Exclusive Resorts-Tuscany Escapes


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Exclusive Resorts is the world's leading luxury vacation and travel club, offering members exclusive destinations, experiences and services since 2003. For more information visit us at http://www.exclusiveresorts.com.

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Exclusive Resorts-Tuscany Escapes

  2. 2. We are delighted to offer this collection of Exclusive Escapes, custom-designed in cooperation with our partner, Butterfield & Robinson, to enhance your future Tuscan vacations. The acclaimed leader in authentic global adventures and bespoke travel planning, Butterfield & Robinson carries their core belief—that you can travel in comfort and style anywhere in the world you want to go while still experiencing the very essence of where you are—into every aspect of every customized journey they create. Now, when inspiration strikes, you can enjoy personalized experiences custom-crafted by Butterfield & Robinson before and after your club vacations in Tuscany, always with the confidence that you will enjoy the same caliber of luxury on these Exclusive Escapes that you enjoy when traveling within the club’s Residence Collection. Every experience will feature exceptional accommodations, incomparable access, gourmet food, excellent wines, experienced guides, and more than a few secrets. This brochure outlines four fully customized, Tuscany-based Exclusive Escapes now available to you through this partnership. Of course, in keeping with our commitment to always provide you with your best, most personalized vacation experiences—and Butterfield & Robinson’s unmatched expertise in crafting unique journeys around the globe—you can select one or more of these Exclusive Escapes exactly as they are presented here, or you can work with your Member Services Manager to modify one of these proposed Exclusive Escapes or custom—create your own from scratch. The choice is yours. CUSTOMIZED ESCAPES DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND To enhance your future vacation to Tuscany by adding an Exclusive Escape to your travel plans, please contact your Member Services Manager.
  3. 3. CAPRI
  4. 4. From ancient Roman ruins to high fashion models, Capri is the ultimate, chic getaway. Capri’s incredible views, quiet bays and fragrant flora captivate the senses and ignite a desire to return again and again. Whether you opt for a casual stroll along the tiny lanes of town or an invigorating ascent up Monte Solarao, be sure to reward yourself with a refreshing lemon juice squeezed from the island’s own luscious fruit afterwards. You’ll feel as refreshed as the Roman Emperors that enjoyed summers in Capri, lounging in their grottos and splendid villas. HIGHLIGHTS seggiovla aperitivo ACCOMMODATIONS Hotel La Scalinatella Condé Nast Traveler majolica Villa Brunella TRIP DETAILS Trip Length: Level of Activity: Suitable For: Transportation: To reserve this Capri Escape, or to explore opportunities to customize your own Capri experience, please contact your Member Services Manager. RESERVE YOUR TRIP
  5. 5. VENICE
  6. 6. RESERVE YOUR TRIP Incomparable is the most accurate word to describe bella Venezia. Venice’s architecture, music, cuisine, art, and people make a visit through its maze-like streets and waterways exceptional—it is truly unlike any other European destination. Experience life as a local through the lens of a passionate citizen who will serve as your guide for three days. Encounter the beauty that has lured and seduced visitors since the 5th century and that continues to thrive and overcome all obstacles—from the plague to its current water dilemma, aqua alta. Whether crossing bridges and meandering alongside waterways on foot, or cruising the Grand Canal in a gondola, your guided discovery of Venice is sure to delight and expand your view of one of Italy’s most unique cities. HIGHLIGHTS palazzo antipasti ACCOMMODATIONS Escape Hotel Danieli Ca Maria Adele Condé Nast Traveler TRIP DETAILS Trip Length: Level of Activity: Suitable For: Transportation: To reserve this Venice Escape, or to explore opportunities to customize your own Venice experience, please contact your Member Services Manager.
  7. 7. FLORENCE
  8. 8. RESERVE YOUR TRIP Find yourself inspired by artistic greats including Michelangelo and Galileo during a visit to beautiful Florence, a city known for famous museums and world-renowned shopping. One of the jewels of Italy, Florence is not to be missed. Discover this incomparable Italian city through a local’s eyes and then enjoy a robust discussion about the engineering of the duamo over an apertivo. Explore the contemporary artisan scene on a guided visit to ateliers and workshops in the Oltrano district, learn to make the best chocolate and gelato, and stroll through some of the world’s most iconic art museums. With thousands of years of art, culture, and gastronomy to take in, you will find Florence a difficult city to leave. HIGHLIGHTS gelateria ACCOMMODATIONS Escape Lungarno Suites – Ferragamo Hotel Collection, Florence TRIP DETAILS Trip Length: Level of Activity: Suitable For: Transportation: Escape Escape To reserve this Florence Escape, or to explore opportunities to customize your own Florence experience, please contact your Member Services Manager.
  9. 9. ROME
  10. 10. RESERVE YOUR TRIP Welcome to the Eternal City, where your customized Escape will unveil all the timeless magic and ancient history that make Rome unique and enchanting. A long-time local resident will lead you on an authentic tour through Rome, highlighting his favorite corners of the historic center and offering equal doses of ancient history and modern insights. You might find yourself in a tunic, jousting gladiator- style on the ancient road leading from Rome—or perhaps battling locals for the best produce at the market. Either way, a memorable collection of experiences awaits in this always-energetic city. HIGHLIGHTS ACCOMMODATIONS The Inn at the Spanish Steps, Rome Parco dei Principi TRIP DETAILS Trip Length: Level of Activity: Suitable For: Transportation: Escape To reserve this Rome Escape, or to explore opportunities to customize your own Rome experience, please contact your Member Services Manager.