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CarrierBid Internet Access


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CarrierBid will bid internet access suppliers against each other to get you the best pricing, highest bandwidth and redundancy possible so that your business will always be connected to cloud and internet resources.

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CarrierBid Internet Access

  1. 1. Internet Access Matt Brown l Principal
  2. 2. Who is CarrierBid? • Domestic and International Telecom and Data Network Suppliers • No cost to our clients • We are not a reseller, not an aggregator, not a VAR • Carrier Leverage= We bid the suppliers against each other • Extensive Intellectual Property, “Insider Information” • Unbiased Advice and Honest Comparisons • No obligation to choose one supplier over another • Dedicated team of subject matter resources and project managers As a Premier Master Agent, CarrierBid helps clients and partners make the right IT decisions that positively impact their business with the Best Pricing and Network Solutions available in the marketplace today
  3. 3. Carrier Services Portfolio Data & Networking Services • SD WAN • MPLS • Ethernet • Optical Wavelength • Dedicated Internet and broadband • Dark fiber • Fixed wireless • DDoS • Network Security Cloud & Data Center • Colocation • IaaS, Saas, PaaS • Hosting Solutions Collaboration • Audio Conferencing • Web screen share • Video Conferencing Mobility • Audit / Optimization • Procurement • Wireless backup Expense Management • Audits • TEM • RFP Management and Sourcing • Inventory Management • Wireless Cost Reduction With over 180 industry leading domestic and international carriers in our portfolio, we help you take an agnostic approach towards sorting out what’s best for your customers Carrier Voice Services • SIP • Hosted VoiP (HVoIP) • UCaaS • Contact Center • IP Long Distance, Toll Free • PRI • POTS Aggregation, Analog Lines • Integrated Voice
  4. 4. The CarrierBid Process: We are YOUR Advocate Today AND for the Future
  5. 5. Bandwidth Discovery, What are your Business Objectives? What do you have today? • Who is your current provider? • What type of service is it? Broadband, Fiber, copper based? • Is it meeting your needs? • Are there any voice quality issues? • Would you benefit from having a secondary circuit for disaster recovery? • Could you please supply CarrierBid a bill copy? What is your budget? • Are you paying $200 per month or $2000 per month? • To move forward, do we need to produce overall savings? • Depending upon your business location(s), fiber internet pricing can vary wildly
  6. 6. • DSL (aka High Speed Internet) • Higher Download Speed, Slower Upload • More widely available • Fiber • Data Bundle (Loop, Internet Port, Router, Maintenance) • Standard Offering: Loop, Internet Port • DSL (aka High Speed Internet) • Higher Download Speed, Slower Upload • More widely available • Fiber + (In-region, Out-of- Region Level 3) • Data Bundle (Loop, Internet Port, Router, Maintenance) • Standard Offering: Loop, Internet Port • Coax (copper cable) • Higher Download Speed, Slower Upload • More widely available • Fiber Supplier Internet Products Overview CenturyLink Cox, Comcast, Spectrum AT&T Other options include: Wireless Backup, Satellite Backup (Viasat, Broadsky)
  7. 7. Quote Lead Time Estimates It depends on the type of service: • DSL, Cable Coax: 24-48 hours • unless a build is required • Physical or Virtual Site Survey may be needed • Fiber + (CenturyLink): 24-48 hours • Fiber On-net (fiber already exists in the building): 1 day – 1 week Larger Opportunities • Promo pricing or on-net: within a week • Custom pricing: 2-3 weeks • Custom engineering: 2 -3 weeks
  8. 8. Fiber Installation Overview Process Flow (90-120 Days): 1. Customer signature, contract execution 2. We place the orders with the carrier and project manage the installation with the customer/supplier 3. Site survey: scheduling, results 4. Permits submitted to the cities 5. Construction jobs begin 6. Construction completion, fiber pulled, spliced 7. Hardware installation in the building (typically a Ciena switch) 8. Testing of the local access circuits 9. Router installation by customer (plug n’ play) 10. Testing and activation by customer and supplier 11. Billing verification
  9. 9. Support CarrierBid has helped clients save time, money, and aggravation since 2006. We keep our promises, set realistic expectations, and strive to develop long- term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Matt Brown, President, CarrierBid Communications “ Expedited quoting 11 yrs -35 yrs Account Consultant Experience Project and Installation Management Pre-Implementation Implementation Post–Implementation Bill review Access to carrier engineering resources Team-Selling Approach “
  10. 10. END-TO-END SOLUTION SERVICE IMPROVEMENT PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS Why should I choose CarrierBid to help me choose my Internet Access provider? Ensure that your business stay’s connected to the internet with the help of CarrierBid!
  11. 11. Thank You! 1-888-706-5656