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Schema Markup Basics - Pubcon 2017


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Take a look at my slides from Pubcon Las Vegas 2017! Info on Schema & Semantic Markup News you can Use!

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Schema Markup Basics - Pubcon 2017

  1. 1. #pubcon@CarrieHill Semantic Markup Basics What’s New & What’s Happening with Semantic Markup for Websites Carrie Hill Co-Founder -
  2. 2. #pubcon@CarrieHill Semantic Markup is not a Bandaid
  3. 3. #pubcon@CarrieHill
  4. 4. #pubcon@CarrieHill Semantic Markup is getting HARDER More types are being rolled out Implementations are more complicated Tools are not Updated Regularly
  5. 5. #pubcon@CarrieHill
  6. 6. #pubcon@CarrieHill What’s New in the World tbd - ‘telesto’ 8.14.17 - ‘enceladus’ 3.23.17 - ‘calisto’
  7. 7. #pubcon@CarrieHill Latest Schema Release - ‘enceladus’ Was estimated to release in MAY - didn’t come until mid-August Add a HowTo type • This introduces estimatedCost, steps, supply and tool as new properties • re- uses performTime, prepTime, totalTime • introduce yield • Supporting types HowToItem
  8. 8. #pubcon@CarrieHill ‘callisto’ Highlights Moved quite a few items from “core” to “pending.” That hasn’t happened before Added “Menu” items to assist with not only restaurant markup, but other types of menus. Added types Menu MenuItem MenuSection Added properties hasMenuItem hasMenuSection. Introduced hasMenu property
  9. 9. #pubcon@CarrieHill What Is In The Works Today The working group is usually working on the next release before the current one is even live. Coming up is sds-telesto Occupation Markup Changes hasOccupation estimatedSalary MonetaryAmountDistribution QuantitativeValueDistribution Employer Rating Classification Add EmployerAggregateRati ng as a subtype of AggregateRating to differentiate ratings for the entity as an employer Education Credentials Educational and occupational credentials, i.e. diplomas, academic degrees, certifications, etc. These act as an important link between outcomes of educational courses, people, and occupations / job roles.
  10. 10. #pubcon@CarrieHill 1.Worry about your Content First 2.Mark it up Appropriately 3.Reverse Engineer Competitors 4.You are not ENTITLED, earn it Answer Boxes, Featured Snippets, Etc. Check out Alan Bleiweiss’ Slide deck from State of Search a few weeks ago: Get Eric Enge’s Slides from yesterday!
  11. 11. #pubcon@CarrieHill Everyone Can Win! Local Business Markup Review Markup Product/Service Markup Event Markup Q & A/FAQ Markup HowTo Markup
  12. 12. #pubcon@CarrieHill HowTo Markup Quietly released in August This is a HUGE opportunity. Google needs to get the validation tool updated Please?
  13. 13. #pubcon@CarrieHill Local Business Markup
  14. 14. #pubcon@CarrieHill Critic Reviews are OK to publish. Must reference original site/page in Markup ONLY mark up reviews you curate - don’t steal them from other sites ONLY mark up reviews / aggregate ratings of reviews visible ON THAT PAGE. Be CAREFUL of 3rd party review services. Know what you are/are NOT putting on your website. Review Markup - Follow the Rules
  15. 15. #pubcon@CarrieHill Products
  16. 16. #pubcon@CarrieHill Services
  17. 17. #pubcon@CarrieHill Question / Answer / FAQ No Q&A Markup Don’t Forget
  18. 18. #pubcon@CarrieHill Implementing Schema with Google Tag Manager 1.Write the jSON 2.Create the Custom Tag in GTM 3.Paste the jSON into the Custom HTML box for the tag you created 4.Save it 5.Create the Trigger (page view) 6.Add the trigger to the custom Tag 7.Publish 8.Test Tag Manager Me
  19. 19. #pubcon@CarrieHill Implementing Schema with GTM Reference these “How To” Articles: schema-markup-site-using-google-tag- manager-272516 - For all sites google-tag-manager/ - For Wordpress 06/30/how-to-add-local-business- schema-markup-via-google-tag- manager-gtm/#gref - for local business
  20. 20. #pubcon@CarrieHill Tools for Markup schema-generator/ schema-generator/ data/testing-tool
  21. 21. #pubcon@CarrieHill Get Involved - Or Do Stealth-Like Lurking
  22. 22. #pubcon@CarrieHill Thanks!