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CAO EF Presentation

  1. 1. On Tour Or: “How ever in the world did I manage to get all these adolescents to Europe and what will I do with them now that we are here?” Carrie A. Olson
  2. 2. YOU CAN DO IT!
  3. 3. General Tips Start now! Be organized. Communicate & build relationships Be flexible
  4. 4. Be organized EF Registrations Deadlines. Use the EF website! Set aside time for tour planning Email, phone, etc Make insurance mandatory
  5. 5. Communicate & Build Relationships Travelers and families School administration Chaperones & colleagues Supporters EF tour consultants
  6. 6. Be Flexible Keep a sense of humor Communication styles Participants Travel dates Sights The “perfect” tour The most important thing-you’re going to Europe!
  7. 7. Day One Pre-Tour advice Remind parents of details Arrival at school/airport Neck/waist pouches Copies of passports/ numbers Carry-on (Rick Steves backpack) Money for the airport
  8. 8. Airport & Flight(s) Small groups with chaperones (split up) Plane practice in school-activities, etiquette, seats, etc. assignment, food, etc. Avoiding jet lag tips Customs
  9. 9. Arrival-Day 2 Prepare to be tired Meeting your TD & bus driver Itinerary for the first day-keep moving Remind everyone to be kind to each other
  10. 10. Your TD Sharing your TD if you are consolidated Be respectful of his/ her time away from the group Alternate order on bus and walking Set expectations for interaction COMMUNICATE! Group meeting agenda
  11. 11. Culture Shock Normal-adults & students Bad-Good-Both Danger is everywhere Talk about it Have a plan Fights with friends Emotions Keep the drama low What do you want Solve problems during your Europe trip to the day be about? Let them be children!
  12. 12. General Advice Stay positive in the extreme. Model, model, model! Remind everyone: This is a group tour Prepare your adults. Students come first, always.
  13. 13. General Advice Emergency plan Alcoholic beverages Schedule - be on time & you can’t see it all! Take care of yourself Be organized, communicate and be flexible!
  14. 14. Meal Expectations Continental breakfast Dinner A plan for lunch Junk food & snacks Food allergies, vegetarians, etc. Water with meals Meal times are irregular
  15. 15. Money Collect all tip money ahead of time Lunch money Exchange rate lessons Start with at least $50 in foreign currency Types of souvenirs List of purchases Money for airports leaving the States and coming back
  16. 16. Non-EF Time on Tour Read about what there is to do Confirm before you leave Talk with your TD! Make sure everyone writes down what time to return and where. Physical activities vs. brain activities
  17. 17. Behavior Set expectations before you leave Inform students and families of rewards and consequences Enforce rules ALWAYS! “Alternate Partner” “Stay in your room” at meetings Bed checks-be sneaky Curfew
  18. 18. Consequences Positive Negative You get to go to Europe! You might have to be separated from your friends and assigned a new adult & group. You might be able to see and do more. You could lose the privilege of using your electronics. You could be able to stay with your friends. A “freeze” could be placed on your spending money. You could earn extra souvenirs &/or cash. No shopping. Your adults will be happier chaperones! You could be charged a “surcharge” for evening behavior calls. You could earn back a confiscated item. We might call your parents and Mr. Gonzales. You could earn back privileges. You could be suspended or expelled when we return. Every unasked for compliment can earn the You might be sent home. whole group an extra treat. You could be campused by having to stay with an adult. You will have a loss of choices and might miss some sights.
  19. 19. Education On Tour Educational mindset before you leave Elective class Building Academic Vocabulary Marzano & Pickering Questions for money Think-pair-share Europe Journal Connections
  20. 20. My Three Books Student Europe Handbook Adult Primary & Secondary Chaperone Handbook Europe Journal
  21. 21. Beyond academics Most important thing my students have learned Adults who care about them Personal experience International citizens Role models Scrapbooks
  22. 22. Rewards Personal investment Students & teachers Global rewards: conventions, merchandise, etc. Group vs. personal
  23. 23. Follow-up Trip celebration at the end of the year Biggest change? Confidence! KEEP website Guest speakers
  24. 24. Remember: You can do this! Start now! Be organized. Communicate & build relationships Be flexible
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention! Questions? EF is here to help! or Email me: Carrie A. Olson Denver Public Schools Kepner Middle School 911 South Hazel Court Denver, Colorado 80219