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Pubcon Presentation from October 2015 - Schema Markup - what's coming down the line, what's new & exciting, and how to get involved

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  • In June 2015, Musel, Bizer and Paulheim
  • Schema in 2016 - A New Frontier - Carrie Hill - Pubcon

    1. 1. Schema in 2016 Taking Advantage of An Expanding Frontier @CarrieHill
    2. 2. Schema is a Vocabulary Schema is one of multiple markup languages @CarrieHill
    3. 3. Schema is not a bandaid Schema is not a game @CarrieHill
    4. 4. Schema vs. Rdfa vs. Json vs. Good Relations vs. Microformat @CarrieHill
    5. 5. Semantic Markup Adoption Rates 5 years ago - about 3% of websites were using any form of sematic markup. In Winter of 2013 - Webdatacommons released data that supported a 25% adoption rate 2011 2015 @CarrieHill
    6. 6. Approx 50% of the Available markup types or objects are actually being observed as implemented June 2015, Musel, Bizer and Paulheim - University of Mannheim @CarrieHill
    7. 7. What Schema Does for You Better Indexing & Comprehension from Google & Bing Richer, more Visible Search presence Benefits beyond Search Engines Competitive Advantage @CarrieHill
    8. 8. Better Indexing & Comprehension If Google can understand it - they are more likely to show it. @CarrieHill
    9. 9. Richer More Visible Search Presence Knowledge Graph, Answer Box, Sitelinks, Reviews, Product Markup - Enhanced listings in the search engines are more visible. @CarrieHill
    10. 10. Benefits Beyond Search Engines Sites outside of Search Engines use Schema - Pinterest is a big one. They use Schema and OpenGraph to Display Additional Information @CarrieHill
    11. 11. Competitors either a) don’t have the skill or foresight to implement it; or b) are too cocky to think they need it Competitive Advantage @CarrieHill
    12. 12. Search Engines are becoming Answer Engines - but Schema is not necessarily feeding the Answer Box @CarrieHill
    13. 13. How it works Identify Opportunities Match Content with Available Item Types & Objects within Schema Markup Data Use a markup tool, or a text editor to wrap that content in markup Validate Always Validate. Copy in your code, implement, then copy in your url to check it again. @CarrieHill
    14. 14. Examples Where Can You Benefit?
    15. 15. Local Business NAP Data Name Address Phone URL @CarrieHill
    16. 16. Get Specific Pick a more specific Type from if appropriate - these types can afford some additional markup within that category. Restaurants > Takes Reservations? Cuisine Type? Price Scale? @CarrieHill
    17. 17. Get Specific Extend it Open Hours Toll Free # Fax # Email Address Logo Ratings Reviews Menus Products Services @CarrieHill
    18. 18. Google Now From Apps From Website From Email @CarrieHill
    19. 19. Google Now - Develop Your Own Markup @CarrieHill
    20. 20. Extend Schema with additionalType & You can combine a with additional “types” from If there’s a wikipedia page - you can create an additionalType in @CarrieHill
    21. 21. Extend Schema with additionalType & @CarrieHill
    22. 22. New in Schema 2.1 - 2015.08.16 Added new types LiveBlogPosting, SocialMediaPosting, and DiscussionForumPosting, alongside supporting properties. Broadened domain of parentOrganization to allow any Organization, rather than onlyLocalBusiness. Noted parentOrganization and subOrganization as inverses. Coming in Schema 2.x Adding GeoRadius, GeoCircle and GeoMidpoint Deprecating “ProfessionalService” and listing all as just “Service” @CarrieHill
    23. 23. Get Involved Subscribe to the W3C Schema Mailing list Stay up to date with Changes and Discussions, or ask questions and make suggestions @CarrieHill
    24. 24. Thanks Questions? Comments? I’d love to connect – find me on: @CarrieHill