Carrie Hill - Schema 101 - Why the new meta data matters. SMX West 2013


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Examples and explanation as to why you should be adding Schema protocol to your marketing strategy

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  • Amazon has markup, I’m told, but they have it “hosted” elsewhere, not in the code
  • Recipe, Breadcrumbs, Image, authorship, publisher
  • Wrote a post January 2013, used data highlighter – let it sit until Mid-feb – no event markup in SERP – changed to Schema markup using Schema Creator WP plugin – saw event markup in SERP within a week.
  • Carrie Hill - Schema 101 - Why the new meta data matters. SMX West 2013

    1. 1. Schema 101:Why the New Data Matters Carrie Hill Director of Online Marketing Services KeyRelevance, LLC @CarrieHill @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    2. 2. Who Needs Schema? You Do! @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    3. 3. Why UseSchema? @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    4. 4. Servicing Locations @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    5. 5. The Need to be DiscoveredWhen there are hundreds or thousands ofwebsites competing for the same real estate –you need a leg up on the competition.1. Are your competitors using Schema already?2. Can you be the first in your niche to implement?3. What opportunities can you glean and how can you match a schema protocol to it? @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    6. 6. Trying to be different! None – What’s Up Amazon? None – What’s Up Amazon? Product, Aggregate Rating, Offer, Rating, Review Product, Web Page, Offer, Book, Person,Organization, Aggregate Rating, Review, Rating Book, Person, Aggregate Rating, Review None None @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    7. 7. What can I Schema AT LEAST 574 Different Options That’s 328,902 combinations of 2 schemasThat’s 188,131,944 combinations of 3 schemas That’s a lot of Schemas!Fun factoid – We’re only 238,900 miles from the Moon! @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    8. 8. Recipe @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    9. 9. Location @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    10. 10. Events - Google’s Data Highlighter Tool “works” for events only – but it doesn’t really work very well. @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    11. 11. Reviews Oct 2012 Oct #8 2012 #25 #1 #4@CarrieHill #smx #22c
    12. 12. Products Oops @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    13. 13. OfferYou can only format 1 product per page, butyou CAN put multiple offers on that oneproduct. Ebay is a prime example: @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    14. 14. Video @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    15. 15. How?I do this for video all the time with this Webmaster Help page from Google: @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    16. 16. Essential Tools• Raven’s Schema Creator Tool for WordPress @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    17. 17. More Tools• Not using WordPress? Try Schema- from Raven• Zip-It or Easy Recipe for Recipes in WordPress• SEOGadget released a Guide to Generating Rich Snippets• Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool• Webmaster Tools Structured Markup Section• Attend From Authorship To Authority: Why Claiming Your Identity Matters at 3:30 in this room• Exercise Patience @CarrieHill #smx #22c
    18. 18. Thank You! Carrie Hill KeyRelevance, LLC @CarrieHill @KeyRelevance (972) 429-1222 @CarrieHill #smx #22c