You! 480-345-3333
  15. 15. Appendix
  16. 16. Why are Businesses Considering Cloud – Hosting – IT – Managed Service – Security - Analytics • Budget constraints on capital required to invest in hardware required and on-going management expenses • Increasing demands from the business to deliver productivity enhancing applications • Lack of IT resources with the knowledge to deliver new applications • Lack of operational budget to train and hire IT resources with the knowledge of complex technologies • IT focused on managing disparate networks, platforms and applications • Unreasonable demands on IT prevent focus on core competencies that drive business revenue • Increasing regulatory and compliance requirements